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Boost Your Efficiency At Work With These DIY Desk Organizers

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A messy workstation doesn’t really help anyone be productive and comfortable. It’s important to have a clean and well-organized desk and office in general if you want to be efficient and to feel comfortable while working. You can start with your desk. There’s so much you can do…and we’re not talking about things you can…




Little buckets, like the ones featured onThebeautydojo, are great for storing crafting tools, pencils and other things that would otherwise end up on a desk or in a drawer. To make a hanging bucket organizer just like this one you’ll need some small buckets, chalkboard spray paint and some twine. Once you’re done, find a good place to hang it, preferably close to your desk.
Keep your documents and files organized but don’t forget to make your desk look stylish while you do this. It’s not that difficult, especially if you’re the type that likes a DIY challenge. There’s a pretty simple one on Justdestinymag. Here’s what you need for it: transparent letter holders, colored cardstock, vinyl labels, mod podge, a sponge brush and scissors.
Give your desk organizer an ombre design
There are also a bunch of interesting designs for organizers which you can craft from scratch. There’s this design idea on Sugarandcloth for a hexagonal organizer which is made of three cups cut at an angle. They’re decorated with thin golden tape and they’re glued together. You can definitely find some inspiration in this project and there’s a lot of room for improvisation if you get any ideas.

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Stay organized with better storage for your things

Wood DIY paper file organization
Don’t want to put a lot of emphasis on the actual desk organizer? Then consider getting a clean acrylic one. That way the organizer itself will be minimalistic and will blend in which the focus will be on the contents that it holds. This one from Whitmor is divided into 6 sections and can be used to organize all sorts of things including office supplies.

Color-code your cables

Desk trays are almost always useful in offices, whether it’s for organizing invoices, keeping track of employee files or just having a system for organizing all the magazines. As common and popular as they are, there aren’t that many design variations to choose from so making something custom from scratch could be an interesting idea if you want to do something useful for your workspace. You could use cardboard, as suggested on Instructables.
DIY rustic pencil Holder

Keep files inline

Cable cords management DIY
Drawer organizers are life changing accessories, especially in areas like the kitchen or the office where there’s lots of different things that need to be stored. You have a variety of options to choose from. One of them is this set of 28 interlocking trays from Tenabort. These are made of plastic and have different shapes and sizes which allows you to organize them however you want to best suit your needs.

Put everything in one place

Recycle cardboard boxes and turn into desk organizer
It’s really amazing how many things you can make if you’re creative…and how many ways there are to repurpose something as simple as a hanger. For instance, ever thought you could use a hanger to make a desk organizer? Well, it’s possible and it’s all right here onAmykrist. This is an organizer for documents and other similar things and it’s made out of two hangers and two plastic trays.

Make an organizer for your personal things

When there’s a lot of stuff that simply needs to be there, on your desk, you have to keep it there and there’s no way around it so you might as well organize it neatly so it takes up less space. You could find a way to keep everything inside a shoebox lid. It’s an idea that comes from Showmehowto and it’s one of the many ways in which you can repurpose a shoebox or, in this case, its lid. For this system to work, you also need a bunch of empty boxes of various sizes.
Things like your keys, your phone and other personal items can make a desk look messy if you just throw them there randomly. Also, you might forget where you’ve put them if they’re all not all in one place. Solve that problem with a practical desk organizer which you canmake out of cardboard. There’s a detailed tutorial for that on Designformankind.

Use a catchall for random items

But what if your desk holds acombination of items? Well, there’s a solution for everything. On Thelovelyside we found this tutorial for a DIY multi-tasking desk organizer which actually lets you neatly store and organize things like magazines, notebooks, papers but also pens, sticky notes and other supplies, all in one place so you always know where to find them and so the rest of the desk can be clutter-free.
Simple desk organizer made of clay


Lazy susan - repurposed tin cans
How cool would it be to have a pencil holder made of pencils? It would actually be a pretty easy project. You’d need a glass, a glass or some other sort of container, glue and a bunch of pencils. The pencils need to be glued onto the outside of the container until the whole thing is covered up. You can take your time and come up with ways to make this pencil holder look more fun, colorful and unique but if you’re happy with a simple design then just check out one-o for more details.

