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Beautiful DIY Planter Box Ideas That Anyone Can Build

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Aren’t plants just amazing? Most species are very easy to grow and offer a multitude of advantages. They look fresh and beautiful, they purify the air and some can even be consumed. There are a lot of cool ways to display and to care for your plants. Having a garden can be pretty awesome but…




There’s something quite cool and attractive about galvanized metal planters and raised planter beds. They look beautiful and have a certain rugged feel but they also go really well with many different landscape designs. The Quigley garden bed is a nice example. It has a ribbed design and it’s both rust and weather-resistant which makes it perfect for any outdoor space.

DIY Planters for Any Outdoor Design

1. Wooden Raised Vegetable Beds

Instead of a single large planter, a set of smaller boxes might be better suited for your garden. This is a really cool system of five planters that have pegs that allow them to be combined and locked into place so you can create all sorts of arrangements. You can rotate them into different positions and display them in a variety of original ways. These planters also have built-in reservoirs for easy watering so you don’t have to worry about a thing, not even when you’re away.
Five gallon buckets are a cheap and easy way to create planters for either flowers or vegetables. They’re simple to paint in whatever colors you like and you can even upcycle some old buckets you have laying around the garage. Sanding down the buckets with sandpaper like in this tutorial from Tag and Tibby Design before painting can help the paint adhere to the plastic. Jute rope is a good option for helping to cover up the utility lip of the bucket for a more decorative look.

2. DIY Raised Planter Box

A lot of people don’t really think about this but low planter boxes are not exactly comfortable to use, especially if the plants require a lot of care. There’s no reason to endure back pain when it would be easier for everyone to build an elevated planter box like the one featured on remodelaholic. It’s basically just a regular planter box with four legs. This one holds strawberries and we know that because of the sign. Maybe you’d like to put labels on your planter boxes too.
Raised Planter Boxed for Summer

3. DIY Mobile Herb Planter

Raised garden beds can be used to add more structure to an outdoor area and to delineate and separate groups of plants and flowers in a subtle yet effective way. The Suncast raised garden bed is made from rigid resin which makes it durable and sturdy while also keeping its design simple. It’s very easy to install using the connectors and the steel stakes included in the package.
planter box ideas Log Herb Planter

4. Striped Planter Box

planter box ideas DIY River Stone Planter
Bicycle raised garden

5. Raised Strawberry Bed

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space for plants in or around your home but surely you could find an empty corner with sufficient natural light so you can put these tiered planter boxes there. The project was featured on decorandthedog. We think it’s an excellent idea for gardens, patios and even balconies. To build such a planter box set you need a bit of wood so be sure you have enough before you start. Also, pick the spot carefully making sure it offers the right conditions for the plants to thrive in.
Aged Metal Planter Box

6. Tiered Planter Box

Yaheetech 3 Tier Wooden Raised Garden Bed
Planter with metallic legs

7. Salad Garden Planter

Many porch planter boxes have a modern or contemporary design, but those planters wouldn’t match more rustic architectural features. For a Western or country look, check out these DIY farmhouse porch planter boxes from Noting Grace. These planters can be filled with either cascading flowers or fragrant herbs like rosemary and lavender to add scent as well as visual interest to your patio spaces. 

8. Raised Planter with Storage Shelves

planter box ideas Five Gallon Bucket Planter
Rosalidn planter box

9. Double Tiered Garden Beds

Planter boxes are also excellent in case you’d like to grow some plants in your yard without disturbing the lawn too much or digging into the ground. Building raised garden beds are pretty easy according to the instructions offered on sawsonskates. These planter boxes actually have two tiers. You can use the lower one around the frame for small, decorative plants or for succulents. The boxes can have a solid bottom or can be hollow, depending on whether you want to be able to relocate them if necessary or if you want them to be a sort of raised garden beds.
YAHEETECH Raised Garden Bed Kit

10. Raised Beds with Shelves

Cinder blocks may not be the fanciest-looking material to construct planter boxes, but these sturdy blocks can be used to throw together a very serviceable set of concrete planter boxes in a matter of hours. One of the advantages of cinder block planters is that they can be painted to match any outdoor decor scheme. Cinder blocks can also sometimes be found offered for free as the result of landscaping projects or construction jobs. However, they can also be left plain for a more industrial look. To learn how to make your own DIY cinder block vertical planters, visit this tutorial at The Garden Glove.
Industrial containers and planters can look right at home in a lot of yards, gardens, or even indoors. This aged metal planter box is a very nice example. It’s durable and resilient and has a weathered finish with hand-painted accents and embossed details. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s compact enough to fit in small spaces.

