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Breezeway: Why It Made BEHR’s Color Of The Year 2023

“Seaglass is symbolic for the magic of transformation.” Do you know who said that? Mother Teresa. And it’s true. Sea Glass is is a symbol of renewal and healing as a metaphor for life with so much history.  Because this piece of sea glass was once a piece of a bottle to pollute the ocean…
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Whisper white is a pretty white color that is soft, creamy, and balanced. With an RGB of R: 244 G: 243 B: 234 and an LRV of 89, it is just under a bright white and is more versatile than the brightest of whites. 
Need a trendy sage green? This Laurel Tree is calm, soothing, and gorgeous. Use it in any kitchen and you will be the talk of the neighborhood. Or get brave and branch out to other rooms where sage can look amazing. 
There’s a reason that sea glass is so special and why it is often sold as so. That special reason and because it is gosh darn gorgeous, usually in a soft green color. This is why Behr has chosen it as their 2022 inspiration. 
That is what Behr has to say about their color of the year in 2021, Canyon Dusk. The color is warm and earthy, calming all the troubles of 2021 and bringing us all back down to earth. It is the perfect warm neutral. 

What Is Breezeway?

Not only does Lunar Surface have a guaranteed interior one-coat, but it also has a guaranteed exterior one-coat. The medium grey is a safe choice for both indoors and outdoors, and pairs well with many colors. 
Sunwashed Brick is a nice balanced pink that is similar to a very light adobe or of course, a sun-washed brick. It is a bit rustic and looks great with both warm and cool colors due to the balance of the color.
This is because there is only a hint of green to the otherwise white. If all the colors were 200 then it would grey. A nice light grey. Because anything between 255 and 0, if balanced will be either white, black, or grey. 
Now, this is a nice blue. It is more of a baby blue with very little green tones to it. It is a pure baby blue color that looks great in any room in the house, especially the nursery or the kitchen, though it is versatile. 

Breezeway -MQ3-21 Facts

If you want something similar to Nightingale Gray only with even more beige tones and a higher reflective value, this is a great choice. The light beige is another safe choice that you can’t go wrong with.

Interior One-Coat Hide

Feeling like a bold teenager ready to redecorate their room? Explorer Blue is a wonderful teal color with more blue than green. Although it is bright, it is one of the safest teals that you can use for any room.

LRV: 66

Color Of The Year 2020: Back To Nature

R: 204 G: 216 B: 207

Breezeway: Why It Made BEHR's Color Of The Year 2022
Wave Top is another great blue color. It’s more of a seafoam blue with plenty of green tints to it. Given the name, you can probably assume that this is a good beach house color and when you see it, you can confirm those assumptions. 
While Breezeway is the color of the year, Behr released a whole palette of colors that compliment Breezeway while each also being able to stand alone. Take a look at them to find your perfect color scheme for 2022. 

Behr Color Trends Palette 2022

This black or rather dark gray isn’t nearly as “black” as you’d assume as it is far from zero on the RGB scale. But it does have an LRV of 8 and is a gorgeous charcoal color, making in the perfect dark neutral. 
“As we enter the next decade, we strive for vibrancy in life and shape it how we choose. As nature’s favorite color, Back to Nature is a restorative and revitalizing green hue that engages the senses and pairs well with other colors both inside and outside your home.

Whisper White HDC-MD-08

A sense of belonging that deepens the collective experience, whether exploring the great outdoors or settling into softer moments at home. An atmosphere of warmth that satisfies the shared human desire to discover solid ground on life’s journey.”

Sunwashed Brick  S180-2

Now that you know what the heart of Breezeway is all about and why Behr chose it, let’s move on to the facts. Here’s what you need to know about the technical side of Breezeway MQ3-21, Behr’s color of the year 2022. 

Etched Glass MQ3-27

This celebration of the Color of the Year will include that ,000 home makeover. According to the company, “everyone has that crazy dream that’ll probably never happen.” Their goal is to make that dream come true for someone. 

Lunar Surface N460-3

Before you click away, let us remind you about the giveaway that Behr has in store for us. You must act fast because the offer ends before October does. But there are actually two contests here you can enter.

Nightingale Gray N200-3

“Blueprint lays the foundation for a new beginning—a reimagination of our lives and a representation of what we stand for. Confidence. Positivity. Authenticity. It all springs forth from Blueprint.”

Studio Clay MQ2-27

Behr Color Trends Palette 2022

Corn Stalk M290-3

A LRV of 66 is quite balanced. A 100% LRV means a bright white while 0% is the darkest black. So 66 leans towards white but doesn’t reflect nearly as much light as a white would. This is a good medium LRV. 

Wave Top M450-3

That is what Behr has to say about their new paint color for 2022, Breezeway, and it is very fitting. Breezeway is healing, new life, and as Behr has said, “newfound passions.” Not to mention, it is beautiful.  

