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Enjoy Your Backyard this Summer With A Cool Round Patio Table

If you want to create a relaxation oasis in the comfort of your own yard, a round patio table is certainly a piece of furniture that’s both stylish and versatile, which is just what you need to complete the decor. Never having shopped for an outdoor table before, you might be wondering what your style…
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Looking for a solid metal dining table for your patio? The Nicole might be that product, as it is made from quality aluminum and has a black metal finish that makes it perfect for weather exposure without having to worry about Mother Nature’s element compromising its durability. It measures 27.5” H x 33.5” L x 33.5” W and comes with an umbrella hole that allows you to add this particular sun-shielding accessory to the ensemble.
One important thing that you need to pay attention to when purchasing a round patio table is the materials that are used in its construction. First of all, make sure that whatever table you’re thinking of buying is labeled as being suitable for outdoor use, because this means that the product can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. While all outdoor furniture pieces are constructed specifically to be resistant in the face of Mother Nature’s elements, each material has a different look and a set of properties that might be more or less appealing to you.
There’s something about golden metal accent tables that make us want to include them in contemporary decors, regardless of the placement: indoors or outside. The Mebane is a patio table that’s available in five different color options and measures a total of 21” H x 16.25” L x 16.25” W. It can support a total weight of 50 pounds thanks to its metal construction, giving you the chance to add a contemporary piece to your outdoor space.

Top 3 Picks

Sometimes, all you really need for your patio is a round coffee table made from quality rattan, and this is where the Anika table steps in. Measuring 16” H x 34” L x 34” W, this weather-resistant rattan table comes with a solid construction that allows you to place this anywhere on your patio, but also in the middle of the yard, if that’s where you feel it fits best. The table has its own tempered glass tabletop, offering an even surface for you to place your beverages and platters.
Summer Glass Side Table
Mallory Folding Wooden Side Table
With its foldable construction, the Mallory table can easily be folded and stored whenever you’re looking to free up some patio space.
When you’re on a thin budget and you need a sturdy end table with an interesting pierced design, the Ifrane is a product worth checking out.
Mebane Iron Side Table

Patio Table Styles

If you have a small patio or a balcony and want an accent table with beautiful and vibrant colors, this is a table that might serve you well. It has a metal construction and a glass tabletop that’s adorned with colorful flowers in predominant shades of yellow, freen, and orange. It measures 22” H x 12” L x 12” W and weighs 4.6 pounds in total, so it’s pretty easy to move around. Note that when placed on uneven ground, the table can be a little wobbly.

  • Dining tables aren’t just for indoor use, as some people like to enjoy the benefits of having a yard and spend time outside even when eating. While rectangular dining tables are common, patio models include round, square, and even hexagon-shaped tables. A round dining patio table usually sits two to six people, depending on its size.
  • Bistro tables are somewhat smaller and might be a better choice if no more than two people will use it at any given time. Their tables are also a good option if you don’t have that much patio space to spare, but could also serve a small balcony if needed.
  • Coffee tables are suitable if you have a patio set that includes sofas or lounges. If you have a patio where you like to sit and enjoy your coffee or entertain guests, this is definitely an option that you can make use of. Round coffee tables for your patio allow you to move around the table because their shape provides a bit of squeeze-through space.
  • End tables are usually placed adjacent to seats and they allow you to place items on top of them, such as food or drinks. They are normally considered decorative tables because they are small in size, and you normally see them placed in living rooms or besides beds.
  • Bar tables are usually the highest models out there, and they are suitable only when paired with chairs of matching height. If you place these on your patio, you can create a space where people can get around and enjoy a few drinks in a casual bar-like setup.
  • Picnic tables are similar to those you most likely spotted in parks around town. They are a practical choice that normally provides enough space for a few people to enjoy dinner, even if they are typically used in commercial spaces.

What Size Should You Buy?

