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Can You Have a Headboard with an Adjustable Bed?

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In a world where people are investing more and more money into their bedroom setup, adjustable beds have found their way into many homes, offering people the possibility to customize their sleeping surface to provide them with pain relief, less chances of snoring, and even to improve their circulation. A lot of people are wondering…




If you like the idea of having an upholstered headboard but don’t really fancy all those button-tufted designs, how about choosing a simple, yet very effective product, like the Troye? This is a headboard that comes with an arched silhouette and a neutral tone that makes it so easy to blend with different room chroma options. The nailhead trim surrounds the edges and comes with a brushed brass finish for a distinctive appeal. Note that this headboard is compatible with an adjustable frame if there are brackets towards the bottom of the frame.
Lilak Headboard
Adjustable bases usually have standard sizes that allow you to place them in a bed frame. However, it’s really important that the bed frame’s slats be removed in order to provide complete clearance for the adjustable base you want to fit inside.

Top 3 Picks

Headboards can be classified in a number of ways, depending on the material they’re made from or how they are mounted. However, one of the most common ways to classify them is based on their design. The most common styles include:
Budget Pick: Cy Upholstered Panel Headboard
As we mentioned earlier, the lack of a headboard creates a gap between the head of the bed and the wall. That’s the perfect place for your pillow to fall, leaving you with two choices: either constantly having to wake up and pick it up at the risk of not being able to fall back to sleep, or having to sleep without a pillow, which puts a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders. Neither of those two choices sound very good, do they? So why not try to avoid such a situation in the first place and just choose a headboard to keep your pillow on the bed.
adjustable bed frame headboard
Another amazing headboard that could fit into multiple types of room decor is Faulkner. It fits both rustic and contemporary decors, and it comes in two color options: white and black. It doesn’t come in a King size, but you can purchase a Twin, Full, or Queen-sized model. The pre-assembled decorative panels are made from wood and come with the hardware necessary for mounting the headboard to the bed. It also has pre-drilled holes to make attachment easier.
Yes. In fact, there are quite a lot of headboards and footboards that are designed specifically for use with adjustable beds, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Another gorgeous option is this upholstered panel headboard that has a classically modern look, with a few design elements that are similar to the ones seen on the Cambridge, such as the diamond tufting stitches (this time, without buttons). The kit includes modification plates and wall mounts, which means you can pair the headboard with any adjustable bed. The upholstery is made from polyester linen and is available in a bunch of different neutral colors, all super-easy to match with all kinds of decors.
Each and every one of us has used the bed for some other activities besides sleeping. Staying in bed late on a lazy Sunday morning allows you to drink your coffee in bed, maybe watch some TV, or read your favorite magazine. When doing so, the best position is to lean the pillow against the wall to support your upper body part. If you don’t have a headboard, you will be leaning against a very rough surface, not to mention a cold one. Considering the gap between the head of the bed and the wall, your pillow could also slide and fall into the gap, leaving you to pick it up way more often that intended. A headboard can make it more comfortable for you to sit in bed and can provide you with extra support when doing so (the exact level of support also depends on what type of headboard you’re using, as an upholstered headboard filled with foam padding will surely be more comfortable than a metal headboard).
For an industrial or farmhouse-style headboard, feel free to check out this model right here. It measures 40.5” H x 59.5” W x 1.5” D, but these measurements will vary depending on the size chosen: Twin, Full, Queen, or King. The headboard is made from iron and features a powdered coating that makes it more corrosion-resistant. It comes with adjustable height and a slatted design with the slats having equal distance between one another.

Why Use a Headboard?

Cleaning the headboard will always be easier than cleaning the actual wall, regardless of the type of stain we’re talking about. Scratches and dents are on a whole new level, as you might need to paint the wall to get rid of them. Even the most pretentious headboards, those covered in upholstery, are easier to clean compared to what it would take to clean or repair a wall.

It helps protect the wall

A headboard certainly doesn’t seem like a necessary bedroom accessory, yet it is one that offers a lot of benefits. You’re probably wondering how a headboard can change the way you sleep or what other benefits it could possibly have. Here are some reasons why choosing a headboard for your bed is a good idea:

It’s easier to clean

Yes, provided that the adjustable base you’re thinking of buying has the necessary slots required to attach a headboard (if not, you could still pair these bases with a freestanding or a wall-mounted headboard).

