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Corrugated Metal Siding: The Siding Option You Shouldn’t Neglect 

Corrugated metal siding on houses isn’t the first option that comes to mind when people think of a home’s exterior but it has too much to offer to be ignored. A common addition to commercial builds, it has started to flood the residential market and for good reasons. Boasting a unique design and unmatched strength,…
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With room for customization in both pattern and color, it’s an easy fit for numerous styles.
Though there’s plenty of advantages to corrugated metal exterior siding, there’s also some issues that need consideration before making this siding selection.
Modern styling and corrugated metal accents collide to create unmatched curb appeal in this large remodel. Contrasting colors between the black corrugated metal siding and bright orange door and trim make an eye-catching finished product.
Corrugated metal siding for houses may not have the clout of other sidings, but it’s an impressive option nonetheless. Resistant to numerous issues that are common to traditional siding options, its level of durability is unrivaled.

What Is Corrugated Metal Siding?

This contemporary home mixes cladding for a unique look, corrugated metal balancing out the textures on both sides. The choice in light color provides opportunities for welcomed contrast via trimming.

Pros of Corrugated Metal Siding

Offering flexibility in design and appearance, people can achieve the customized exterior they were hoping for. If homeowners can look past the upfront cost and see through to the long-term worth, the corrugated metal siding will not disappoint.

  • Durability: With a lifespan of 50 years or more, you won’t have to worry about replacing your siding anytime soon. One of the strongest siding materials available, it’s not affected by temperature fluctuations or at risk of warping and cracking.
  • Fire, Insect and Rot Resistant: Corrugated metal withstands fire well as it resists ignition unlike other sidings. Threats like insects and rot also pose no threat as metal doesn’t offer places to burrow or hold water.
  • Low maintenance: Without the worry of water intrusion, mold and other issues that plague other siding options, corrugated metal makes for a low maintenance choice. You won’t have to conduct regular checks, a simple once over with a power washer each year will do the trick to help keep your exterior looking fresh.
  • Weatherproof: Corrugated metal siding does a great job of holding up against the worst of weather such as snow, wind, hail, sleet, rain and the like. Your home will without doubt be protected inside and out regardless of major weather events.

Cons of Corrugated Metal Siding

There’s no definitive design rule for roofing material with corrugated siding. You’ll see different selections, all of which can be attributed to the style the homeowner was aiming to achieve. Even so, the most common roofing materials with corrugated siding are either a normal shingled roof or metal sheets for a successive look.

  • Overall Cost: Though the argument can be made for its longevity being worth the price, this type of metal siding comes at a higher upfront cost.
  • Damages: Rust is of particular concern for this type of siding, though it’s more specific to coastal areas. Punctures and dents are also problems that come with corrugated siding. While higher gauge metals are harder to puncture and dent, that doesn’t mean they’re altogether damage proof. Softer metals like aluminum land in the more vulnerable category.
  • Difficult Replacement: If a section becomes damaged, it’s not as easy as patching the area. You’ll have to replace that entire sheet which isn’t a small task given how the panels connect.
  • Poor Insulator: Insulation can be added at an extra cost, but straight metal siding itself isn’t considered a great insulator. That said, it can cause higher energy bills and a low sound barrier.
  • Longer Installation: Due to the weight of the siding itself, it can be more difficult to work with than traditional materials. It’s because of this that installation times tend to be lengthier.

Cost of Corrugated Metal Siding

Corrugated metal siding panels cover the entire exterior of this expansive transitional build. Coupled with metal roofing of a similar aesthetic, it creates a seamless result.

  • The average cost of a metal siding project is $10,956.
  • The cost of labor ranges from $525 to $33,382.
  • The cost of tin ranges from $1 to $3 per square foot.
  • The cost of aluminum siding ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot.
  • The cost of steel siding ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot.

Examples of Corrugated Metal Siding

How to install corrugated metal siding, whether in a vertical or horizontal manner, is up to the style preference of the homeowner. While that may be true, there is one thing to keep in mind when making this decision. Vertical corrugated metal siding will be easier to maintain over time as water and dirt aren’t able to collect between the grooves. Horizontal corrugated metal siding on the other hand leaves little shelves for unwanted debris to gather.


Industrial metal siding
Sierra Pacific Windows

No matter your style, corrugated metal house siding can be incorporated into your home’s exterior design. Whether you’re thinking of using full panels or simple accents, take a look at the examples of houses with corrugated metal siding below for inspiration.


Modern metal siding

Though it comes at a higher upfront cost than other choices, corrugated metal siding pricing still has some flexibility depending on material and amount used.


Transitional metal siding
Richardson Pribuss Architects

Corrugated siding is a patterned metal siding characterized by wavy grooves (or corrugation). Manufactured in the form of large metal sheets or panels, corrugated siding comes in varied levels of thickness, each with different degrees of strength. The process of corrugating metal started in the early 1800s and continues to be used to this day because of its enticing advantages.


Contemporary metal siding
Balodemas Architects

Gray-washed metal corrugated siding embellishes this industrial home with vertical panels for a streamlined look. Combined with wood elements, it blends well with its desert environment.


Traditional metal siding
Peter T. Gross Architects, P.A.

Farmhouse architecture with deep-colored corrugated metal adds a moody tinge to this modern farmhouse build. An offset gable roof ushers in a modern feel, presenting in a dark, rich hue.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse metal siding
Koch Architects, Inc.

In short, corrugated panels overlap. Unlike other siding options, corrugated metal siding doesn’t have any special groove or connecting system. When you lay the panels to begin attaching, you’ll want to be sure that you overlap each piece with the next by at least one of the “waves” or corrugations. From there, you fasten the panels together via screws on the overlapping edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What kind of roofing material is used alongside corrugated metal siding?

A common addition to commercial builds, it has started to flood the residential market and for good reasons. Boasting a unique design and unmatched strength, corrugated siding holds its own against its competitors.

Do corrugated panels attach or overlap?

Traditional styling is made special with a medium-toned, whole house corrugated siding. With just enough pattern to draw interest, it’s able to stay true to traditional attributes while adding a simple flair.

Should corrugated metal siding be installed vertical or horizontal?

Painting corrugated metal siding is an easy task which means you’ve got endless choices for customization. If you choose to paint yourself, be sure not to skip important steps like cleaning, priming and sealing paint. While you can use the color of your choice, many metal siding manufacturers offer a variety of pre-finished sheets that are sure to fit several styles. This could be an easier route overall if you’re not too picky when it comes to color.

Can corrugated metal siding be painted?

The post Corrugated Metal Siding: The Siding Option You Shouldn’t Neglect  appeared first on Homedit.


Corrugated Metal Siding
Corrugated metal siding on houses isn’t the first option that comes to mind when people think of a home’s exterior but it has too much to offer to be ignored.
Offering a solid list of attractive qualities, exterior corrugated metal siding doesn’t leave much to be desired.

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