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Best Online Used Furniture Stores Of The Decade

Used furniture stores are one of the best things that the secondhand industry has given us. Just because furniture is used, doesn’t mean it is in bad condition.  Getting new furniture can be the most exciting thing any homeowner can do. But does “new” have to mean that it’s never been used? Even skeptics often…
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The best part is, it’s all linked to Facebook. So you have proof of every conversation you have with the person. If they refuse to talk on Facebook Messenger, then don’t trust them as this can be used against you. 
Used furniture stores are one of the best things that the secondhand industry has given us. Just because furniture is used, doesn’t mean it is in bad condition. 
Facebook Marketplace is super easy to use and searches locally. You can join groups to help connect you or simply search a specific area with keywords of the items that you are looking for. They do everything from furniture to cars to toys.
There’s a saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and this couldn’t be truer than it is today. The old furniture is becoming hotter than new furniture and someone else’s old furniture is new to you and your home.

Shopping At Used Furniture Stores

The post Best Online Used Furniture Stores Of The Decade appeared first on Homedit.
Ebay is even more popular than Chairish if you include the other items that are bought on it. You can get literally anything you can imagine on Ebay if you give it enough time. Track searches if you don’t find what you want.

Used Furniture Stores Vs. New Furniture Stores

It’s important to be careful when shopping on Craigslist. Meet at public places if possible and if they are selling something large, hire someone to come along with you or bring multiple friends to pick your item up. 
There’s a reason that Chairish is so popular. Though it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others, the quality of the items is amazing. Every item has to pass inspection before being allowed to be listed. 

Best Online Used Furniture Stores

Then you’ll be notified when the item is listed. The best part about eBay is that they back your payment method so if you never get the item, then they will personally give you a refund and you won’t have to deal with the seller. 
While they do have a lot of furniture options, at times their inventory does drop but when it picks back up, you can find some amazing steals. So keep an eye out on their site and social media pages for updates. 

Facebook Marketplace

Shopping for used furniture isn’t like getting a rescue dog. Your choices can be purely selfish because no one will suffer should you choose to buy something new. It’s all up to you, so let’s take a look at our choices. 
It’s all fairly simple and very few problems ever occur. So you can rest easy that your purchases will go through smoothly and that selling stuff is a-okay. Just make sure you send tracking numbers with your items for proof of delivery. 


Shopping at used furniture stores is almost the same as shopping at new furniture stores. The difference is that the prices at used furniture stores are different and their inventory is forever changing.
Getting new furniture can be the most exciting thing any homeowner can do. But does “new” have to mean that it’s never been used? Even skeptics often change their minds after visiting some amazing used furniture stores. 


Best Online Used Furniture Stores
The prices are different because the items are used and because there is usually only one of each item. So it is one-of-a-kind. Antiques are generally pricier than newer furniture at used furniture stores. 


You can find entire sets of furniture if it is new but you will likely have to mix and match if you buy used furniture. Whether you choose to buy used furniture or new furniture just know that you won’t be judged for doing either. 
Buying used furniture at local markets is fun, but it’s not always easy to find the time to go to a used furniture store in person. So check out these online used furniture stores to fully furnish your home right from the comfort of it. 


The company 1stDibs sells both antique and modern furniture. Their prices are often higher than most but it’s because they only sell high-end furniture on their site. Getting your furniture listed can be difficult because of this.
Craigslist is still a viable option for used furniture stores. They sell everything and even list jobs on their sites. Shop locally by finding the city nearest you or by searching within a certain radius from your zip code.


Furnishly doesn’t let individual sellers list items but instead, buy from the sellers and list the items themselves. This ensures you will get the best quality furniture at a fair price from their used furniture store. 
AptDeco is trying to eliminate the amount of furniture that is improperly disposed of. They are doing this by trying to make the industry move in a circular motion. Reuse and repurpose your furniture with their site.


Yes. If you are allergic to pets or are afraid of secondhand smoke, make sure the furniture didn’t come from homes with either of these. Otherwise, it’s all good. When you buy online, you eliminate the risks of in-person dangers.
But it also means you will only find the best when shopping at used furniture stores. So if you are looking for the best of the best and are willing to pay for it then you won’t find a better place than 1stDibs.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

So you can shop to your heart’s content without ever leaving your living room. That’s just one of the perks of online shopping. Although a trip to the market can be fun, let’s face it, the future is online.
Most of their stuff is mid-century modern which is extremely popular for the best of reasons the last few years. Shop their store if this is your design style and you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 


There are many pros and cons to used furniture stores and new furniture stores. Used furniture is almost always cheaper and more unique but new furniture is a guarantee not to have any damage. It is also easier to buy online. 
used furniture stores

How To Sell Used Furniture At Used Furniture Stores

People can then buy your item. When they do, you can accept the offer and ship the item to them in the allotted amount of time. If you don’t send it then they can ask the website for a refund and it will be taken back out of your account if the website can’t resolve it with you. 

The process usually goes about like this:

  1. Take pictures of the item – the first thing you do is take pictures of the furniture in good light. This will be the first thing that people see and greatly affect the outcome of your sale. Better pictures mean faster sales. 
  2. Make an account – you can do this before or after taking pictures, but it needs to be done. On a secure website, enter your info and create an account. Make sure you don’t leave anything out.
  3. Click “list an item” – there should be a button after making your account that lets you list an item. This is what you need to click to list your item. Don’t worry, you still can back out after clicking it. 
  4. Enter details, categories, etc. – you will now be taken through everything you need to enter. Make sure you let them know the condition the item is in even if there’s not a place for it, say it in the description. 
  5. Name a price – this is important! Shop around the site and other sites to find an appropriate price. If you believe your item is worth a lot, then hire an appraiser to appraise the item for you first. 
  6. Upload pictures – upload those pictures you took. You can upload them directly with your phone or e-mail them to yourself. From there, you can open the e-mail in a browser, download, and reupload. 
  7. Click “finished” – now you’re all set! Triple check to make sure all of the information you entered is correct and then click Finish. Your item is now listed and hopefully will sell in no time at all! 

Online Used Furniture Stores Tip

Most of these used furniture stores let you sell your own furniture. Doing so isn’t all that difficult and follows a similar pattern. Some have regulations while others will let you list anything you want, with the quality irrelevant.
Chairish is by far the most popular furniture-only thrift stores online. You can find some amazing furniture on Chairish for unbelievable prices. You can either search local for pickup or you can have items shipped to you. 

Is Buying At Used Furniture Stores Safe?

What was previously called Krrb was purchased by Apartment Therapy a few years back to create Apartment Therapy Bazaar. They also sell high-end furniture and home decor with an eclectic style.
Etsy sells almost a much as eBay does. The difference is that Etsy primarily sells homemade or handmade furniture. This will make them more expensive so you have to shop smart to get good deals.
Search for used furniture instead of handmade furniture to find better prices. Although their handmade furniture is some of the best that you can buy. Use credit, debit, or PayPal to pay. Though Etsy doesn’t do refunds from scams, PayPal does. 

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