Use transparent containers and stylish colors

Multipurpose trays
Wall organizers are practical because they keep things off the floor and off the work surface. In an office, the things that need storage are not particularly heavy or large so a fabric organizer with pockets, like the one on Designsponge, should be a great fit. To make one just like the one in the picture you’ll need some canvas drop cloth, felt sheets in different colors, a needle, some thread, fabric glue and a grommet kit.

Repurpose wooden crates into shelves

A messy workstation doesn’t really help anyone be productive and comfortable. It’s important to have a clean and well-organized desk and office in general if you want to be efficient and to feel comfortable while working. You can start with your desk.
For a desk organizer to truly be efficient and practical, it needs to be customized according to the user’s needs, without any unnecessary features or missing elements. It’s easy to get it just right when you’re building the organizer yourself. Take for example the one on Poppytalk. It’s perfectly optimized to hold everything, including scissors, tape rolls, notebooks and there’s even a tiny chalkboard to write things on. Everything has its place and it all looks very neat.

Use cardboard boxes to organize your things

 DIY Desk Organizers
Wood Photo Frame DIY Desk Organizer

Make a pencil organizer out of tin cans

Fabric wall stoage for desk or craft room
Desk file organizer from hangers

Put things on a board

Turn cardboard tubes into a focal point
Monitor stand with built in storage

Use a small cabinet to organize documents

Wooden Desk Organizer DIY Project
Rocket pop desk organizer

Make use of corner spaces

If you often notice things like notebooks, papers or other stationary items just piling up on your desk, it’s about time to start cleaning up your desk and putting everything in order. Consider making and organizer to help you with that. You can use cereal boxes for that. That’s right….cereal boxes. It’s such a simple DIY project anyone could do it. Find out more about it onKatydidandkid.
Interlocking trays and bins

Use cardboard to make custom organizers

If you want a pencil holder or, better yet, a desk organizer with several storage compartments like the one on Designbystudioc, the list of supplies needed for such a project includes PVC pipes, something to cut them with, a glue gun, spray paint and a piece of cardboard. You have to decide how many pipes you want your organizer to be made of and then you can cut that many pieces, making sure they have different heights. Then arrange them all in a cluster and trace their shape on cardboard. Cut out that shape and glue the pipes together and to the cardboard base. Don’t forget to spray paint everything.

Make something cute for books and magazines

Desk Tray from Cardboard Boxes
Triangular wall storage for Desk Wall

Make your own desk trays

Cardboard desk storage box
Stacked desk file organizer

Customize your existing organizer

One way to save space is by stacking things and this applies to just about anything, even tin cans. In fact, there’s this really cool and handy desk organizer made up of 10 empty cans. It can be used to store and organize things like pencils, cables and all sorts of items that usually take up space on a desk. Feel free to build your own can organizer. {found on oregonlive}.
Wall Pocket organizers are practical

Add some glamour to your pencil holder

Plastic bottle zipper pencil holder
Minimalist desk calendar holder
Keep your documents and files organized-small acrylic containers

Custom pencil holders

Cork Coasters into Pencil Holder
Maybe you’re not the type to use pens a lot but everyone needs one once in a while. A pencil holder is a useful thing to have on a desk. It’s great for a lot of things, not just pens or pencils but pretty much anything that can fit inside. If you’re going to have a pencil holder on your desk, you might as well personalize it to suit your style. Maybe you’d like to give a sparkling and glamorous look, as suggested on Livingcolorprint.

