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Fast-Growing Grass Seed For Any Climate

Fast-growing grass seed can give you that gorgeous green yard in no time. Not only is it considered a luxury in society to have green grass but it is human nature to want to be as close to nature as possible. That’s something grass gives us.  Grass is one special plant you can grow on…
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Bermuda grass doesn’t do too well in the winter but you can overseed it with ryegrass and it will stay green all winter. However, it is best to plant Bermuda grass in warmer climates where it can thrive all year. 
That’s why it is considered warm-season grass because the daily sun is important for this grass to grow. Other than that, it is easy to keep thriving in the summertime and alive in the winter. 
A lot of people think mowing their grass will stunt its growth. But this isn’t true. Mowing your grass when it starts to sprout can actually encourage growth, the same way that trimming your hair keeps it healthy. 

How Long Does It Take Fast-Growing Grass Seed To Germinate?

Sod is not cheap. Grass seed is one of the cheapest things you can buy to add green to your lawn but sod is not. That’s why it is often seen as a luxury that those with only the highest budgets can afford. 
It can also do well if it is left alone or watered regularly. However, it is best for show grass or field grass and doesn’t do well if it is walked on a lot. So keep it in areas that don’t get too much traffic.

Fast-Growing Grass Seed For Your Climate

Grass For Your Climate
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In fact, after it grows, the zoysia grass will tolerate any foot traffic. Because it is thick and carpet-like, it is great for areas where you will have a lot of company or for kids’ playgrounds where a lot of running will be done. 
It works better in warmer, dryer climates and is very popular in Florida. However, if taken care of, you can plant it anywhere as long as it isn’t frigid temperatures for more than half of the year. 

Warm-Season Fast-Growing Grass Seed

Fast-Growing Grass Seed
Of course, this comes into play! Getting the right amount of water and the right amount of sun is important. But it’s not about getting a lot of water and sun, it’s about knowing the needs of your particular grass seed.
We just went over this but it is the most important part of growing grass fast. You need to choose a grass seed that grows fast in your climate and a grass seed that grows fast according to your lifestyle.


This kind of grass is best planted during the spring or early summer because it often fades in the winter. The best temperature for growth is between 80 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Though this temperature can be flexible. 
Cool-season grass grows better at the beginning of spring or in the fall. This is because they grow best in cooler climates that have mild summers and cool winters. These grasses will actually dry out and turn brown if it is too hot.

St. Augustinegrass

Perennial ryegrass is a staple cool-season grass that germinates very quickly after seeding. The blades are soft and fine, making it great for overseeding warm-season grass in the winter or as a standalone.
The perfect temperature is room temperature, which is about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and the grass won’t grow as fast and will start to brown. So stick with cooler climates for this grass. 


It is a good idea to keep ryegrass around because it is so versatile and it grows so fast. It is one of the fastest-growing cold-season grasses you can get which is quite a feat because the winter months are not grass friendly.
Centipede grass is gorgeous light green grass that is low-maintenance. It grows well albeit slow, so if you are looking for solely fast-growing grass seed then this isn’t your best option. But if you can be patient, you won’t regret it. 


It’s a good idea to buy a soil thermometer before you get started but you can also go by the air temperatures. Simply look ahead at the next few months to see the projected temperatures, precipitation, etc. 
The fastest that grass can grow is around one week. Any company that claims their grass seed can mature faster than that is exaggerating. Ten days is fast for grass to grow so use that as your standard.


Bermuda grass is wonderful grass for very hot temperatures. Even if there is a drought you can water this grass and it will perk right up, making it good for humid and dry climates alike as long as you water it yourself.
Cool season grass


This grass is very pretty and attractive. It makes the perfect lawn grass that you light up at night because the color of the green reflects light beautifully. So maybe give it a chance to grow and see the beauty. 
The Option Of Sod

Cool-Season Fast-Growing Grass Seed

So now you may be asking, “how long does it take fast-growing grass seed to germinate and sprout?” The answer is around five weeks or one month. But this is the full cycle. From seeding to full-on turf. 
Tips For Growing Grass Faster
This includes putting peat moss over your soil to moisture in while it is growing. It can also keep the outside water from washing the seeds away and keep birds from snagging the seeds in hope of a good meal.

