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Change The Bedroom Look By Choosing Modern Bedding Sets 

Spring cleaning has this odd habit of drawing our attention to the little things we don’t often notice: the shade of our bathroom walls, the clutter atop our kitchen counters…and the wear and tear our poor, outdated bedding has received over the years. Is this the year you’ve decided to go all out and purchase…
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The Chattanooga Duvet Cover Set presents a clean look, featuring solid-color pieces and a warm muslin weave of 100% cotton. The set includes a single duvet cover and two matching shams, available in six different colors ranging from “chambray blue” to “almond.” The zipper closure makes (machine)washing a breeze, while the non-pilling and wrinkle-resistant material will keep the set looking like brand-new for years to come. Best of all, this product is Oeko-Tex certified so you can rest well every night knowing your purchase was both environmentally and socially responsible. This is the perfect set to bring out during the cold winter months, and you can find a color to fit the tone of any room—what are you waiting for?
The Harriet Comforter Set is about as clean and laidback as they get—without sacrificing style or comfort! The set includes a single comforter and two matching shams, featuring a 100% jersey-knit cotton construction (which happens to be hypoallergenic and machine-washable, by the way) and a comfy polyester filling. Its neutral finish, understated stripe pattern, two color options (gray or blue), and reversibility make it perfect for any room. You can’t get much more “contemporary” than this set, so why not give it a whirl?
You can also find eco-friendly options such as Tencel and Lyocel, and more affordable options like polyester.

Top Picks

– Warm and neutral colors are quite popular now, as are deep blues and greens.
– More people are getting serious about purchasing quality, comfortable bedding.
– Popular materials include “chunky” wool, linen, fur, and organic materials.
– The boho style is becoming more prominent.
– It’s considered trendy to experiment with different textures.
To recap, the bedding material is the most important factor. The best material types include:
Before you start shopping, you may find it beneficial to determine what bedding pieces you need. This way, you can find a set that includes all or most of those items (and none of the stuff you don’t need!).
Flemington Cotton Clip Jacquard Duvet Cover Set
Modern bedding sets can be found in just about any color imaginable, though warm and neutral colors are particularly trendy right now. If you prefer things simple and laidback, it’s also hard to go wrong with white or black bedding sets.
You now have a better idea of what to look for in your new modern bedding set, which means you’re ready to begin perusing your options. To give you a head-start, here are our top ten picks!

Types of Materials for Bedding

I talked a bit about this under our “Cotton” subheading in the previous section, so you can head there to learn more.


Spring cleaning has this odd habit of drawing our attention to the little things we don’t often notice: the shade of our bathroom walls, the clutter atop our kitchen counters…and the wear and tear our poor, outdated bedding has received over the years.
There’s no right or wrong way to go about this decision—pick a style that works for you!

  • Egyptian cotton is considered the number-one choice for bedding (and really, just about anything made with cotton). This type of cotton is handpicked to ensure a fine, super-soft feel in the finished product.
  • Pima is another fantastic option. This is a long-staple type that’s both soft and durable.
  • Supima is basically pima on steroids; it’s even softer and more durable. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to come by (and quite expensive when you do).

The Brandon Cotton Clip Jacquard Comforter Set is a modest representation of the boho spirit, featuring laidback colors (in either a gray or white/indigo scheme) and a simple geometric pattern. Adding to its modern, boho vibe is the fact that this set is Oeko-Tex certified! This five-piece set includes a single comforter, two matching shams, and two decorative pillows. All pieces are made of 100% cotton, while the comforter and pillows have a hypoallergenic polyester filling. Comfort and appearance aside, you’ll also appreciate that the set is machine-washable, pre-washed and pre-shrunk, and won’t pill or gather lint. Certainly a dream come true, wouldn’t you say?

  • Many consider the jersey weave to be the most comfortable. This is a tight weave known for its “stretchy” composition and incredibly soft feel.
  • Percale is a tight, plain weave known for its matte finish and no-fuss maintenance.
  • Sateen is the go-to cotton weave when it comes to bedding. This weave produces wrinkle-free sheets that are both attractive and comfortable.
  • Flannel cotton products are typically made using a twill or plain weave. It’s known to trap body heat well and many people appreciate its moisture-wicking properties (no more sweaty, sticky, uncomfortable summer nights…). Flannel bedding is perfect for the colder months and suitable for the warmer ones. The only thing to keep in mind is that flannel is known to wrinkle more than other material/weave types.