Repurpose cans and containers in clever ways

Lazy susan shelves are so practical you can use them in pretty much any room of the house and in tons of practical ways. For a work area, one idea would be to use it in the design of a desk organizer. You can use the shelf as a base on which you can put a custom-made organizer made out of numerous repurposed tin cans. You can put a large one at the center and then glue smaller cans all around it. This will leave some extra space at the base for storing other things. If you find this idea interesting you should check out Cynthiashaffer for more details.
Speaking of recycling things, ever thought you could turn a pair of old jeans into something that can be useful again? Well, you can turn jeans into desk organizers and it’s not even a difficult project. It’s all described in detail in our video. Check it out and go find yourself your own pair of old jeans if you want to have something unique and special on your desk.

Recycle old jeans into cute desk accessories

Similarly to how you can use cardboard tubes in your DIY projects, PVC pipes can also be cut down and combined to make all sorts of cool things like this desk organizer for example. This is a project featured on designsbystudioc and it’s actually a fairly simple one. There’s lots of ways in which you can make it original so have fun exploring.
Clear organizer with compartments
A mini desk organizer can be a thoughtful gift for someone who actually needs it. If you’re planning on crafting a custom organizer for someone, it should look special, unlike anything that can be bought from a store. Consider using decorative wood brackets to make something special. You could use the design suggested on Homedepot. This small organizer is great for things like books and magazines and it can double as a book end which makes it that much more practical.

Turn a plastic bottle into a pencil holder

Since we mentioned pinboards just now, let’s see how you can make a custom one out of cork. It’s all described in detail onlook-what-i-made. The list of supplies needed for the project includes see-through paper, craft wood, cork, a jigsaw, glue, rubber bands and a pen. The idea here is to make a monogram cork board but obviously you can give yours any shape and form you want.
DIY Framed Fabric Organizer
Multipurpose bamboo organizer


A calendar can also be a nice wall decoration if you can find a way to personalize it. A DIY calligraphy calendar can be the thing you’re looking for. Check out the tutorial offered by Brit+co to find out exactly how you can craft such a thing. It’s not a complicated project and there’s even a template you can find here to help you along. Feel free to improvise and to come up with your own patterns and design ideas.

Make something out of cork

Another idea is to craft a sort of tray or container like this leather catchall which can hold your personal belongings while you’re at the office. Here’s what you need to make one: a piece of leather, scissors, embroidery thread, a heavy-duty sewing needle, a paint brush and acrylic paint. You can use any colors you want and you can even customize the design with a special pattern.
Don’t worry, these DIY desk organizer ideas are simple enough to be crafted and customized by just about anyone.

Add color and decorations to your organizers

Home office studio kids animals - storage lids
Industrial desk organizer DIY

Experiment with different designs

Picture frame DIY organizer
Depending on the type of work you do, you might find yourself in need of a system to help you organize documents into groups, like invoices and receipts for example. There’s no point in keeping them all on your desk when you could much rather store them somewhere else, like in pockets which can be mounted on a wall. It’s an idea that we got fromStylebyemilyhenderson.

Try a bigger organizer with compartments

A kitty rope pencil holder…now that’s something you don’t see everyday. It’s a pretty simple DIY project which you can do in just a few minutes. You’ll need a tapered glass, a hot glue gun and some decorative rope. All you need to do is wrap the rope around the glass, starting from the bottom and adding glue as you go up. Don’t forget the years or this won’t look at all like a cute little kitty.
Lazy susan pencil holder DIY

Make a pencil organizer out of pencils

Upcycled Leather Hanging Magazine Rack
Just because something is useful doesn’t mean it can’t also work as a decoration. Such combinations of functions are actually very popular in modern interior design and decor. We’re particularly fond of this mountain desk organizer featured on Dreamalittlebigger. It’s very chic and stylish and at the same time it’s very practical because it works as a storage system and organizer. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make one for your own desk.

