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Landscape design software for Macintosh comes with a wide range of tools. It includes a catalog with over 8000 items, geographicals, and costing tools, ensuring you design a garden that fits within your budget. It also includes tools to create 3-D designs. Once you have a design in mind, you can start comparing costs and choosing materials to get the best deal.


SketchUp landscape design software Mac lets you create landscape designs in both 2D and 3D formats. You can switch between the two at any time to suit your preference. The program also offers predefined camera angles so that you can see your design from different perspectives. In addition, you can export your work in STL or PNG format. With the Pro version, you can import SketchUp models into other applications.

The software is user-friendly and easy to use. It helps you plan the space efficiently and provides an accurate view of the finished garden. You can also add various features to your landscape. However, since it is targeted at home users, it lacks advanced features and complex functions that would make it a great choice for professional designers. It is also free to download, so you can use it right away.

The software also comes with an extensive library of symbols and design elements. You can drag and drop these elements to your plan. You can even apply realistic textures and brick patterns to your design. It also comes with templates that help you plan your outdoor space. Moreover, you can customize the templates to match your needs.

SketchUp landscape design software Mac is compatible with both 2D and 3D models. It can be used on Windows and Mac computers, but there are limitations, such as storage. It also has an iPad app that allows users to create landscape designs on the go. This app is simple and intuitive, and allows users to get creative with their stylus. SketchUp also has a version for iPhones and Android smartphones called iScape.

Free versions of this popular program are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Using them, you can design a landscape or interior using floor plans, blueprints, and 3D models. These models can be shared with contractors, friends, and family members. This way, they can get the feedback and suggestions of others.

Although you can find SketchUp landscape design software for free on the Internet, it’s important to choose a professional version of the software for your needs. It is not cheap, but it offers many features for professionals. The software also has trial versions that you can use to get a feel for it. However, the free version does not have sufficient export features. Using the pro version of the software allows you to export your designs in a variety of formats.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D landscape design software Mac comes with a simple interface, which is perfect for beginners in the field. It features high-quality 2D objects and realistic 3D rendering. It also allows you to create plans for home improvements. Its free trial allows you to view and edit your project without spending a single penny. However, the program lacks features like terrain editing, elevation view, material customization, and exporting projects.

Live Home 3D is one of the best landscape design software Mac users can use. It is a free landscape planning software that allows users to create a stunning plan for their home. The software comes with a Standard and Pro version, and allows users to create 3D designs and render them. The software also allows you to create 2D models as well.

Live Home 3D landscape design software Mac is available for both Mac and Windows. The Pro version is advanced, with an advanced terrain editor that enables users to create a realistic landscape for any space. It also supports Wavefront.OBJ file format for importing and exporting your projects. The program also has a collection of video tutorials and a project gallery.

Live Home 3D landscape design software Mac is very intuitive and includes many creative tools. It is recommended for experienced designers. It allows users to create complex landscape designs. You can also import images and 3D models. The software supports cloud-based storage, so it’s easy to collaborate with others.

Live Home 3D landscape design software mac offers a number of features for amateur and expert home designers alike. Its tools allow users to design landscapes, interiors, and exteriors. The software is available for both macOS and Windows. You can also use it on iOS devices. When looking for the right landscape design software for your business, look for a program that can scale with your business and meet your business’ needs.

Topo Designer

The Topo Designer landscape design software Mac is a versatile tool to create and manage a landscape design. It offers many features, including a huge library of plants and materials. It can help you zone plants and move them collectively across the plan. It also lets you import backgrounds and simulate the look of plants and trees. This software can also help you build retaining walls.

When choosing the right landscape design software for Mac, look for features that make the software easy to use. For example, it should be able to support multiple users, have a user-friendly interface, and be easy to learn. It should also be scalable so it can grow with your business.

Topo Designer has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to get started. It also offers a search function and keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. In addition, it includes pre-made outdoor kitchens and water features, as well as custom paths, fences, and patios. A large plant library and drop-in gardens make it easy to plan a landscaping project.

Once the domain of decorators and architects, landscape design software allows homeowners to use the tools themselves. However, it is still important to invest time in learning and using the software. Many of these programs offer tutorials for beginners, which can help you navigate and learn the program. By using the software, you can also visualize your project and come up with new ideas.

Landscape design software is useful for all levels of designers. From beginners to professional contractors, there’s a software program available for every skill level. If you are a DIY hobbyist, choose landscape design software with an intuitive interface and a broad selection of design features. Many novice-friendly programs offer intuitive functionality, pre-made design templates, drag and drop functions, and an extensive item library.


VizTerra landscape design software Mac is a powerful program for creating stunning landscapes. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to design and visualize landscaping elements. Users can access a vast library of products and elements to help them create stunning outdoor spaces. The software also includes features to help designers create pool areas and luxury landscapes.

VizTerra offers many features, but it costs a monthly fee for each user. It can be costly, especially if you are working with a large design team. If you only need the software for one or two people, you can use a free trial version or buy a one-time license. However, you need to remember that the price of the software can add up over time if you are using it for large-scale landscape projects.

VizTerra landscape design software Mac is designed to be a professional landscape design tool. It allows you to transform photos of a client’s property into 3D designs. It also allows you to add natural sounds and transitions between day and night. Ultimately, it will help you to make your landscape plans come to life!

The software can be simple or complex depending on its features. Some programs can allow you to sketch your dream landscape with ease, while more sophisticated options can determine the property outline and topography using map coordinates. Some even include virtual reality (VR) goggles that will help you visualize your design plans. The key is to find a software program that is easy to use and has the features that you need to make your outdoor space stunning.

VizTerra landscape design software Mac offers a wide range of features. The software also offers a search function and keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation. The software also has several templates that can be used to get started on a landscaping project. Users may also opt to start with a blank slate and customize it to fit their own needs.

When looking for a landscape design software for Mac, you should consider how much the software will cost and whether the program is flexible. Look for one that can handle multiple projects at once and supports multiple users. Also, look for one that will grow with your business.

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