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Black Modern House Designs That Will Make You Want to Paint Yours Black

Black modern house designs are becoming increasingly popular. They look chic and different, plus they make a huge design statement. However, when considering colors for the exterior of your house, it’s not likely that many people will suggest choosing black. For accent trim, sure, but for the whole house? Yes! Especially on modern and contemporary…
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Dark modern cladding house
That heat then transfers inside. While this might be good in the winter, it won’t be a plus in the summer when you need to cool the house.
That’s because “sunlight is often so bright that the eye’s only resting place is the shadows.”  They put the house on a small flat area in a saddle between rock outcroppings. As a result, it is on a precipice with nearly 360-degree views.
Modern prefab Ridge Road Residence by StudioFour
In general, the options are composites, fiber cement, wood and metal. Vinyl is not available in pure black.

Black Modern House Design Ideas With A Cool Dark Look

Dark stained vertical wood cladding emphasizes the height. In fact, the stain lets the wood grain variations show through, adding chic charm.

Black Mansion

Black Mansion
Jilco Window Corp.

Black modern house designs are becoming increasingly popular. They look chic and different, plus they make a huge design statement. However, when considering colors for the exterior of your house, it’s not likely that many people will suggest choosing black. For accent trim, sure, but for the whole house?
Very dark shades of black paint will fade to gray over the years. However ff that’s not appealing, you’ll have to repaint more frequently to keep a pristine black shade.

Black House Interior 

Black House Interior 
Design Line Construction, Inc.

Black a frame house in Stockholm

Dark Modern House

Dark Modern House
Photographs: Luuk Kramer

Modern Atelier red+black house
Amid the generic home designs outside Munich, Buero Wagner created this small black house that stands out in more ways than one.  It is set near Lake Ammersee, between two existing homes, an office building and a multifamily home.

All Black House

Nebrau designed the home actually with two sections, one for living and the second for resting, both situated by a small private pond. Surprisingly, the unique black exterior wall puts it in harmony with all the elements in the setting.
Whether or not black siding is a bad idea depends on a few factors. If it does not get a lot of shade, it will indeed fade. Dark siding also creates heat transfer. Basically, this means that it absorbs heat and will make your home warmer.
The house is in Calafquén, Panguipulli Commune. Importantly, an asphalt membrane completely covers the exterior, which helps it hold heat. The pitched roof gives it a traditional element within the overall contemporary approach. Finally, white framing adds an accent to the black and helps the windows stand out.
Of course, this gives it more interest and mimics the wood black siding on the adjacent homes. Hence, Scott Posno Design created this black siding house that is distinctive but still fits naturally into the neighborhood.

Black Themed House

In the past, it was hard to find black home interiors. However these days, designers are embracing this formerly taboo color. Whether as an accent or the main color, black is showing up more frequently. Actually, most homeowners consider black a chic addition to a room in almost any quantity.

Black Painted House

In the past, it was hard to find black home interiors. However these days, designers are embracing this formerly taboo color. Whether as an accent or the main color, black is showing up more frequently. Actually, most homeowners consider black a chic addition to a room in almost any quantity.
Modern Black and White House
All black house Back

Designed by Benjamin Heller, this black house has a jewel-like appearance with its black panels shining like facets on a gemstone. Locates in Öhningen, a health resort near Lake Constance, Germany, it sits at the cliff of the neighborhood.

Faceted Black House

Finally, when the siding absorbs more heat from the light, it will expand. Ultimately, if the installation is not done properly, it can cause siding components to fail.
Black and white is a classic combination, including for a home exterior. Parasite Studio of Romania created this black modern house as a dark box. White walls mark off the semipublic spaces and link the house with the environment.
Whether the house has manicured gardens or sits in a forest, a black exterior really highlights the greenery. The different green shades of the leaves and plants will be more noticeable around a black modern house.

House in Silhouette

Black house with wood deck Philip Stejskal Architecture
Just as there are many shades of white, there are different shades of black. Some have red undertones while some have blue nuances. This is where you want to test samples. View them at different times of day and in different types of light. You can also mix proportions of black paint with colors like green or brown for unique hues.
Sinus House Featuring a Black Roof

Black Riverside Home

The architects say that the building has the feel of a hand-cut stone with its varied angles and black surface. The different ways that it reflects light make it a very interesting structure.
The architects this design that uses a matte black exterior that is exceptionally alluring against the surrounding landscape.
Black Themed House
The post Black Modern House Designs That Will Make You Want to Paint Yours Black appeared first on Homedit.
A system of courtyards helps transition the public and private spaces. The black and white theme continues in the house. Living spaces are white while the private areas are enclosed in the black box section.

