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Easy DIY Easter Crafts And Project Ideas For The Whole Family

The post Easy DIY Easter Crafts And Project Ideas For The Whole Family appeared first on Homedit.
In the mood to do some crafting? Now is the perfect time because Easter is coming and there’s tons of lovely and interesting projects that are themed around it. We’re super excited to get started on some of these DIY Easter crafts and we can’t wait for you to check them out as well and…




It’s not really Easter without a few decorated eggs. These lace eggs sure look beautiful and they’d make lovely decorations. You can paint them in any color you like although this teal nuance definitely looks beautiful in combination with the white lace. These are wooden eggs so you’ll be able to reuse them next year and the one after that. 
Every year it’s fun to come up with a different way of decorating the Easter eggs and it’s great to have so many good ideas to choose from. One that we like in particular comes from roseclearfield. This idea involves sheet music and can be personalized if you have a favorite song that you’d like to use in particular for this occasion. The eggs also have little decorative ribbons which give them a touch of color and texture. 
This project from danslelakehouse puts together of the most common Easter decorations: wreaths and eggs. It’s an egg wreath and it looks quite lovely with all the decorative moss in the back and all around the edges. The chicken wire holds all the eggs and everything else in place and we love the little flowers sprinkled here and there. 
Here’s a nice little trick: you can take a plain white string light garland and transform it so each bulb looks like an adorable little bunny. Just make some cute little felt ears and a pink pom0pom nose for each and it’s look super cute. You can also add a couple of tiny felt flowers as well. This charming idea comes from akailochiclife. 
It could also be nice to have something to display on your front porch and this Easter bunny from myrecipeconfessions is perfect for that. You can make this out of reclaimed wood which gives you an opportunity to put to use any leftovers you might have from previous projects or to work with pallets for the very first time. The bow adds a really nice touch of color to the design. 
Easter mantel decorations pastels
These cute burlap bunnies could also hold a few treats but they also be just purely decorative. They’re super easy to make out of burlap fabric which you can decorate with little colored polka dots if you want to. You’ll need a sewing machine to make this a lot faster and easier. You can find all the instructions on landeeseelandeedo. 
Starting from the traditional Easter egg you can turn this into a bit of an abstract concept and create Easter egg decorations like the ones featured on elsarblog. You can use different types of eggs of different sizes for this and decorate each type in a different and unique way. To make these colored ones you’ll need paint in three different colors which you need to pour over the eggs and let it mix so you get these patterns. 
You can also incorporate the eggs into all sorts of different kinds of projects and make things like this beautiful wall hanging from ohohdeco. It’s made using rope, wooden beads and rings, a dowel and egg shells filled with cute little spring flowers. It would make an amazing decoration for the living or dining room just about now. 
Need something to display on your mantel? How about a few cute spring flowers, a little Easter wreath and some colorful ornaments to go with them? You could paint a few eggs in the same colors as the flowers and add a few other things like some wooden bunnies, also painted, and a little bird house too? You can find more details about this Easter mantel decor on birdsparty. 
Nothing says Easter like a huge carrot, does it? This is actually a cool idea for a welcome sign or an alternative to the usual wreath. You can have this displayed on your front door or in the entryway to welcome your guests and to put a smile on their faces. You can find a tutorial for this carrot door hanger on averageinspired.
Decoupage eggs Easter
What do wreaths and bunnies have in common? They’re both cute and beautiful and this project puts the two themes together to create the ultimate Easter wreath. To make this you actually multiple grapevine wreaths of different sizes for the body, head and ears and you can decorate them all with your favorite type of spring flowers. Add a big bow that matches the color scheme and a big flower too and you’ll surely love it. Check out the tutorial for this bunny wreath on gardenclc. 
