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Fall Mantel Decor Ideas That Impress And Inspire

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There are so many wonderful ways to decorate a mantel that we don’t even know where to start. Since it’s now autumn we thought we’d let this be the theme of today’s article. We’re actually super excited about the fall mantel decor ideas that we have found so far. They explore many beautiful design possibilities…




White Candles and Faux Flowers Fall Mantel

Table of Contents

40 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Mantel for Fall

1. Neutral Fall Mantel Decor.

Rustic Fall Mantel with a Mirrored Window
Fall antler fireplace mantel decor

2. Chalkboard Poster.

Seasonal or themed decorations don’t really go out of style so chances are the ideas from a few years ago would still look stylish today. The key to setting up a bohemian display is to choose pieces that vary in color, size, and texture. Staggering items at different heights also helps with an eclectic look. A few trendy adjustments here and there can definitely be made but some things are classic, like pumpkins displayed on mantels or wreaths. Check out creationsbykara if you’d like more details about this particular mantel decor.
Fall fireplace decor DIY

3. Ensemble Display.

When decorating your mantel for fall, look for ways to keep the decorations that are basically always there and to add a few more which are specific to this season. A custom garland or a banner could work and don’t forget the seasonal flowers and those cute pumpkins and gourds that are basically everywhere right now. Adding flowers rather than foliage or branches is a good way to substitute a more feminine or delicate look for traditional autumn accents. Be sure to choose flowers that are still seasonal in the fall, like mums or sunflowers, to help carry the fall vibe. Have a look at the decor featured on 2beesinapod if you’d like more details.
Decorate the fireplace mantel for fall

4. Silver and Gold Mantel Decor.

Some people start looking forward to Halloween the minute the summer begins to cool off, and we count ourselves in that crowd. Adding some adorable painted pumpkins and a spooky Halloween garland can help get people in the mood to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. Check out an example of how to put together a beautiful Halloween mantel display at First Day of Home. You don’t need many accent pieces to pull this off. Just a few materials like some black candles and white decorative webbing can have you ready to entertain trick-or-treaters in no time at all.
Simple Neutral Fall Mantel Candlestick Collection

5. Textures and Neutrals.

There’s any number of items that can be used in the creation of a fall mantel decor. Some are autumn-themed and some are general, permanent ornaments that you can reuse on other occasions. Grecian style urns are the perfect permanent focal point for your mantel that you can add accents around to change it up for each season. Once fall slides into winter, you can replace the bright autumn foliage in these urns with holly branches or other winter decors. Check out misskopykat for a few ideas in this sense.
Don’t you just love the way these black and white decorations and the colorful foliage and decorative pumpkins complement each other? The contrast is so crisp and beautiful, especially with that stone fireplace surround as a backdrop. Black and white are great accent colors for the warm orange, yellow, and brown tones of fall decor. Check out the printable designs for this fall mantle decor on cleanlivingcleaneating.

6. Black, White, and a Touch of Gold.

A fall mantle decor with metallic accents can also look interesting. You can spray paint a few pumpkins, either real or faux and you can also decorate a few other things using the same technique. Perhaps you’d like to spray paint some foliage too for example. Using golden and copper pumpkins can help add a refined touch to an otherwise rustic display. On thescrapshoppeblog you can find instructions on how to make that lovely pumpkin crate.
Fall mantel craft decor

7. Multicolored Pumpkin Display.

Decorating the fireplace mantel for Autumn
With an all-white mantel and fireplace, you’ll need to pick your mantel decor carefully to avoid overwhelming the space. An all-white look lends itself better to a minimalist design, so make a point to take away a few accents after you’ve set your mantel up. As in fashion, removing an accessory or two can actually tighten your design and make it look more visually appealing. This white candle display offset by faux flowers at In My Own Style is a great example of a “less is more” mantel display.

8. Vintage Key Pumpkin Sign.

If you like things to be simple, including your fall mantle decor, then it would be a good idea to avoid clutter and to create a fresh look with only a few simple colors. We suggest checking out the idea from thehappierhomemaker. It features a stylish combination of silver and gold details mixed with white elements. Because silver and gold are also prominent accent colors used in winter decor, this is a very easy mantel display to convert in late fall to rotate the home design into the winter holidays, too. 
It’s always nice to add a personal touch to the areas that you’re decorating, like the mantel for example. On top of the fall-inspired bunting, garland, and other decorations, there’s also a bunch of photos displayed here. They’re fall photos from the pumpkin patch and other places and they really suit the theme. This nice idea comes from apopofpretty.

