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Don’t Get Left in the Dark: Get a Propane Generator

Do you live in an area where the power goes out on a regular basis? Then you’ll probably want to consider a propane generator. Even if you are camping, you’ll want some kind of electricity (if you are not roughing it) so it’s important to know what to look for in propane generators. Generally, you’ll…
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There is a three-year limited warranty should there be any issues with this generator.
It has a run time up to 17 hours, which is more hours than all the other generators we’ve rounded up today, but the catch is, it’s good powering up RV’s and your homes in a pinch. There’s also an optional parallel kit that can give you additional power.
If you are looking for the best value for your money, the Durostar DS10000E generator is one worth considering. It gives out at least 10,000 watts and it has a 457-cc gas engine. You can fill it up with gas in the 8.3-gallon fuel tank. The engine is a 4-cycle air-cooled spark ignition, so it won’t overheat while powering up your RV or a jobsite that you need electricity for.

Top 3 Picks

Coming in second, the Westinghouse also has a lot of power. It can generate up to 12000 watts and that seems to be more than enough for most users.
They tend to be loud, and you’ll need to regularly buy a propane cylinder to keep the generator going. Also, you’ll have to do maintenance sometimes such as oil changes.
Etq TG32P31/TG32P31DF Gas Powered Generator
Solar generators are usually quieter than their gas counterparts. However, the smaller propane/gas dual generators don’t make as much noise as a large one would.
Finally, the Etq TG32P31 Generator is another small powered one that can power up an RV with no issues. It has 4000 watts, but when it’s running it’s 3600 watts. It’s fueled by gas. It has a 13-hour run time even if it’s at 50%, so if it’s fully filled it has a 26 hour run time.

What is a propane generator?

The WEN made this list because it is dual and has a decent amount of wattage. Plus, it’s portable.

Propane Vs Gas Vs Solar Generators

Source of Energy

This is our favorite propane generator because it has the power and the accessories. The DuroMax is a dual fuel generator that packs a lot of punch. It can also generate power up to 12000 watts and it has accessories which are always nice to have.
The A-iPower generator is a dual generator that uses both propane and gas. It’s another smaller one with 2000 watts. If you are running it on gas, you will get 1600 running watts of power. If you are running it on a 20lb propane, you will get about 1500 running watts of power.
You’ll have to buy gas on a regular basis to ensure that the generator keeps going. Also, you’ll have to do some maintenance such as oil change to ensure the generator works as it should.


WEN DF475T Dual Fuel Portable Generator
Solar generators work by utilizing batteries, solar panels and inverters for electricity. While it’s expensive to have either of the three to purchase initially, in the long run, it’s more cost efficient.

How do these generators work?

To get a good idea what kind of engine power you’ll get with a specific propane generator, you should check out the engine power rating. The power rating tells you how powerful the engine is. For example, some will say it has engine power of 10 HP. While that’s quite powerful, it’s still not powerful enough to be considered an industrial generator. Industrial generators usually have a much higher HP that may be better for powering a house.
Gas and Propane generators work when you turn on the generators usually with a push button or you use a key to turn the generator on. They then use the energy source to provide power to your house, RV or small things that need electricity.

Which generators are best for powering up a house?

WEN DF475T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Which generators are quieter?

There is a three-year limited warranty should there be any issues with the Westinghouse WGEN9500DF generator.

What are the downsides of these generators?


This is one of the most important aspects you should look for because you’ll need to know how much power the generator can put out. Some generators can do 4000 watts and others could do 12000 watts. You’ll need to decide what you’re using the generator for so that you can decide how much power output you’ll need from the generator.


There is an inverter technology that allows you to charge your phones, laptops and other small electronics safely which is a huge bonus. This is the lightest option in this roundup, weighing in at 55 pounds, so you can bring this camping/tailgating. The A-iPower also comes with parallel cables so that you can link them to the generator to increase the wattage to 4000. You will like that it’s super quiet at 52 decibels so you can go about your day without worrying about the noise.


Gas generators let out emissions and are not as clean as the propane one.

Which one is the best?

The WEN has a 4-gallon tank, and it can supply power for about 11 hours (7 hours on propane). This generator is CARB compliant so that’s always great to know. It comes with two 120V GFCI outlets, 1 NEMA 120/240 30A Twist Lock, a 12V cigarette lighter. For the accessories, it comes with a bottle of oil, wheel and handle kit, and a 47-inch LPG hose.

What you should look for in a propane generator

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Power Output


Engine Capacity


Engine Power

A propane generator is a device that produces electricity when there is no electricity readily available.

Output Ports

This generator has DuroMax M2 technology which means that you can get 240 volts out of the generator or you can choose to do just the 120V. It’s reliable as it’s made out of metal. As far as ports, there are 2 household outlets, 1 heavy-duty outlet, 1 120/240 30A twist lock, and 1 120V 30A twist lock. The extra accessories that you get with the DuroStar generator is oil funnel, spark plug wrench, tool kit, wheel kit, DC cables and of course the manual.


Five hours give or take. Generators will use two to three pounds per hour while running.

Best Propane Generators On The Market

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The post Don’t Get Left in the Dark: Get a Propane Generator appeared first on Homedit.
If you are going to shell out money, you’ll want to make sure that the propane generator comes with a warranty in case something really does happen. Most brands offer 2-3 years warranty, so make sure you read about the warranty before you purchase your propane generator.
Propane generators sometimes the dual ones use both gas and propane. Otherwise, they use a propane tank solely.
This is a dual fuel generator that can use either gas or propane, so that you’ll always have a backup. If you want to use gas, you can just fill it up in the 6.6-gallon tank. Note when you are running on gas, you get about 12 hours of run time. If using your 20lb propane tank, you’ll get 11200 peak watts with the same amount of run time. The Westinghouse comes with two household switches, one transfer switch, one RV switch and two 5V USB ports that are protected with a rubber cover.

Propane Generator

  • Very powerful
  • Remote start
  • Comes with varying port options
  • 3-year warranty
Propane Generator

  • Powers up to 10,000 watts
  • RV ready
  • Comes with extra accessories
Propane Generator

  • Dual fuel options
  • DuroMax M2 technology
Propane Generator

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Dual Fuel
  • CARB compliant
Propane Generator

  • Silent and quiet generator
  • Parallel kit
  • 3-year warranty
Propane Generator

  • Quiet
  • Small perfect for RV’s
  • Can also charge phones, laptops and other small electronics safely
  • Parallel cables when linked can increase wattage to 4000
Propane Generator

  • Small
  • Gives out a lot of power for its size
  • Has circuit breaker protection
The Etq TG32P31 generator comes with a limited warranty should there be any problems with the generator.

  • May not be powerful enough for some people


Is a propane generator better than gas?

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Generator

How long will a 20lb propane tank last on a generator?

Propane generators do let out some emissions, but you are burning clean fuel so it’s not as bad as the gas ones.

Is it cheaper to run a generator on gas or propane?

Since these are powered by gas, you’ll want to look for capacity in cc. The more cc an engine has, the more likely it’s larger and can last longer. It also means that it has a lot more power. Ideally, you’ll want to find engines that have at least 400 cc so that you can get the most use out of it.

How long will a 30lb propane tank run on a generator?


Bottom Line

Here is another dual fuel generator that you should consider by DuroMax. The DuroMax XP12000EH runs on both gas and propane, so you have that flexibility to change between the two if you would like. You can get up to 12000 watts and can power up your RV, home or whichever you need power for easily. When it’s running, there is 9000 watts, so that’s still a lot of power that you can get from this generator.
Gas generators use gas, sometimes you will see a dual one that uses propane as well.

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