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Cape Cod Curb Appeal Ideas




There are several Cape Cod curb appeal ideas that will enhance the look of your home. These include Adirondack chairs, Shake siding, and white picket fence. You can even consider putting up a dormer – a small, vertical structure with a window above it – on the second story. Keeping the exterior shutters up will also add to the charm of your home.

Adirondack chairs

If you have a deck or a yard that you’d like to make more inviting, consider installing a set of Adirondack chairs. Whether they’re in pristine condition or in need of a fresh coat of paint, you can add curb appeal to your home with these classic furnishings.

Planter boxes

Planter boxes can make a great addition to the exterior of a Cape Cod home. This style of home is known for its simple design and lack of ornamentation, so planter boxes can be a great way to add some accessories to the exterior. Typically attached below windows, planter boxes are meant to hold bright flowers or plants. Real or fake plants are both excellent choices.

A white picket fence can add to Cape Cod curb appeal, since it serves as a border. It’s waist-high and has a latch, which is a great accent. Low brick or stone walls are also a great way to add a traditional English feel to your Cape Cod home.

The front door is one of the most important areas of a property. It’s the focal point of the space and should be visible to visitors. If there’s any ambiguity about the entrance, visitors may get confused. Adding a wreath to the door can also dress it up.

White picket fence

A white picket fence is a classic choice for Cape Cod curb appeal. These fences are usually 48 inches high, and have many uses, including keeping out intruders and separating different sections of a garden. They can be made of wood or PVC.

A Cape Cod home has a clean, classic appearance, so a white picket fence adds even more curb appeal. It also makes the house look more spacious. Another way to increase Cape Cod curb appeal is to install exterior shutters, a common feature of these homes.

White picket fences can work well with homes in light blue or gray colors. However, if you have a Victorian-style home, a white picket fence would look silly. For Victorian-style homes, an elegant aluminum fence would be better. Alternatively, if you have a ranch-style house, a white picket fence will look good. A basket-weave or horizontal fence is another option. Ask a fence salesperson to help you decide which style of fence will work best with your home.

A white picket fence can also be made out of vinyl. This type of fencing is very durable and low maintenance. It doesn’t need to be painted or stained, and you can get them in many different heights. And while you may be able to install a white picket fence yourself, be sure to research the height requirements in your area.

Shake siding

Shake siding can add visual interest to the exterior of your home. The look is typically associated with Cape Cod homes and craftsman bungalows, but you can also choose other materials such as vinyl, fiber cement, or cedar. Cedar shakes are the traditional choice for shingle siding, and they’re great for creating an overlapping effect. They also add dimension and texture to your home.

Traditionally, Cape Cod houses had wooden clapboard siding and shutters. Over time, the coastal wind weathered the homes, but some homeowners also added shake shingle siding to the front. However, Cape Cod style homes fell out of favor in the late 1800s when Victorian styles became popular. However, the style started to regain popularity again in the 1930s and 1950s, when homeowners began to add second stories to their homes. This allowed for more bedrooms and dormer windows. Lastly, Cape Cod homes began to have more decorative elements, such as porches, decks, and landscaping.

When choosing a color for your siding, make sure to choose one that complements the rest of your home. Grey is a good neutral because it matches many colors and styles, and will maximize your home’s curb appeal. It also goes well with stone veneer and real stone trim. A darker front door and a mid toned roof will give your home an attractive contrast.

Natural shingles

If you are looking for the perfect roofing solution for your Cape Cod home, consider natural shingles. They will blend perfectly with the exterior of your home and complement the landscape surrounding it. This will not only make your home look more inviting but will also increase its value. Choosing a color that blends well with your surroundings is very important for a home with Cape Cod curb appeal.

If you are interested in bringing back the charm of Cape Cod, consider cedar shingles. The color of cedar will naturally fade to a light grey color over time, but the wood retains its warm, rustic look. Choosing cedar will also help protect your home from rot and pests. To maintain the color, make sure you seal the cedar during installation and stain it once a year. If necessary, you can also wash the cedar and reapply it as needed.

Natural shingles also add textural interest to your home. They are great for use on cottage and rustic homes, and work with all types of building materials. A front-facing garage with a gable roof with a natural shingle accent is an excellent choice. Likewise, wood shingles can be used on smaller spaces such as doors and windows.

Repainted Cape Cod red

A classic Cape Cod is an excellent choice for improving curb appeal. This classic color is warm, balanced and oozing with character. To add to the charm of your Cape Cod home, consider painting the exterior with a bright, bold color such as red. This color works well on Cape Cod homes with white trim. Additionally, consider adding a vertical siding to give your house more depth and dimension. Finally, add a porthole window to give your home a seaside feel.

For homeowners looking for red exterior paint ideas, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Red is an exceptionally popular color for Cape Cod homes. However, this hue is not appropriate for all homes. This is why homeowners need to make sure they select the right one. Colors that complement Cape Cod styles include pale yellow for the body and deep green for the shutters.

Minimal decor

While Cape Cod style homes are known for their minimal ornamentation, it is still possible to add accessories to the exterior. Planter boxes are a great way to add a decorative touch to the exterior. Typically attached below the windows, planter boxes hold colorful and low-maintenance plants. You can use fake plants for a low-maintenance option or go for real plants that will bloom throughout the season.

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