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Charming Pumpkin Arrangements That Bring the Fall Into our Homes

The post Charming Pumpkin Arrangements That Bring the Fall Into our Homes appeared first on Homedit.
Pumpkin season is upon us and with it all the cool and adorable crafts you can do with them. Whether real or fake, pumpkin decor is incredibly versatile and absolutely perfect for pretty much every type of fall-themed project. You can paint them, carve them, gather them in clusters, in baskets, on mantels, turn them…




You can either include things that you’re grateful for on the leaves, different fall mottos or place names of family members on them as a tribute. Placing the pumpkins on a dark toned wooden board helps set them apart from the white tablecloth beneath them.
You can paint them, carve them, gather them in clusters, in baskets, on mantels, turn them into vases, and so on; the list is endless. With that in mind, check out some of our favorite pumpkin arrangements for this year.
Bring a little romance into your fall pumpkin decor arrangement by using an unexpected shade – pink! While commonly associated with spring decor, different shades of pink and gold pumpkins are the perfect elegant centerpiece for a fall baby shower or bridal party. Shades of pink also work well to highlight white furniture and light-colored interiors. Choose at least two shades of pink along with gold when painting your pumpkins to create a finished centerpiece like found on Brenda’s Wedding Blog. This design could also work with other unexpected pastel colors, such as robin’s egg blue or mint green. 

30 Creative Pumpkin Displays to Usher In Fall

1. Pastel Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pink and Gold Pumpkins
Speaking of affordable arrangements, antiqued display pumpkins are beautiful but tend to be costly if you purchase them retail in a home decor boutique. Luckily, you can replicate this type of pumpkin arrangement at home with handcrafted antiqued pumpkins. Check out this tutorial at DIY Beautify to see how to turn inexpensive faux pumpkins from the dollar store into vintage pieces that will look right at home in any refined interior design. Turn your dollar store pumpkins from cheap to chic.

2. Mantel with Pumpkins and Vintage Chalkboard

DIY Easy Toilet Paper Pumpkins
Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

3. Small Pumpkin Table Tray

Basket of Pumpkins
Pumpkin Succulent Planters

4. Pumpkin Vase

Gold Foil Pumpkins
Pumpkin Vase

5. Large Pumpkin Table Display

White and gold are classic autumn colors, and this makes them a perfect choice for fall pumpkin arrangements. This charming white and gold tablescape from stylish pumpkin decor arrangement for a fall beach house or any home with a coastal interior design.
Large Pumpkin Table Display

6. Velvet Pumpkins

Here’s another classic white pumpkin look at Home and Hollow. This tutorial shows you how to take chalk paint to transform cheap dollar store pumpkins into classy arrangements for your table. Pair white pumpkins with gold stems, gold candlesticks, and some dark green foliage as a base for a striking addition to your formal dining room. The little bit of work required to paint pumpkins for this project is well worth the magazine-worthy result you’ll get for your fall centerpiece.
Fall is in the air quite literally here. The pumpkin decor arrangement featured on frenchcountrycottage is complemented by a lovely chalkboard in a vintage frame, pinecones, and other fall-ish things. Together they make the mantel look amazing. Smearing a base layer of chalk around on the chalkboard will keep it from looking too new and will give it a distressed look. You can include any fall-inspired message here you want, from season’s greetings to literary quotes.
Woodland Pumpkins Centerpiece

7. Basket of Pumpkins

Make pumpkins a part of your Thanksgiving tablescape and use them to create lovely centerpieces. We love the light color palette featured on stonegableblog. It looks very chic and refined and if you want to make the pumpkins look even more amazing you can paint their stems golden. This is a great look for softer or more romantic interior designs. Choose muted pastel earth tones or mix in unexpected colors like light robin’s egg blue for a more striking display.
Chalk Painted Pumpkins

8. White on White Pumpkin Bouquet

Turn a pumpkin into a vase. It’s quite simple actually and you can either use a faux pumpkin to keep things clean or a real one if you don’t plan to keep it for long. In any case, carving out an opening at the top shouldn’t be too difficult. The choice of foliage and flowers you make for your pumpkin vase can say a lot about your sense of interior design, so personalize accordingly. A pumpkin set off with sunflowers will give off a very different vibe than one that is topped with roses or wheat. Check out thehappyhousie for tips.
The post Charming Pumpkin Arrangements That Bring the Fall Into our Homes appeared first on Homedit.