Wooden Bunnies
Spring wall decor diy
How to Make a Bunny Boxwood Wreath Easter Decor
DIY Flower Crown Bunny String Light Garland
What a glorious pile of Easter eggs and a really cool way to display them too. This topiary is definitely the way to go if you want to make a statement or to create an interesting focal point for your decor. You’ll need plenty of eggs if you want to make something like this, around 36 in total. Paint and decorate them however you want before you add them to the topiary. Check out the tutorial on sandandsisal first. 
Mini Rosemary Wreaths Spring Table Decor
This cute bunny-shaped pillow is adorable and would make a lovely decoration any day of the year but even more so around Easter. You can make using the template provided on amylattacreations and you can use any color or type of fabric you want. A soft pastel gives it a lovely look and goes really well with fluffy white pom-pom tail as well. 
DIY Acorn Eggs Fall Decor
DIY framed Easter decoration Crafts Unleashed
The post Easy DIY Easter Crafts And Project Ideas For The Whole Family appeared first on Homedit.
In the mood to do some crafting? Now is the perfect time because Easter is coming and there’s tons of lovely and interesting projects that are themed around it. We’re super excited to get started on some of these DIY Easter crafts and we can’t wait for you to check them out as well and pick your favorites. They’re all cute and simple so anyone can enjoy them.
Happy easter sign
This framed Happy Easter decoration is something cute that you can display on your fireplace mantel, on a shelf or up on a wall. You can also hang this on the front door instead of a traditional wreath to greet your guests and to make the place look festive. You can find a tutorial for this on consumercrafts in case you want to give this project a try. 
Can’t decide on a single color for your beautiful Easter eggs? How about some rainbow eggs instead? There’s a really cool and easy technique that you can use to make these and it involves paper towels and food coloring. It’s one of favorite projects and if you want to find out more about it or check out a bunch of other ideas, head over to kitchenfunwithmy3sons.
Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny
Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath
Grapevine Bunny Wreath
This Easter project requires a while bunch of buttons in different colors which is great if you already have some. Group them into three different piles and combine similar color tones together so you get this depth effect and added texture when you layer them to make this Easter egg decoration. We love how simple and creative this project is. You can find it on acultivatednest.
These are not your regular Easter bunnies but they sure do look funny and quite cute as well. the reason why they’re so strange is because they’re actually made of wooden planks. They have big pink noses and visible teeth and you can make a bunch of these in different sizes to display around the house or out on the porch. You can find out more about these bunnies on creativemeinspiredyou. 
Welcome spring and Easter with a beautiful floral wreath. You can make this one out of a wooden embroidery hoop which gives it a very simple and delicate look. The flowers are beautiful and they’re actually made of crepe paper in different colors. There’s also a few green leaves for contrast and the wooden hoop was painted green as well to match the theme. 
Mini Jute Wrapped Basket easter
DIY Lace Easter Eggs
Egg wreath done aqua
DIY Crepe Paper Floral Spring Wreath Project
Nest flower arrangement craft berry bush
Here’s another design idea for a grapevine bunny wreath and this one is super adorable as well. We love the shape and the cute little feet but especially the big flower bouquet. It’s a really cool combination of colors and you can add your own twist to this if you want to make it special. Check out delineateyourdwelling for more wonderful Easter wreath ideas like this one. 
If you’ve ever made any ornaments out of yarn you’re probably already familiar with this technique. It involves small balloons, yarn and Mod Podge and it’s very simple. The trick is to inflate the balloons just enough so they get this oval shape so once you pop them in the end you’re left with egg-shaped yarn decorations. Check out craftbyphoto for more details. 
Easter bunny wreath DIY
Decoupage eggs could look really cool as Easter decorations too and they can also be quite fun to make as well. All you need is some paper mache eggs, scrapbooking paper, Mod Podge and a paintbrush or a decoupage sponge. You can display these alongside regular Easter eggs to create a beautiful arrangement. More details can be found on firstdayofhome. 
Spring carrot door decor craft
DIY Easter Egg Button Craft
Floral ornaments and arrangements are incredibly versatile because they can be customized in so many different ways. This one for example has a subtle Easter-themed design because of all the eggs that went into making it. All the different flowers used here look really beautiful and complement each other in a fresh and enjoyable way. Check out monsterscircus for details about this project. 