9. Reclaimed Wood Backdrop.

Another beautiful leaf-themed fall mantel decor idea is featured on adventuresindecorating1. In addition to a leaf garland and foliage bouquets displayed in vases, there’s also a wreath decorated with foliage and a few cut hanging leaves. If you end up using hanging leaves like this, be sure that they’re secured well away from any open flames to prevent a house fire. A beautiful fireplace screen can help keep this fall mantel display both beautiful and safe.
Let’s start by saying that just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to decorate your mantel with shades of orange, yellow and brown. A neutral fall mantel decor can actually look super stylish and you can even use pumpkins, just not the orange kind. Check out this elegant setup featured on lizmarieblog for inspiration. Even if you don’t use your fireplace as a working wood fireplace or you have a gas setup, a display of hewn wood at the base of the fireplace is a useful accent to help complement the wooden elements in the signage higher on the mantelpiece. 

10. Mix of Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Items.

DIY fall mantel decor
Here’s another example of a very simple and chic mantel décor, this time featuring a beautiful handmade wreath. If you want to craft something similar you’ll need an oval embroidery hoop, some greenery, pom-pom flowers, and zip ties. Instead of the zip ties, you can also use floral wire or a glue gun to attach the flowers and leaves to the hoop. Additional instructions can be found on eighteen25.

11. Metallic Accents.

Fall Mantel with a Literary Quote
For living rooms that are smaller, decorating the fall mantel without making the room look cramped and cluttered can be a challenge. Bringing in mirrors helps with this design problem because the reflections in the mirrors help give the optical illusion that the room is bigger, especially in darker rooms that appear smaller than they actually are. Putting a mirror behind a window frame, like in this fall mantel display from HomeBNC, helps make the room look larger while also adding a touch of whimsy to the proceedings.

12. Fall Foliage and Faux Pumpkins.

Reclaimed wood is super versatile and useful when it comes to a DIY project of pretty much any kind. This even includes fall mantel decorations. You can use a few boards from a wooden pallet to make a simple sign which you can display on the mantel. It can serve as a rustic backdrop for your other ornaments. Keeping on the lookout for leftover crafting materials like this during the year can leave you with a stockpile of great design elements in the autumn when it’s time to start decorating. The idea comes from thefrugalhomemaker. 
Elegant Fall Mantel with Gold and Purple Accent

13. Shades of Brown and Copper.

Rustic Basket Fall Mantel Centerpiece
Fall Harvest Mantel Decor

14. Fall Foliage and Paper Leaves.

If you love the cozy image of a white picket fence but you don’t have a good place to install picket fencing outdoors, never fear! A little miniature section of white picket fencing can be an interesting focal point for your fall mantel display. You can see a good example of this decor at LandeeSeeLandeeDo. Adding a small decorative shutter and a miniature garland are other ways you can help pull across this cozy look. It’s a good idea to keep other decorations on the mantel small so that the larger pieces are able to stand out.
A successful fall mantel decor is not only about one element in particular but about the whole ensemble and that means you can put together a bunch of different ornaments which together can send the right message. A nice example is this setup that we found on myblessedlife. The wreath, the garland, the pumpkins, and the branches all look great, individually and as a group. When collecting a hodgepodge of accents together for a mantel display, it’s a good idea to subtract one or two elements when you’re done. This will help you keep your design from looking overdone or cluttered. 

15. Leaf Garland with Branch Bouquets.

Fall Pumpkins on mantel
A fall-themed mantel decor can also be centered around foliage. You can use real leaves which have fallen from trees, but you can also use the faux kind, or you can cut out paper leaves. Use them to make a garland or display them in bouquets. Collecting fall foliage and other accents for interior displays such as pinecones and acorns is also a fun activity to perform with family children and other loved ones. Find additional inspiration on dining-delight.

