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Elevate Your Space With These Red Bar Stool Ideas

Red is perfect for adding just a touch of life to a room. If this is something you’re interested in but not yet committed to, why not explore your options before making a decision? The color red is particularly influential in kitchen and dining areas, considering the color’s effect on appetite and mood. Adding a…
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Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool
Are you thinking more like a “paint bucket of red”? That’s a respectable choice, friend—but there are a few things you should keep in mind before going all in.
Another major factor you’ll want to consider before making a purchase is the materials used to make the bar stool. You should check the materials of the 1) frame, 2) upholstery, and 3) cushion filling. These materials can affect things such as how easy the stool is to clean, how durable it is, and how it looks and feels. Here are common materials for each of the three components of a bar stool:
Here are some tips:

Tips for Decorating with Red

Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool
Here, a homey wood-based kitchen and bar is given a breath of life via red accessories—including these chic 60s-esque bar stools! With a round cushioned seat, a high disconnected back, and a metallic frame finish that really plays with the round spiral look, these chairs are both practical and eye-catching. Oh, and the black-capped feet will help keep your kitchen or dining room floor protected from scrapes and scratches. Your guests will feel comfortable and ready to chat it up while sitting in these gorgeous bar stools. Try serving up some banana splits or root beer floats to give your get-together the ultimate 60s diner feel!

Pop of Color

The Scandinavian style is quite similar to the country cottage style in that it places great importance on the concepts of light and airiness; it’s similar to mid-century modern in that it promotes minimalism and a clean look. A bar stool made in this style will probably feature a light-colored wood or metal frame and an overall low profile.
Faux leather gives it a semi-glossy look and makes it a breeze to clean, while its stainless-steel frame and base offer ample support for those long evening chats. The foam filling, height-adjustability, and included footrest will keep your guests feeling comfy for the duration of their visit!

  • Consider a red window seat or chair cushion.
  • Choose a single centerpiece (or decoration) that you would like to be red.
  • Add a painting with a pop of red or use a wallpaper featuring this color.
  • Place a little bit of red foliage in the room.
  • Decorate with red objects you can put away or take down easily (like books or blankets).

Going All In

The Latitude Run Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool features a design similar to that of our previous pick, with two key distinctions: 1) This one is in a much brighter shade of red, and 2) it’s made with PU fabric for an enthusing leathery look.

  • Decide upon a shade (or shades) first and develop a solid decoration plan.
  • Rooms with lots of red tend to do well when combined with patterns and layers.
  • Consider adding elements of a neutral color or complementary color (green is a solid choice, if done right).
  • Throwing in extra color is good, but don’t use too many other colors with the red—this can easily become a clash-fest.

Its base also features a rubber ring to keep your floors safe from scratches and scrapes. The gentle curvature of its low back and sides is sure to win over your guests—and your heart—for the comfortable support and chic look it offers.
It’s traditional. It’s classy. It’s the Arianna 26” Counter Stool from Mercury Row. If the velvet upholstery and nail head trim don’t sell you right off the bat, how about its espresso (not black, not brown: espresso) frame with crossbars or its gentle sloping curves?
Others like to combine the “pop of color” method with the “all-in” approach, creating a bold red centerpiece in the kitchen or living room and adding a few red accents. This can be done via a red-patterned backsplash, a bright red oven or fridge, a large red sofa, or a red rug, for instance.
The two most popular cushion fillings for bar stools are foam and sponge. Both options are comfortable, so the choice is up to you.

Styles to Consider

Featuring a plush red cushion with a high, tufted back and a stunning black frame, the bar stools in this picture give a healthy blush of color to a warm yet more toned-down kitchen scheme. Their faux leather construction is designed to last a long time—that means more drawn-out get-togethers with dear ones in the coming summer evenings. Your guests will appreciate the comfort offered by the supple cushion as you sip wine together as well as the ample support provided by the chair back as you indulge in good conversation.


Neihart Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

Country Cottage / Rustic

Pelkey Bar & Counter Stool

Retro / Mid-century modern

Are you looking for greater affordability? Or maybe a more rustic appeal? Then you should consider the Gracie Oaks Pelkey Bar & Counter Stool for your home!


Ben Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

Different Uses for Bar Stools

By now, you should have a better idea of what’s out there in terms of bar stools and know how to better navigate the world of using red in interior design.
This seating option provides a subtle pop of burgundy color that’s delightfully augmented by a black solid wood frame. A comfy sponge cushion lies beneath the stool’s faux leather upholstery, which provides a nice feel and appearance as well as a more kiddo-friendly alternative to other materials. Better still, this chair set can double as dining room table set—versatility for the win!

  • at the kitchen table.
  • around your kitchen’s island or peninsula.
  • for additional living room seating.
  • for seating around a gaming table.
  • as an office chair.
  • as a seat for your vanity mirror.
  • just about anywhere else you would use a chair.