Round Patio Table
Anika Wicker Rattan Coffee Table
When it comes to concrete tables, the Rempe is one of the best options you have at your disposal if you’re looking for a small, yet very durable and elegant patio side table. Made from lightweight concrete, this table weighs less than 20 pounds, and measures 18” H x 14” L x 14” W. Its build and stability can hold up to 15 pounds in weight. It has a water-resistant construction and doesn’t require any assembly.
Budget Pick: Ifrane Metal Side Table

A Word on Materials

Rempe Stone Concrete Side Table
If you want to create a relaxation oasis in the comfort of your own yard, a round patio table is certainly a piece of furniture that’s both stylish and versatile, which is just what you need to complete the decor.

How to Care for Patio Furniture

Having a portable patio table is perfect if you’re short on space but could still benefit from a piece of furniture to hold your cups of coffee, phone, snack platter, or other items that you might need to have next to you. When expanded, the Mallory table measures 19.5” H x 19” L x 19” W, with 26” H x 19” L x 2.75” W being the folded dimensions. It’s made from cedar wood and can support a total weight of 25 pounds. There are several colors to choose from, including red and turquoise.

  • For wood furniture, you have plenty of cleaning solutions that could help you out. Make sure that you dust the surface using a damp cloth, and then use one of these specific cleansers to get the job done. Oil-based soaps will usually do the trick. Take into account the fact that wooden surfaces might have rough texture, so you might have to put in a little elbow grease to make sure every square inch of your table is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Metal furniture is usually prone to oxidation, which means that some tables might require a waterproof cover to protect them from dampness. If you notice that your metal patio table has a little bit of rust, you can use special cleaning solutions or make your own mixture from water and vinegar and use a steel wool pad to rub the surface clean.
  • For furniture made from plastic or all-weather material, cleaning is almost effortless. You have to dust them from time to time and, for that added shine, you can always use a cleaner that doesn’t contain any chlorine or bleach. You also want to avoid solutions that have abrasive particles because scrubbing your furniture with these can cause damage.

Best Round Patio Tables

Mercury Row Outdoor Side Table

“This table is very small but bright and colorful. It is the perfect accent for my small front porch.” (Customer review)
Regardless of the shape you’re looking for in a patio table, it’s important to remember to choose products that are made from weather-resistant materials, even if these are more expensive compared to indoor furniture pieces. Keep in mind that some products, even if they are resistant to weather, might need sheltering during extreme winter or summer temperatures, so pay close attention to the properties of the materials that these tables are made from.

Ifrane Metal Side Table

It’s also important for people sitting around the table not to feel too crowded. The general rule is that every place should have about 18 to 24 inches of space, with around six to 12 inches in between each seat. As far as round tables are concerned, you would basically need a 44-inch table to seat four people comfortably.
You might have noticed that patio furniture is typically more expensive compared to indoor products but it makes sense when you consider that the materials that are used to make outdoor furniture have higher durability and are treated so that they can have weather-resistant properties. If you tried to move your indoor furniture outside, it wouldn’t make it for more than a couple of weeks.

Mallory Folding Wooden Side Table

While there are some general maintenance rules when it comes to caring for your patio furniture (such as wiping the surface down or allowing the pieces to dry completely before using them), there are specifics to each material that’s used to construct the furniture:
Hillyard Wooden Bistro Table

Rempe Stone/Concrete Side Table

There are plenty of places that offer excellent deals on patio furniture and, if you’re looking to shop online, you can consider websites such as Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, Home Depot, and others.
The post Enjoy Your Backyard this Summer With A Cool Round Patio Table appeared first on Homedit.

Hillyard Wooden Bistro Table

According to experts, the best time to purchase patio furniture is when the warm season ends and these furniture pieces are usually not in high demand (that’s usually starting late August to October).
Outdoor Side Table

Summer Glass Side Table

Cutest Design: Evergreen Enterprises, Inc Summer Glass Side Table
The first thing that must be considered when you’re looking to buy a round patio table but aren’t sure which is the best size to choose, is how much patio space you have at your disposal. You don’t want to choose outdoor furniture pieces that will crowd the patio and fill up every little bit of space, as moving around the furniture is just as important as the comfort you have when using it.

