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Choosing the Right Outdoor Light For Your Home

Erica Neumann



If you want to give your outdoor area the perfect lighting for nighttime enjoyment, there are several different types of outdoor light fixtures to choose from. There are Traditional, Transitional, Bronze, and Modern styles. Once you’ve decided on a style, you can begin shopping. But before you do, there are some things to keep in mind.


Depending on your needs, you can install outdoor post lighting or wall lights. These lighting fixtures can be installed in the middle of the yard, near the driveway, or on the corners of a deck or porch. Another option is an outdoor ceiling light that is flush mounted to the ceiling of the porch or wraparound porch. They provide downward illumination and can be used in areas where there is little room for wall lighting.

Contemporary outdoor light designs are characterized by minimalist style. The shades and backplates of these lights often have sleek lines and geometric structures. They can also take on inventive forms. Craftsman and mission outdoor lights draw their inspiration from architect Frank Lloyd Wright and may blend into modern or traditional homes.


Transitional outdoor lighting is a style that fuses traditional and modern design. These fixtures are typically made of high quality metal and feature a metal frame, beveled glass panels, and a candle-style socket. These lights are an excellent way to illuminate your yard or garden space. Plus, they’re compatible with a variety of different bulbs and light sources.

This type of outdoor lighting is perfect for homes that feature a mixture of traditional and modern styles. Whether you have a large family home with a traditional feel, or you want a contemporary, clean-cut look, transitional lighting is the perfect option. You can choose from outdoor post lighting fixtures, exterior wall sconces, and pendant light fixtures to accent your space.


Bronze outdoor lighting can enhance any home, whether you’re looking to illuminate a garden path, accent a wall or illuminate your garage. These fixtures come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. From small to large, you’ll find something that will match your home and your style. From rustic to modern, you’ll find a variety of styles to complement your home and taste.

Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper that is highly corrosion-resistant. It is more durable than steel and doesn’t rust when exposed to seawater. Moreover, bronze is resistant to temperature fluctuations, making it a perfect material for outdoor lighting fixtures.


When choosing a modern outdoor light, the style and finish of the light should complement the style of your home. It should be sleek and use modern materials. Look for straight lines, flat surfaces, and shapes that are not overly ornate. Some contemporary lights even break the mold by using futuristic design methods. You can also find traditional outdoor lights in a similar style, which have more ornate designs and classic finishes.

These fixtures come with mounting hardware and are built from quality stainless steel. They also feature a satin nickel finish. These lights are CSA listed and weather-proof. You can purchase them with confidence thanks to their 30-day warranty.

Dusk to dawn

A Dusk to dawn outdoor light is a convenient, energy-efficient way to illuminate your outdoor area. Its design makes it easy to mount anywhere on a patio, deck, or walkway. It is also lightweight and comes with three-quarter-inch lag screws for mounting. Some models have remote control capabilities and can be connected to your smart home. There are some limitations to this type of light, however, including bulb shape and color temperature. Additionally, you must ensure that it is compatible with your home’s electrical system, and they will not work if you accidentally turn them off.

When selecting a dusk to dawn outdoor light, you should also consider the life expectancy of the bulb. Modern LED lights can last for over 50,000 hours, or over five years of continuous use. This means less time and money spent on maintenance. LED dusk to dawn outdoor lights also tend to be more energy-efficient than other lighting options. In addition, they are also easier on the fixtures. They are more durable than most other types of outdoor lighting and do not flicker. Another advantage of LED dusk to dawn outdoor lights is that their light is uniform.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an excellent choice for outdoor lighting and cooling. You can find outdoor versions in every size and style, and many of them can be modified to include a light kit. If you have an outdoor patio, gazebo, or deck, a ceiling fan with an appropriate light kit can make the space more comfortable and attractive. Here are some tips for choosing an outdoor fan: First, think about your space. A ceiling fan should ideally be above the ground and should not be installed indoors.

Besides their ability to provide adequate air circulation, ceiling fans are often designed with smart features. They connect to existing light switches and can even operate via an app. Some models even come with built-in LED lights.

Wall sconces

Outdoor wall sconces add a warm welcome to the entrance of your building. They also offer general accent lighting around the perimeter of the building, which is helpful for visitors to find the exterior doors. Furthermore, these fixtures can help you deter burglars and vandals. These fixtures also add a contemporary design to your home.

These fixtures have various styles, and can be made from copper or glass. They can be large and imposing, but a smaller version can fit in a small area. There are many small, minimalist outdoor wall sconces available for purchase at websites like 1stDibs. Popular designs include those from Hans-Agne Jakobsson and Louis Poulsen. The Orsjo Industri AB company also produces outdoor wall sconces.

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