You can sit up in bed more comfortably

Most Comfortable: Yuliana Upholstered Panel Headboard

It keeps your pillow in place

Troye Upholstered Panel Headboard

It keeps you warm

In a world where people are investing more and more money into their bedroom setup, adjustable beds have found their way into many homes, offering people the possibility to customize their sleeping surface to provide them with pain relief, less chances of snoring, and even to improve their circulation.

It gives your bedroom more personality

If you’re looking to buy a cool-looking headboard for less than a hundred bucks, the Cy is surely worth checking out.

Headboard Styles to Consider

Customer’s Choice: Cambridge Upholstered Panel Headboard

  • Traditional headboards are made from different materials, but they are mostly made with rich wooden elements and colors. They are attached directly to your bed and their design is reminiscent of European-style decor that brings you 18th and 19th century vibes.
  • Panel headboards are made from a number of panels that are usually equal in size and are distributed either horizontally or vertically. They are excellent for those of you looking to add some geometrical shapes to the bedroom decor. Depending on how the panels are oriented, they can make the wall appear wider or create the illusion that the ceiling is taller. That makes them pretty great for small bedrooms.
  • Slat headboards are different compared to panel ones. They are usually made from metal or wood and consist of multiple parallel slat spindle distributed horizontally or vertically. They are usually available in a lot of color options as well. There are also different ways to distribute the slats, with some headboards having slats that are equally distanced from one another, while other models group slats in pairs of two or three for a more distinguished appearance.
  • Contemporary headboards are characterized by clean lines, smooth surfaces, and sleek silhouettes. They are great for contemporary bedrooms that have furniture made from glass, chrome, stainless steel, or wood that doesn’t have a lot of grain.
  • Elegant headboards are a little more pretentious because they have a lot of intricate details. However, the subject of elegance is pretty subjective, and some interior design experts state that for a headboard to be considered elegant, it needs to have upholstery made from luxurious fabrics, such as leather or silk.
  • Storage headboards are freestanding options that come with shelves, drawers, and even hidden compartments. They are excellent for those of you that you could use every little bit of bedroom storage space, but also for those who want to take bedroom decorations one step further, as these additional storage options can provide them with the possibility of showcasing trinkets, souvenirs, and even family photos.
  • Bookcase headboards are exactly what they sound like. They are ample headboards that offer plenty of spacious shelves which are typically used to create a personal library. However, they are also chosen by people who would like to place other decorative elements, like plants, vases, works of art, or personal photos.

Best Headboards for Adjustable Beds

Cambridge Upholstered Panel Headboard

headboard for adjustable bed
“This is an elegant headboard […] Looks expensive and the height is adjustable, a very nice and well-made piece!” (Customer review)

Cy Upholstered Panel Headboard

Do you know how we talked about panel headboards earlier in the review? This is one that you’re bound to love, especially because it dazzles through its simplicity, which is something that makes it a stress-free product to pair with the rest of your bedroom decor. The panels are distributed vertically, creating the illusion of a taller room. They bring that mid-century modern flair to your bedroom, being available in a charcoal, a light gray, and an emerald color. It requires assembly but it includes all the mounting hardware needed.
Legrand Bookcase Headboard

Hwang Slat Headboard

can i use a headboard with an adjustable bed
When you don’t have a headboard, the wall portion that’s right at the head of the bed is going to suffer wear and tear a lot faster compared to a situation where a headboard would be protecting it. You will sometimes lean the pillow against the wall to read, watch TV, or work on your laptop. Sometimes, you might touch the wall involuntarily while you’re sleeping and, since your fingers have natural body oils, that will leave smudges on the wall. You might scratch the wall by accident. While you sleep, your potentially sweaty pillow touches the wall as well. The point is, there are different stains, smudges, and scratches that will affect your wall if you don’t have a headboard.