Kentucky Bluegrass

No. You can stomp the area before you plant the seed but you should not stomp it after you plant the seed. Let the seed settle naturally and if you do want to pat it down, use your hands, not your feet. 
Zoysia grass is a great summer grass but it doesn’t grow as fast as other warm-season grasses no matter how well it is taken care of. But when it finishes growing, it will give you a wonderful carpet of turf.

Perennial Ryegrass

Fast-growing grass seed can give you that gorgeous green yard in no time. Not only is it considered a luxury in society to have green grass but it is human nature to want to be as close to nature as possible. That’s something grass gives us. 
It is very important to find the right grass for your season and your climate. If you live in Alaska and you try to plant desert grass then it most definitely will not thrive with all of the chilly winds and wet ground. 

Fine Fescues

Add a layer of fertilizer after you plant the grass seed. This will help give the seed the right nutrients that it needs while it is growing. Get fertilizer made specifically for this for best results rather than general fertilizer.
You can speed up the process of grass seed by planting in the right season. Warm-season grass seed will grow fast if planted in early summer or spring when temperatures are around 80-degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips For Growing Grass Faster

Kentucky bluegrass may sound like a musical genre alone but it is a real type of grass. Despite the name, it also isn’t blue but has a dark green hue that can be very attractive over large areas of land.
Buffalo grass is found most often in the Midwest, which is actually a transitional region rather than a warm-season region. But the grass is still valid for warm-season regions though it can work for lower cool-seasons as well.

Choosing The Right Seed

This gives a medium-textured layered grass with the thicker texture coming in later and the thin coming in first. This is yet another cold-tolerant grass that can keep your grass nice and green in the winter and is very drought tolerant. 

Water And Sun

Fine fescue is a type of grass that comes in many varieties. Each of these varieties has a very fine texture and a gray-green color. Because they grow so fast they are often added to other mixes with thicker textures.

Mowing While It’s Growing

No. Warm-season and cool-season grass are different. If you try to grow warm-season grass during the cool season or in the wrong climate, you may set yourself up for failure. 

Spread Evenly

Fertilizer and water can help the grass grow faster. While you cannot make slow-growing grass fast-growing grass, you can speed up the process. Like any plant, grass needs to be taken care of, fed, and watered. 


If you don’t spread your grass seed evenly then you can’t expect it to grow evenly. So make sure it is spread out in a uniform way and done by someone who will pay attention to details. Even if done by hand.


The post Fast-Growing Grass Seed For Any Climate appeared first on Homedit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do You Make Fast-Growing Grass Seed Work Faster?

If you need your grass and you need it now, sod is your best option. Sod is a type of carpet grass that you can roll out into your yard and it will attach to the soil underneath. This way, you can have grass up in just one day.

Does Stomping on Fast-Growing Grass Seed Make It Grow Faster?

Sod is just gorgeous and the right sod can be treated as natural grass, mowing it regularly, watering it, and so on. However, there is one catch and it’s the reason why people often choose to plant their own grass.

What’s The Fastest That Grass Can Grow?

St Augustine grass is a pretty green grass with thick leaves. This grass does well in the winter compared to other warm-season grasses but if it is overwatered, especially in the winter, it can suffer substantially. 

Can I Grow Any Fast-Growing Grass In My Yard?

Grass is one special plant you can grow on any budget. On average, it will cost about a dime or a little more per square foot. You can’t get cheaper than that! If you do the work yourself, this is very affordable for anyone. 

Can I Make Slow Grass Grow Faster?

If you want to make the most out of your grass seed then you need to know how to grow the grass as fast as possible. This means taking heed and finding all of the best fast-growing grass seed tips that you can. 

The Option Of Sod Over Fast-Growing Grass Seed

Warm-Season Grass
You also don’t have to worry about not planting enough because it will grow to fill any bare spots. It is considered aggressive in the way that it spreads and it can withstand cold winters as well as hot summers.
The average grass seed takes around eight weeks to produce seedlings. This means that you will need to wait eight weeks on average for your grass to sprout and be ready for foot traffic. But this is simply on average.
Warm-season grass is grass that grows best in the hot seasons and in warmer climates. If you have intense frigid winters then warm-season grass probably isn’t your best option. But if you have mild winters, it should be great.
Bahiagrass is a wonderful grass that works for almost any purpose in any climate. It rarely gets plant diseases, doesn’t attract insects, and can grow in almost any soil. It tolerates droughts well but will need sun.

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