9. White Pumpkin Table Runner

Velvet Pumpkins
Here’s another celebratory pumpkin decor idea to usher in fall. These confetti pumpkins at Made in a Day look fancy, but they’re easy to put together even if you aren’t an experienced crafter. The variety of different metallic accents looks great with white pumpkins as the base across the entire arrangement. You could also choose a single metallic color for your confetti to create a more unified look. The artificial look of this arrangement means that it tends to fit in better with modern interiors than a farmhouse or country styles.
White Pumpkins

10. Pumpkin Crate Display

Metallic accents in copper or silver would look just as beautiful as gold. Keep all of the metallic accents the same shade to create unity across the design. Check out this idea and more on prettyhandygirl.
Mantel with Pumpkins and Vintage Chalkboard
Small Pumpkin Table Tray

11. Single Pumpkin Centerpiece

If these pumpkins look like they’re made of velvet it’s because they are. They have a vintage vibe and they also look glamorous. These cute pumpkins are made with real stems which actually makes them look pretty convincing. Their fuzzy, magical glow will have your houseguests petting your displays throughout the fall season.
Pumpkin season is upon us and with it all the cool and adorable crafts you can do with them. Whether real or fake, pumpkin decor is incredibly versatile and absolutely perfect for pretty much every type of fall-themed project.
The rustic fall crates featured on lizmarieblog look so incredibly charming. This pumpkin decor is also very simple which just shows how easy it is for anyone to bring the beauty of fall into their home. Find some vintage crates (or make your own) and fill them with pumpkins and greenery. That’s all it takes. Adding faux foliage to your crates is a good way to bring in some different shades and textures to complete your display design.

12. Pumpkins on Candleholders

Mercury Glass Pumpkin Display
Pumpkins on Candleholders
White pumpkins look so clean and delicate you just have to love them. Their neutral color makes them fit in with many different designs too compared to the traditional orange type. Carefully select a few small ones and use them to put together a charming fall arrangement similar to the one featured on ellaclaireinspired. Each pumpkin has a paper leaf attached to the stem with string.

13. Rustic Fall Pumpkin Crates

Pumpkin arrangements are one of the best parts of fall, and they’re a fun way for home decorators to show off their creative side since there are so many different ways to bring them together. They’re also a good way to express some fundamental aspects of your personal style. Do you prefer natural accents with cozy cottage or farmhouse decor? Or are you more interested in ushering in fall’s many social gatherings and parties with the glitter and confetti they deserve?
Glitter Pumpkin Signs

14. DIY Sweater Pumpkins

White on White Pumpkin Bouquet
Thrifty Antiqued Pumpkins

15. Blooming Monogrammed Pumpkin

White Pumpkin Table Runner
Using pumpkins in fall arrangements is a popular motif, so you have to do something a little different to make your displays stand out. This blooming monogrammed pumpkin at Olive Jude looks stunning and impressive but doesn’t require advanced crafting skills to put together. Use flower shades that pull accent colors from your home or go with white flowers for a more neutral look. These monogrammed displays are cute to set out on your front porch or your foyer table to welcome your guests.

16. DIY Easy Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Gold is a popular element for dressing up pumpkins in indoor decorative displays, and gold foil is one of the best ways to do it. These gold foil pumpkins at Positively Splendid will give any room a burst of color and luster. While shades of blue might seem like a surprising choice, this color complements beautifully with orange since they are directly across from each other on the color wheel. You could also pair gold foil with cream or white colored pumpkins for a more neutral design.
For example, you can place it in a bowl (or a strainer) and have some leaves or stems wrapped around it. This makes the pumpkin look like it’s lying in the woods and helps bring some fairytale flair to your table.