Faulkner Panel Headboard

By now, you may already know that bedroom temperature plays an important part in the quality of your sleep. During the winter, bedrooms can get too cold for comfort, and constantly touching a cold wall can’t possibly be comfortable, especially if your room isn’t properly insulated. A headboard will provide a certain level of insulation, so you can avoid touching that cold wall in the first place.
We have two gorgeous bookcase headboards to show you today, and the Legrand is the first one on this list. It is designed as a contemporary accent piece that provides two shelves for storage. You can choose whether you want to showcase your favorite books, some family photos, or you’d rather take advantage of that space and store things like the remote control or smartphone, and perhaps ditch the nightstands on the side of the bed to free up some space.

Yuliana Upholstered Panel Headboard

Faulkner Panel Headboard
The post Can You Have a Headboard with an Adjustable Bed? appeared first on Homedit.

Troye Upholstered Panel Headboard

king headboard for adjustable bed
Don’t get discouraged by the fact that you have an adjustable bed and think there is no room for a headboard. You can always choose a wall-mounted piece if you feel your base doesn’t allow direct attachment. Rest assured, there are plenty of headboard models to choose from and the most complicated thing, by far, is settling on a single style that you most like.

Lilak Headboard

The Yuliana headboard is a masterpiece in itself, blending neutral colors and quality fabrics with padding that allows you to sit on the bed as comfortable as possible.
The Lilak headboard is a little different compared to the other models we’ve shown you today because it’s made from rattan. It works really well in coastal or boho decors, as it offers a sense of tranquility and joy looking at the neutral tones of this handwoven piece. It is compatible with adjustable beds and super easy to install, thanks to the anchor piece located on the back that makes it easy to attach the headboard to the wall.

Legrand Bookcase Headboard

This contemporary style panel headboard is the first example of a piece that’s compatible with an adjustable frame. Available in multiple color options, this will add a personal touch to your bedroom. It has a button-tufted pattern with diamond stitching that adds elegance and flair to your sleeping area. It comes with fabric upholstery and adjustable metal bed rail slots so that you can attach this to any bed that supports this system. The upholstery is made from polyester and is available in colors that range from beige to dark gray. The headboard measures 61.5″W x 3″D x 24″H and is available in a Twin, Full, Queen, and King size.
The second bookcase/storage headboard we wanted to show you is the Hayman. It’s made from manufactured wood and available in a white and a cherry finish. It has a simple silhouette but offers storage shelves and cubbies of different sizes, so that you can fit multiple types of items in the given slots. The headboard is available in a single size and measures 43” H x 81.5” W x 11” D. It requires full assembly, so you have to grab a screwdriver and maybe ask a friend to help you out.

Hayman King Bookcase Headboard

Hayman King Bookcase Headboard
Adjustable beds are bed frames that allow you to raise and lower to upper and lower parts so that you can create an adjustable surface for different sleeping positions. Initially, adjustable beds were typically found in hospitals and were used for patients that suffered injuries and their recovery required specific resting angles. Due to their level of adjustability, these beds promote circulation, can help prevent snoring in people who suffer from sleep apnea, and can reduce pain and swelling for people recovering from certain medical procedures.

Sidonie Upholstered Panel Headboard

Yuliana Upholstered Panel Headboard
Sidonie Upholstered Panel Headboard


Can you attach a headboard to an adjustable base?

As you’re about to see in the next section, there are plenty of different headboard styles to choose from and, depending on what you choose, you can give your bedroom a certain appearance and personality. That’s because a headboard is a great way of adding personal touch to your bedroom.

Can adjustable beds have headboards and footboards?

The Yuliana headboard is another product that we’d like to bring to your attention, not just because of it’s gorgeous design, but because it has a quality velvet upholstery fabric and foam padding that make these one of the most comfortable and affordable options on the market. If you like to sit in bed with your upper back leaned against the wall, this is the right headboard for you. It’s available in a cream, grey, and blue version, but your only size options are Full/Queen and King/Cal King.

What kind of bed frame works with an adjustable bed?

Hwang Slat Headboard


Adjustable beds have become more and more common, and there are plenty of mattress manufacturers that have expanded their line of products to sell adjustable bed bases as well. The most basic adjustable bed models allow you to adjust the angles for the upper and lower parts, but more advanced models come with a variety of other features, just as massage, silent alarms, and zero-gravity presets.
A lot of people are wondering if adjustable beds can be paired with headboards because, as you either know or are about to find out, there are plenty of advantages to using a headboard. Today, we’re going to tackle that problem and discover what are some of the best headboards for adjustable beds.

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