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DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table Projects For Beginners

A farmhouse kitchen table is the centerpiece of a dining room or eating area. Building a farmhouse table is a fun DIY home decor project. It may seem daunting, but once you get started, you’ll find that making a farmhouse table is easy. If you want to achieve a subtle rustic vibe, then a farmhouse…
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When working with a space that has plenty of natural light, use lighter colors to enhance your kitchen. Bold colors will help you create a central point with your farmhouse table.
DIY farmhouse table with extension

The Best Colors For A Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Outdoor dining table with matching benches

  • School House White
  • Sulking Room Pink
  • Bancha
  • Rangwali
  • Treron
  • Paean Black
  • De Nimes
  • Preference Red
  • Jitney

Kitchen Farmhouse Table Designs

The key ingredient for making this outdoor table look extra charming happens to be the base which actually contrasts with the top even through they’re both made of wood. The same base style was also applied to the benches. Be sure to head over to housefulofhandmade if you want more details.

Farmhouse Table And Bench Project

Farmhouse table with copper pipe legs
The weathered finish suits the table’s style. You can lean how to get this look by checking out the tutorial on theinspirationboard.

Handmade Dining Table

Farmhouse table plans - large
X brace with pipes -farmhouse table

Whitewashed Farmhouse Table

Here’s an easy project from instructables which teaches you how to build a farmhouse dining table and a bench with wood sourced from a home supply store. Look for kiln-dried heat-treated lumber for best results. The table has a removable top. Meanwhile, the bench is a mini version of the table with different proportions.
Round farmhouse tables are common in smaller kitchens. The tables are usually made with dark wood, like walnut, and they’re stained. 

X Legs Farmhouse Table

Simple designs give off a modern appeal when applied to furniture, like in the case of this box joint dining table. There is however a subtle farmhouse charm to this project and it lies in the details, like the way in which the top seems to almost hover above the base. Check out jenwoodhouse if you want the plans for this design.
X base wood farmhouse table

Farmhouse Table With Drop Leaf

Pedestal tables aren’t usually the subject of DIY projects because they’re a bit more complicated than your typical four-legged dining table. However, if you’d like to try your hand at something like this consider a farmhouse style. This design from hertoolbelt is a good starter project.
This farmhouse table has classic design, complemented by a matching bench. The dark stain finish creates an overall look that screams “rustic charm.” Head over to addicted2diy to find out more about this inspiring project.

X Legs And Pipes

There’s one detail which we haven’t really focused on so far, expect for that one other project featured earlier: Extension leaves are very practical in the case of a dining table even when they’re not adding that much more tabletop space. In the case of this project that we found on sweettoothsweetlife it’s about making the sides just wide enough to become more comfortable when someone sits down at either end of the table.

DIY Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse table with extension
If you’re a fan of the X brace farmhouse design there’s also a nice project tutorial on cherishedbliss which you can check out to find out more about this type of table. The metal pipe support beam is a nice design detail as well.

Beautiful Farmhouse Table

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table
We’re going to end this list with one of the most classic-looking farmhouse tables we can think of. It’s a simple table with four solid wood legs and a wooden top. There are no embellishments or unnecessary little design details which would often be the case with this sort of tables. Check out the plans on boxycolonial.

Farmhouse Table With Extension

It’s simple and just a bit chunky which is the perfect combo for a modern table that also has a bit of farmhouse charm. This design from bybrittanygoldwyn is ideal. if you want a small dining table for your outdoor deck or if you want to set up a cute al fresco dining area in the garden for example.
White farmhouse table with rattan chairs

Classic Farmhouse Table

Safety is another concern. Accidents happen in the kitchen. If you have children it make sure your farmhouse kitchen table is childproof. If your kitchen has poor lighting, add additional light fixtures. that
A carpenter’s workbench would be a good rustic kitchen table. Used workbenches can be found at local flea markets. You can also find them on Craigslist and phone apps like OfferUp.

Farmhouse Table With Box Joints

Notice the sculptural table legs and the white base which contrasts with the dark-stained wooden top. Check out iheartnaptime for more information on this project.
The best child-friendly wood to use for a kitchen table is either engineered wood or solid wood. Do not use wood surfaces that haven’t been sanded and primed. Splinters are a problem with all wood surfaces, so you’ll need to make sure your table doesn’t have any. Kiln-dried wood is another option, but it’s also more expensive. 

