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Beautiful Patio Designs With TVs And Cozy Furniture

When the weather is nice and the sun is up in the sky it can make one feel trapped inside the house. Being outdoors gives a wonderful sense of freedom even if all we do is sit around on the backyard patio with a book or with friends having a barbecue. There’s plenty to do…
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Outdoor porch with black table a fireplace and tv
Another great addition to an outdoor patio can be a bbq area. This one fits quite nicely here and matches the stone fireplace surround. The string lights give it a really cozy and inviting look and the area rug and the decorations around the fireplace bring some of the warmth and comfort of indoor living rooms outside. Follow @beyond_gray for more details. 
It would be nice to spend some time adding more details to an outdoor patio in order to really make it feel inviting and comfortable. Adding a TV definitely helps and the same thing goes for a fireplace but it’s also nice to sometimes think outside the box a bit. Add an area rug, some accent lighting and some comfortable patio lounge chairs with cozy pillows to make this area feel like home. Check out this outdoor living area shared by @peerlessav for additional inspiration. 
Outdoor porch with blue carpet and fireplace
The Lake House Inspiration for a coastal porch
Outdoor porch with tv and table
Outdoor porch with brick fireplace
When the weather is nice and the sun is up in the sky it can make one feel trapped inside the house. Being outdoors gives a wonderful sense of freedom even if all we do is sit around on the backyard patio with a book or with friends having a barbecue. There’s plenty to do outdoors after sunset too, like watch a movie with the family or gather with friends to watch sports together. Having a TV outdoors gives you even more freedom to enjoy more of your favorite activities without the confines of the house. Let’s check out a few design ideas and see how such a combo could look like. 
If you have the space for it and a desire to create more of an indoor-inspired setup, you can design the outdoor patio in a way similar to the living area. It can include a kitchen, possibly with a bar which can double as a dining table and a comfortable sitting area with a TV right next to it. This beautiful space shared by @christiandawdesign could be a wonderful source of inspiration. 
What a perfect outdoor entertainment area this is. The TV has anti-glare technology which means it’s clear and vibrant even during the day when the sun shines from above and the circular fire pit in the middle makes this area super cozy after sunset. Check out @octagondevelopments for more interesting design ideas like this one. 
Here’s another really beautiful patio, this time with a sheltered outdoor kitchen and an alfresco dining area and a little sitting area in between. These spaces are very beautifully delineated by the subtle differences in floor design. The TV is mounted onto the back of the kitchen wall. This is a design shared by @yardzen.
Inspiration for a contemporary deck remodel in Seattle with a fireplace
Outdoor deck porch with white sofa and tv
Lake Keowee Custom Home Porch
The layout and placement of an outdoor patio are very much defined by the overall proportions of the backyard as well as a variety of other factors. In the case of this design by @fossil_landscapes is was possible to have this entire area set in one of the corners along the fence that border the backyard. This created a an elongated layout where the outdoor kitchen, dining area and sitting area are placed in a line. The TV is all the way in the back but can be seen from all three spaces. 
Wicker patio furniture has a nice way of making spaces like this one feel warm and cozy even though it’s quite big and open. It adds a subtle retro touch to the decor but it’s a lot more versatile than that and it suits lots of different styles. What’s also nice about this design shared by @bostondesignguide is the fact that the fire pit is intended as the central focal point of the space but the TV is also very conveniently placed. 
Outdoor porch with fireplace and tv
An outdoor patio doesn’t need to be very big in order to have an inviting look and feel. In fact, small spaces are quite cozy by nature. This patio from @premierautomation is nice and open and has a stone fireplace with a TV as a main focal point. The subdued and neutral colors really fit in this area given that there’s lots of greenery all around. 
Patio Designs With TVs And Cozy Furniture
Although it’s definitely great to be outside and to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, it’s nice to also have an easy transition inside the house from the patio. This setup by Urban Restoration is pretty cool in that sense because it has a bar that’s adjacent to the indoor kitchen. When the windows are opened these two spaces communicate directly. 
Outdoor porch with stone fireplace and tv
This is a bit more than just a simple outdoor patio. It’s a pavilion with a nice backdrop wall for the TV and some of the furniture, a small kitchen/ bbq area and a little dining space all nicely spread around the comfortable sitting area which occupies the very center. It’s a cool and inspiring setup shared by @landscapedesignpros. 
Wooden outdoor terrace with sofa and tv
When there’s multiple outdoor areas that connect to one another it can be nice to differentiate them by placing them on separate levels. That way they feel like separate areas, each serving a specific function. Here for instance the outdoor TV area feels like its own little space even though it’s bordered by the swimming pool. It’s a nice combo planned by studio Urban Landscape. 
Here’s another really nice patio setup which is shared by @outdoordreams with a big stone-clad fireplace, a TV and comfortable furniture placed in a U-shape. It’s very similar to an indoor living area but the simple fact that it’s outside makes all the difference. The light colors and black accents go really well with the overall design and architecture of the house. 
The post Beautiful Patio Designs With TVs And Cozy Furniture appeared first on Homedit.
Wagner Residence Patio large contemporary backyard concrete
Backyard porch with coffe table and tv
Outdoor porch with TV outside for special movie nights
It’s also cool when the patio includes features elements that make it look and feel warm and cozy like a fireplace or a fire pit. This one has both and a TV as well. It’s a perfect place to spend time in the evenings with friends and family either chatting or watching TV together and the furniture can be easily reconfigured to make that happen. Check out @calimingopools for more interesting design ideas. 
Outdoor porch space with wicker armchair a fireplace and tv
There’s plenty of materials that could fit really well in the design and decor of an outdoor patio. Stone and bricks are great for fireplaces and as background textures for wall-mounted TVs and wood is always a good option for adding warmth to space. Teak furniture is highly appreciated for its durability and low maintenance requirements. Let this setup from @oakleyhomebuilders inspire you. 
Backyard with fireplace and tv
The same combo can also be seen here where we have an outdoor patio with a TV and a fireplace integrated into a beautiful divider. The stone backdrop really suits the outdoor setup and the sheltered view makes this whole space feel super cozy. This lovely design was done by studio Dillard-Jones. 
Obviously, if you want to put a TV outside you need a roof overhead. Covered patios and other similar setups are perfect for that. If you don’t want the TV to sit on one of the house’s walls you can have it placed on a divider wall similar to what you can see here. This can also be an opportunity to have a fireplace just below. This is a design by studio hoist.
In many ways an outdoor patio with a TV is a lot like a living room. You can have the TV mounted up to one of the exterior walls and place some comfortable furniture in front of it. A set with a sofa or two and a couple of armchairs would be absolutely perfect. This lovely setup designed by studio All Square Contracting is a nice example. 

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