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Beautiful Houses With Modern Pergola Extensions

A pergola is a garden feature which is used to created a shaded sitting area or walkway and which can either be a standalone structure is an extension of a building. A lot of contemporary homes have pergolas and we’re very curious to see how the designs have been adapted to suit the style and…
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Casa Unno PErgola - DA-LAB Arquitectos White Concrete Old House pergola 150x150
13 Ft W x 10 Ft D Steel Pergola 150x150
Vacation House by Paly Architects 150x150
Backyard house pergola with vegetation Big Sur Cabin by Studio Schicketanz PErgola
Design o pergola for a frame house
A lot of contemporary homes have pergolas and we’re very curious to see how the designs have been adapted to suit the style and the overall vibe of the house. Wood is famously the most common material for this type of structure and a modern pergola is not that different in this sense, although other materials can work out nicely.
The modern design of this Outsunny pergola is centered around flexibility and versatility. The frame, as you can tell, is very simple and thin, with minimal decorative details. It has straight and simple lines and it’s made out of metal which makes it extraordinarily strong and durable.
Bodhi Plastic Pergola
This pergola kit from Sunjoy has a very simple and modern aesthetic. You’ll notice the frame is very thin. That’s because it’s made out of steel and in turn makes this pergola extremely durable and strong. One you install it you’ll be able to enjoy it for a very long time without having to worry much about repairs and maintenance.
Concrete pergola extension - Seorimyeonga Boutique Resort - water feature
This pergola also has a canopy which is stretched across the top and also extends down to the sides for added protection from the sun throughout the day. It’s also a freestanding model meaning you can place it anywhere you want without relying on additional support.
13 Ft W x 10 Ft D Steel Pergola
A pergola is a garden feature which is used to created a shaded sitting area or walkway and which can either be a standalone structure is an extension of a building.
This pergola design created by studio I/O Architects for a residence located in Bulgaria is quite interesting because it has a very open structure. It’s more like a frame which provides a support structure for the outdoor lighting and which helps to delineate and to extend the outdoor kitchen and dining areas and to make them feel more like a natural extension of the interior living spaces.
The Yellow Door House front view
A pergola is just what a poolside deck needs to look and to feel more inviting. It helps to frame the area and it also has the added advantage of providing shade throughout the day. Whether you decorate ir or not is up to you. A simple design which uses wood like the area chosen here by Paly Architects is a good fit for a modern backyard.
Modern architecture pergola design
Large pergola design for summer
The Yellow Door House backyard
Simple pergola with grass on top
Casa Unno PErgola - DA-LAB Arquitectos Balcony
The post Beautiful Houses With Modern Pergola Extensions appeared first on Homedit.
Speaking of modern pergolas, this one is massive and quite impressive. It’s part of a project completed by architect Vincent Coste on the Corsica island. This seafront villa follows the shape of the landscape and is organized into four sections. The living area seamlessly transitions outside and is connected to the sleeping area by a long pergola which looks absolutely stunning.
Swimminh pool house pergola
It has a canopy at the top which is weather-resistant and can be adjusted as needed. Extend the canopy if you want to created a cozy gazebo-like area protected from the sun or the rain or leave it open if you want to enjoy the sunlight and the clear sky.
Dorest a frame house with pergola
Swiming pool small pergola design
Studio BENT Architecture renovated a residence in Melbourne, Australia and part of the project was to extend the living area and to reconfigure it. Sliding glass doors let in lots of natural light and can also expose the interior space to the outdoors and a beautiful pergola created a shaded area outside.
Sliding pergola system design
A classic pergola design like this one would suit most types of homes. The Uttoxeter pergola by Sol 71 Outdoor has a simple and familiar aesthetic. It features a lattice design at the top which is wonderful if you plan on adding climbing plants. It also look lovely just like this and you can also decorate it with string lights for a more cozy and bohemian look.
Duplex Lesseps dining
Soft Backyard Steel Pergola with Canopy
Modern Pergola Extensions
This is the Sliding Pergolas House designed by studio FGMF Arquitetos in 2014. It’s located in Bauru, Brazil and it has a very interesting look. Naturally, as the name suggests, the pergolas are a defining characteristic of the entire project. They help to visually expand the house and to extend the limits of the building beyond the walls.
Sliding pergola system
The Bodhi pergola by Highwood USA is quite interesting for a variety of reasons. First of all it has a classic design which is reminiscent of a wooden pergola. However, it’s actually made from a wood replacement material. It’s similar in appearance to wood but it has the added advantage of being more resilient, long-lasting and requiring very little maintenance over time. It’s also more lightweight compared to regular wood or to metal pergolas.
The Seorimyeonga Boutique Resort is located in Muju-gun, South Korea and is a wonderful retreat, one which finds the perfect balance between open and closed spaces. Studio Archihood WXY played with various hidden and exposed spaces and included a modern pergola which is more like a roof section connecting two volumes, with a skylight at the center.
The pergola is designed to be attached to an existing wall so it’s a perfect option for framing a small entrance patio for example. I’s made out of vinyl and it’s weather- and rust-resistant, with a beautiful white finish that will look stylish for years to come.
A steep slope gives this house great views and to take full advantage of them studio DA-LAB Architects extended the living area outside by building a set of modern pergolas and spacious terraces. The house is 4 stories tall and has two bedroom floors with a living space in between. It was a project by DA-LAB Architects.
If any of the examples above has inspired you to add a pergola to your own beautiful backyard or garden you might be wondering where to start. Doing some research and checking out a few pergola kits that are available on the market will put you on the right track. Here’s some of our favorite picks:
Duplex Lesseps backyard
A high pitched roof gives this house a really cozy and charming look and combined with the overall simplicity of the design enforces the modern vibe of the entire place. The house was designed by Architect eigen huis and features a big pergola at the back which is attached to the side of the building and has a black frame.
The Yellow Door House side view
Vacation House by Paly Architects

