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Flooring Stores Near Me: Online And Brick-And-Mortar

Local flooring stores are diminishing. Homeowners and contractors are turning to online platforms for their flooring. You should know how to find flooring stores near you and which ones are online and brick and mortar. Online ordering and direct delivery are changing the way people are buying their flooring and related supplies.  While you can…
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The Build Club offers same-day delivery when possible. 
Walmart is a top shopping destination. While they aren’t a flooring store, they sell flooring online. Their top-selling flooring is laminate with vinyl a close second.
The post Flooring Stores Near Me: Online And Brick-And-Mortar appeared first on Homedit.
As a general rule of thumb, never pay the full sticker price for anything that can be negotiated. Flooring is no exception. 

How To Find The Best Deal on Flooring?

Sam’s Club is a retail store similar to Costco where you have to be a member to shop there. All Sam’s Club stores are owned and operated by Walmart. So Sam’s club is a branch of Walmart in a way.


Flooring prices at Home Depot has a range from 40 cents per square foot to per square foot and higher. They can work with your price range and flooring style you need.


At Wayfair, you’ll find sales you can’t find anywhere else, including their radiant floor heating. Most of their sales are online and aimed at cyber shoppers.

The Best Flooring Stores

You can find flooring stores near you by searching on Google Maps. You can also try asking neighbors where they bought their floors. Don’t forget that online shopping is always an option. 

Home Depot is a top flooring store. They sort their inventory by category and trends. You can search for cottagecore flooring or find out what kind of laminate they carry. 
It also doesn’t mean they don’t have carpet, ceramic tile, and hardwood flooring. While not all of their flooring is sold by Walmart, it is sold at Walmart by third-party sellers. Walmart protects every purchase.

1. Home Depot

Watch out for a bank holiday flooring sale. Most flooring stores offer reduced flooring prices on federal banking holidays. January are February are the best months to buy flooring for a few reasons. At the beginning of each year, flooring stores want to dump their inventory before the new spring season. Also, be on the lookout for clearance engineered wood flooring sales. Also, most clearance SKUs items are exempt from promotions and do not qualify for free shipping so be sure to ask before you buy.
They also have vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood, and more.
Lumber Liquidators is specific and not a home improvement or furniture store. They carry a large selection of flooring that outshines the competition.

2. Lowe’s

Sam's Club
Most people aren’t aware that flooring can be negotiated. Most homeowners don’t perform more than one flooring job in their lives so they’re not aware that they can negotiate flooring. Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s will negotiate flooring prices.

3. Wayfair

Lowe’s has similar pricing and flooring options as Home Depot. However, they carry different brands. If you can’t find what you want at Lowe’s, then Home Depot will have it, and vice versa.
When shopping for flooring, take your time. You can find what you’re looking for if you’re patient and thorough. Don’t hesitate to shop elsewhere you don’t like that deal one location offers you. 

4. Lumber Liquidators

When buying cheap bulk flooring, Craigslist is your best bet. Craigslist has people that sell flooring that has been recently removed from their homes. Then they have people who bought too much flooring.
While you can find the best deals when shopping in person, it’s time-consuming and not easy. You can find good deals by shopping online in the spring, fall, and Christmas holidays. The US has 11 federal holidays, with each state having more. Flooring retailers will offer holiday discounts specials. Although most brick-and-mortar stores are closed on holidays, all of them are open for business online. 

5. Costco

Your flooring needs will determine which store is best for you. 
Cali Bamboo is a unique flooring store that offers more than bamboo flooring. The store has many different types of flooring options and all of them are high-end. However, their bamboo flooring is iconic.

6. Menards

Home Depot
The best way to find out what floorings a flooring store has in stock is to check online. Filter your search results to which flooring is available for pickup.

7. Carpet One

Online ordering and direct delivery are changing the way people are buying their flooring and related supplies. 
Menards is a home improvement store with over 300 locations. Their flooring selection is unique and offers hard-to-find items.

8. The Build Club

Note: local flooring stores were not included as they aren’t chain stores. Local stores in your area are not accessible to everyone.
If your online search doesn’t find Lumber Liquidators, the business is also known as LL Flooring.

9. Walmart

Lumber Liquidators
Wayfair carries almost everything you need for your home with flooring as no exception. While they may not be known as the go-to flooring store, they serve everyone and their shipping is reasonable. 
Either way, you can find quality flooring for a fraction of the price you’d pay at standard flooring stores. Never be afraid to buy used if it comes from a safe home that you are comfortable buying from.

10. Sam’s Club

Local flooring stores are diminishing. Homeowners and contractors are turning to online platforms for their flooring. You should know how to find flooring stores near you and which ones are online and brick and mortar.
Best Flooring Stores
Flooring stores that use sustainable materials will advertise it. If you want to know then you should ask the company. If they walk around the question, then the answer is no. 

11. Cali Bamboo

The Build Club doesn’t offer flooring, but they have everything you need to lay flooring. From underlayments to moisture barriers, they have everything you need to build a house.
The following list offers the top flooring stores near you that offer online shopping:

12. Craigslist

This is all up to you. Some people find it far too busy to have different flooring in every room while others find it overwhelming to have the same flooring in each room. So, find out what looks best to you.
To find a flooring store near you is one thing, locating one that is offering a discount is another task altogether.  You need to search specifically for them and use words like “wholesale” and “salvaged” for the best deals around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do I Find Flooring Stores Near Me?

They sell anything that you’d find at other department stores, including flooring. Their prices are terrific if you’re a Sam’s Club member, with flooring starting under per square foot, making it easy to finish your entire house. 

Are There Discount Flooring Stores Near Me?

This is a store you need to see to believe. You’ll find flooring layered over limestone and others that are 100 percent solid bamboo. This is unheard of at most other flooring stores so it’s worth the visit. 

Should All Flooring In the House Be The Same?

Carpet One specializes in carpet but also sells floorings. If you don’t know what you want, their sampler deals are the best. Get a cute little box with your top choices sent right to your home.

How Do I Know What Flooring Stores Have In Stock?

Costco won’t have the largest selection of flooring, but it’s still worth your time to shop there in-person or online. While their rubber tiles are popular, it’s not their only option. 

How Do I Know If Flooring Stores Use Sustainable Materials?

If you do know what you’re looking for then you can browse through their store to find it as they sort their inventory in many different ways. You can browse by color, brand, tree species, texture, patterns, and so much more.

How Do I Get A Job At Flooring Stores?


Flooring Stores Near Me Conclusion

The best way to get a job at a flooring store is by submitting an application. Be as honest and confident as possible during your interview should you make it that far. Learn the store’s setup and everything you can about their merchandise. 
Menards has real hardwood flooring for less than per square foot, and that’s not even when it’s on sale. 

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