Add a cute touch to your desk with this kitty pencil holder

It’s still easy to have a messy desk even when you have pencil holders and other storage containers to keep everything in check. If all these things are just randomly scattered on the desk, it won’t look neat. The solution is to gather them all in a cluster and to keep everything in one place. Consider a full makeover. Start from scratch and come up with a new way to make your desk look clean and lovely. You can use glass jars, a bottle and a picture frame to make something very beautiful, with rustic charm and cute details. It’s something that you can find out more about on Flamingotoes.
We also have something else in mind if you’re in the mood for something different and unique. There’s a way to turn a simple plastic bottle into a desk organizer, more exactly into a pencil holder which you can actually take with you and keep safe in your bag without worrying anything will fall out. That’s because there’s a zipper involved.
Mountain Desk Organizer

Spray paint a wire mesh organizer

Desk Tray from Cardboard Boxes
For things like photos but also notes and letters, you could use a little desk tidy like this one that we found on Burkatron. First, cut out a piece of plywood or balsa wood to make a rectangular base. Then cut cut two wooden triangles and apply glue along their bottom edges. Glue them onto the base. You can then use the organizer or you can paint it or personalize it however you want.

Try hexagonal organizers

Make a tin can look cute
Memo boards are great for offices and workspaces in general. There’s always something that you need to write down or something that you need to keep track of and it’s easy and convenient to have a designated place for such things. There are various types of memo boards that you can choose from. If you prefer a magnetic board, for instance, you can check out Brit+co to find out how to make one out of cookie sheets.

Combine repurposed cans and decorative tape

To keep track of your schedule without seeing it as a chore, display it in a beautiful and stylish fashion. You could give this project a try. It’s a cute and simple design for a modern desk organizer and the supplies needed include a piece of glass, a wooden plank, wood glue, sandpaper and paint or other type of wood finish.
If you’d rather skip the cutting and building process and focus on decorating your desk organizer, a cool idea can be to apply an ombre design similarly to what you see here. This is a project that you can find on one-o. It start with a simple wooden box and it requites a paintbrush, a sponge, some water and watercolors in 4 colors, in this case black blue, light blue and white.

Turn a glass jar into something better

Let’s be honest…we hate cables. They make our workspace look messy and distractingly uncomfortable. There are ways to deal with this, namely cable management systems…and what can be more handy than to repurpose some empty toilet paper rolls into cable organizers? That’s something anyone can do.
DIY Anthropologie Wall Organizer

Repurpose PVC pipes into a unique organizer

The idea offered on lauratrevey takes the pinboard to a whole new level. This is actually an entire wall (or a large portion of one) used for storage and organization. There’s everything here, from a cork board to a box container for storing office supplies, and even framed decorations. You can basically customize a pinboard in any way you want. You can hang just about anything on it and that leaves you with more space one your desk.
If crafting a desk organizer from scratch sounds like too muck work, maybe you’d like instead to just customize and personalize an already existing one. For example, have a look at this beautiful stenciled organizer featured on Sistersuitcaseblog. It’s simple and compact, with three small drawers, each labeled for easy organization.

Gather things in groups and clusters

In case you have a lot of documents or paper in general that needs to be stored and organized somehow, you should consider using a small cabinet/ sorting organizer like the one we found on Iheartorganizing. It looks lovely and it seems that you can simply repurpose an existing cabinet or maybe even build such a unit from scratch if you’re up to the challenge. In any case, you should label each shelf so you always know where to look for the thing you need.

Personalize your workspace with custom decorations

A shape pinboard from cork
A wire desk organizer can turn out to be useful if you want to just be able to keep everything in one place without hiding the items in a cabinet. There’s not much to it actually. You just need some fence wire, wire cutters, some spray paint and a hammer. You can give the organizer any shape you want. Be creative but also be practical.