11. Tiered Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your landscaping game without having to do major work in the yard. There are plenty of traditional planter box designs out there for those who want a more classic look, but there are also lots of unconventional materials that you can use to build planters too. To come up with some truly beautiful planter box ideas, look beyond the box and look around you to see what other containers could be used as a makeshift planter. Before you know it, you’ll have more vegetables and flowers than you know what to do with!
Planter with tall legs

Not a DIY man? Check out these ready to use planters

12. Lipscomb Planter Box

planter box ideas Tire Planters
Quigley Garden Bed Galvanized Meta

13. Aged Metal Planter Box

DIY garden Planter
Striped raised planter

14. Wooden Planter Box

If you’re not really the DIY type perhaps you’d like to check out some of the box planters available for purchase. The Lipscomb is a metal planter box with a simple and versatile design. It’s great for herbs and flowers and even for planting a few veggies too. You can easily put it anywhere in the garden and it’s easy to take apart for winter storage in case you’re using it for seasonal plants.
Tiered planters are great if you want to add some depth to your garden or to grow different types of plants in a small and compact area. This one provides you with three separate growing areas on separate tiers. These planter boxes are connected with wood plugs and can be separated if needed. It’s easy to set up, easy to customize, and requires very little maintenance over time, lasting for years without much intervention.

15. Square-Shaped Planter Box

Tiered Planter Box Plans and Video Tutorial
The post Beautiful DIY Planter Box Ideas That Anyone Can Build appeared first on Homedit.

16. Suncast Raised Garden Beds

Raised Bed with Benches
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17. Bicycle Flower Cart

When you’re trying to grow strawberries in a planter box, sometimes a strawberry tower isn’t enough. If you’re wanting to grow enough strawberries to eat fresh and also put up as preserves for the fall and winter, you’ll want to look into building one of these strawberry pyramid planters from The Owner-Builder Network. The cascading design of these planter boxes makes harvesting strawberries a snap and also acts as an attractive centerpiece in your vegetable garden, too.
Elevated cedar planter box

18. Stacked Planter Boxes

The King Bird raised planter bed is designed specifically for gardens and backyards, being made of metal with multilayered galvanized paint for increased durability and resistance against rust and typical weather conditions. The design is simple and versatile, with a textured look and a clean and modern lines.
planter box ideas Rain Boot Planters

19. Quigley Garden Bed

planter box ideas DIY Cinder Block Vertical Planter
You may have seen this idea before and thought it looked really nice and bohemian. This is a bicycle flower cart that you can add as a decoration in your garden or backyard. It has a rustic look and is suited for outdoor use, being able to withstand rough weather and exposure to sun and rain. The included wooden planter box can be decorated in many interesting ways using your favorite type of greenery.

20. Divided Garden Beds

A wooden planter box would be fitting for just about any garden or yard and can even look lovely on a porch or a balcony. This one has a simple design with a rectangular shape and four triangular legs. It’s raised at a comfortable height and it’s made of cedar wood with a natural finish. The overall dimensions of the planter are 32.8” H x 47.5” W x 27.5” D.
We’d also like to show you this tiered planter box that was featured on anikasdiylife. It seems like a lovely decoration for the entrance. It’s a set of three wooden planter boxes with increasingly tall legs, all interconnected so it’s really a single planter box. Check out the plans and the list of tools and materials that you’ll need and get ready to build your own tiered planter. It’s easier than you think.

21. Tiered Planters

KING BIRD Extra Thick 2 Ply Reinforced Card
planter box ideas Living Wall

22. Foyuee Raised Garden Bed

FOYUEE Galvanized Raised Garden Bed
A cool thing about raised planter boxes (apart from saving you from unnecessary back pain) is the fact that they can accommodate a storage shelf at the bottom which is perfect for keeping things like watering cans, gardening gloves, and other supplies handy and right where you need them. If you like the idea, check out aloandbeholdlife for more details about this sort of planter box.

23. King Bird Raised Planter Bed

Whiskey barrels can be an expensive material for making planters, but they can create circular planter boxes tall enough and deep enough to house even larger patio plants like evergreens and citrus trees. When used as planters, whiskey barrels are typically sawed in half so that the widest point of the barrel’s diameter forms the planter lip. Whiskey barrel planters like these from The Home Depot are a great option for anyone wanting to incorporate a rustic or frontier aesthetic into their yard design.
planter box ideas Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

24. DIY River Stone Planter

Vertical pot planters are another way to introduce planter boxes to your outdoor areas if you don’t have the room for larger wooden planter boxes. The design of these tipsy pots creates a whimsical optical illusion where it looks like flowers are spilling out of the pots at either side. Vertical pot planters can also be made out of many kinds of materials. For a more boxed-off look, incorporate cube planters instead of pots. Check out the tipsy vertical pot planters at DIY How To to get more inspiration on how to add these planters to your porch.
Planter boxes are great for interior design, but you don’t want a bunch of planters and pots cluttering up all of your available surface space indoors. One way to avoid this problem with your indoor garden is to use a macrame hanging plant holder. Macrame plant holders are a smart method for using vertical decorating space, bringing houseplants into your indoor areas, and adding some whimsy to your interior design. Learn how to make a macrame hanging plant holder of your own over at The Spruce Crafts.