17. Thrifty Antiqued Pumpkins

The key to creating luxurious-looking velvet pumpkin decor is to invest in top-quality velvets to make them. If you’re on a budget, you can also check for remnants at the fabric store to get a good deal. Check them out on edithandevelynvintage.
Big pumpkins are not out of the question either. Just look how elegant this Thanksgiving table decor from maisondepax is. The pumpkins are placed at the center together with large candle holders and some greenery for a fresh and at the same time diverse look. Large centerpieces are useful for helping large pieces of furniture like long dining room tables feel more intimate and cozy. Be sure to size your centerpiece so that it doesn’t crowd out the guests around the table.

18. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins
You’ll also need to generally decide between an informal or formal look. White and metallic pumpkins look great for formal affairs, while colored pumpkins, patterned pumpkins, and natural pumpkins look better in casual displays. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you to decide what kind of pumpkin decor you want to add to the fall atmosphere of your home!

19. Woodland Pumpkins Centerpiece

With fall pumpkin decor, there are pretty much two major motifs that dominate – farmhouse and fairytale. To achieve the latter aesthetic, it’s a good idea to go with more natural elements such as moss, stones, twigs, faux berries, acorns, and other accent pieces that remind you of the woods. This woodland pumpkins centerpiece at The Goodwill Gal combines unusual dark green pumpkins with white accent pumpkins and a variety of woodland elements such as moss, foliage, wicker balls, and dead branches. This gives the centerpiece a vaguely pagan vibe that pairs beautifully with modern interiors.
Little pumpkins are so cute and you can use them in all sorts of arrangements like this fall table centerpiece featured on worthingcourtblog. Put some on a tray together with other goodies such as pine cones, acorns, leaves, flowers, and some candles to showcase autumn’s bountiful beauty. This is a good place to store all of the small rocks, twigs, and other knick-knacks collected on beautiful autumn hikes. The eclectic look of this tray is what gives it appeal, so the more varied the items you include, the better.

20. Pumpkin Succulent Planters

Types of crates that are great for this kind of project include wine bottle crates and milk crates. Try yard sales and estate sales as sources when finding old crates to upcycle for your fall displays.
Green and white table fall arrangement

21. White and Gold Pumpkin Tablescape

Here’s another modern-looking pumpkin arrangement at Sugar and Cloth. Instead of using glitter, these arrangements use sequins to create eye-catching polka dot patterns in metallic neutrals. Even though they’re flashy, these sequined pumpkins can still fit into a wide variety of different fall designs. Choose different metallic accent sequins or even go with colored metallic sequins for a brighter look. However, the gold and cream combination is iconic for fall and can fit in well with many different interiors. Choose a metallic sequin that matches the hardware in your home for a seamless look.
Creating charming pumpkin decor arrangements doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use real pumpkins. These DIY toilet paper pumpkins at Instrupix are easy to pull together with some discounted fall fabrics and toilet paper rolls. The mixture of different patterns can contribute to a truly beautiful fall arrangement. After the season’s over you can always dismantle these toilet paper pumpkins and return the rolls back to the linen closet, making this project affordable and practical.

22. Glitter Pumpkin Signs

White and Gold Pumpkin Tablescape
For the mantel, you can use a bunch of small pumpkins which you can combine with candle holders to create an interesting arrangement. Stagger the height of the candle holders you use to create the illusion of movement and pattern. If you want to, you can paint the pumpkins or decorate them with leaves and other things.

23. Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins
Pastel Pumpkin Centerpiece

24. Pink and Gold Pumpkins

When you create pumpkin arrangements in the home, it’s fun to include pumpkins created out of common household objects. This mason jar lid pumpkin at The Turquoise Home adds a creative spark to any autumn centerpiece. An advantage of using metal mason jar lids to create your pumpkin decor arrangement is that these lids can be painted to match any shade, so you can customize the colors to your own palette. It’s also an easy project to put together that will have visitors convinced you spent a lot more time on it than you actually did.
Fall is the favorite time of year for many people, and there’s no better way to make fall glamorous than to add a little glitter. These glitter pumpkin signs displays from The Life of Jennifer Dawn are the perfect way to welcome one of the best seasons. Glitter is a good material to use for more modern pumpkin arrangements and displays to set them apart from the farmhouse or rustic designs. These pumpkins also don’t require many supplies, so they’re a good choice if you’re trying to keep your fall decorations thrifty.