The best way to wash your bedding depends on the material and the bedding item in question, though a few things hold true across the spectrum:


Modern Bedding Sets


You’ll also find cotton sheets and covers in a variety of weave types, including:


There comes a time for all of us when we need to get rid of our old bedding and find something new. To help you make this exciting transition, here are a few things to consider while looking for your ideal modern bedding set.

Bamboo Rayon

There are a few different types of cotton, each with its own unique properties. While all cotton types are generally high-quality and amazing for sheets, there are a few that stand out as the best:


Arlene Comforter Set
Washing your bedding correctly is so important. Remember that time you threw your comforter in the washer without a care in the world, only to find it torn open afterwards with colors bleeding everywhere? Yeah. Let’s not have that happen again.

How to Choose a Modern Bedding Set

It depends on who you ask! Everyone has their own unique set of preferences, tastes, and needs (not to mention the budget factor!), so the best bedding set for one person may not work well for another.


Is this the year you’ve decided to go all out and purchase some new bedding for yourself? With all the options on the market, the task of choosing a set can be overwhelming. We get this, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide on purchasing the best modern bedding set for your room. Our practical tips, useful information, and brief outline of our personal favorite sets will bring you a few steps closer to finding your perfect match!

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen

The Ayla Coverlet Set presents a clean, cozy texture and makes use of an understated yet attractive two-tone design with a geometric triangle pattern and piped edges. This coverlet made our Top Picks list due to its simplicity, comfort, and unique overall appearance.


The Jenkinsburg Comforter Set evokes a strong boho or cottagecore vibe, featuring a simple geometric pattern, cute tufted accents, and a percale cotton weave. The set includes a 100% cotton comforter with a polyester insert and two matching shams (inserts not included). You can purchase this set in one of three mellow colors—ivory/gray, blush, and gray—and you needn’t worry about mussing up your new comforter, as it’s easily machine-washable. To top it all off, this set is made in an environmentally-friendly manner! Get yours today and upgrade your bedroom with the back-to-nature tone this set offers.

  • Jersey
  • Percale
  • Sateen
  • Flannel

As mentioned, warm and neutral colors are quite popular at the moment—but don’t let this be the only thing that influences your color choice! Interior design experts agree that coordinating your new bedding set with your bedroom’s existing color scheme is a smart move, so definitely take your room’s existing wall color and décor into consideration.


Arlene Duvet Cover Set
Also consider whether or not you’ll need an “extra-deep” sheet. This type of sheet is designed to fit mattresses at least 18” deep.

Name of Sheet Size Corresponding Mattress Size
Twin 38” X 75”
39” X 75”
Twin XL 38” X 80”
39” X 80”
Full (Double) 53” X 75”
54” X 75”
Queen 60” X 80”
King 78” X 80”
California King 72” X 84”

Of course, these sizes can vary based on brand and style.

Style and Color

Okay, so that comforter fiasco I mentioned earlier is actually avoidable (who knew?). Here are some pointers on how to properly wash your comforter:

Solid Color VS Pattern

The Arlene Comforter Set is another low-key bedding option you should consider. It includes a 100% cotton comforter with a polyester filling and two matching pillow shams, all decorated with a chic geometric striped diamond design. Each stripe is accented with frayed edges for an exciting take on varied textures, and you can order this set in one of two colors: blush or navy. You’ll also appreciate its button closure, which makes washing the set (machine-washable, by the way) even easier. Finally, its material is lent-free and non-pilling—so your money will be well-spent on a set that will look fantastic for a long time to come!
Here’s a breakdown of the typical bedding sizes:
– Overstock
– Amazon
– Wayfair
– Linoto
– Parachute
– Nordstrom
-Crate and Barrel
– All Modern
– Joss & Main

Color Scheme

The Arlene Duvet Cover Set made our pick for “Best Duvet Cover Set” due to its cute yet simple geometric design, quality cotton construction, cozy textures—and, well, the sheer number of amazing reviews it’s received! People love this set.

What’s Included?

We hope this article helped you find the information and answers you needed, and that you feel more confident about your upcoming purchase. A modern bedding set is a worthy investment, so make sure to take your time and pick the perfect set for you and your bedroom. Good luck, and may you have many cozy nights ahead!
Tencel is an anti-microbial and eco-friendly bedding option made from eucalyptus wood pulp. This material is both soft and durable, though it isn’t as breathable as cotton.

Should You Get a Modern Bedding Set?

No two bedding sets are exactly alike, and this extends to what’s included. Most bedding sets consist of three or five elements, usually a comforter/coverlet/duvet and a couple of matching pillow shams.

Modern bedding

  • tends to have a minimalistic feel.
  • makes use of cleaner lines and shapes.
  • plays around with texture and color more than traditional bedding does.