Hang some photos above your desk

DIY Calligraphy Calendar

Turn a calendar into a decoration

Wood hanging pinboards and organizer
Personalize your workspace with custom decorations

Make your organizer look like a mini mountain

Instead of a classic pencil holder, you could use one of these lazy susan organizers which you can spin around and which have several compartments so you can organize your writing tools by color, type, size and however else you want. Check out Thescrapshoppeblog to see how you could customize such a thing to make it look all cute and colorful.
Stacked mesh organizers

Put pictures on your pencil holder

Desk organizer for Corners
Cardboard desk storage box

Keep track of things with memo boards and organizers

Desk organizer with a small chalkboard to write
Modern Hexagonal pencil Holder DIY

Organize notes and papers

Desk with an ingenious hanging storage system hanging buckets
There’s so much you can do with cardboard…all it takes is some time and ideas. Let’s say your desk could use a custom organizing system for school supplies or other things that usually create a messy look. Well then go ahead and gather some empty cardboard boxes from cereal and other things and get some duct tape ready because you’ll be crafting the solution to this problem. Our inspiration source was the caddy onAuntpeaches.

Make a magnetic board out of a cookie sheet

Jeans Pencil Organizer
It’s often the little things that make a desk look messy, things like paperclips, coins and other knick-knacks. One way to deal with them is by storing and organizing them on a tray. It could also be a bowl or something made of clay, like this DIY organizer featured onclothesandcurfuffles. If you want to make something similar, you’ll need air dry clay, a rolling pin, some water, paint and a paintbrush. You can gibe yours any shape you want.

Turn a picture frame into an organizer

Not really in the mood to work with wood or with power tools? That’s ok. You can build a pretty great wall organizer using cardboard if you want. The full list of supplies also includes spray paint, scissors, a hot glue gun, a ruler and a pencil. You’ll also need a template which you can print out or create yourself from scratch. Follow the steps described here to make sure your triangular wall caddy is just as beautiful as this one.
Something else that gives you a lot of freedom and room for creativity when it comes to DIY projects is clay. You can shape it into pretty much anything else and make some super intricate things with it. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you have to make every project super detailed. For this one in fact all you need to do is shape the clay into a rectangular brick. Check out the details on diys.

Hang the board on a wall

When you’re in need of a storage system, you can always count on simple wooden boxes to save the day. They’re so incredibly versatile you can use them to build just about anything, including an organizer for your desk or office. The idea is very simple. You can just stack a few boxes and then use them as shelves. If you want you can glue them together or use nails to make sure they don’t fall off. This ingenious idea comes from Apairandasparediy.
Once again, we’re back to mason jars and to the many ways in which they can be useful. The transition from jar to pencil holder is an extremely simple one which doesn’t require any changes unless you want to improve the appearance of the container. Even when that’s the case, a little bit of wrapping paper and some twine and a tag can really make a difference. You can look for inspiration on Itallstartedwithpaint.

Add fabric pockets to a picture frame

One of the easiest things you can do is take an empty tin can and use it as a storage container. As a pencil holder it actually makes perfect sense but it doesn’t really look great from the start. Luckily making a tin can look cute and pretty is quite easy. For this idea found on diys all you need is a PVC sticker, some twine, a few flowers and a hot glue gun or some glue.
You can also craft an awesome and practical pencil holder system out of cardboard rolls. You could use craft paper rolls or even toilet paper rolls. First you need to cut them to different lengths and then to adhere them to a tray with glue. After that you can decorate them with things like rhinestones, colored yarn, washitape or patterned paper. Actually, you can do that before you glue them in place if you think it’s more practical. This project (which we found on designimprovised) is so simple even a kid could do it.

Free up your desk and keep things on the wall

If you want something simpler and more compact like a tray to hold your most used office supplies, check out this drawer organizer from Simple Houseware. It’s made of perforated plastic and it has a simple design but, most importantly, it comes with a series of adjustable dividers which allow you to change the way you organizer the contents based on your needs.
Taking everything off your desk is a very good idea, especially if you have a small desk and no drawers or shelves for storing your things. You can store everything neatly on the wall instead. There are lots of different ways in which you can organize everything. Brit+co offers a beautiful design suggestion for an organizer made up of wooden boxes attached to a back panel. You can make each box as big as you want and you can also paint each one a different color if you want to liven up the space.

