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Easy Fall Craft Ideas For Cozy And Stylish Homes

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Every season is exciting in its own way. Fall brings with it a wonderful feeling of coziness and warmth, in spite of the fact that the weather actually gets colder. Trees shed their leaves and nature changes its colors, revealing beautiful shades of red, orange, brown, and yellow. These changes inspire us to decorate our…




Need some plush pumpkins to fall-ify your couch? Look no further than this easy fall craft where you can use stuffing, drop cloth, and a needle and thread to make cute plush pumpkins. You can find the instructions on Hoot Shack and have fun making these adorable little cushions for all the surfaces of your home!
But when you really want to fall-ify your home, it’s definitely time to take a look at some fall décor crafts that can transform the entire look of your home with just a few hours of work! Make some pumpkin plush pillow for your couch, hang a fall wreath, and make your very own pumpkin spice candle and before you know it, your home will be the coziest on the street!
Not only will you want to make one of these for yourself, but you might as well make a few extra for friends because they will definitely ask where you got it!

When is it Time to Make Fall Crafts?

The fall season usually begins in September, this means you can start making your fall crafts sometime in August. But when you are finished making them, set them aside and don’t put them out just yet.
It can be a symbol, a message, or a silhouette. You can also adjust this project to make something beautiful for winter or for spring when the time comes.

What Materials Do You Use for Making Fall Crafts?

Brass Tack Wreath

Best materials for fall crafts

  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Hay
  • Sunflowers
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Faux Crows

They’re cute, easy to make, yet they will take your dinner table to a whole new level. Just grab some acorn caps, felt balls, and twine next time you are at the craft store and you’ll have a plethora of these napkin rings ready to go in a few hours!

When Can I Put Out Fall Craft Décor?

Glass Bowl Decorative Candle
Yes, you need a lot of tacks for this project and you’d need a lot more if you’d also have to cover up the backside of the wreath, but that’s just not worth it.

Are Halloween Crafts Fall Décor?

The post Easy Fall Craft Ideas For Cozy And Stylish Homes appeared first on Homedit.

Are Thanksgiving Crafts Fall Décor?

Like Halloween, Thanksgiving is another large holiday that comes during the fall season. And thus Thanksgiving crafts also qualify as fall crafts. If you have made Thanksgiving crafts as décor, it is a good idea to set these aside until after Halloween.

How Can I Decorate for Fall When I Have No Money?

Struggling to figure out what materials to use in your fall crafts? Generally, fall crafts tend to focus on the harvest and changing weather. This means that anything you would find in your yard during the changing of the seasons can be used in your décor.

How Do I Make My House Cozy for Fall?

While on the subject of pumpkin décor, you may also want to hang some pumpkins on your walls. Do just that with this easy fall craft idea for coffee filter leaf and pumpkin garland from Three Kids Three Cats And A Husband. Be aware that this craft can come across looking a bit like a science experiment as you dye the filters, so be sure to get the kids involved for an afternoon of fun!
If you have some extra time on your hands and you don’t mind long, repetitive tasks, check out this fall brass and copper tack wreath. It’s made using a foam wreath form, 2,800 brass flat head thumbtacks, and some copper wire ribbon.

Best Simple Fall Craft Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

1. Glass Bowl Decorative Candle

Upcycled Jar Candles
As the weather turns from warm to cold, you’ll find that your kids are underfoot more than they are outside. Put them to work one afternoon making these easy fall craft suncatchers from Crafts By Amanda with items you likely already have lying around the home. You can make stencils in whatever shape you would like, but to stick with the fall theme make shapes like pumpkins, apples, or acorns!
Wood Slice Wreath

2. Upcycled Jar Candles

Fall Snow Globe
Coffee Filter Pumpkin Garland

3. Twine Mason Jars

Leaf String Lights
You take a jar, you clean it and you remove the label if there is one, then you wrap some twine around its center and you add a metal washer as a central ornament at the end. You can use the jars as centerpieces.
A lot of the decorations which we display in our homes involve candles. The decorations can be super simple and can at the same time look very beautiful and charming. For example, there are a lot of great ways in which you can make a fall ornament using a glass bowl and a candle.

4. Leaf Bowl Candle Holders

Mason jars and twine are another great combo. There are a lot of lovely ways in which to decorate the jars using twine and this is one of our favorites. The idea is simple.
Nothing says fall quite like some good pumpkin décor. But items like glass pumpkins can often cost a pretty penny. Instead, follow these directions on Single Girl’s DIY to make some beautiful glass pumpkins using items you can find at the dollar store. You will just need a computer, some paint, and pumpkins to paint over!
Instead, you should wait until the weather begins to cool and the season actually begins. Generally, this is sometime between mid to late September.

5. Leaf String Lights

Wreaths are very common decorations that can be customized to suit any theme or occasion. A fall wreath could be made using wood rounds.
Halloween is a big holiday that happens during the fall season. Therefore, Halloween crafts can typically be included in fall décor. But you will need to take note, as these decorations should be taken down after the holiday (October 31st) and replaced with more general fall décor.

6. Wood Slice Wreath

Beaker Leaf Vases
Autumn Spice Candles
Want to make your house cozy for the season? Not to worry, as you can make your home cozy for fall very easily just by putting out some candles, and swapping the summer throw on your couch for a winter one.

7. Brass Tack Wreath

Acorn Napkin Rings
Chances are you are very proud of the fall crafts you have made yourself. But if you are making them before the season, don’t put them out just yet.
Speaking of fall and candles, a nice idea can be to upcycle jars and to turn them into stylish containers in which to display autumn-inspired decorations. Check out three of our ideas which we mentioned a while back. You can decorate the jars with ribbon, leaves or you can spray paint the interior. Inside you can put candles or other ornaments.