Materials to Consider

Arianna Counter Stool


The country cottage and rustic styles are known for their light, no-fuss characteristics. White, beige, and gray are popular colors here, though red accents (such as a rug or well-placed foliage) can look amazing in this context—especially for the slightly more daring rustic/farmhouse style. Bar stools with low profiles and more neutral colors will work perfectly in homes that incorporate these styles!

  • Wood: You can find both light-colored wood and dark-colored wood used for the stool frame. Popular wood types include rubberwood and oak.
  • Metal: You’ll often find stainless-steel or iron used, usually with a chrome finish.


Unlike many of the bar stools we’ve covered so far, the Red Barrel Studio Fariah 30.7” Bar Stool is a stationary option—it has no swivel or height adjustability features. This makes it ideal for kitchen areas craving a little simple sophistication, and it also means less fuss on your end (especially if you have kiddos running around, right?).

  • Leather: Leather provides a unique feel and an attractive look, but can be hard to clean and maintain.
  • Faux Leather: Faux leather looks and feels similar to authentic leather, but it’s much easier to clean and maintain.
  • Rattan: Rattan is a synthetic material, often woven in a wicker style for a rustic look.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a material that’s easy to clean and maintain, feels nice to the touch, and looks great.
  • Velvet: Velvet upholstery has a luxurious feel and stunning appearance, and it’s also relatively easy to clean. It might be a bit pricy, though.

Cushion Filling

You could use them

Red Bar Stool Ideas To Decorate With

Traditional Kitchen Design With Red Bar Stools

Red Bar Stools
Image from Michelle’s Interiors

This stool features a sanded, solid wood frame in a delicious red finish, topped with a casual wicker/rattan seat. You’ll appreciate its no-frills design, low-profile construction, cheeky coloration, and undeniable charm. This stool will be your long-time companion for casual get-togethers, BBQs with extended family, and everything in-between!

Rustic Home Bar With Red Chairs And Appliances

Rustic Home Bar With Red Chairs
Image from Michelle’s Interiors

The shock of glossy red is complemented by an iron frame finished in chrome; the frame includes a handle for height adjustment and a convenient footrest, as well as a solid plate-shaped base that adds to the stools’ stability and appearance. Better still, the ABS plastic construction of the seat is easy-peasy to clean—convenient for both everyday use and the occasional get-together.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen With Accent Red Chairs

Modern Outdoor Kitchen With Accent Red Chairs
Image from michaelnorpell

To wrap up our list, feast your eyes on this tasteful bar stool from Zipcode Design. Its eccentric design comprises a midback rise and gently sloping seat, upholstered in burgundy vinyl and accented with chrome.

Small Kitchen With Elegant bar stools

Elegant bar stools with red seat
Image from echeloncustomhomes.

The Wrought Studio Neihart Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool may put you in mind of a 50s- or 60s-esque diner, yet it still maintains contemporary appeal in its sleek design. Its low back gives it a low enough profile to mesh with your kitchen, while its happy-go-lucky red color makes it a piece that stands out just enough.

Heider Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

In this article, we’ll give you some tips for decorating with red, talk about different furniture styles, and introduce you to 14 of our favorite red bar stools and decorating ideas.
If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic, you’ll love how these bar stools act like little flares of charm no matter where you put them. Here, you can see them serve as the focal point in a more neutral-hued outdoor kitchen, coyly drawing the eye of every guest to the subtle beauty of gray countertops and light brown wooden floor planks. The modern construction whispers of simplicity while the backless design makes for a perfect casual seating arrangement next time you fire up the BBQ or have drinks with friends. What’s not to love?
As with other types of furniture, there are many styles you can choose from when shopping around for a red bar stool. Here’s just a snapshot of what you can expect:

Ben Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

Fariah Bar Stool
These elegant bar stools provide an attractive pop of color while still maintaining a controlled presence—perfect for everyday use in the home. The neat black frames feature an X design in back as well as subtle curves that cradle a comfy red cushion with yellow accents. You can see in the photo how they act as a focal point for an otherwise unassuming kitchen/dining area without taking away from the room’s natural beauty. For something simple and elegant with a little bit of pizazz, you can try to emulate a similar style in your own dining room.
Two popular materials for the base of a bar stool are wood and metal. Both are good options, and the one you opt for will generally be determined by the look you’re trying to achieve and your intended use.

Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

The traditional style of furniture is all about symmetry, lavish decorations and furniture pieces, detailed woodwork, and more subdued colors. In a bar stool, this might manifest in an upholstered high- or mid-back, a solid wood frame, more subtle shades of red (like burgundy), and elegant detail work.
Heider Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool
Okay, can we all take a minute to just appreciate the modest beauty of these bar stools?

