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Garden Apartments: What Are The Pros And Cons?

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Have you ever heard of the term “garden apartment? Well, now you have. A garden apartment isn’t just an apartment with garden access though that was the original meaning. Today, the qualifications aren’t so rigid. Most garden apartments are below street level, at least partially and they always have some sort of access to greenery….




Garden Apartments below street level
People often confuse garden apartment complexes with condominiums because they have very similar setups. Garden apartment complexes are a cluster of buildings that are only a few stories high on most occasions. 
Again, having outdoor access can be amazing. You don’t have to walk down hallways to get outside. This is one of the biggest draws of a garden apartment and one of the main reasons they were created in the first place.

What Is A Garden Apartment?

Patio at apartment
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Because they are low, partially underground, and right next to the outdoor area, garden apartments can be musty and humid. They draw moisture which can cause mold, mildew, and pest problems in the future. 
Being able to go directly outside makes it feel like you have your own space, your own house even. This is the dream for most people who rent apartments. Having their own privacy at the price of an apartment. 

Garden Walk Apartments

You can even install the security system yourself but you will have to okay it with the landlord. Make sure you get someone trusted that has a slew of good reviews online. You need to rest well knowing you’re protected.

Garden Grove Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do Garden Apartments Have To Have A Garden?

Usually one. You can think of it as a pool house. It will have a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Besides that, there may not be much, if anything at all. Very few garden apartments are larger than 700 sqft.

Pros And Cons Of Garden Apartments

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That’s right. Garden apartments are right there for intruders whereas other apartment rooms likely won’t have any problems. So keep this in mind and consider asking the landlord for a security system. 
You can always put more unnatural light in as you can get light that looks natural. But natural light is always better. However, if you have odd hours, this could be a plus being able to control the lighting at all times. 

Pro: Set Your Own Hours

A garden apartment complex gives everyone access to the garden area. This is the same with condominiums. But a condominium is owned by the group while an apartment complex is owned by an individual who rents the rooms out.
Again, not really. Most of them are and this is what you probably imagine when you think of a garden apartment. But people who list their homes, or landlords who do, don’t always mean that the apartment room is below street level.

Con: Little Natural Light

And it’s way easier to walk your pet directly outside instead of taking them through the halls. This is distracting to you, your pet, and the other people in the apartment who will judge you for doing so.
Have you ever heard of the term “garden apartment? Well, now you have. A garden apartment isn’t just an apartment with garden access though that was the original meaning. Today, the qualifications aren’t so rigid.

Pro: Easy Access

Garden grove apartments must have a grove. A grove is a group of trees. So these apartments will have trees, often fruit-bearing that those staying at the apartment will have direct access to, and can often pick freely. 
This is plenty of room for one person, and can even be enough for two or three people. Get four people in there and things will get rather squished. To fix this problem, simply check the square footage before even thinking about getting the apartment. 

Con: Can Be Humid

If your apartment costs less to heat and cool, then it should cost less for you. This works out for everyone. Some people can’t afford other apartments and some landlords can’t find renters for lower apartments
They are on a single piece of property with an outdoor area that is a common area. This sounds a lot like a condominium but a condominium isn’t about what the building looks like, it’s about who owns it, really.

Pro: Perfect For Pet Owners

They may just mean that there is a garden, patio, or outdoor area next to the apartment. So you may be able to find an above-ground one if that’s what you would prefer, or a basement one if you’d rather have one like that. 
Find out more about what a condominium and a townhouse are here where we explain the differences between each of them.

Con: Often No View

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Even though it’s humid, it isn’t necessarily hotter or cooler than the other levels. It’s actually cheaper to heat and cool, and easier to do so. This is one of the reasons that it’s cheaper than other apartments. 
A garden apartment is a quiet apartment. It is separate from the rest of the apartment building so you can leave and come back without disturbing anyone. This is perfect for someone working odd hours.

Pro: Cheaper Than Higher Levels

In general, garden apartments are 30% cheaper than the higher prices apartments in the same complex. So this may be enough to convince to get one without any other information. But you may want to keep reading. 
A garden apartment is an apartment on the ground floor of an apartment building. It has direct access to a backyard or garden. The word can also be used for a low-level apartment with lawns and trees, shrubbery, or gardens around it.

Con: Easy Access For Intruders

Garden Apartments below street level
The post Garden Apartments: What Are The Pros And Cons? appeared first on Homedit.

Pro: It’s Energy Efficient

It may have its cons, but a garden apartment is one of the cheapest apartments you can find. So if you think the pros outweigh the cons without knowing this, then they for sure will once you consider you’ll be saving money. 
Garden walk apartments usually have a sidewalk or walkway around the apartment. There will be mandatory greenery around but there isn’t necessarily a garden or extravagant plants around the area. 

Garden Apartment Complex Vs. Condominiums 

Grove near lake and apartment

Most garden apartments are below street level, at least partially and they always have some sort of access to greenery. Both of these are good reasons to start your search for a garden apartment today.
Garden apartments are also called garden walk apartments, garden grove apartments, and garden park apartments. This all depends on how it is accessed and how large the garden it is connected to is.
What are the pros and cons of garden apartments? That’s what we’re here to find out. After all, any type of living structure has its own set of pros and cons. A townhouse has more privacy than an apartment. 
You can take precautions by having pest control come by regularly and by following some guides on getting rid of ants and other bugs. As far as moisture is concerned, consider dehumidifiers during the summer. 
But if this isn’t something that bothers you then you’re one step closer to finding out whether a garden apartment is right for you. Maybe you want a dark, mysterious vibe with very few windows to distract from it.
Few windows? Not a great view. Low level? Not a great view. You may have access to a garden or outdoor area, but you won’t have a good view like those in the highest stories of an apartment. This can be a bummer. 
Outdoor access? This perk probably stood out to you if you have pets. Because of course letting them out if the area is private is great. But even if it isn’t, you can usually have pets in garden apartments when you can’t on the other levels. 

Are All Garden Apartments Below Street Level?

Because it is often below street level, a garden apartment can sometimes be quite dark. There won’t be many windows and they won’t come down very far. This can be a huge con for people who thrive on sunshine.
This goes both ways. Not only will you not disturb anyone else, but no one will be disturbing you either. You can freely nap during the daytime and there will be minimal noise from your neighbors. 

How Many Bedrooms Do Garden Apartments Have?

However, a townhouse also is more expensive than an apartment. But it’s not always pricing that separates two types of living structures. Here’s what we found out about garden apartments.
In some cases, the apartment itself doesn’t have any green space at all. It simply is surrounded by green space owned by the city. This is why it’s so important to find out more from your realtor before going through any trouble yourself. 

This type of garden apartment has the most greenery. It is either connected directly to a park or has its own private courtyard/park for renters to use without fearing outsiders intruding on their family time.

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