Sustainable Australian Home

If you choose siding for your black modern house, make your material choice very carefully. Dark colors hold more heat and you might need to include ventilation gaps or other structural modifications. Also, most dark finishes can develop a chalky appearance, which might not look so great over time. Finally, just as with paint, black siding can fade in the sunlight.
This black modern house is a new take on the farmhouse trend. Instead of going with the typical white, this modular home opts for dark drama.
This modern black house in Zagreb, Croatia is contemporary. DVA designed the structure, which. covers an area of 590 square meters. In fact, the owners asked the architects to design two identical black modern houses, one to be rented out.

Haus D

darm farmhouse decor
The brainchild of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter , this vacation home on the outer Stockholm archipelago has a soaring roof and a black metal-clad exterior. The metal is in various widths to add interest and accommodate the windows as well as three sliding glass doors that open to the outdoors. However, as with most black houses, the exterior is a direct contrast to the light wood used inside to create an airy and open feeling.
A modern black exterior can be an ideal choice for an extension to an existing home. Christopher Polly Architect used a finish of black corrugated metal panels on the expanded portion of the yellow brick home in Sydney, originally constructed in the 1960s. The panels match the lines on the roof of the main part of the home. This gives it a natural feeling of belonging.

Mountaintop Cabin With a Twist

The wood cladding on the exterior wall is carbonized and belies the light wood interior found throughout. Moreover, the process of carbonizing the wood seals it, making it water-repellant and fungus-resistant without the use of any chemicals.
In fact, they’re almost nonexistent. You can find lots of exciting, large black mansions that have unique architecture. Sometimes, the black cladding is combined with stone, metal, or natural wood for an interesting look.

Black Urban House That’s a Little Mysterious

Angela Waibel of Hajnoczky.Zanchetta Architekten created the concept of this tall and slim two-family home in a grove of trees near Zurich. As with other forest modern homes, the black exterior helps it melt away against the background of trees, leaves and topography. By contrast, in the snowy winter, the home stands out like a dark gem. The triangular shape of the house makes it a distinctive design. Also, the black exterior only serves to highlight its unusual silhouette.
Innovative Black Modern Extension

Black Barn Villa

BBVH Architecten of Rotterdam created this modern villa in a new suburb of Den Haag. The modern black house has a dynamic architecture with large cantilevering terraces.
Cabin House on Windy Peak with black cladding

Inexpensive Minimalist in Chile

Black desert house design
The black facade of the home is ideal for a low-density 1.6-acre lot, where there is plenty of green space. The unique dark house lends a distinctive air and helps set it into the landscape as a complementary structure.
Black Themed House

Swiss Stand-Out

In fact, the need to be economical drove the decision to make the facade of the house from board and batten paired with a steel roof. The exterior is such a comparison not just to the snowy land, but also to the interior of the house, which is light and bright.
You can make a boring home exterior a lot more exciting when you paint it black. Your first thought might be that the neighbors will riot. However, if you aren’t breaking any HOA regulations and you do it carefully, you’ll have a standout house.

Hadar’s House on the Norwegian Coast

Modern black homes can be pretty large and mostly the exterior styles are modern or transitional. This is because a traditional mansion with a black exterior is exceptionally rare.
However, not everyone will feel the same way. And, repainting the exterior is a bigger cost than just a black room on the inside of the house. The shade of black and how glossy it is are also big considerations. Finally, in warmer climates, it will cost more to cool a black house.
Black House Facade in Zagreb

Forest-Facing Black Modern House

Without a doubt, a black exterior elevates a house to a whole new level. It’s chic, a bit mysterious and needs little – if any – embellishment.
All this echoes the sea, sitting just off the property. Vertical lines in the cladding mimic the tall slender trees of the forest. Dulux Black Ace window shrouds, frames, pergola and flashings highlight the building’s outline. Thus, they make the interior that is visible through the large windows even more vibrant

Swedish Sheet-Metal House

Differing from the usual, this Canadian chalet in Clearview, Ontario stands out as a black form against a white blanket of snow. The budget-conscious, low-maintenance cozy chalet was designed by Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB).
First things first: Are you going all the way with the whole house black or just the trim?  If you’re nervous about an all-black house, you can choose a dark gray and black trim. Just be sure to swatch and test!

Modern Hillside Marvel

Set in the Canadian forest, this chalet getaway uses a steeply pitched roof and vertical lines to blend with the trees that surround it. Actually, the home is two structures, one of which holds the living space while the other is a storage shed.
The prices also vary by geographic location, the size of your house, the type of exterior, along with the amount of detail and trimming will also affect the price. If the house is 3,000 square feet or more, the price can easily be as much as ,500 and more.
Dark colors and sunlight are not good friends. Hence, it should not be surprising that black will fade over time. Dark paint on a house can also blister. It absorbs a lot of heat in the day and then cools. The heat cycling will cause blisters.

