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Adorable Ideas for a Kid’s Writing Desk and Chair

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Whether your child is old enough to go to school and do homework or they just need a space to work on their arts and crafts, a writing desk and chair combo could change the entire appearance of their bedroom. There are more benefits to investing in this type of furniture than you may think,…




If you love the traditional appearance of wood and want this type of furniture in your child’s room, then you’re going to love the Avalon set. The set consists of a chair and a desk equipped with a hutch. It provides a generous amount of storage space and a large shelf on top of everything. The drawer is located in the front side of the desk, the desk measures 32” H x 41.6” W x 23.6” D, while the chair is 27” H x 13.4” W x 13.4” D. Everything is made from solid wood and MDF veneer.
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What to Look For

Glaser Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set with Kids Hutch

  • These desks are designed for children of a certain age group. Most of them require your child to be at least 3 years old. Always check the product details to see if your child is too young for the chair and desk combo, or perhaps too old to even fit in the chair.
  • Measuring the size of the room is also important, especially if your little one’s room is already crowded with a bunch of other furniture pieces. It’s true that children’s writing desks are small and tend to not occupy a lot of space, but if there is even the tiniest concern about the desk not fitting in the room, make sure that you grab your measuring tape and write down the size of the available space.
  • If you want a desk that your child can use for many years, you should consider buying products with an adjustable height. There are chairs and desks with legs that can be adjusted, so even if your child grows in height, they will still be able to use them as they get older.
  • Storage space also plays an important part in how your little one will organize their study and crafts space. Thankfully, most of these desks come with a bunch of drawers and shelves, but some of them can be quite narrow or short, in which case the kids won’t be able to store much other than journals and books. If you want a table that’s mainly used for crafts, look for one with drawers and shelves or multiple sizes to fit all the tools and materials in there.

Here is yet another gorgeous set that includes a writing desk and a chair, and is available in either a white or a gray finish. The set is made from birch and engineered wood, and measures 41” H x 44” W x 24” D overall. The seat of the chair measures 15.5” in height, while the height of the desktop is 26”. The workspace itself is flat and quite generous. The little one will have a long storage shelf for multiple item storage, and there are two additional shelves located underneath the tabletop where they can hold books, notebooks, or other flat items.

Benefits of Buying a Writing Desk

Avalon Kids 41 6 Writing Desk with Hutch and Chair Set

  • Help your child improve their posture. Little ones tend to bend over quite a lot and will need guidance in finding the correct posture when sitting down. This will help the spine sit in a proper position and prevent children from feeling further discomfort in life.
  • Creates a proper study/recreational space. Every parent knows that it’s not always easy to get a child to focus on whatever activities they have ongoing. When you buy a proper work desk, you’re basically creating a corner where it will be easier for them to stay away from distraction, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.
  • Helps keep them organized. Whenever the child is done doing homework or drawing or working on crafts, you can take advantage and teach them some discipline by showing them how to clean up and organize their work space. This will turn into a habitual responsibility and nothing bad can come out of it.
  • Creates a space of their own. If you have children that share a bedroom, there will be a lot of common space and maybe less privacy than they want to. When you create this little work/art corner for them (with the help of a suitable writing desk), you are contributing to the creation of their personal space.
  • It isn’t just used for writing. Even if it is called a writing desk, your child can use it for recreational activities as well. Maybe they want to work on a DIY project. Maybe they’re keen on putting together puzzles. Perhaps they like to draw or make a scrapbook. Whatever the case, this desk will serve as a clean surface for all these activities, and many others.

How to Get Your Kid Into Writing & Drawing

There are a few tricks that can get your children to be more enthusiastic when it comes to writing or drawing, but keep in mind that a parent is there to nourish potential talents and not to force their children into doing something they despise. If your little one shows a little bit of interest in the written craft or has any artistic inclinations, here are some things that might feed that enthusiasm:

  • Be careful with how you talk to your children about their drawings. If you keep making the same cold remarks over and over again, the child may not be so thrilled when it comes to drawing the next time. However, when you appreciate the art AND the work they’ve put into making it, they’ll surely want to draw more and look forward to showing you their results.
  • There are plenty of writing games that you can turn to if you want your child to explore their writing talents. Whenever you want to exercise writing with them, always focus on topics they like. For instance, if your kid has a passion for dinosaurs, use that as the center topic for your games.
  • If you plan on drawing together with your little one side by side, never mention how bad you think your drawings are. You need to show your child that you have confidence in your creative skills and don’t just focus on the realism of your drawings. It’s all about the attitude and children will often replicate what they see instead of what you tell them, so be proud of your own work as well.
  • Let your child do activities that involve them writing, no matter how trivial they seem. Forever, ask them if they can help you write down the groceries list (you dictate, they write). If you need to write down a telephone number, ask your little one to help. Not only does this help spark an interest in grabbing that pencil, but they will take joy in the opportunity of being the ones that help you, for a change.
  • You can encourage your child to draw the things they observe around the house or in their day-to-day life. This helps improve drawing skills, but also observation. It helps kids explore the world around them and pay more attention to their surrounding environment.
  • Don’t put all the emphasis on their spelling and grammar. Sure, correcting mistakes is important, but avoid the pitfall of being a grammar nazi and make sure you encourage your child for the ideas they put on paper and don’t just underline their spelling mistakes. As your child becomes more literate, you can hold them more accountable for their spelling and grammar.