Pergola kits that you can get right now:

An outdoor area is not limited to having only one pergola. In fact, sometimes including more than one can help to create a smoother and more seamless transition between areas by introducing a sense of uniformity, an element to visually link the spaces even if they serve different functions or are differ in other ways. A nice example is this design created by studio NiHunArquitectos for a modern house in Costa Rica.
Haslingden 10 W x 8 D Metal Pergola with Canopy
Concrete pergola extension - Seorimyeonga Boutique Resort
Pergola Bar for swimming pool
The design of the Haslingden pergola by Arlmont & Co is also very simple but it also has a gently curved top which helps it stand out and gives it a distinctive look. The frame is made out of steel which allows it to remain slender and to have a very clean and minimal aesthetic. The canopy top is made from premium PVC-coated polyster fabric and can slide down to the sides, allowing the users to adjust it based on the position of the sun in the sky at any given time.
This resort-style home is located in Mallorca, Spain and was designed and architecture studio SAOTA. It has a large outdoor terrace with a modern pergola stretching all the way across. The pergola offers shade but also adds warmth to the space, bringing wood into the picture and allowing it to contrast with the bright and neutral color palette of the decor.
Uttoxeter D Vinyl Pergola
Another beautiful example is a residence completed by studio Ro I Rockett Design where the pergola is a a very important part of the design and the house as a whole. The project started out as a modest countryside retreat but ended up evolving into a permanent residence.
Vacation House by Paly Architects pool
White Concrete Old House pergola
The modern pergola of this house from Adelaide, Australia is unlike anything else we came across. the house recently got an extension which includes a large deck with timber fins that form this magnificent and sculptural pergola around it. The fins have LED strips built into them. This was a project by studio Glasshouse.
House with pergola
The Big Sur Cabin is a charming weekend retreat located in Carmel, California. A few years ago it’s been remodeled by Studio Schicketanz who tried to stay true to the history and original character of the house while giving it an updated and modern look. The wooden deck and the pergola which frames it are beautiful examples of the eclectic nature of this project.
For this house in Montecito, California the outdoor area is very important. The landscaped front courtyard is a magical space. There’s a rock garden, a water feature, a lawn area and a big and comfortable lounge space framed by a modern pergola. This whole project was done by studioNMA Architects.
The cozy and playful design approach taken here by The Room Studio is very refreshing and suits this lovely home from Spain perfectly. We love the blend of old and new details and the preference for simple and pure materials like wood and stone. Also, the lighting is wonderful and the colors used for this pergola space go really well with the rest of the house but also make this area stand out and have a character of its own.

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