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Amazing Pool House Plans To Get You Started

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Pool house plans can be difficult to come by these days. After all, pandemic aside, people usually prefer to go out somewhere nice rather than stay at home and enjoy their own space most of the time. But maybe that’s because they haven’t found the best pool house plans for their space. Maybe, with a…




The Lap Pool House was designed by Aristides Dallas Architects. Nope, they don’t design homes in Dallas. In fact, their designs can be found in Greece. This beauty is one of a kind, with a hidden entrance.
The Longis View House
The design on the bottom of the pool is so rich and truly takes it to the next level. But as you can see, it is the entire setup together that makes this architecture so special. Modern is done right this time around. 

What Are Pool House Plans?

What Are Pool House Plans
Image from Watercrest Pools and Outdoor Living

But this time, we get to see a dream become a reality with something as gorgeous as an indoor pool and pool house.  And these plans? Well, the symmetry itself is enough to make this pool house alluring. 
You may have already considered this. But it really is worth it. If you don’t have the space inside the pool house for showers, you can always do outdoor showers. They take up next to no space and are very convenient. 

Can I Create My Own Pool House Plans? 

Can I Create My Own Pool House Plans

Take a look at these gorgeous plans. The bedrooms and playrooms are connected t the rest of the house by a hallway. Access to the pool has been added in multiple areas. This ensured everyone has plenty of access.
Again, try not to focus on the size if your goal is to copy this design. Instead, simply downsize it and scale the rest of the property to the pool or the home. Because scaling can be just as important as the initial size. {Photographs: David Ross}.

Set A Budget

The LM House

Plan In A Deck Or Patio

The pool is also plenty large enough, which really adds to the beauty. The beauty doesn’t stop there either. This entire landscape is just gorgeous and deserves all of our praise. Take a look to see for yourself!{Photographs: Ravi Kanade}.

Don’t Focus Solely On The Pool

This particular pool house features an indoor pool. Indoor pools are very popular, at least as far as pool house dreams go. The problem is most people never make that indoor pool a reality, they simply dream it.

Work With The Landscape

So let’s take a journey across the oceans and over the seas to see some of the most amazing pool house plans created by some of the world’s best architects. You won’t be disappointed by what you see. 

Add Showers

If you want to take the thinking out of coming up with pool house plans for your home, then take a look at some of the best pool house plans. These plans have been gathered from all over the world. 

Interview Multiple Architects 

Pool House Plans

Amazing Pool House Plans For Inspiration

Never be afraid to interview multiple archgiects. You can even show them your plans and see what they think. Hire the one you believe you can work best with if you want to have your dream come true. 
If you are copying this sort of plan, then you shouldn’t focus on the size alone. It’s really more about the focus on the pool and how everything wraps around it fairly evenly. The idea of it is truly perfect.{Photographs: Andy Matthews}

The Lap Pool House

The Haslemere Pool House plan
The first thing you always want to do when making pool house plans is set a budget. In fact, that should always be the first thing you do no matter what the project may be. Stick to the budget. Always. 
You can. However, unless you are an experienced architect, you won’t be able to ensure that they are safe. So for best results, go ahead and hire a trained architect to help you make everything realistic.
The LM House is another glorious design. You have Joao de Barro Arquitetura to thank for this masterpiece. Located in Brazil, this amazing design makes it feel like summer all year long, doesn’t it?
The Longis View House Plan
The house attached is smaller than the pool itself. This can’t be considered a bad thing. After all, pool houses are made to complement the pool not the other way around, so this is perfect. Pools themselves give off their own vibes.{Photographs: Martin Gardner}.

The Randwick Pool House

But maybe that’s because they haven’t found the best pool house plans for their space. Maybe, with a little help, you can make your space into that dream oasis that you just can’t get enough of. Let’s find out! 
This Brazilian home is lifted up with a garage underneath. Level with the garage is the pool itself. The house is lifted and is a whole story above the garage and the pool. This may be a temptation, but it is perfectly safe.
Don’t just add a pool house and a pool. Link them together with a patio or a deck. Learn the differences in patios, decks, and more with this informative article on similar outdoor structures that are often confused. 
As you can see, the pool wraps around the house, making it easily accessible from multiple points. Inside, there is a spiral staircase and many other wonderful wonders. But it really is the exterior that is alluring. 
The Lap Pool House Plan by Aristides Dallas Architects
Try not to get caught up in making the pool perfect. You will need money for everything else and there are small things you can do to cut costs and save space that will save you a lot of money without much effort. 

