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Cool Design Features And Ideas That Can Make A Room Stand Out

Every little parts of a home is a special place, an area that can potentially add a lot of character to the house. Typically we tend to think of our homes as being divided into rooms where each one has its own distinct look and feel. There’s plenty of cool room ideas that can be…
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CH Project by ABATON Arquitectura
The texture is very important when designing and decorating a room because it can mean the difference between an austere and cold-looking space and a warm and inviting one. When paired with accent lighting the results can be truly amazing. This design by Nicholas Plewman Architects sure knows how to use all these elements in its favor. 
Olive Tree Villa bedroom

A view is worth a thousand words

It’s not just the interior design and decor of a room that matter but also the architecture. Features such as a high ceiling for example can totally transform a space. It usually makes the area look and feel bigger, more spacious and airier and it can also add a dramatic vibe to the design as well. Here, although the ceiling is quite high, the pitched roof design allows this cool bedroom to feel really cozy. It’s a design by studio Workshop/APD.
Cool Design

Big windows make everything better

One of the best materials for making a room feel warm and inviting is wood. Even though it’s such a common material it can still be used in cool and interesting ways. Pair it with other materials or with certain colors to create beautiful effects. This spacious and welcoming living room designed by studio Colby Construction can give you some ideas in that sense. 
It’s not just the exterior walls or windows that can be made of glass but also the interior ones as well. We’re so used to having solid walls between the rooms that we don’t even take this option into consideration most of the time. Studio Build Now NYC shows here how wonderful interior glass walls can be, especially if you want to add a cool and modern vibe to a space or if you want bring more light into some parts of the house. 

High ceilings are amazing

Considering how great corner windows are at preserving and framing beautiful views are it’s curious how rarely they’re actually being used. This cool bedroom designed by studio Meier Architekten GmbH takes full advantage of this feature and since the windows bring so much color and beauty into the room, the actual interior decor is kept super simple. 
In many cases, natural materials and finishes add lots of authenticity and beauty to space. Materials such as wood and stone are very appreciated for their natural beauty and the warmth and charm that they spread around them. These materials and many others can suit a variety of different styles. This for instance is a beautiful living area with a rustic vibe thanks to features such as the stone fireplace and the archways. This is a design by Dillard-Jones Builders. 

Glass railings are excellent at being invisible

Loft Interieur BuresQ Casa Bures living room
One of the ways in which a simple design or layout can become more interesting is by introducing levels. Whether it’s a sunken living room, a raised floor level, a loft area or something else entirely, this strategy can completely transform the look and feel of a room. Here’s an interesting bedroom suite by Becky Shea Design which can give you a few ideas when it comes to this particular strategy. 

Canopy beds are dreamy

Every little parts of a home is a special place, an area that can potentially add a lot of character to the house. Typically we tend to think of our homes as being divided into rooms where each one has its own distinct look and feel.
When you have a really great view like this one for instance there’s a strong desire to preserve it. Anything that can get in the way needs to be minimized and when it comes to railings using transparent glass is a perfect option. They don’t interrupt the view but they still go their job in terms of safety. Here’s an excellent use of glass railings in a project by studios Bomax Architects and OKHA Interior Architecture. 

Mirrors can greatly amplify a room

Nantucket Harbor Compound Workshop Bedroom
Slowly but surely we’re transitioning from having lots of small and separate rooms to having fewer but larger and more open spaces. The living room, kitchen and dining area have basically been fused into one room and this has become a defining feature we look for in all modern and contemporary homes. This type of layout offers numerous advantages like space efficiency, flexibility and convenience. The strategy makes perfect sense in this beautiful beach home designed by CLO Studios.

Lighting and texture go hand in hand

You can always count on nature to nudge you in the right direction when you’re in need of inspiration for a project. When designing or decorating a living room like this one for example it would be unforgivable not to make the most of the beautiful view. Rather than trying to hide behind solid walls often it’s refreshing to break the barriers. This is a design by studio ÁBATON Arquitectura. 
Different colors can have different effects on a room. Quite often we tend to stay away from dark nuances. Although they can sometime become overpowering, they can also make a room look amazing. There’s lots of different ways in which bold colors can be introduced into a room. There’s plenty of cool painting techniques that can create wonderful accent walls as well as features like area rugs, wall decorations and furniture pieces that can totally change a room. The use of dark blue nuances in this bedroom designed by Studio Guilherme Torres is quite inspiring. 

Natural materials add authenticity to the design

Fogg Coastal Chic living room
Mid sized urban loft style dark wood floor living room

A room can be both elegant and casual

Rustic Home porch view of the lake
When thinking of cool bedroom decor ideas a lot of things can come to mind and the canopy bed is one of them. This is a feature that can transform this entire room and make it look inviting, cozy and relaxing even when the overall design is minimalistic and the color palette is reduced to basics. A great example is this space designed by studio RAS·A. 