25. Oriental Vase Flower Pots

River stones can be an affordable way to add some natural rock element to your planter designs. These DIY river stone planters from Instructables are simple to make and can be created with various stones to add color and pattern. Another advantage is that you can make them as big or as small as you need. Dark rocks will hold more heat from the sun than light-colored rocks, so keep that in mind for temperature-sensitive plants. To achieve a more traditional planter box look with your project, you can use this same method on square containers rather than rounded pots.
Simple Planter Box

26. Five Gallon Bucket Planter

Pedestal planter urns are a fun way to add charm to your front entryway or patio, but the ones you can buy from the home improvement store or gardening center may be expensive. You also have a limited number of planter boxes available to choose from in commercial outlets. Luckily, building your own planter urn can be a much more affordable choice and allows you more options for customizing your planter urn to match your decor exactly. Learn how to make a DIY pedestal planter urn over at The Girls with Glasses.
Planter boxes are a popular choice for strawberry plants since these delicious berries can be invasive if left planted in the ground in a regular vegetable garden. When strawberries run wild, they don’t produce well. Strawberry towers like these easy towers from Homemade Food Junkie are a great way to keep strawberries contained and in an easy-to-reach location for harvesting and pruning out weak leaves.

27. DIY Whiskey Barrel Planter

DIY mobile raised planter
Resin raised garden box

28. DIY Tulip Bulb Planter

Speaking of convenience, check out this mobile planter box that we found on farmfreshtherapy. It’s just a simple wooden box with holes and casters on its bottom. You can easily build something like this from scratch or repurpose an existing box if you have any. Once you have the box, drill some holes into the bottom for drainage and attach casters to the four corners. Then put some rocks or gravel at the bottom and fill the box with soil and plants.
Self watering planter box

29. Log Herb Planter

planter box ideas Easy DIY Strawberry Towers
Not in the mood to sit on your knees while you care for your plants? Then how about a raised planter box? It’s a very convenient solution which makes it much more comfortable to care for the plants as well as to see them plus you’ll be able to move the planter box to a different location with ease. You could bring it indoors when it gets too cold outside or you can reorganize your garden to make room for other features without having to replant anything.

30. DIY Monogram Planter

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t make your planter box look chic and beautiful on top of being sturdy and practical. This is true for all types of DIY planter boxes, no matter how big or small. Let’s you’re building a wooden planter box for your garden. Once the frame is done, you can use painter’s tape and a bit of black paint to create a few elegant stripes on the outside of your new planter box. Check out deliacreates to see how this turns out.
DIY Raised Garden Bed

31. Easy DIY Strawberry Towers

Oriental vase containers are beautiful, but they’re not exactly suited for outdoor use as planters. This clever DIY tutorial shows you how to add some sophisticated flair to your outdoor planters using a decoupage method to decorate pots or other planting containers with oriental vase imagery. This can help you incorporate a blue and white accent to your outdoor decor scheme too. Check out the tutorial here at Pillar Box Blue.
Made of solid wood and with a simple and practical design, this raised planted bed is perfect for growing fresh herbs, veggies or flowers and is super easy to assemble. It’s made from 1.5 cm thick boards connected with screws and it’s both durable and versatile. The interior is separated into two sections so you can grow different plants in each one if needed. The separator can be removed in order to connect the two sections and create a single large planter box. It comes in two sizes.

32. Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

planter box ideas DIY Monogram Planter
planter box ideas Oriental Vase Flower Pots

33. DIY Pedestal Planter Urn

planter box ideas DIY Pedestal Planter Urn
A square-shaped planter box could look nice in a variety of different settings. This one has a very simple design with no unnecessary elements or decorative details. Furthermore, the wood has a distressed finish which adds a nice texture to the design. The dimensions of this planter box are 7” H x 7” W x 7” D and you can safely keep it both indoor and outdoor since it has no drainage holes and a compact form.