The Haslemere Pool House

The Haslemere Pool House
Located in Guernsey, a British crown dependency and island, this house is as cozy as they come. Designed by SOUP Architects, the home is nestled amongst trees and complete with a large and inviting pool.
The talented architect in question made access to the second floor via an elevator underneath. The entire thing is very impressive but that pool still steals the show every time. Who could ever leave that thing?{Photographs: Israel Gollino}.
But today, what we are going to feature are homes and other buildings near a pool as well as plans for the pool near it. From here, you can draw inspiration and create your own plans or work with your own architect. 
The pool is attached to the home with access to another building to the west. The pool house itself is attached on the north side of the pool. More access points are always a good thing, and in this case, the pool house is not lacking.
It’s not every day that you see a feature from gorgeous India. The architect, and mastermind, here is called Abin Design Studio. The pool itself in this design is one of the most stunning that I’ve ever seen.

The Hooghly Pool House

This house is designed to make the most of its space. The open concept area really shows off the huge 15,000 square feet of this villa and everything that it has to offer. You won’t find a more extravagant setup.
The entrance is found near the back of the building, through a crack in the earth. The entire house is quite cohesive, working well with the natural elements of the earth, all the while remaining very modern. 
Jenny Mills Architects shows their amazing skills off with this fantastic design. This was completed in 2014 but it surely took years to finish because of the sheer size of the whole complex, which is quite enormous. 
The Randwick Pool House
Avenue Fresnaye Villa
This modern pool house was made to fulfill the dreams of many. It was designed by architect Luigi Rosselli. If this doesn’t make you want to visit then you’re probably not that into pool houses because it is such a winner. 

The LM House

Avenue Fresnaye Villa Plan
Architect Luigi Rosselli Swimming Pool
The post Amazing Pool House Plans To Get You Started appeared first on Homedit.
Pool house plans can be difficult to come by these days. After all, pandemic aside, people usually prefer to go out somewhere nice rather than stay at home and enjoy their own space most of the time.
The Hooghly Pool House
While diving from the roof is not recommended, it still provides a gorgeous view. The earth-covered roof makes it even more awesome. There is something special about this eclectic look that is sure to inspire. {Photographs: Panagiotis Voumvakis}

The Longis View House

This pool house is charming and elegant. The talented architect is known as Re-Format, which is a genius name in itself. But you can’t really appreciate the name until you’ve seen the work that they’ve done.
However, before we get to that, can we simply appreciate this pool setup? Take a look below at the perfect pool placement. It is L-shaped, making it easy to access from any area of the huge complex.
A wraparound pool is similar to the wraparound porch and most likely inspired by it. If you lived in this house, would you ever leave the pool? Most people would say no, but that’s because they haven’t seen the inside.{Photographs: Justin Alexander}
While most of the homes we’ve seen today are very modern and extravagant, this home is much cozier and homier. So you can decide which type of pool house suits your style and your family in the end.
Pool house plans can mean one of many things. It can simply be plans to create a house that is near the pool. This house is usually used for changing clothes, and perhaps even housing a guest once in a while.
The house is 5000sqft, making it an extremely large home and somewhere that anyone would want to vacation. Unfortunately, it’s a private condominium, so you’d have to rent the condo to visit it.

Avenue Fresnaye Villa

Just take a look at these genius plans. There is quite a bit of acreage to work with here, but that doesn’t mean it is any less impressive. See how the pool extends beneath the building and can be seen from above?
The Lap Pool House
The Hooghly Pool House
The LM House Plan
The extra glass in the living room gives a good view from outside and inside. Not to mention, the glass fencing, makes it appear that you have even more space, an illusion common with high-end pools. 
They can bring your dream alive! You can be your own inspiration and they can turn it into reality. Working together is the best way to ensure that your dream is made into a reality, but these tips can help. 
The more natural you can make things, the better. So work with the landscape you were given. Add stone walls if that is what looks natural or stick with something like railroad tie retaining walls for a western look.

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