15. Antlers and Urns.

Fall mantel autumn banner
Spray painted faux white pumpkins to decorate the mantel

16. Seasonal Flowers with a Custom Garland.

There’s also Halloween to think about and this could actually be a good time to change up the decorations on the mantel for something a bit more dark and spooky. Look for anything that fits the theme, like black candles or candleholders, spooky spiders and craws, and supplies that you can use to make Halloween-themed garlands and other decorations. You can get a pretty good idea of how such a combo might look like on homestoriesatoz.
Want to pull off a rustic look in a contemporary design? This rustic basket mantel centerpiece from Cherished Bliss has you covered. One of the downsides of a “farmhouse” style decor scheme is that the knick-knacks associated with this look can make a house look cluttered if they aren’t arranged carefully. Using a single large basket as a centerpiece over the mantel helps cut back on unnecessary accessories and allows the basket to become the focal point of the mantel. Pair this rustic display with neutral colors and earth tones for a cool, minimalist look.

17. Contrasting Black and White Decor.

Something simple like this is beautifully suited for a modern or a contemporary interior. The minimalistic white brick fireplace and white surrounding mantel blend perfectly together to allow for the decorations to stand out more. Just a few pumpkins lined up and a small wreath at the center of the mirror make this area look amazing. Check out acountryfarmhouse for inspiration.
We also found a simple and chic example of a fall mantel decor with plenty of style on craftberrybush. The star is the wreath which is made out of paper leaves and feathers. A multitude of other neutral-colored decorations is displayed on the mantel, featuring contrasting textures which complement each other. If you decide to go with an all-neutral mantel display, using multiple textures and shades can help to keep the design from looking bland or uninspired, especially if the rest of your room’s design is monochromatic too. 

18. Eclectic Vintage Decor.

If you want to add a punch of color and intrigue to your mantel, artwork is always a good direction to go. The advantage of using paintings, illustrations, and other types of visual art as a centerpiece in your mantel display is that it allows you to put a very personal touch on your design. There are many different types of paintings or drawings you could use to create a nice fall art display that can also tell visitors a little bit about your personality. See the look in action at Worthing Court.
How to decorate a fall mantel

19. Clean and Modern Metallics.

Coastal Fall Mantel Decor.
You can actually use pumpkins in a lot of cool and creative ways. For example, you can take four similar-looking pumpkins and you can glue vintage-looking keys on them to create a “fall” mantel decor. It’s an updated pumpkin project with a lot of potential. If you can’t find any vintage keys to pull this specific look off, a similar look can be achieved by painting lettering or tacking felt letters onto your pumpkin display. 

20. Line of Pumpkins Display.

Fall mantel for Thanksgiving
Decorate the fireplace mantel with metalic accessories for fall

21. Miniature Cabin.

Simple fall mantel decor
Fireplace fall mantel decorated with leaves

22. Collection of Fall Colors.

We love clean and modern decors and we also love chic and classy color schemes so, naturally, we fell in love with this fall mantel decor from randigarrettdesign. It’s simple but it’s not boring and it’s charming but it doesn’t look too rustic. White pumpkins are always a great fall option in refined home decor schemes where the traditional orange pumpkin would clash with the interior design palette or would look too informal. Keeping the candlesticks all in one material but changing up the textures and styles helps carry the design well without causing it to be plain or boring. 
If you want to do a fall mantel but you don’t want to go overboard, it’s easy to decorate for fall without spending a fortune. This design idea from Create and Find involves pairing small dollar store faux pumpkins with a large square mirror for a classy, minimalist look that still manages to evoke the seasons. The advantage of this type of fall display is that it can be thrown together for just a few dollars and can be set up using your pre-existing mantel decor. This allows you to completely change up the look of your fireplace for just pennies compared to other home decor makeovers, especially if you use a mirror you already own.

23. Fall Photo Display.

When you’re looking at fall decor for your mantel, color isn’t the only thing you should consider. Buying chalk paint or unvarnished wood decor like this display at StoneGable can help give your home a rustic vibe while also introducing some less-common colors to your fall decorating scheme, such as mint green. A bed of green faux foliage adds the perfect verdant touch to your autumn palette. Mixing green pumpkins in with white pumpkins helps pull the dominant neutral shade from other parts of the room, leading to a balanced look. 
Fall halloween fireplace mantel decor

24. Handmade Wreath.

Another good idea which comes from thefrugalhomemaker is to decorate the mantel with a combination of seasonal and non-seasonal items such as the usual pumpkins, foliage, fall flowers but also candlesticks, lanterns, and other things. If you use a mixture of both seasonal and non-seasonal items, it’s easier to swap in season-specific accents to your normal mantel display to create some seasonal flair without having to rearrange your whole look every time you decorate for the holidays. 
Farmhouse Fall Mantel Appeal