25. Glitter Pumpkins

Pumpkin Crate Display
Single Pumpkin Centerpiece

26. Gold Foil Pumpkins

We’ve already seen one glitter-decorated pumpkin arrangement, but this one puts the glitter front and center. Follow this easy tutorial at Two Sisters to learn how to create faux pumpkins that are covered entirely with glitter. These sparkly gourds are great for displaying around ambient lighting such as fairy lights or lamps where their glitter can create an interesting display of shadows and reflections around the room. You can either choose orange glitter to match the base plastic pumpkin or go with metallic glitters for a more contemporary style.
A basket of pumpkins can become a really cool centerpiece or an eye-catching decorative element that you can casually display in a room corner as a way to bring the fall into your home. Baskets are a good accent for a variety of different designs since their material can help reflect the aesthetic of the home. Wire baskets are a good choice for modern or industrial designs, while traditional apple-picking baskets or milk crates look better in a farmhouse or country style home. We like the see-through wire basket from lizmarieblog and the white pumpkins that are smaller at the bottom and gradually get bigger.

27. Confetti Pumpkins

DIY Sweater Pumpkins
Pumpkins actually come in a variety of different colors and sizes and you can use this info in your favor when planning your fall arrangements and centerpieces. How about some different-colored pumpkins in crates, casually displayed outside? Adding a distressed paint job to your crates will help to increase their farmhouse appeal.

28. White Pumpkins

Flowers aren’t the only things that you can top your pumpkins with in fall pumpkin arrangements. These pumpkin succulent planters at The Gardening Cook incorporate moss and fallen leaves for a pumpkin display that feels straight out of the forest. Combine these pumpkins with a taller accent piece such as a wheat-filled vase for a more balanced and finished arrangement. You can use either live succulents or faux succulents, but be aware that live succulents will not do well in outdoor arrangements in cold weather.
Rustic Fall Pumpkin Crates

29. Mercury Glass Pumpkin Display

Mercury glass pumpkins are gorgeous in fall arrangements, but they can be expensive if purchased in a store. Luckily, you can follow a tutorial at Practically Functional to make some faux mercury glass pumpkins at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for them at retail prices. These silver mirrored pumpkins are neutral enough to fit into many different designs and color palettes, but they’re still flashy enough that they can become the focal point of any arrangement in the house.
Fall is the perfect time to use your crafting skills to upcycle items for fall displays, and these DIY sweater pumpkins from Confessions of a Serial DIYer can be set out in a beautiful arrangement year after year. They’re great for sweaters that you are attached to and don’t want to get rid of but can’t wear anymore either. Reuse their beautiful patterns and textures in these adorable pumpkins to create an eclectic arrangement you can add to year after year.

30. Chalk Painted Pumpkins

This white-on-white pumpkin arrangement from Maison de Cinq is the perfect way to display any unusual white pumpkins you may have picked up from the pumpkin patch. While most of the real pumpkins for sale are orange, if you visit a farm you’re more likely to get access to unusual fall gourds and odd-colored pumpkins you wouldn’t see in a grocery store. If you can’t find any naturally white pumpkins, painting them white will do the trick. Pair them with white tableware and metallic accents for a dashing monochromatic palette.
This right here is another beautiful fall arrangement that has a pumpkin as a vase. Going with a white on white look for the flower arrangement and pumpkin is a monochromatic design that is right at home in more formal styles. This time a faux pumpkin was used. It looks lovely, especially given the light color theme and the eclectic bouquet of flowers. You can add some leaves around the vase for a fuller effect. Check out confessionsofaserialdiyer for more details.
Confetti Pumpkins
A single pumpkin can be all you need for a sophisticated and modern centerpiece. Keeping the centerpiece simple is a good idea if you are using a lot of texture or pattern in your design since it helps to balance things out and keep things from looking too cluttered. There are lots of interesting and charming ways in which you can display the pumpkin.
Blooming Monogrammed Pumpkin

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