If you like candles these can be incorporated into your Easter crafts as well. This for instance is a beautiful centerpiece with a bouquet of white candles tied together in the middle and a few little eggs around it. The wooden bunny tag adds a festive look to this whole arrangement. Head over to elsarblog to see exactly how this is made. 
Paper Easter Wreath
Did you know you can repurpose your plastic Easter eggs and turn them into Thanksgiving or fall decorations. It’s actually so simple it’s amazing. Just take a plastic egg, spray paint it if you have to, then wrap some yarn around its wonder section applying glue along the way. The yarn will make the eggs look like acorns. 
Easter Bunny Candy Treat Jars
Yarn Easter Egg Tutorial Easter Crafts
We know you loved the other bunny-shaped wreaths so here’s another one to add to the collection. This particular one is decorated with boxwood sprigs which gives this really fresh look and texture. As you can see, it’s quite small and it fits inside a picture frame so you really don’t need that many supplies to make it. You don’t need regular-sized wreaths, just some wire and faux greenery. Check out the tutorial on simplicityinthesouth for more info. 
Make your own abstract eggs for Easter
Even something super simple and classic can look lovely if you give it a personal touch. This is just a little basket filled with Easter eggs but it looks really lovely because the basket is handmade out of a plastic cup and a bunch of jute twine. It’s a really simple project and you should definitely try it sometime. You can find a tutorial for it on diys. 
DIY Easter Flower Decoration
Easy Burlap Bunnies polka dot
If you’re in need of a clever and cute way to store and display some Easter treats, you can always count on Mason jars to be of help. This is a really lovely way to decorate the jars using bunny-shaped stickers and paint. You can still see the contents and the jars look adorable. The idea comes from happinessishomemade so head over there for more details. 
You can also make a beautiful Easter wreath out of paper. First, you’ll need to get yourself a bunch of sheets of paper in different colors and with various patterns on them. A bunch of pastel colors could look really nice in this case, giving you that Eastern-inspired look. You can find the instructions for this wreath in the tutorial shared by darice. 
Add a few special little touches to the dinner table as well to make this event feel a bit more special. A cute idea would be to make one of these little decorations for each person sitting at the table. You need small pots, mini rosemary wreaths and eggs to make this happen. It’s simple but it adds a really nice touch to the table setting. You can check out the project on satoridesignforliving if you’re interested. 
Bunny Grapevine Wreath
This wreath is not shaped like a bunny but actually made out of a bunch of tiny bunnies. These are in fact peeps which makes this wreath sweet both literally and figuratively. The peeps come various different colors and you can use them all to turn this into a rainbow wreath. Use them all to cover up a foam wreath using toothpicks to keep them in place. This sweet project is featured on triedandtrueblog. 
This moss bunny is super easy and fast to make so it really is a perfect last-minute Easter decoration in case you don’t have a lot of time to put into the preparations. All you need to make this cute bunny is a moss sheet, a poster board, a hot glue gun and a bit of twine. You can of course go ahead and dress up your bunny and add more details and decorations to it if you want to. 
This spring nest flower arrangement could look beautiful as a table centerpiece. As you can see, it’s shaped like a bird’s nest which is perfect because it means you can add a few Easter eggs in there as well and they’ll fit in seamlessly. If you want to see the list of supplies needed for this DIY Easter craft head over to craftberrybush for a tutorial. 
This Easter wreath is made without using any flowers or other colorful decorations and yet it looks super cute and lovely. It’s also a very easy project which requires only a few supplies like a bunch of wooden beads in different sizes, 2mm thick wire, pliers, a bunny template which you can make yourself and some nylon thread. Check it out on ohohdeco for more details. 
Easter Egg Topiary Tree
DIY Sheet Music Plastic Easter Eggs
Beautiful way to decorate candles Diy

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