Try pocket organizers

For your pens and pencils you could also make a holder out of cork trivets. Basically you just stack several to make a pile, you glue them together and then you drill holes through the ones at the top. Six trivets should be just about enough. You’ll also need a power drill and a 3/8” drill bit. Make as many holes as you want and, in case you have some special pens with different thicknesses, use several different drill bits to make holes they can fit into. {found ondesignformankind}.
Moden wall desk pinboard

Use lazy susans for more accessibility

Don’t let those business cards on your desk get lost in a pile of papers. Keep them all nice and organized using something like this. This little organizer is actually unique. It was made out of a piece of aluminum from an air vent. It was bent to take the shape you see here and then the business cards were tucked in. It was some powerful industrial charm, wouldn’t you say? Find out the story on livelaughrowe.
Mason Jar Desk Pencil Storage

Make a custom-shaped cork board

Wood Crates Quick Desk Organiser
Blue Cute Pencil Rope Holder

Try a fabric organizer for your wall

This desk organizer from Huanuo also provides you with a really clever way to save space in your desk while also keeping things nice and tidy. At the same time, what’s really cool about this organizer set is that it also doubles as a monitor stand so if you need both this is a super clever way to combine these functions.
Pineapple desk organizer

Store little things in mini buckets

PVC pipes Desk Pencil and accessories holder
DIY desk organization makeover

Organize items into groups

Cereal cardboard box turner into storage files
DIY Modern Desk Organizer

Make a cool organizer out of cardboard

Nordic DIY wooden Desk Box organizer
Tin cans pencil desk organizer

Cute little trays and organizers for knick-knacks

If you’re particularly annoyed by paperclips, there’s a way to solve that problem: a magnetic box. It’s a simple cardboard box with some small magnets glued to the inside of its lid. This makes anything made of metal stick to the lid, a great way to store paperclips and pins in case this is something you usually keep on your desk. Check out earnesthomeco to learn how to make this accessory.
Here’s another beautiful project that involves repurposed tin cans. This one is a lovely desk organizer for things like pens and pencils or crafting supplies and it’s been decorated with lace and paper flowers which gives it this vintage vibe. The turquoise also fits the theme nicely. Check it out on diys to find out all the details.

Accessorize your pinboard

Embroider desk pencil organizer
The post Boost Your Efficiency At Work With These DIY Desk Organizers appeared first on Homedit.

Add little boxes to your memo board

Isn’t this pineapple organizer just adorable? It has a cheerful design and it looks pretty practical too, with those compartments for different things. This actually started out as a simple tray. With a little bit of craft paint and some foam brushes it can transformed into the quirky organizer you see here. So if you come across anything similar, give it a chance and don’t say no to a quick makeover. {found on designimprovised}.

Make an organizer for business cards

Personalize Pencil Holder
Let’s say you don’t usually keep a lot of things on your desk, maybe just a pen or two and some pieces of paper. You can organize these things in a stylish way using a simple photo frame. There’s a simple tutorial on Wishfulthinker and all you need for this project is a photo frame, some fabric, scissors and glue. Customize the organizer based on your needs and style.

Use a magnetic box for paperclips

Make something cool out of PVC pipes
Bunch of tin cans pencil holder

Decorate jar lids with toy animals

We also found a useful and inspiring tutorial on Lovelyindeed which described how to make a desk organizer out of foam core board. The project is simple and requires a few supplies like a craft knife, a ruler, a pencil, some craft paint and washi tape. Basically you’ll be making an organizer with several compartments. You can use it for storing pencils as well as other small items that usually take up space on a desk.
Not only does this wall organizer look really cool and eye-catching but it also serves a practical purpose as well. It’s made of several cardboard tubes of different diameters all painted in different colors and arranged together to create this interesting installation. Each tube can act as a pocket, a small surface that can hold things like planters, office supplies, decorations and so on. There’s a tutorial for this on akailochiclife if you’re interested.