Fariah Bar Stool

The color red is particularly influential in kitchen and dining areas, considering the color’s effect on appetite and mood. Adding a few red bar stools to an otherwise subdued kitchen or dining room could be a great way to start adding this spicy flavor to your home.
If you’ve been contemplating how to use the color red in your home (or whether to do so at all), you’ve come to the right place. Here are some practical tips on how to add some delightful red touches without going overboard!
Whether you end up bringing these out for Thanksgiving dinner once a year or use them often for get-togethers with your favorite people, you can be sure of two things: 1) The foam filling and high back will keep everyone wonderfully cozy, and 2) people will be asking where you got these and if you’re willing to rent them out. (FYI: These red bar stools are actually pretty affordable…) Take the plunge. There will be no regrets.

Arianna Counter Stool

There are several different materials commonly used for the upholstery of a bar stool.
If your kitchen or dining room is begging for a little class, you could do worse than these sleek burgundy bar stools. The contoured seat is crafted of high-quality vinyl while the cushion itself is filled with foam for a comfortable seating experience.
This cute bucket-style bar stool is unique in that it features genuine leather upholstery; this gives it a more sophisticated feel that guests will notice! This gorgeous leather upholstery houses a sponge filling that’s sure to keep you and yours comfy for those long evening dinner parties or holiday gatherings, while its iron frame offers ample support and a convenient footrest.

Ottawa Counter & Bar Stool

The very things that make it so attractive also serve to make it comfortable and supportive—in other words, this bar stool is all the ergonomic appeal! From its incredible back support and convenient footrest to its height adjustability and foam filling, this seating option plans for every comfort-related contingency.
When it comes to using lots of red in your home, you have a few options.
Featuring a bucket-style seat with a low back, a sleek rounded design, subtle curves, and a glossy finish like you’ve never seen before, the Heider Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool by Ivy Bronx is the kind of bar stool you place in your home to make a statement.
Due to the stool’s low-profile design and elegant structure, you’ll be glad to keep it stowed away in plain sight right beneath the bar counter—coordinate it with your existing kitchen or dining room décor for best results.

Neihart Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

You and your guests will also appreciate the midback design, which provides ample support minus the sometimes-overbearing profile high-back chairs are known for. The chic burgundy color of the upholstered seat is pleasantly offset by a chrome frame, complete with a footrest and ring base. These chairs bring together two essential elements of kitchen / dining décor: sophistication and comfort.
Red: You love it, or you hate it. You embrace it or you avoid it. You look forward to incorporating this gusty color into your interior space or you’re really on the fence about it.
The retro and mid-century modern styles encompass popular designs and aesthetics ranging (roughly) from the 30s to the 60s. These styles tend to combine bold colors and shapes with more natural curves and lines; they promote minimalism and earthy vibes while also fostering a more daring design style. Bar stools designed in these styles may put you in mind of a 60s-esque diner.

Pelkey Bar & Counter Stool

While a bar stool is generally used at a bar, its use is by no means limited to this! Depending on the style and overall design of the bar stool set you purchase, there are several places where you could arrange it and a whole lot of seating potential.
Red is perfect for adding just a touch of life to a room. If this is something you’re interested in but not yet committed to, why not explore your options before making a decision?
Red bar stool

Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

Ottawa Counter & Bar Stool
Be sure to let us know in the comments if there’s an important point we didn’t cover, if you still have questions on the topic, or if you would like to share your personal interior décor stories. Now, get out there and paint the town red!
Some people opt to use toned-down, more “traditional” reds (like burgundy) to create a specific mood or ambiance for studies or sitting rooms. In this case, layering and neutral accents are key!

Claudine Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool

Another fun idea is to create a red “theme.” For example, you could make all the shelving units in a room red or use only red chairs in your dining room.
Something else it plans for? Spills. The vinyl upholstery is super-easy to clean, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Chic and practical—just what a bar stool should be.
Its midback design combined with its spongey cushion makes for an agreeable seating experience, and its chrome frame and base are crafted of quality metal. In other words: These are bar stools you’ll love sitting in, enjoy showing off to friends and family, and appreciate for their innate longevity.
Claudine Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Stool


The saddle-style seat is an unassuming shade of red (but you can also buy it in blue, just so you know) and crafted of long-lasting, easy-to-clean faux leather. It’s filled with foam, rests atop a delightful solid wood frame in a chestnut finish and is adorned with a nail head trim that will be a sight for sore eyes indeed!
The post Elevate Your Space With These Red Bar Stool Ideas appeared first on Homedit.
Unless you really dig the color red, odds are you won’t want to use too much of it while decorating. This is where the “pop of color” concept comes in. The idea is to use red as a strong accent for your already-existing décor or furniture; you either want to use red to complement what you have going already, or you want it to serve as a gentle focal point that brings it all together. Using red as a pop of color works best in rooms with a more neutral color scheme (think whites, light grays, or even beige).

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