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Designer Secrets To Make Your House Look Expensive

There are many things you can do to make your house look expensive. Here, we’ll share designer secrets how your home can look great while increasing its value. The goal is happiness. And to get there, you should do what makes you happy. You want your house to look appealing, but according to your standards….
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What Is A Loft Room
Utilize Designers 
Your new buyers are looking for a forever home. Do what you can to prove your home is energy-efficient and you will notice the impression it makes on buyers. 

How To Make Your House Look Expensive

Something subtle like eyebrow windows would be nice. Maybe flashy and cute bonnet windows would work best?
When buying a house, what do you look a first? This is the best way to find out what you need to do to get your home ready for new buyers. 

Use Every “Room”

Lawn care not only affects your property value, but also impacts the value of your neighbors’ homes. If you have a nice exterior and well-manicured lawn, it could increase your home’s value by 20 percent.
If your living room and kitchen have a wall between them, knock it down. This might be something you’ve been debating for quite some time.
Sure, there will be buyers who prefer a closed-off space. But most people prefer an open concept these days. Having the rooms separated is mid-century modern and works with a dining hall. 

Repair Everything

With home design, it’s all about resale. You want your home to look spectacular because you live there. Also, your home should look great because one day you might not want to live there anymore, and if it doesn’t look good, then it will be harder to sell.
Check out the following design ideas from top interior experts:
Shop Smart

Utilize Designers 

Laminated floors won’t decrease the value, but with countertops, people look for something nice so they don’t have to replace them. 
Remove laminate countertops and replace them with marble or granite. Make sure it’s high end than what you initially had.
Plant A Garden

Switch To Granite Or Marble

House extension garden
Repair cracks in concrete and make sure your drywall is in pristine condition. Your house will sell faster if it doesn’t have anything that needs repairing.  
On average, a new roof will increase your home’s resale value by about ,000.

Duplex It

If you already have a loft, then hopefully you’re using it to its full potential. If not, and you have high ceilings, then perhaps you should build a loft. This can go either way and it comes down to personal preference.
Minimalism is trending and has been for half a century or more.  Why not give it a spin? It doesn’t work for everyone, but it will add value. 
Planting a garden can add value to your home. Gardens loos nice and add curb appeal. A garden will become the buyer’s responsibility. If your garden is healthy and trim, they won’t have to work as hard after they move in.  
Install Dormers 
Get With The Flow
If you have smart appliances and electronics, people will be impressed and want to buy your house. It doesn’t hurt to let them know a smart doorbell is included. 

Plant A Garden

When we say, “every room,” it means you should use every room to their full advantage. Transform each space into a magical environment. For example, the garage or basement.
Some people prefer tall ceilings. However, more square footage will increase your home’s value. When you add a loft, you can add that space into the total square footage of the home on your listing. 
Even the tiniest bit of damage can turn buyers away. If the surface doesn’t look it indicates that what lies underneath looks worse. If everything looks new and fresh, then people won’t doubt the quality.

Add Or Convert A Loft

Dormers are windows installed on a roof. They add curb appeal and value to a home. There are many dormer styles to choose from that will make your home look unique.
If you have a garage or basement, you’re missing out on increasing your home’s value by 25 percent.
You want your to home look elegant and sharp. Nice furniture reveals character and taste and will make people respect you as a homeowner. 


Open concept living room
Use Every "Room"
What Is A Duplex

Get Hardwood 

When a homeowner wants to add value to their home, the top three things they do is add square footage, upgrade the kitchen, and install smart-home technology. These three things increase property value.  
Want to make everything look longer and wider? That’s what buyers want. To begin, make your curtains longer. The width doesn’t matter too much but make sure they are long.

Natural Light

Natural lighting isn’t necessary for every room, like the basement, for example. However, it can be very important when it comes to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
It isn’t expensive to add on either. Sometimes you’ll pay a few extra thousand for an add-on. Try choosing an extra bedroom or bathroom to be safe or get unique and add on a sunroom instead. 
Why shop harder when you can shop smarter? You can include furniture that looks high-end and buy discounted tile.

Convert To Open-Concept

Aside from something like marble, hardwood floors are the most valuable. The type of hardwood you use matters too. But if you already have hardwood, what you need to focus on is making sure you remove any scratches, make repairs, and refinish your hardwood floors.
This is more about staging than anything else. People don’t want to look at a small space with clutter. They want to see big, open spaces with minimal furniture to make it look even bigger

Deep And Wide Perception 

The biggest mistake people make when adding value to their home is they try and do everything themselves. Adding value to your home is not a DIY project. For bigger projects, like installing new tile or light fixtures, call a professional and let them do it.
Minimal interior desgin
Get Hardwood 


They should almost touch the ceiling and just brush the floor. Pooling can look awkward and bunching at the ceiling can too. To be safe, stick with this setup for the tallest-looking room with curtains. 
You want to follow your home’s natural pattern and make sure there is a clear path to walk through it. It will be difficult to show if your realtor and potential home buyers are dodging furniture.

Add On

Gardens also smell amazing and say a lot about the homeowner. Plant a small windowsill garden if you don’t have the space. But the larger, the better, within reason of course. 
Throw pillows and throw blankets make any room look cozier. So, add them to every bedroom and every living room. It will make people feel welcome like a fireplace or cookstove does. This might be the easiest and cheapest idea on the list.  You can get throw pillows in any style, so you will be re-using them. 
A duplex is a two-story house with two separate living spaces and is often rented out to two families by the homeowner. In this case, you can be the landlord, or you can sell the house as a duplex.

Get With The Flow

Repair Everything
Yes, it would. Before you put your home on the market, renovate your kitchen. You could start by replacing your old fridge with a new French three-door stainless steel refrigerator. You could also make sure the new refrigerator is fingerprint resistant.

How To Make Your House Look Expensive By Shopping Smart

How To Make Your House Look Expensive
how to make your house look expensive
Switch To Granite Or Marble

Reduce Costs For Buyers 

Natural lights windows
If you have the yard space and the money to add to your home, then do it. More square footage is your best bet. Although some people prefer the yard space, the square footage will get you a better return.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Would A Stainless-Steel Refrigerator Add Value To My Home?

Deep And Wide Perception 

What Is A Common Mistake People Make When Adding Value To Their Home?

The goal is happiness. And to get there, you should do what makes you happy. You want your house to look appealing, but according to your standards. When you sell your home, you want potential homebuyers to think it looks stunning.

What Are The Most Common Things People Do To Add Value To Their Homes?

This is a big project but adding an extra kitchen upstairs is beneficial. If you have a bathroom upstairs, you’ve already won half the battle. Convert one of the bedrooms to a living room and you’re done.

How Much Will A New Roof Increase My Home’s Value By?

The post Designer Secrets To Make Your House Look Expensive appeared first on Homedit.

Does Lawn Care Affect Property Value?

There are many things you can do to make your house look expensive. Here, we’ll share designer secrets how your home can look great while increasing its value.

How To Make Your House Look Expensive Conclusion

The more natural light, the better. No one has ever walked through a house and complained about too much natural light during a showing.
Instead of hiring a designer, get a few designer furniture pieces. It could be a rug, an accent chair, or a piece of art for your living room.

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