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Choosing a Landscape Lighting Transformer

Erica Neumann



If you’re looking to add landscape lighting to your home, you will want to choose a transformer with a rated voltage of 12 volts. This transformer will be connected to the lights in your landscape with direct burial cable and typically has two wires. One wire connects to the common, and the other to the 12V tap. Smaller lighting systems are easy to wire, but larger systems often involve multiple commons or terminal blocks.

Multi-tap transformers

A multi-tap landscape lighting transformer is designed to provide several lines of voltage from a single unit. This is advantageous in cases where the power run is long. The voltage will decrease in a long line because of impedance, which is similar to water pressure in a pipe. A multi-tap transformer will help to prevent this voltage drop.

To ensure safety, low voltage landscape lighting transformers must meet safety standards. The transformer must be sized large enough to accommodate your current project, as well as future expansion. Low voltage transformers should be equipped with an auto-reset circuit breaker. This helps to prevent fires in your home in case of overvoltage. The transformers should have mounting brackets on the back so they can be separated from the wall. The transformers also have wiring terminals and labels on the inside. It is necessary to understand the wiring diagram in order to install these transformers properly.

To avoid voltage drops, choose a landscape lighting transformer that offers multiple output voltages of 11 – 15 volts. The higher voltage output will result in higher lamp brilliance. You can also get a transformer with a timer for your lights.


The Stratus landscape lighting transformer turns any standard landscape lighting system into a smart one. Its scheduling feature allows you to customize the lighting schedule for your landscape lighting system, and it automatically adjusts to sunrise and sunset times as well as Daylight Savings Time. It can also be controlled via the Haven app.

Its high-quality construction and consistent performance make it an ideal choice for low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. Moreover, it is ETL listed and comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a toroidal core, weatherproof stainless steel cabinet, photocell receptacles, and magnetic secondary circuit breakers for each 300-watt common circuit.


If you want to add accent lighting to your lawn, patio, or garden, a Mosaic landscape lighting transformer can make this task easier. This versatile transformer works with any type of low-voltage lighting system. Its wireless connectivity allows you to control lights from anywhere in the yard, regardless of whether or not you’re using a timer or a light sensor. Once you’ve installed your transformer, you can start scheduling your lights within minutes.

A landscape lighting transformer converts 115V-120V AC to low voltage, which ranges from 12 volts to 18 volts. To choose the correct transformer, you should first determine the total wattage of the fixtures you’d like to run. Make sure you use the maximum wattage capacity of each fixture, and never use more power than your transformer’s rated capacity.

Once you’ve chosen your lighting fixtures, the next step is to install the transformer. You can install it near a standard GFCI outlet, or you can mount it on a post near where you’ll install your lighting. If your property is larger, you may want to install multiple transformers for the best lighting coverage.


A Patriot landscape lighting transformer allows you to run more than one zone independently of the other. For instance, you can set your house lights to shut off at 2am while leaving the flag on all night. It is unlike any other lighting transformer available on the market and can work with all types of low voltage landscape lights. It is also easy to replace when the power needs to be switched off.

A Patriot landscape lighting transformer is a versatile piece of equipment that works with virtually any low voltage lighting system. Its wide range of low voltage outputs means you can use it with incandescent and LED lights alike. The transformer also includes an energy efficient timer, which helps you to set the exact amount of light you want to use at any given time.

The first thing you should do when buying a Patriot landscape lighting transformer is determine how many lights you will be using. A standard transformer can handle 200 watts of landscape lighting, while a higher-wattage transformer can handle as much as 900 watts. It is also important to match the transformer’s capacity to the light design you are planning to install.

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