8. Rustic Welcome Sign

Make a cute rustic sign to welcome fall into your home. You’ll need a piece of hardwood, a drill, some twine, white paint, a fine paintbrush, chalk, and a stencil or a paper printout of what you want to paint on the sign.
Baskets and the fall season often go hand in hand. This is because the fall has typically been associated with the time of year that farmers completed their harvest. Show the whole neighborhood you are ready for fall by making this bountiful basket wreath on Craftivity Designs for your door.
Accent pillows are very effective at setting the right mood or capturing the essence of a decor’s theme so if you’re planning on prepping your home for fall you might enjoy this project. The idea is to make foiled pillows using a white t-shirt (or a blank pillowcase), Deco Foil Hot Melt adhesive sheets, and Deco Foil in various colors and leaf templates.

9. Beaker Leaf Vases

Every season is exciting in its own way. Fall brings with it a wonderful feeling of coziness and warmth, in spite of the fact that the weather actually gets colder.
Another one of our favorite fall craft ideas is to make beaker leaf vases. We love how simple, clean and fresh these little vases look and how easy it is to make these decorations.
Use a plate as a template and arrange the wood pieces around its edge, making sure they overlap so you can glue them together. You can decorate your wood slice wreath with a burlap bow and a few faux flowers.

10. Fall Accent Pillows

Rustic Welcome Sign
But, of course, don’t forget that the fall includes many holidays and you can use items from these holidays in your crafts, such as jack o lanterns and skeletons from the Halloween holiday, or a cornucopia from the Thanksgiving holiday.
This easy fall craft will only take you an hour or two to make and just uses a mason jar, and foliage that can be found in your own backyard. Find the full guide on The Soccer Mom Blog, then send the kids gathering because this is a weekend project you won’t want to miss!

11. DIY Rae Dunn Pumpkins

Fall Accent Pillows
There are never enough pumpkins to go around each fall season. So when you have already made all of the above pumpkin crafts on this list, these paper pumpkins by DIY Inspired, should be your next go-to easy fall craft. Made out of paper, tape, glue, sticks, and twine, you can spend an entire afternoon making these to cover every surface of your home. And don’t be afraid to do some out of red paper and make them apples while you’re at it!

12. Coffee Filter Pumpkin Garland

DIY Rae Dunn Pumpkins
Aren’t these leaf bowl votive candle holders just charming? You’re probably thinking there’s no way you can find these at your local stores but there’s no need since you can actually craft them yourself from scratch.

13. Acorn Napkin Rings

All you need is beaker vases and foliate or seasonal flowers. each vase will only hold one stem and that’s what makes the vases so charming in the first place. They look best when displayed in groups.
Snow globes are a decoration that is typically associated with winter. But did you know you can make a gorgeous fall one too?
Leaf Bowl Candle Holders

14. Fall Suncatchers

Fall Suncatchers
Basket Wreath

15. Plush Pumpkins

When you are on an especially tight budget, it can often be easier to repurpose the items you have around the house rather than buying new decorations. Do just that with this easy fall craft idea by The Honeycomb Home where you will be recovering your favorite books to fit the holiday season. All you need for this project is some paper, plaid fall-themed ribbon, and a little creativity and before you know it, your home will have a whole new look.
Trees shed their leaves and nature changes its colors, revealing beautiful shades of red, orange, brown, and yellow. These changes inspire us to decorate our homes accordingly. We’ve prepared a bunch of fall craft ideas that will hopefully inspire you.

16. Basket Wreath

There are plenty of DIY fall project ideas on this list that you can use to make beautiful fall crafts without any money. This is because you can generally gather a lot of the materials you need for fall crafts in your very own backyard! Plus, you can typically repurpose scraps of old crafts into fall décor.
Of course, you could paint the leaves onto the pillowcase too but the effect wouldn’t be the same and the die might wash off easily.
You probably have some string lights which you use to decorate the Christmas tree or you keep for other events and thanks to this fabulous project idea you can now also turn them into beautiful fall decorations. The idea is to make leaf string lights and for that, you need shrinky dinks (which are basically just flexible sheets of plastic), permanent markers, leaf stencils, scissors, a hot glue gun, and scissors.

17. Fall Snow Globe

Fall is such an amazing season that many people wish that it could last all year long! But because it doesn’t, you should probably hold off making fall crafts until close to the beginning of the season. Because crafts take some time, it is okay to make them a little bit in advance of the beginning of the season.
Plush Pumpkins
Fall Book Covers

18. Fall Book Covers

As long as you’ve got a hanging basket on hand, designing this easy fall craft is a breeze. Plus you can personalize it by stuffing it with your favorite faux fall veggies.
Paper Pumpkins

19. Paper Pumpkins

All you need is some artificial leaves, Mod Podge, a small bowl, and plastic wrap. The project is surprisingly simple and very creative.
Planning to host a fancy dinner this fall season? Then you definitely need to make these felt acorn napkin rings from Tikkido.

20. Autumn Spice Candles

Twine Mason Jars
easy fall crafts
Place the candle in the bowl/ container and add a few ornaments around it. These can be pinecones, popcorn kernels, cinnamon sticks, a piece of rope, or even beans of different colors.
Overall, whether or not you love pumpkin spice, or prefer a bucket of apples, fall is the perfect time to redecorate your home. And when you are on a budget, you better pull out this list to get the job done without breaking your wallet. So no matter what look you are going for, it’s time to grab those scissors, and all your orange-colored material, and start working on these easy fall crafts to decorate your house for the season.
Although you’ve probably made quite a few candles already, this next easy fall craft for an autumn spice candle by Anns Entitled Life is the one candle your collection is missing. You’ll pour the wax yourself for this project, after mixing in Apple Pie Spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves into the melted mixture to create the perfect fall scent.

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