Traditional bedding

  • is more about luxury than minimalism.
  • is most commonly found in neutral colors.
  • tends to be better suited for bedrooms that already have a “traditional” feel.

Jenkinsburg Comforter Set

How to Wash Your Bedding Set

– Bed Bath & Beyond
– Anthropologie
– West Elm
– Pottery Barn
– Serena & Lily
Another plant-based bedding material is bamboo. Bamboo rayon sheets are made by processing bamboo plant fibers with chemicals to create a softer, durable fiber (rayon) for use in bedding. This material is anti-bacterial and breathable, though it does leave something to be desired as far as softness and overall comfort go.

  • Bedding should be washed at least every couple of weeks.
  • If your bedding is stained, you should pre-treat the fabric before washing.
  • Cool or warm water tend to be safest for use with bedding, but you can normally use hot water as well if you need that extra dose of cleanliness. You should use
  • You should use the “sheet,” “casual,” or “normal” setting for your most of your bedding. Some items may require the “delicate” cycle.
  • You can use dryer sheets if you want to soften your bedding.

Polyester is the most affordable bedding material option, as it’s made from a blend of two or more materials (one of which is normally cotton). While polyester may be easy on your wallet, it might not be easy on your skin; many people find polyester bedding to be scratchy or generally uncomfortable. But if budget is your main concern, polyester can be a good choice—especially if you opt for the microfiber variety.


That said, our top three picks represent the best in their category (duvet, comforter, coverlet). The rest of our top choices are all of high quality and boast an array of unique, laidback designs—there’s a “best” bedding set for everyone! To recap, here are our top three picks:

  • If possible, wash your comforter at a laundromat—they usually have larger washing machines, which means tears and unnecessary stress are less likely to occur.
  • Make sure to wash your comforter on the delicate cycle.
  • Use cool water.
  • You can use bleach to whiten your yellowing comforter, if needed.
  • Dry the comforter with tennis balls—this will keep the comforter from bunching up.
  • You’ll want to fluff the comforter after drying to keep it looking nice.

When shopping for new bedding, the most important factor to consider is the material it’s made from. The material of your sheets, covers, and pillowcases can singlehandedly make or break a good night’s sleep! Here’s a breakdown of the most common bedding materials.

  • Spot clean any stains.
  • Fix any existing tears or rips—you don’t want to make them worse!

Silk / Satin

You can purchase bedding in a variety of weave types, though the most popular (and comfortable!) are:

  • First of all, purchase and use a special detergent for use on silk/satin.
  • Wash the material using cold water on the gentle cycle.
  • Do not use bleach or any type of chemical.
  • Do not wash the silk/satin bedding with heavier materials.
  • Dry the bedding on a clothesline, not in the dryer.


This one may seem like a no-brainer, but the bedding set you purchase needs to be correctly sized for your bed. Few things feel worse than finding the set of your dreams only to discover it’s not available in the size you need, so make sure to check for options in your bed’s size before looking at styles.

The Best Modern Bedding Sets

Also, before washing, there are a couple of things you should do:

Jenkinsburg Comforter Set

Does the thought of silk bedding put you in mind of wealth, passionate nights, and the best sleep a person could ever wish for? This luxurious material has earned its place among the top bedding choices, boasting an irresistibly smooth feel, a refreshing coolness, and hypoallergenic properties. That said, even silk is not without its faults: this material tends to be more high-maintenance than others (especially where cleaning is concerned), it’s more expensive, and some people don’t like the “slippery” feel of silk when trying to sleep.
Chattanooga Duvet Cover Set

Arlene Comforter Set

Brandon Cotton Clip Jacquard Comforter Set
The Jenkinsburg Comforter Set features a boho/cottagecore design that encapsulates the “modern” style while still offering a pop of color and texture. Its 100% cotton construction, 3 color options, and affordable price are just the frosting on the cake!

Arlene Duvet Cover Set

Lyocel is similar to Tencel, but made from wood cellulose. This option is also eco-friendly, not to mention hygienic and durable. Many people enjoy the comfort and coolness this material can offer in bedding.
The choice is completely up to you—solid colors and patterned looks are both popular right now, so opt for whichever style best suits your preferences.

