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Craft Stores: The Best Shops Every Crafter Needs To Know

Craft stores make completing any project an easy task. Whether it’s a school assignment, sewing project or hobby crafting, whatever the project you’ll find the supplies you need. With online retail on the rise and brick-and-mortar stores becoming a thing of the past, it’s hard to pinpoint your options. Even so, there’s stores in both…
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A hub for discount art supplies, this store has some of the deepest discounts available. On top of their great regular prices, they have an entire section on their website called the Bargain Bin that offers deals up to 75% off. 
With decades of superior customer service and an A+ with the BBB, this company has a clear advantage. Sections devoted to unique crafting passions such as bolo-making supplies give the shop an extra quirky edge. 
With a continuous 20% off coupon plus other coupons and deals available online, there’s always a way to save. Also, if you’re looking to create in a group setting, Michaels has got you covered.
There isn’t a brick and mortar store that’s cheaper than the others. Even so, there are certain product categories that appear to be cheaper than others.

Brick and Mortar + Online

While many stores carry craft supplies, they don’t compare to actual crafting stores that specialize in the arts.

Hobby Lobby

Craft Supply Depot
Over a century with its doors open, this company has 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a reason. Aside from craft supplies, you’ll find at the other stores listed, it’s got some interesting offerings. A notable one being its senior activities section including therapeutic crafts. 
An online craft store that’s smaller than most, this shop has plenty of discounts that make it worthy of a look around. It’s also got a wide selection of diamond painting supplies from jewel sampler packs to tools and kits. 

Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts

On the off chance they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can create a custom pattern on their website. You can even upload your own images.
Stuff 4 Crafts
Their website also offers a special section for educators with free resources like lesson plans and catalogs. 
Dick Blick


The post Craft Stores: The Best Shops Every Crafter Needs To Know appeared first on Homedit.
Boasting the most brick-and-mortar locations in the craft store game, Michaels is, without doubt, the front runner. From florals to frames, paint to paper and everything in between, Michaels is a classic craft store with endless options.
If you can do without selecting your craft supplies in person, you’ve opened up limitless choices for your arts and crafts needs. While the list below isn’t exhaustive, it’s made up of the best online craft stores that have created many happy customers.

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Mister Art
Price matching in brick and mortar stores is much easier. All you’ll need is proof that the item is identical and a way to show it via website, flier etc.
Dick Blick

Dick Blick – (Blick Art Materials)

Craft Direct
Craft Direct
Many shoppers avoid online shopping for fear that the return process will be a nightmare should they decide against keeping the product.
With locations in Oregon, Idaho and Washington, Craft Warehouse may be smaller in brick and mortar but it leaves nothing to be desired in products.

Online Only

Providing materials for even the most unique craft niches, there’s a craft store for every art interest. Whether you prefer shopping in person or getting your craft supplies online, you have a great deal of choices on where to shop too.

Craft Supply Depot (Formerly BJ’s Craft Supplies)

Though it does sell a wide range of craft supplies, this shop has a focus on paper crafting. From supplies, machines and tools, it has it all. If you’re looking to complete a project by theme but without the hassle, try out one of their page kits. They include layouts and inspiration for every occasion. 
Known for carrying non-traditional art materials, even the rarest and unique supplies can often be found here. Their blog also presents interesting information on a wide range of topics from the art scene to featured artists. 

Factory Direct Craft

Hobby Lobby
It’s an ideal option for bargain shoppers and decor enthusiasts alike. Occupying 47 states, it’s easily accessible throughout the US and can be accessed online as well. As of now, they do not accept international orders. 


Though many other stores sell crafting supplies, the list of stores below specializes in it. Don’t waste your time running from store to store to find what you need. These stores offer one-stop shopping that’ll, without doubt, save you time and money.
Major brick and mortar shops like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann’s and Dick Blick all offer a price matching program. 

Mister Art

Craft stores make completing any project an easy task. Whether it’s a school assignment, sewing project or hobby crafting, whatever the project you’ll find the supplies you need.
Though it may not have the variety of options across the board, this store has a lot to offer in certain niches. For instance, it has an assortment of products for doll and dollhouse making that you may not find elsewhere. Likewise, it has an entire section dedicated to fairy garden supplies. 

S&S Worldwide

A family-owned store with generous sales both in-store and online, you’ll find it all at this craft store. An added bonus, they do regular Facebook live events featuring different project tutorials, most of which are free. 
A craft store on the other hand offers varied and specific options you can’t find elsewhere. 

Craft Direct

If you’re searching for one-stop shopping for all your crafting needs, you can’t go wrong with this list of craft stores. 
One of the most popular arts and crafts stores in recent years, Hobby Lobby is known for its comprehensive craft selection and unrivaled home decor. With rotating sales, customers can pinpoint in advance which week their desired category will go on sale.

Stuff 4 Crafts

S&S Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which brick-and-mortar store is the cheapest?

For example, art supplies like large canvases are often on sale at Michael’s for the best prices.
For example, in order to receive the online price match you’d have to call their customer service line to place the order.
That said, Jo-Ann’s isn’t just for sewing supplies, it sells specialized crafting supplies for all other niches as well. With well over 800 locations, this craft store isn’t a hard find.

Which craft stores offer price matching?

The Best Shops Every Crafter Needs To Know
There’s a big difference between the two. Some would argue stores like Oriental Trading or Staples could fall into the craft store category.
Nothing beats the inspiration you draw from walking the aisles of an arts and crafts store. If you prefer this method to shop online, the list below is for you. Even better, if they’re out of stock in-store, you can shop their online store as well. It’s the best of both worlds. 
With online retail on the rise and brick-and-mortar stores becoming a thing of the past, it’s hard to pinpoint your options. Even so, there’s stores in both categories that are sure to offer every crafting item on your list. 

Difference between craft stores and a store that carries craft supplies?

Dominating the fabric market as its own name states, Jo-Ann’s is a fabric lover’s dream. With a large portion of its store dedicated to such supplies, you’re sure to find any color or pattern you want.
They have a rotating lineup of in-store and online classes, along with a Kids Club program for the little ones. 
Offering over 70,000 brand names, you’ll have no shortage of options here. You can also buy in bulk ensuring you’ll never run out of the crafting items you use on a regular basis. Also, if you’re unsure what your next project should be, they’ve got a plethora of projects and kits that come ready to start.

Is it hard to return items purchased from an online craft store?

Factory Direct Craft
Likewise, Joann’s fabric section has frequent sales but is also known to have low pricing on regular priced fabrics as well. 
If it’s just an online platform, you can return via mail. Some companies have online return requests, some customer service lines.
Online crafting stores will vary, but many do offer price match programs. Even so, the price match process for craft stores online will be far more arduous than that of a brick-and-mortar store.

Craft Stores: Bottom Line

Either way, the majority provide you with a free shipping label to print, making your return a smooth process. 
Lining both East and West coasts, this chain is the smallest with just 20 locations. Regardless, it offers specialty items for printmaking, sculpting, bookmaking and the like.
With over 60 stores throughout the states, Blick continues to serve communities with an array of art supplies.
Starting with its distribution in a kitchen, Blick has come a long way. Now owning one of the most popular paints in the art realm, Utrecht, it has put itself on the map.

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