Make something simple and elegant out of wood

When you think about it, a simple wooden box would be perfect for the job. You could even divide it into smaller compartments if you want or you could several boxes so you can have a designated spot for everything on your desk. Don’t forget to personalize the box with paint or decorative paper. You could even use some leftover wallpaper if you have any. {found on homeyohmy}.
Framed organizers are pretty easy to make. The project usually starts with a photo frame. You can paint the frame if you want or you can leave it as it is. You can then use some fabric and a staple gun to create pockets for all the things you need to store and organize there. You should iron the fabric before you staple it to the frame just to make sure it’s all neat and straight and it won’t change shape over time. Check out our tutorial to find out how to make a framed fabric organizer just like this one.

Use a variety of resources when organizing your desk

Having multiple compartments of different shapes and sizes is useful especially if your desk is cluttered with little things like paperclips, post-its, agendas, pens and so on. The MDHAND desk organizer lets you keep everything in one place. It has 6 compartments as well as a tiny drawer which is not just cute but also practical as well.
Cork Pencil Holder from tin Cans

Turn cardboard tubes into a focal point

There’s more than one way to stay organized and keep track of things. Some people like to put things down on paper, others to use pinboards and some would just rather put it all on their phone or computer. But as easy as it is to just tell Siri to remind you of something, there’s something special and rewarding about writing it down on a piece of paper or seeing it on a cork board. If you agree, then maybe you could use a hanging organizer like the one on burkatron for your office or even at home.
Perfect for desk corners, this organizer keeps the work area clean and tidy while also providing a surface on which to display something beautiful like a cute little potted plant, a framed photo or other personal items that can brighten your day. It’s a tiered organizer which you can build using a wire dish rack and some balsa wood sheets. You can find out more about this idea from the description on Thelovelydrawer.

Make something cool out of PVC pipes

DIY toilet paper tube pencil holder
Wall Pockets office DIY

Make a tin can look cute

Wood Brackets Desk Organizer
Holder made from Glue pencils

Simple desk organizer made of clay

In case you need a storage system for magazines or even for books or similar things, maybe you’d like to try these hanging leather pockets featured on Vintagerevivals. It’s a simple magazine rack which you can make yourself out of some leather and with the help of some copper pipe pieces, grommets, copper pipe straps and rope.
Magnetic colorblock desk organizer

Make a vintage tin can organizer

Cookie tray magnetic email

Give your desk organizer an ombre design

It’s nice to have something beautiful to look at when you’re working. A few photos or some posters of things that you find interesting or love can be quite inspiring. An idea is to make a photo garland out of them. There’s a more detailed description aboutthat which you can find on Homeyohmy. Of course, if you don’t like the finger you can just come up with some other design idea for your own garland.
Wood DIY Shelf Desk Storage - Organization

Desk organizer sets

Stacked mesh organizers

Sometimes when you have a lot of items that need to be sorted and stored having them all in one place is more practical than dividing them up using individual organizers and accessories. A set like this SimpleHouseware one is one of the options. The design is simple and function-oriented, including several modules stacked and grouped together in order to save space.
Some tin cans and patterned tape is all you need to make a bunch of great pencil holders for your desk. It’s something that we learned from the tutorial featured onIlovedoingallthingscrafty. This is a design that puts a large can at the center and several smaller ones around it. They’re all decorated with animal-print duct tape and ribbon.