25. Foraged Fall Accents.

There’s a miniature cabin up on this mantel and it looks magnificent. The fireplace itself is gorgeous, with the gray stacked stone and the log mantel running across. As for the cabin, that’s actually a custom-built wooden sign. It’s something that can be made out of reclaimed wood and you can find tips on funkyjunkinteriors if you want to know how to get that distressed look.
Fake and natural pumpkins mantel decor

26. Halloween Mantel Decor.

Calligraphy Fall Mantel Centerpiece
Fall Mantel with Halloween Garland and Painted Pumpkins

26. Halloween Mantel Decor.

Fall Mantel with Halloween Garland and Painted Pumpkins

27. Farmhouse Fall Appeal.

Pumpkin Patch Chalkboard Fall Mantel
Calligraphy and quotations have been popular home displays for the past several decades, with the quintessential “Live Laugh Love” typeface found in homes across America. This fall mantel display which can be found on Lemon Thistle falls along the same lines but allows the homeowner to choose a slightly more personal quotation to ring in the autumn season. If you’re not good at performing calligraphy yourself to create a handmade sign, you can use stencils or go with a commercially constructed sign to pull off the same type of vibe.

28. Fall Mantel with a Literary Quote.

Halloween fall Mantel Decor
Fireplace with faux bricks and wood mantel decorated for fall

29. White Picket Fence with Wreath and Shutters.

Decorate the mantel with pumpkins
Fall thanksgiving fall decor

30. Simple Neutral Fall Mantel Candlestick Collection.

There’s also Halloween to think about and this could actually be a good time to change up the decorations on the mantel for something a bit more dark and spooky. Look for anything that fits the theme, like black candles or candleholders, spooky spiders and craws, and supplies that you can use to make Halloween-themed garlands and other decorations. You can get a pretty good idea of how such a combo might look like on homestoriesatoz.
Simple rustic fall mantel decor

31. Fall-Inspired Artwork.

Decorate a fall mantel with empty frames
Fall Mantel & Painted Pumpkin Crate

32. Rustic Fall Mantel with a Mirrored Window. 

This chalkboard poster is the centerpiece of the fall mantle decor featured on nestofposies. It’s easy to make and it’s also a very affordable project. In addition to all that, you can actually reuse it or keep it as a permanent decoration even when fall is over and winter comes along. Just wrap the other ornaments with some new ones and put a different message on the board. One of the best things about a chalkboard poster as your main mantelpiece accent is that this focal point can be redesigned to work during any season of the year depending on the words or images you display. 
Stacked stone fireplace and wood mantel

33. Coastal Fall Mantel Decor.

If you have a beach house or your home is decorated in delicate coastal tones, that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate for the fall. This coastal fall mantel decor display at Making Home Base combines a traditional coastal color palette with traditional fall decor accents for a fusion look that can let you flaunt some autumn style even if you’re at the beach. Try mixing coastal accents like driftwood with autumn accents like painted pumpkins for a funky, eclectic look.
Mirror and Dollar Store Pumpkins Fall Mantel

34. White Candles and Faux Flowers Fall Mantel.

It’s also nice to take advantage of the beautiful and unique colors that fall brings along with it, like the oranges and all the different shades of red, brown, and yellow. Gather some foliage, a few branches, and some seasonal goodies like tiny pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, nuts, and so on and display them in vases, bowls or just spread them on the mantel. Here’s a nice presentation idea from adventuresindecorating1 to inspire you.
Give your fall mantel decor a touch of gold so it looks extra chic and sophisticated. There are plenty of ways to do it and we really like the idea suggested on athoughtgulplaceblog. The garland is pretty funky, featuring gold letters on black and white patterned backgrounds and the painted pumpkins are super cute too. These high-class decorations are a great way to add some fall into even a luxurious and refined home design. As a reflective accent, gold is also a smart option for making the room look and feel bigger. 