Best Ideas for a Kid’s Writing Desk and Chair

Glaser Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set with Kids Hutch

You might think that children don’t really need a writing desk, but there are actually multiple benefits to investing in such a product. For instance, the right desk can:
The Logan writing desk is an absolute beast in terms of storage space, and it might just look appealing to some adults as well. However, it is designed for children above the age of 5. The set includes a desk with a hutch, as well as a matching chair. It comes with a bunch of drawers and shelves of all sizes and heights, so your little one will have plenty of storage space for their belongings. Made from solid and manufactured wood, this set offers a comfortable spot for your children to work on whatever activities they need a desk and a chair for.

Gaviota 47.5″ W Writing Desk

Kid's Writing Desk and Chair
This has to be one of the most adorable kid’s desks we’ve seen so far. Everything about it screams childhood and joy, but parents will also find that its many features are quite practical. There are two trays, one for a keyboard and one for a mouse. It measures 44” H x 47.2” W x 25.9” D, but the desk can be adjusted to a height that varies between 22.4 and 30.3”. It’s made from steel and has a powder coating for more durability. It has a white and yellow color with quite neutral tones, making it suitable for boys and girls alike. The backboard allows your little one to pin all sorts of messages, while the overall design is just practical and adorable altogether.

Writing Desk with Hutch and Chair Set

Logan 48 Writing Desk
With a more industrial look and a design that very much resembles that of a container, the Otero kid’s desk is designed for children that want a stylish piece of furniture to place their computer on or just to have their own space where they can work on homework or crafts. It’s made from quality metal and available in different color options. It measures 60” H x 47” W x 24” D overall and includes a large cabinet and a shelf for storage purposes. It doesn’t include a chair, so you’re going to have to spend some extra money to get one.

Avalon Kids 41.6″ Writing Desk with Hutch and Chair Set

Colonie 24 5 W Art Desk with Hutch and Chair Set
This writing desk is another amazing example of how small furniture is absolutely adorable. It’s made from birch plywood and it’s designed with asymmetrical appearance, making it suitable for those of you that have two small children. It measures 40” H x 42.5” W x 26” D and has a total weight capacity of 73 pounds, which should suffice considering what it’s intended for. It comes with multiple small storage shelves that are suitable for all kinds of papers and has a neutral color that makes it suitable for different kinds of room decors. Take note that this model doesn’t include the chairs shown in the images.
Ardentown 22 05 Writing Desk

Ardentown 22.05″ Writing Desk

Everything about this writing desk looks like it was torn out of a fairytale. The delicate pink color, the intricate details, the high gloss surface: all of the design elements are just to die for. Measuring 62” H x 47.5” W x 24” D, this is definitely going to occupy a little bit of space, but if you can find a corner for it in your daughter’s room, it will be a gift highly appreciated. The desk doesn’t come with a chair, so you’re going to have to purchase that one separately. The desk comes with two generous drawers and a bunch of shelves for storing books, framed photos, or other trinkets that the little one might like having nearby.
Whether your child is old enough to go to school and do homework or they just need a space to work on their arts and crafts, a writing desk and chair combo could change the entire appearance of their bedroom. There are more benefits to investing in this type of furniture than you may think, so give us a chance to talk about what a desk means for a child, what to look for as you’re shopping for one, and what are some adorable set ideas that you might want to buy for your little human.

Colonie 24.5″ W Art Desk with Hutch and Chair Set

If you’re looking to buy a writing desk with more storage space, but also a darker look, you should check out Ardentown. It measures 60.31” H x 22.05” W x 47.24” D, so it’s going to occupy more space than the others we’ve shown you today. It weighs 105 pounds, so once you’ve put it together, it’s not the easiest thing to move around. It doesn’t include a chair, which means you’ll have to buy one separately. It does, however, come with a ton of storage space, including three drawers, two shelves, and two cabinets. It has a cable management system which is going to come in handy if you want to place a computer on top of it.

Logan 48″ Writing Desk

Otero 47 W Writing Desk with Hutch
Baraka Computer Desk with Hutch

Porthole 42.5″ W Writing Desk

Having an appropriate desk in your kid’s room is important for a number of reasons. Even if it’s just for homework purposes or if you have a child that’s passionate about art or crafts, a desk helps create a personal space where your child is free from distraction and can focus on whatever it is they have to do. Plus, with all the adorable models out there, how can you not invest in such a piece of furniture?
The post Adorable Ideas for a Kid’s Writing Desk and Chair appeared first on Homedit.

Baraka 47.2″ Computer Desk with Hutch

This is our first product suggestion of the day, taking shape in a beautiful teal set consisting of a writing desk and a chair. But there’s so much more to this set than just the mesmerizing color. It is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood, and has multiple storage shelves for different kinds of items. The overall dimensions are 40” H x 44” W x 24” D, while the chair seat measures 15.5” in height. The set is designed for children between the ages of five and 12, and it’s perfect for doing homework, working on crafts, drawing, solving puzzles, or whatever it is that your kid likes to do in their spare time.
Truth be told, the requirements for a proper desk and chair for your child aren’t all that different compared to what you need for an adult-size combo. Whenever you decide to shop for a set like this, consider the following:

Otero 47” W Writing Desk with Hutch

Writing Desk with Hutch and Chair Set
Gaviota 47 5 W Writing Desk

Bottom Line

There is so much to be said about this desk and chair set, where do we even begin? The design is as practical as it can be, suitable for children with limited mobility and adaptable as your child grows thanks to the adjustable height of the chair and the desk. The design details are exquisite too, with round corners that prevent your child from getting hurt at a small age. The keyboard tray can be pulled out with ease even by the little ones, and the storage shelves provide a lot of room for placing personal items. Granted, it’s not the cheapest set out there, but it can serve your child ever since they turn three and straight up to their adolescent years.
Porthole 42 5 W Writing Desk

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