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Enchanting Garden Ideas Based On Very Different Designs And Plans

Coming up with design ideas for a garden can be surprisingly difficult given that not many people actually have experience in this sense. Also, we’re usually spending a lot more time indoors doing all sorts of different activities than we do outside. It’s important to come up with a plan and to set priorities when…
The post Enchanting Garden Ideas Based On Very Different Designs And Plans appeared first on Homedit.




The post Enchanting Garden Ideas Based On Very Different Designs And Plans appeared first on Homedit.
Gregory Mellor designed this stunning oasis which offers a complete contrast to the surrounding landscape. The pool is adorned with greenery and makes the most of the reasonably small space. With the hot weather that’s experienced in this area in the summer months, the pool and shaded area will keep you cool when you want to spend time outdoors.

20 Stunning Landscaping Projects to Transform Your Garden

1. Modern Pergola Extensions

A Small Garden in the City
Pathway modern on the garden

2. A Beautiful Outdoor Space Filled with Plants and Nature

Tree House Garden
Simple front door garden
Studio Alwill in collaboration with Luigi Rosselli Architects managed to turn an old historic structure into a very chic and modern home and the garden is just as impressive as the interior. A huge tree with thick branches expanding in all directions is one of the main focal points. Its trunk is almost completely hidden behind lots of lush greenery and the entire garden has a tropical vibe.

3. A Serene Garden Design

A curving path with geometric stepping stones framed by a manicured lawn leads into this amazing garden created by studio Phillip Withers Landscape Design. This is a garden defined by contrasts. On one hand, it looks like a bare, desert-like area, dry and flat. On the other hand, the area is actually full of life and very vibrant thanks to all the succulents, cacti, trees, and vegetation. This gives the garden a clean and serene look.
This incredible garden from King’s Landscaping is packed with native trees, which offer some protection from the scorching Melbourne temperatures. The shape and colors of these trees create a unique garden that really is one-of-a-kind. It uses some of the features of the land that already exists and combines them with the modern home design.
Laplace has transformed this Mexican casa into a work of art. The courtyard and colonnades look like they belong in a hotel, and it’s a delightful spot for relaxing in the shade during the hottest part of the day. The colors of the flowers and plants offer a great contrast to the architecture of the building, adding a pop of color to the home.

4. An Outdoor Kitchen or Living Space

As seasons change, so do our gardens. The transition between summer and autumn is quite beautiful as the trees start to shed their leaves and the vibrant green nuances turn into yellows and reds. For a garden to keep looking full and vibrant throughout the seasons it has to be well-balanced, with species of plants and vegetation that complement each other. We can’t think of a better example in this case than this bohemian design by Ian Barker Gardens.
An Outdoor Lounge
The idea for this garden created by Scott Schrader was to design a space that flows naturally and feels organic and connected to the interior. The large pergola is a structure that helps to make the indoor-outdoor transition feel smooth and natural. It also gives the garden a sense of privacy and makes it feel less exposed.
Garden by Brooklyn landscape firm Huntergreen pedestal

5. A Diverse Small Garden

Jillian Dinkel makes the most of this smaller garden space with a minimalistic design. It goes to show you don’t need to add lots of fancy furniture or plants to create the garden of your dreams. The fireplace acts as a centerpiece to the garden, and the small border of plants helps to separate the space, making it look larger than it is.
An Inviting City Escape

6. Making the Most of a Small Rectangular Garden

A Minimalist Garden Space 2 A Minimalist Garden Space 2
Lauren Nelson Design shares this stunning beach house with its beautiful firepit to keep you warm on winter nights. It takes an atypical garden space and brings it to life in a new way, to offer you a warm and inviting space to sit outdoors. The wooden planter behind the seating adds a touch of greenery to contrast with the beach behind.
Just because you find yourself living in a city, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden of your dreams. You’ll love this beautiful maison’s small garden, designed by Atelier Carrere Delphine. It’s the perfect combination of city and outdoor living and still offers you a space away from the hustle and bustle.
Garden by Brooklyn landscape firm Huntergreen

7. A Magical Garden with Unique Floor Slabs

Adam Robinson Design has created this garden space which is the perfect combination of practicality and decoration. The outdoor kitchen setup is ideal for the summer months, and there’s plenty of seating for you to relax. We love the outdoor flooring, with the greenery popping up around the floor tiles.
All of these garden transformation ideas can be used to inspire your own home garden makeover. Remember, more is sometimes less when it comes to garden spaces, as you don’t want to risk your plants and trees looking overgrown and messy. With a few simple centerpiece items in your garden, you can completely transform even the smallest of spaces. Adding a few bright plants or trees to your home can really brighten up the space and add character to an area that is often overlooked. When summer arrives, you’ll thank us for having a lovely, relaxing space to spend time in this year.