Chattanooga Duvet Cover Set

This Coverlet/Bedspread Set marries soft velvety fabric with comfy cotton filling, joins together rich solid color and unimposing geometric stitch designs. The items in this set (a single coverlet and two matching shams) are crafted of a delightful microfiber-polyester blend that looks stunning, feels wonderful, and is machine-washable for your convenience. You can order this set in one of six colors ranging from gray to teal, and rest assured the color’s there to stay due its fade-resistance. Throw in the set’s anti-microbial treatment and promise of year-round comfort, and you have a deal you won’t want to pass up!
When you broaden your bedding search to the internet, you have even more options available to you. In addition to the websites of the stores mentioned above, we recommend the following sites:

Coverlet/Bedspread Set

Now that you know what size to filter your bedding set search through, it’s time to consider the style and/or color you want your set in. Two major considerations here are 1) whether you want the set to be one solid color or patterned, and 2) whether you want to aim for a specific color scheme.
Antony Duvet Cover Set

Brandon Cotton Clip Jacquard Comforter Set

Best Coverlet Set: Ayla Coverlet Set
Linen is fairly easy to clean. Just use cool water and a natural detergent, and you’re good to go.

Flemington Cotton Clip Jacquard Duvet Cover Set

Linen is another favorite, and for good reasons. Linen bedding is known for its great absorbency as well as its light and airy feel. This bedding material is great for use during the warmer months, and it’s a common choice for hotels. That said, linen is a bit on the expensive side.
Microfiber is basically just polyester that has been more tightly woven to make a very warm and more comfortable sheet. The microfiber is also durable and resistant to staining.

Ayla Coverlet Set

Best Duvet Cover Set: Arlene Duvet Cover Set
Did you love the last set, but aren’t a fan of comforters? Then I have some great news for you: You can purchase its near-identical twin, the Arlene Duvet Cover Set. As the name suggests, this set features a duvet cover instead of a comforter and also comes with two matching shams. It features the same attractive geometric diamond pattern and fraying, 100% cotton construction, button closure, and long-lasting design as the previous set—but in duvet cover form! Order yours today in blush or navy, and get ready to love your bedroom again.

Harriett Comforter Set

Now, here are some tips on how to clean different pieces and materials:
Ayla Coverlet Set

Antony Duvet Cover Set

Cotton is the single most popular bedding material, especially for sheets. It’s well-loved for its soft feel (cotton sheets actually get softer as time goes on), breathability, and durable composition. In addition, cotton is one of the easiest bedding materials to clean and get stains out of—just pop your cotton sheets into the washer, tumble-dry, and you’re good to go!
There are literal tons of places where you can buy trendy bedding, both online and in person. Here are a few of the best places to shop in person for quality, stylish bedding:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the latest trend in bedding?

Harriett Comforter Set
Silk and satin are a bit fussy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. In order to not completely destroy your silk or satin sheets when washing, follow these tips:

What are the best bedding sets?

The post Change The Bedroom Look By Choosing Modern Bedding Sets  appeared first on Homedit.
– Arlene Duvet Cover Set
– Jenkinsburg Comforter Set
– Ayla Coverlet Set
In the past few months, there have been a few shifts in bedding trends. Here’s a quick peek:

Where can I buy trendy bedding?

Is a modern bedding set the best option for you? Or would a more traditional style be better suited to your tastes and needs? Only you can answer these questions, but I can help by outlining the major differences between modern and traditional bedding.
The Ayla Coverlet Set does that “playing with textures” thing really well. The 100% cotton construction of its components (a single quilt and two matching shams) is offset by piped edges and channel stitching, while the geometric triangle pattern brings life to the two-toned fabric. Like the other sets on our list, this one is machine-washable for your convenience! The unique look and feel of this set will make you want to #StayHome as long as you can.
Best Comforter Set: Jenkinsburg Comforter Set

Where is the best place to buy bedding online?

Popular patterns include floral designs, geometric shapes, boho-inspired designs, and even patterns based on the weave or stitching of the bedding materials.
More of a duvet person? Then make sure you check out the Flemington Cotton Clip Jacquard Duvet Cover Set. This five-piece set is nearly identical to the last one we saw, but features a duvet cover in place of a comforter. The duvet cover uses button closure, which will make it super-easy to remove and wash when the time comes. Order it in gray or white/indigo and add that much-needed homeliness to your little slice of home.

The Final Verdict

The Antony Duvet Cover Set is a bit pricey compared to the others on our list, but its high level of quality and comfort are well worth the upfront cost. The set includes a single duvet cover and two matching shams made of 100% cotton in a waffle weave—perfect for snuggling down on freezing winter nights! The button closure makes removing the duvet cover easy, so you can get in the washer quickly should an unfortunate wine or hot chocolate spill occur… Order yours today in one of three sophisticated colors: white, clay, or light gray.
You can also find bedding sets at places like Target and Walmart, but these sets tend to be inconsistent in terms of quality.

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