Modern Farmhouse Table

For those who are serious about farmhouse decor, this tutorial on eastcoastcreativeblog will be worth your time. The legs and base are thin compared to the proportions of the table top. 
Reclaimed wood is perfect for DIY farmhouse-inspired projects because imperfections and ruggedness are actually embraced in this case. That also applied to outdoor furniture in general which is often more chunky and robust compared to the indoor kind. Check it out on tableandhearth for more details.

Outdoor Table With Bench

To safeguard your wood table from termites, one DIY remedy would be to cover it with aloe vera. However, the most popular option is to use termite-resistant polish.
Start with a simple dining table. Choose a table with straight lines. You don’t want a table that has odd angles and corners. The design featured here can be found on cherishedbliss.

Small Wooden Table For Outdoor Deck

Small outdoor coffee table DIY
Easy farmhouse kitchen table

Outdoor Table With Reclaimed Wood 

A farmhouse kitchen table is the centerpiece of a dining room or eating area. Building a farmhouse table is a fun DIY home decor project. It may seem daunting, but once you get started, you’ll find that making a farmhouse table is easy.
Here are the latest kitchen farmhouse table designs. Each table illustrates the latest in rustic table design.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table

If you want to achieve a subtle rustic vibe, then a farmhouse table is the way to go. Here, we’ll provide you with examples that will inspire your next kitchen table project.
With smaller spaces and limited light, you don’t need a heavy contrast on the walls. A tonal color monochrome theme will help soften the room and thus making the space look bigger.

Support Beam Table With Bench 

Let’s check out other table designs and plans, like the one featured on buildsomething. The X frame supports the table and offers rustic charm. 
Farmhouse Style Round Pedestal Table

Farmhouse table with copper pipe legs

Support beam table and bench combo
An x brace dining table with industrial hints

Hairpin Leg Dining Table

Can’t decide which color your DIY farmhouse kitchen table should be? Check out these unique colors that would complement any kitchen design.
I’m sure you’re somewhat familiar with this type of table and in particular this sort of base. The style is often a symbol of farmhouse design and, as it turns out, building something like this completely from scratch is not exactly rocket science. The tutorial from erinspain tells you everything you need to know about the entire process and it even covers these lovely benches.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

DIY farmhouse white washed
This dining table has a chunky wooden top but its legs are actually copper pipes and the combination looks magnificent. For more details check out abeautifulmess.

X Brace Table 

The table design featured on cherishedbliss offers an X brace. It has a strong wood base at the bottom for additional balance.
A modern farmhouse table

Standard Dining Table

The post DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table Projects For Beginners appeared first on Homedit.
Metal hairpin table legs are common. They’re versatile, easy to install, and they come in different sizes. Once you’ve figured this out, all you need to find is reclaimed wood. Check out the tutorial on themerrythought for useful information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Can I Protect My Farmhouse Kitchen Table From Termites?

A handmade burlap table runner is made from ecological jute and provides an eco-friendly and rustic style. 

What Is A Nautical Burlap Table Runner?

You’ll like what domesticimperfections has to offer. The top is the same as the others we’ve seen so far and the difference here is the structure of the base. It has a nice continuous frame with footrests on all sides and we have to say that this type of design actually gives it an even more authentic farmhouse vibe. 

Which Repurposed Items Can I Use For A Farmhouse Kitchen Table?

How do you even make a farmhouse table look modern, you might be asking yourself. The same applies to anything that you can build at home, this beautiful table included. For more details about it, check out woodshopdiaries.

What Kind Of Wood Should I Use To Childproof A Farmhouse Kitchen Table?

Farmhouse wood table DIY

Do They Make Round Farmhouse Tables?

It brings character to the room and also makes for a great conversation starter. Check out this tutorial from honeybearlane.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Conclusion

DIY Table for dining area
Turning reclaimed wood into an outdoor table
Every kitchen should have a table big enough to accommodate those who live in the home. Don’t forget it the kitchen needs cleaning. An easy-to-clean farmhouse kitchen table is less maintenance for you in the long run.
A straight cut standard dining table
Modern and simple DIY Table

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