Monitor stand with built-in storage

Clear acrylic organizer tray
Compartmentalized mesh organizer

Clear acrylic organizer tray

There’s so much you can do…and we’re not talking about things you can buy but rather about things you can craft yourself. This way you also have the opportunity to personalize your workspace.
You can’t really go wrong with this sort of storage trays and bins. This set from BYCY includes 32 pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes which can sound like a lot but you can quickly find a use for them if not in your office then definitely around the house. You can mix and match these however you like based on the dimensions of your desk drawers or your preference.

Stacked desk file organizer

Recycling and repurposing can be very rewarding and also quite fun. For instance, tin cans can be repurposed asplenty of useful things, including as pencil holders and desk organizers. Of course, you’ll want to customize them a little bit. A nice suggestion is to cover them in cork. It’s an idea that we found on Petitelefant. The project requires the following: tin cans, felt, cork sheets, glue, scissors, acrylic paint and a large rubber band.
Isn’t this desk organizer just stunning? It looks so simple and so beautiful and it’s perfect for keeping all the knick-knacks on the desk in one place. It’s also something that you can craft yourself from scratch. All you have to do is follow the tutorial described on curbly. You’ll need some wood, a saw, sandpaper, wood glue, painter’s tape, paint and a ruler.

Compartmentalized mesh organizer

How to make a wire desk organization storage system
Pocket organizers are practical as well as very easy to make. Take this one for example. All you need is a plywood sheet, some leather, thread, glue and rope to put it all together. It would also be nice to have a drill to make things easier and smoother. This one has four pockets of equal sizes but you can pretty much give your organizer as many pockets as you want in any size and shape you want. {found on thelovelydrawer}.

Multipurpose bamboo organizer

People usually keep frames photos of their loved ones on their desks and while that’s nice and all, there are more efficient and practical ways to display them than using regular frames. A particularly great suggestion is offered on Consumercrafts. Here you can find out how to use four small picture frames to make an organizer for your desk.
For small items you can also use jars. They’re very versatile and they can be customized to look cute and stylish. There’s this really cool idea that we found on sayehpezeshki. These jars have cute little toy animals glued to their lids. They’re been spray painted and it looks as if the lid actually came like this. So simple and yet so eye-catching.

Drawer organizers

Interlocking trays and bins

Make a vintage tin can organizer
If you constantly find yourself burred in papers and documents that’s definitely a sign you need one of these desk organizers. The Spacrea letter tray lets you neatly store and organizer everything on different levels without taking up a ton of space on your desk. It also has a little shelf at the top where you can keep extra office supplies or perhaps a few decorations.

Drawer organizer with adjustable compartments

Washi tape Back to School Desk Organizer
You know those wire mesh pencil holders/ desk organizers? They’re pretty common and, although they look nice and neat as they are, they don’t really have a lot of character. You can easily change that if you spray paint these things but also if you embroider them with colored thread. You can even combine these two techniques. The result would be similar to what you see on Thecraftedlife.

Multipurpose trays

If you prefer the look of wood as opposed to metal, mesh or plastic, that’s a nice way to give your desk a more elegant appearance overall. The MissionMax organizer is designed to give you everything you need to keep your workspace clean and clutter-free while also keeping everything accessible and presentable. It includes several compartments and modules for various things like paper and documents, pens, notes, paper clips and pretty much anything else.
Storage containers and organizers made of acrylic or that are transparent in general are nice if you want a clean and minimalistic appearance as well as an easy way to see the contents without having to interact with the item. This Amazon Basics desk organizer is super versatile and can hold not just pens and pencils but also all sorts of things like makeup products, jewelry or crafting supplies. 

Clear organizer with compartments

Stencil desk organizer DIY
Drawer organizer with adjustable compartments
Now that you have an idea of what you could do to make your office or workspace a more pleasant environment with a well-organized structure, you can put this knowledge to good use. Mix and match the ideas that you liked so far and come up with your own idea for a complete makeover. You could even create a designated work area when there wasn’t one. A closet could be quite useful in this sense. Check out iheartorganizing to see how such a project could look like at the end.

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