8. A Tropical Garden

Zen garden simple design
Some gardens are means to look nice and pretty while others are meant to be practical. The latter and oriented towards features such as outdoor sitting areas, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and such. One example, in this case, is the garden designed by Outdoor Establishments. It has an eclectic look and uses a variety of different materials including polished concrete, recycled bricks, and sandstone mixed in with all the furniture, planters, and everything else.

9. A Bohemian Garden for the Fall Season

Garden and lush vegetation
Garden urban oasis
A Perfectly Manicured Lawn

10. A Practical Outdoor Living Space

Garden by Brooklyn landscape firm Huntergreen vegetation
Garden with circle stone seating

11. A Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Flagstone pathway to modern seating
A Practical Outdoor Living Space 2 A Practical Outdoor Living Space 2

12. A Peaceful Oasis in the Desert

When considering a new design for your garden, it’s vital to understand what type of plants are right for your soil. Before investing in any new plants, check they are suitable for your garden. If you are planting new trees, ensure you leave enough space for them to grow and bloom. It’s important to be gentle with your garden and plants to ensure they have enough time to grow. Remember, a garden project takes a lot of patience and time to complete, but we hope these ideas will inspire you to transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis.
Lush vegetation on pergola

13. A Small Garden in the City

Pergola and beautiful garden
Modern dining table on the backyard

14. Firepit at the Beach House

An Enchanting London Garden
If you are looking to create extra living space in your home, taking your furniture outside into an undercover area is a great way of expanding your home. Your garden and living space can combine into one, offering a relaxing outdoor area for your whole family. Jane Hallworth created this unique outdoor space which combines a variety of materials, textures, and plants.

15. An Inviting City Escape

AND has made the most of this London garden space by packing plants and trees into this small area. It just goes to show that you don’t have to have a lot of space to transform your garden into an enchanting outdoor area. You’ll feel like you are escaping the city every time you head out into a garden like this one, offering a great space to relax in the summer months.
A Magical Mexican Garden 2 A Magical Mexican Garden 2

16. An Outdoor Lounge

Small gardens can be really charming and this one designed by the studio Garden Society is a perfect example. The secret here is diversity. The garden is filled with lots of different types of plants of different colors, sizes, textures, and patterns, and they form a giant bouquet of greenery which covers up the soil completely.
There’s an almost magical vibe associated with the garden of this house remodeled by Technē Architecture and Interior Design. It’s very lush there’s greenery covering up the tall fences as well as in between the floor slabs. The magnificent tree in the corner has these beautiful undulating branches and a canopy that extends to the side. All of that gives the garden a bohemian and mysterious allure.

17. An Enchanting London Garden

If you are lucky enough to have space in your home for a swimming pool, you’ll find a neatly manicured lawn to be the perfect complement. Wade Design Architects makes the garden space in this home look even bigger, thanks to the well-kept lawn. You’ll enjoy a little shade over the pool in the summer months, so it’s the perfect spot for cooling off on a hot day.
If you’re thinking of creating a garden that’s filled to the brim with plants, vegetation, and other nature-related elements to the point it almost becomes overwhelming, there’s no better source of inspiration than this amazing design created by landscape architect Terremoto. This is a superlative garden and everything in it looks and feels very organic which is something that’s surprisingly difficult to achieve in a lot of cases.

18. Tree House Garden

Modern garden design for house
A Peaceful Oasis in the Desert

19. A Magical Mexican Garden

Box hill garden nd pergola
Coming up with design ideas for a garden can be surprisingly difficult given that not many people actually have experience in this sense. Also, we’re usually spending a lot more time indoors doing all sorts of different activities than we do outside. It’s important to come up with a plan and to set priorities when working on a design for the garden or the backyard. This way you can be sure you’ll actually get to enjoy spending time out there and that the features you include actually make sense. On that note, we thought we’d share with you some of the designs and ideas that we find inspiring.

20. A Minimalist Garden Space

You won’t believe this garden by Nicole Hollis is located in the middle of San Francisco, with its jungle-inspired plants. It’s a world away from the typical city gardens and offers you an ideal space for entertaining guests and relaxing. The firepit adds a warming touch for the winter months and offers a centerpiece to enjoy drinks with friends.
Backyard garden vegetation
Speaking of all gardens, this design created by landscape studio Huntergreen is equally impressive and amazing. They managed to make a small rectangular space look full of life. It has depth, layers, and diversity. Although it’s enclosed by tall wooden fences it doesn’t feel boxed in. The main planter box at the center features a tree with the bottom section of the trunk completely camouflaged by all the plants. Also, although small, there’s enough room in this garden for a little sitting area, among all the plants.
Firepit at the Beach House

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