Bold colors add character to space

Typically when designing and decorating a room we create focal points and we introduce elements that contrasts with the space around them and stand out. This helps to break the monotony of the design and to add character to the room. For instance, that was done here by keeping most of the decor gray and neutral and introducing contrasting accent details like the bright orange area rug and the sofa cushions. Check out studio Marsha Jones Interior Design for more details and ideas.
California Modern Home In Texas Coats Homes bedroom

Corner windows are amazing

Cool Design Features And Ideas
Casa Alegre by Jorge Vidal bedroom

Harmony is the key to success

Family Entertaining Room with Linear Fireplace by Charles Cunniffe
Glen Ellyn Residence Eclectic Family Room Chicago

Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration

Bisate Lodge bedroom view
Luxury Seaside Home OKHA Interior Architecture living room

Every style has potential

Certain particular features like hanging chairs or hammocks for example are super cozy, relaxing and casual but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successfully integrated into elegant and stylish interior decor. Check out this gorgeous apartment designed by studio RAS·A. It has a hammock in the living room and it looks absolutely magnificent. 
Objekt by Meier Architekten GmbH bedroom

Some things are universally loved

V2 House master bedroom
It’s difficult to compare two spaces where they have very different styles because each style is unique. It’s often a matter of embracing it and trying to highlight the elements that make it special. Successfully combining two or more styles can have wonderful results. A blend of modern and industrial or mid-century details would often look beautiful and inspiring. Check out this space by studio Kirsten Schwalgien Design for some inspiration in that sense. 

Contrasts make a room come to life

Modern Beach House Retreat Butler Armsden Architects Living room
Looking for a feature that can make a room stand out? How about a fireplace? They make excellent focal points and they suit pretty much any type of space. You can design a really cool living room by having the sitting area facing a fireplace and that works regardless of what style you prefer. This living room design by Charles Cunniffe Architects looks super cozy. 

White walls are timeless

The post Cool Design Features And Ideas That Can Make A Room Stand Out appeared first on Homedit.
Rocky Point Pebble Beach living room

Wood adds warmth to the space around it

Patio Apartment living room and hammock
A picture is worth a thousand words but so is a view. It’s difficult to describe just how big of an impact a beautiful view can have on a room. Take this living area for instance. It opens onto a nice deck that’s facing the ocean and it basically welcomes the outdoors in and makes it feel supernatural. This right here is a home designed by studio SAOTA and located in South Africa. 

Fireplaces make great focal points

Unique circula 360 Villa design by 123DV living room
When in doubt, paint the walls white. White walls are truly timeless. They suit every style and space and they’re a perfect blank canvas for all the little details and decorations that can be added to a room like the lighting fixtures, the wall art, window treatments and so on. Sometimes it’s also refreshing to just enjoy this simplicity and to amplify it. 

Glass interior walls are a thing

Loft lust bedroom
Treehouse C by Alexis Dornier bedroom

Exposed surfaces sometimes work

Sometimes else that we’re very used to is having to cover and paint the walls and ceilings in every room. However, rough and unfinished surfaces can sometimes become a real asset. Rugged concrete walls and ceilings are actually a staple of contemporary design, as this cool bedroom by studio Gavin Maddock clearly shows. 
A lot of cool designs put a big emphasis on the views and the overall connection between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. A lot of times spaces like the living room seamlessly expand outside and transition into large decks or patios. That however is not mandatory in order to make the surroundings a beautiful part of the interior decor. Big windows and especially and full-height ones are excellent at that. This design by studio Butler Armsden Architects is a good example of that. 

Open floor plans offer multiple advantages

There’s plenty of elements in architecture, interior design and decor which can be interpreted in many different ways or that are strictly linked to a certain period or style. However, some things seem to transcend time and to always keep their charm. Treehouses are one example. They’re amazing no matter how old we are so it’s not surprising to see architects like Alexis Dornier taking inspiration in them to create amazing spaces like this one. 
There’s plenty of cool room ideas that can be adapted to suit a certain type of space. For instance, there’s plenty that can be done to make a living room look really cool. Let’s see what ideas we can find in these beautiful spaces featured below. 

Black can work as an accent color

Wanaka Crib living room
Sometimes it’s worth giving up having an extra room for the opportunity to have a double-height space. It makes such a huge difference, especially for a space like the living room. The effect is that much more dramatic when the room also has a really cool view. 

Double-height rooms are always cool

Modern beach vibes living room
It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the different little features and elements that can be added to a room but in the end what makes a project successful is harmony, whether it’s between the different materials and finishes involved, the colors, the blend of styles and so on. Let this cool and super inviting bedroom design by Jorge Vidal inspire you. 

Levels are cool

Using mirrors to make a room seem larger and more spacious is a great and very common design strategy. There’s a lot of different ways in which that can be done, depending on how dramatic you want the space to look or how subtle you want the use of mirrors to be. In this circular living room designed by studio 123DV, they play a crucial role. 
We often tend to stay away from black as a color used in interior design and decor. It can be a rather intimidating nuance and a difficult one to work with but when done right it can really work. Using it as an accent color to bring out certain finishes, textures, materials or even other colors is a strategy worth considering. Check out this interior by Pac Studio for inspiration. 
Chasing the dream – the modern Australian beach shack living room

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