34. DIY Farmhouse Porch Planter Boxes

Tire planters like these from Backyard Boss are another way to upcycle old materials and reuse them in a new way. Instead of creating wooden planter boxes, old rubber tires are stacked and filled with potting soil to create planters that can be painted or left bare depending on your preference. Though they aren’t exactly box-shaped, these planters are perfect for insulating cool weather crops against root damage from frost. It’s easy enough to build a simple wooden box around them to hide the tire construction if it doesn’t fit into your landscaping design. 
planter box ideas Tipsy Vertical Pot Planter

35. DIY Cinder Block Vertical Planter

Monogram wall art is a popular addition to indoor spaces, but you can also add a monogram for either yourself or your family name as part of a vertical outdoor planter box to add a sophisticated flair to your entryway or backyard patio. These planters require a little bit of woodworking skill, but they’re well worth the effort when you get some flowers planted in them. Learn how to make your own DIY monogram planters at Remodelaholic.
Garden raised beds

36. Rain Boot Planters

planter box ideas DIY Tulip Bulb Planter
If you don’t have the room for traditional planter boxes on your patio, you can still add plenty of greenery to your design by using vertical space. A living wall is a type of flat planter that is placed on the wall and filled with small plants that can be grown vertically such as air plants, succulents, or salad greens. A living wall like these DIY plant walls from Tree Hugger can be a dramatic planter to add to your backyard patio that doesn’t take up any space on the ground. Place cut-and-come-again vegetables like lettuce at easy harvesting height for best results.

37. Tire Planters

The Foyuee raised garden bed introduces a really nice detail: an extra shelf that can be used to store various gardening accessories and supplies or additional pots and plants. This piece is made of galvanized steel which gives it an industrial look. It’s rust-resistant and highly durable and it has drainage holes and a drainage line. The overall dimensions of the planter are 40’’(L) x 16’’(W) x 31’’(H) and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.
Some plans do great indoors which means you can grow them on your balcony, in your kitchen, or anywhere else in the house as long as they get sufficient natural light. How would you like to have a salad garden for example? To get started, you’ll need a planter box and the one featured on ehow seems perfect for the job. It’s made of wood and it looks quite stylish. Of course, you can use it to grow all sorts of plants or herbs, not just salad so be creative.

38. Tipsy Vertical Pot Planter

planter box ideas DIY Farmhouse Porch Planter Boxes
Tired of basic rectangular planter boxes? Using a dried-out log as a garden planter is a cool way to add a forest aesthetic to your yard decor. Planters are perfect for invasive herbs such as mint because they contain the plants in one area rather than letting them spread out across your garden plot. Planters are also a good choice for annuals since they can be refilled with new flowers or herbs year after year. To make this log herb planter from DIY Network, all you need is a drill, a log, some potting soil, and some plants. If you have all that, you’re in business!
Not all planters have to be sophisticated or plain box-shaped containers. Upcycling used items like old rain boots can give you a place to plant while also adding some fun and funky vibes to your backyard. Since rain boots are quite popular, they’re available in a wide range of colors and patterns that can be used to match up with just about any outdoor color palette. These boots can be mounted on a fence to house herbs or lined up along a walkway and filled with eye-catching flowers. Look for inspiration with these rain boot planters at Fresh Patio to see whether rain boot planters would be the right look for your yard.

39. Pyramid Strawberry Planter

planter box ideas whiskey barrel
If you’re very serious about building a sturdy planter box then you might as well opt for a serious design, like the one on bonnieplants. This wooden planter box has four small benches on the sides. These can also be used as shelves that can hold extra plants or gardening supplies. As the plans show, the project is not very difficult so you should be able to complete it in no time. You can make the shelves as wide as the planter if you want to. That could actually look quite nice.

40. Living Wall

Some plants thrive outdoors so it would be nice to provide them with optimal growing conditions if possible. If you have a piece of land you can turn into a garden then go for it. You could divide the area into zones using only a few wooden boards. It’s a nice way to delineate a garden and to contain the planter boxes.
Aren’t plants just amazing? Most species are very easy to grow and offer a multitude of advantages. They look fresh and beautiful, they purify the air and some can even be consumed. There are a lot of cool ways to display and to care for your plants. Having a garden can be pretty awesome but is not a must. Our DIY planter box ideas are quite versatile and customizable which means you’ll be able to successfully grow beautiful herbs, flowers, and even vegetables just about anywhere.
Tired planter DIY
planter box ideas Pyramid Strawberry Planter
If you have a hard time planting real flowers, faux flowers in a planter box is always an option for indoor decor. This tutorial from Cottage on Bunker Hill can teach you how to build a tulip planter that invokes the spirit of sprouting tulips indoors with none of the dirt or the mess of planting real flowers. This tulip bulb planter makes a perfect centerpiece for a spring-themed foyer table or an Easter buffet.

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