Nicole Metal Dining Table

Never having shopped for an outdoor table before, you might be wondering what your style options are, what materials are the best, and what are some of the products that are totally worth your money. Let’s explore all of those topics together.
Nicole Metal Dining Table

Mebane Iron Side Table

If you have plenty of patio space to spare, then you can start thinking big! Large dining tables and chat tables are now… on the table. Keep in mind that there really is no point in placing a large table if you don’t entertain guests or have a large family, as you might be more interested in a small table and having the remainder of the space free to move around.
The good news is that you have plenty of style options when you want to purchase a round patio table. The bad news is that there are so many options, it might be a little overwhelming, so dividing the different styles into categories might make it easy for you to narrow down your choice and focus on products that match the style you’re looking for. Some of the most common styles include:

Lamentin Side Table

If you want a round-end patio table for your outdoor space but the previous faux rattan choice wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, how about one that’s made from metal? With a solid iron construction, this 18” H x 12.25” L x 12.25” W can hold up to 50 pounds in weight and is available in five different colors. It is designed with pierced floral details and easy to clean using a cloth and a mild soap solution.
Instead of listing the materials that are commonly used to make outdoor tables, let’s consider the climate in the area where you live. For instance, if you live in a place where strong winds are common, you want a patio table that’s heavy and can stand its ground, something like wrought iron. If you often have to deal with insects and wet climate, teak tables are a great solution. Rattan and plastic are easy to clean, and might pose as viable options if your outdoor furniture tends to get dirty or dusty too often.

Recycled Plastic Side Table

If you don’t have a lot of patio space to spare, consider opting for a round bistro table. End tables that are placed next to sofas and lounging chairs are also a good option. For small spaces, you can also opt for a bar or a coffee table, but make sure that the seating area isn’t overcrowded.
Coming in strong at 30” H x 27.5” L x 27.5” W, the Hillyard is one of the best wooden bistro tables that money can buy. It’s made from solid acacia wood and features a water-resistant construction and can seat up to two people, making this another great choice for balconies or small patios. The wooden surface can easily be cleaned with a clean cloth and using a special mild soap solution.

Anika Wicker/Rattan Coffee Table

If you’re a fan of mosaic-style patterns, the Lamentin table is total worth checking out. It has a metal construction and a stone table top that uses small colorful pieces to create a mosaic pattern for those of you looking to add some artsy decor to your patio. The table measures 20.5” H x 13.8” L x 13.8” W and has a weather-resistant construction, so even if the sun shines brightly or the rain falls down upon its surface, you know that this baby is meant to last.
Lamentin Side Table

Arete Bar Table

Ifrane Metal Side Table
Eco-friendly homeowners will surely appreciate products like the Polywood patio table. Made from a blend of recycled plastics (such as detergent or milk bottles), this nature-friendly item is the king of table that doesn’t peel, chip, or splinter, offering you 18” H x 18” L x 18” W-worth of high-density polyethylene. The weather-resistant construction is just as amazing as the wide color availability, with 11 different color options to choose from.


Who has best deals on patio furniture?

Arete Bar Table

What is the best month to buy patio furniture?

Earlier in this article, we talked about how round bar tables can really spruce up the patio, especially when you’re entertaining guests. The Arete is a perfect example of how well-constructed and stylish these tables can be, offering a construction that combines metal and concrete elements, resulting in a heavy-weight table that weighs a little under 200 pounds. The table measures 35” H x 35” L x 35” W and is available in a gray finish.

Why is patio furniture so expensive?

Best for Small Patios: Mallory Folding Wooden Side Table

Who sells the best patio furniture?

Recycled Plastic Side Table

In Conclusion

Made from faux rattan and capable of withstanding nature’s elements, the first choice for today comes from Mercury Row. It measures 18.25” H x 18.25” L x 18.25” W and comes with a tempered glass top that’s easy to clean and presents the safest option in case the material cracks or breaks. The polyethylene wicker construction is based on a steel metal frame, creating a beautiful piece that could serve as a delicate end table for your patio.
If you’re looking to buy patio furniture online from third-party retails, it’s important to know the quality of the brand if you’re looking for the very best furniture available. Some of the websites that offer great deals on patio furniture include Wayfair, Lowe’s, Perigold, Pottery Barn, Overstock, and others.

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