35. Calligraphy Fall Mantel Centerpiece.

Traditional fall mantel decor
Check out this eye-catching fireplace decor. It takes full advantage of the fall color palette. It combines a bunch of things like a foliage garland, a bunch of faux pumpkins and gourds, a wreath, twigs ties in bouquets, orange candles, and also a fall sign. You can find details about this on theseasonalhome. If you want to create some natural texture on your plastic pumpkins, sanding them very gently with a piece of sandpaper and repainting them orange afterward can help give them a more matte feel and can reduce the shiny look of the plastic material. 

36. Pumpkin Patch Chalkboard Fall Mantel.

Decorating for fall doesn’t automatically mean you have to throw a bunch of pumpkins and branches on your mantelpiece. There are tons of ways to freshen up your decor scheme for the changing of the seasons without having to give in to full Halloween vibes. This collection of fall candlesticks is a good match for this fireplace mantel design since it has to incorporate a mounted television. The candlesticks can be easily displayed at either end of the monitor for visual interest without blocking the screen. See more about how to copy this look at LovelyEtc.
Like these ideas show us, you don’t need any special items or supplies to create a fall-inspired mantel décor. A good strategy is to just go outside and gather a few things like pinecones, maybe some fallen branches or small logs, greenery, pumpkins, and so on. Group them up and display them on the mantel along with some of your usual decorations like candles, picture frames, and so on. Check out aprettylifeinthesuburbs if you want more ideas or to see how some of these elements would look like when put together.

37. Mirror and Dollar Store Pumpkins Fall Mantel.

There are so many wonderful ways to decorate a mantel that we don’t even know where to start. Since it’s now autumn we thought we’d let this be the theme of today’s article. We’re actually super excited about the fall mantel decor ideas that we have found so far. They explore many beautiful design possibilities and they offer lots of room for personalization. Have a look and pick your favorite ideas, then start planning your own version of the project.
Gorgeous leaves and pumpkin decor for a wooden mantel

38. Fall Mantel with Halloween Garland and Painted Pumpkins.

This is another great fall mantel idea for homeowners who have a little bit of a crafty side. Using a blackboard to create a pumpkin patch mural can be a way to show off your artistic talents to houseguests while also creating a charming fall design that will remind visitors of autumn classrooms and jack-o-lanterns. See an example of this focal point at work over at Kelly Elko. Be sure to repeat the black and white coloring in the blackboard elsewhere in the room to help bring the whole look together.
Your fireplace mantel is often a decorating spot that gets overlooked when you’re trying to redo your home decor for autumn, but it’s a spot you should consider if you’re trying to make a big visual impact with the least amount of changes. The mantel is the natural focal point of any room with a fireplace in it, so anything displayed there will be sure to draw the eyes of your guests. Consider your options carefully and pick fall mantel decor that not only helps bring across the autumn theme in the home but also meshes well with the interior design you already have in place.

39. Elegant Fall Mantel with Gold and Purple Accent.

As you know, pumpkins come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and when you put several together, they look really charming. This can be the inspiration you need for creating a fall mantel decor with character. You can see how such a display of pumpkins could potentially look like if you check out justagirlblog. A multicolored pumpkin display can be created by either painting pumpkins in different complementary shades or just seeking out different types of autumn squash that are naturally a wide range of colors and textures. Since autumn squash ranges from deepest crimson red to ghost white, there are plenty of shades to choose from. 
Fall mantel decorated with pumpkins

40. Rustic Basket Fall Mantel Centerpiece.

Fall is one of the best times to curl up in a comfy armchair with a cup of tea and a good novel, and literary quotes about fall and autumn can make a great focal point for your fireplace mantel if you’re a bookish type. This quote board at Clean and Scentsible has a modern sensibility that is offset by a few more homey accents like the pumpkins, fall foliage, and sheaths of wheat. A blackboard sign is also a good way to complement darker fireplaces, making it a great match for the slate-gray fireplace shown here.
The post Fall Mantel Decor Ideas That Impress And Inspire appeared first on Homedit.
Some homeowners aren’t into the traditional fall colors of red, orange, and brown, and that’s perfectly okay! Adding unexpected fall colors into your mantel display, such as eggplant and gold, helps keep your design looking fresh and contemporary. It also helps you create a mantel display that’s a little bit different if you’re tired of the same old faux pumpkins and foliage every year. See more about how to pull off this modern fall mantel at Sustain My Craft Habit. This is also a smart design idea for living rooms that incorporate bright saturated colors that would otherwise clash with a fall decor display.
White Picket Fence with Wreath and Shutters

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