After Rain M520-2

Feeling fancy? This sweet red color is akin to that of lingonberry punch and it’s almost as if you can taste the color itself. With a low LRV value, the best of this color comes to light and nothing more. 

Perfect Penny S180-6

Yes, this is a copper color that will look good with your copper hardware. The color has a low LRV of 18 and a good balance with much less blue to it than the other colors we’ve been talking about. Keeping it warm!

Basswood MQ2-46

A good medium green is around “50, 150, 50.” Notice how with this green, the G-value is triple the others. When it comes to Breezeway, the green is only slightly higher yet all the colors are increased.

Sustainable S350-4

If the name of this color suits your fancy and makes you want to ride through the field with the wind blowing through your hair, then you will love the color itself. The soothing brown is more than versatile. 

Explorer Blue M470-5

The first will award 10 have winners that will get a 0 Home Depot gift card and a design consultation from Behr and HGTV Magazine! The second is the big winner though as your winnings could be ,000.

Dark Cobalt Blue PPUI15-3

This very light blue-grey is gorgeous with just about anything. It has an interior one-coat guarantee if you follow their terms so you don’t have to worry about it not covering, even though it is a very light shade.

Lingonberry Punch M150-6

Back To Nature was a great color for 2020. It was a way to bring nature to your home. Pause the hustle and bustle of your life and use Back To Nature to help give you that breath of fresh air you’ve been searching for. 

Wild Mustang N240-6

Ocean Abyss is a very dark blue-green that is rich in color and personality. It has the lowest LRV of today, or at least it is tied for the lowest LRV with an LRV of 8. This means it reflects very little light.

Laurel Tree S390-5

Where a breath of fresh air meets a coat of fresh paint. A physical passageway to spiritual emergence. From soft moments to adventure that awaits you, the sight of Breezeway will awaken your senses.”

Ocean Abyss MQ6-1

Basswood is similar to sandalwood in colors and tones. It is a soft sandy color with a balanced LRV and a slightly red tone, given that it is a tan. Use this as your soft beige neutral for any room in the house. 

Cracked Pepper PPUI8-1

Color Of The Year 2021: Canyon Dusk

Past Behr Colors Of The Year

“Seaglass is symbolic for the magic of transformation.” Do you know who said that? Mother Teresa. And it’s true. Sea Glass is is a symbol of renewal and healing as a metaphor for life with so much history. 

Color Of The Year 2021: Canyon Dusk

According to Behr, this color requires a “deep dive into culture—fashion, art, food, décor trends, music, film, and so on.” As it “gives us the space to explore, the confidence to push boundaries, and the imagination to embrace change.” 
Behr picks a color of the year every single year. Though Breezeway may be special to others, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t prefer a different color. Perhaps one of the colors of the past years would suit you better.
“As part of the Behr Color Trends 2021 Palette, Canyon Dusk’s grounding warmth and reassurance deliver on the color collection’s promise of elevated comfort. A gentle note of calm and harmonious escapes throughout the interior or exterior of the home.
“Introducing a color that leads you from one place to the next, inviting you to embrace serenity and indulge in newfound passion. A relaxed and uplifting sea glass green expressing peace and tranquility for forward movement.

Color Of The Year 2020: Back To Nature

Color Of The Year 2019: Blueprint
Corn Stalk is a very pleasant and happy yellow. Its name does it justice as it gives off the same homey and country vibes that corn stalks do so it was named appropriately. Try pairing it with a cornflower blue. 
The post Breezeway: Why It Made BEHR’s Color Of The Year 2023 appeared first on Homedit.

Color Of The Year 2019: Blueprint

This is also a really nice balance. While the color slightly favors green. You see, “255, 255, 255” is white and that is the maximum color code. While “0,0,0” is black and it is of course the minimum. But what about green?
This is a unique color that you have to love to use. But it can also be fun to try something new if you’re not accustomed to such colors. Sustainable is a light green color with much more red than blue to it.
Dark Cobalt Blue definitely speaks for itself. Fans of cobalt blue are die-hard fans and this cobalt blue is extra special. So if you love cobalt then you’ll love this paint. Don’t forget the chrome hardware!
So sign up today and you could be that one person. All you have to do is share your dream with Behr and you could be chosen. Make sure you put your heart and soul into your entry if you want to have your best chance. 

Breezeway Celebration

This means that according to Behr, it only takes one coat to hide the wall and other paints with this paint. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a primer, it simply means the paint is designed to not need multiple coats. 
Because this piece of sea glass was once a piece of a bottle to pollute the ocean that has been transformed into something to treasure. Or perhaps it was someone’s favorite bowl or vase that has seen years of life and affection. 
What Is Breezeway?
Nightingale Gray is more of a greige than a gray, but it is gorgeous either way. Its LRV of 43 means it is slighter on the less-reflective side which is less of a distraction, something most greige-seekers want. 
“Blueprint quite obviously gets its name from the oversized architectural documents builders use to construct something new. To that end, our research shows the primary reason people change the color in a room is to create a new mood or feeling for that space.”

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