Black Desert House

Positioned in a very unlikely spot, Haus D rises from a small house plot in a suburb of Tuttlingen, Germany. It is actually squeezed in between traditional-style buildings that have been constructed over the centuries.
Ultimately, homeowners in Fremantle, Australia called Philip Stejskal Architecture to build an addition. In general, the addition aims to provide a living space while the main 1930s bungalow rents out to vacationers.
A dark-gray and black exterior is the perfect finish for this unique home. Actually, it’s also a model of sustainability in Fish Creek. Australia. The exterior of the home, designed by Archiblox, uses corrugated Woodland Grey Colorbond cladding.

Black Modular House

Clearview modern black chalet design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How much does it cost to paint a house?

The house is located on Ridge Road on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula and is the only one in the neighborhood to work with the topography instead of fighting against it. Hence the multiple parts of the black home cascade down the hill, making the most of the angled land.

Modern Individualist

The black barn structure
Flat roof black house by Fish Creek House Archiblox Pty Ltd
Chile small black house

Budget Black Chalet

Don’t believe black exteriors are a good idea  Have a look at these homes that will convince you otherwise.
Before painting your house black, make sure all the surfaces are smooth and blemish-free. Black will call attention to any chips, ripples, dents or other minor damage. Meticulous painting prep is key.
The modern, modular addition has a facade of black panels that highlight the plentiful doors and windows. The two-story addition has a main floor that provides living and sleeping areas. The client uses the upper story as an art studio.

Modern Take on a Cabin

Playing off of the proximity and the shapes, topography of the plot. Two stories on one side and a single level on the other, the black exterior makes the most of a structure that would already stand out.
Cottage prefab MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects house

Money-Making Addition

Located in Zagreb Croatia, this black house is actually two modern homes, not one. The owners asked DVA ARHITEKTA to create one to live in and the other to rent out. The quality facade unites the two buildings into one cohesive visual. The plentiful use of glass creates small house spaces away from the street. Mainly, the dramatic exterior and its modern design expose very little of the interior. This helps increase interest by adding a touch of mystery to the home.
Generally, the look is far more modern and sophisticated than almost any other modular home. That’s thanks to the black glass and other cladding elements on the exterior, which bring modular homes to a whole new style level.
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Pros and Cons of a Black Modern House

Just like your favorite pair of black pants, a black exterior goes with everything. Keep it minimalist or add a pop of color on the window frames. Basically, anything goes.

The Pros

It Makes a Striking Home

Small house by Hajnoczky.Zanchetta Architekten + Angela Waibel with black facade

It Shows Off Your Garden

Geometric modern house by Yonder – Architektur und Design

It’s a Neutral Color

Maybe you love the color but aren’t ready to go all black. Instead, black trim is a great way to use the bold color as an accent. This transitional white brick house is even more striking with the black trim. Window frames, drainpipes and the front door are all pure black and create a striking contrast.


It Fades

Choosing to have a dark facade is a bold and brave move, and this home in Užliedžiai, Lithuania uses it to its best advantage. Set on the side of the Nevezis river in a forest home setting, this house blends with the surroundings in an effortless way. 

It Magnifies Imperfections

Retained by a client to design a home in Yucca Valley, California, Oller & Pejic Architecture had a tall order: Build a house like a shadow. So of course, the designers chose to give it a black exterior. Actually, they say that this is very relevant to the desert.

It Gets Hot

Designed as a large family home in Melbourne, House in Silhouette was conceived by Atelier red + black. The neighborhood sits at the edge of the outer suburbs and straddles the world between rural and suburban.
“Modern and open’ but with a quintessential ‘cottage feel’. That’s what MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects set out to create for a client. The result is the Clear Lake Cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. Clad in black with a vertical sensibility, the vacation home is located in the middle of nature. In fact, the structure is built into the land and has views both into the forest and toward the shore. On the whole, it’s a black modern house that blends well with its rustic surroundings.
The entryway s like a separate box attached to the main house and it sports a green roof. Also, the main part of the home, called Hadar’s House, features very large windows that overlook the amazing water view.

Why you shouldn’t paint your walls black?

Designed by APPAREIL Architecture, the chalet is angular and austere on the exterior, which offers no clue to the light and airy inside of the home. Wooded areas are great locations for a modern black house because, at a distance, the house blends with the dark forest home.
Forest Denmark black house prefab

Is black siding a bad idea

Wood cladding Black House on Nevezis River Slope
Modern villa with a black facade

Does black exterior paint make a house hotter?

For example, a modular house by A-cero Architects shows that you don’t have to sacrifice modern style to get more affordable house construction. This home in Madrid, Spain is the first of two prefabricated models the architects are offering.
CEBRA Architecture designed the house, which aimed to meld large sections of glass windows with the overarching desire for privacy by the homeowners. As a result, these slices also ensure that sunlight will enter the home no matter the angle of the sun.

Austin Black a frame house design

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