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Get Inspired with These Kids Twin Loft Bed Ideas

Decorating a child’s room can often turn out to be more complicated than working on your adult bedroom. That’s because children’s rooms are smaller and every corner needs to be carefully thought of so that you can give your growing child everything they need to consider this room their safe haven. Generally speaking, a kid’s…
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You know how a bunk bed is basically two beds stacked on top of each other, offering two separate sleeping spots for different people? Well, a loft bed is basically an elevated bed frame that allows you to use the free space underneath it. It’s kind of like a bunk bed, but without the actual bottom bed.
Not all loft beds require creating a study or a recreational space underneath it. Some of them can rest on top of drawers where parents can store the child’s clothes, clean bedding items, or even toys and other things that should be kept out of sight).
Aime Loft Bed with Bookcase

What Is a Loft Bed?

Twin Loft Bed
Low loft blue red in natural

Pros & Cons of Loft Beds

Our first suggestion is a metal loft bed that helps you save floor space in a kid’s room by offering the items needed to turn the space underneath the frame into a study spot. It includes the slat kit, the guard rails, a built-in ladder, and a narrow and wide desk. The Twin size measures 41.5” W x 77.5” L and the frame is compatible with 6-inch mattresses. The desk has a weight limit of 50 pounds, while the clearance underneath the bed measures 58 inches in height. The guardrails run the full length of the bed for maximum safety, while the ladder is located on the side, to save up space on the side of the bed. Take note that the ladder is located on the right side of the bed and can’t be transferred, limiting your positioning options because of that.
Con: You can crawl into your kid’s bed. Since loft beds usually accommodate one person and there are rails that surround the bed for the sleeper’s safety, you probably can’t afford to lie down next to your child anymore (unless you’re a petite person). So, if you ever want to sit next to your child when they’re having a nightmare, you will have to bring them to bed with you.
This is the perfect example of a loft bed that can age with your child. It’s simple and neutral in design, so you can dress it up to suit their age. When they move into their teen years, it can easily convert into a workspace underneath.

Spending your money on the right loft bed for your child means understanding the advantages and drawbacks of this ensemble. Only then will you be able to accurately determine if that product can serve its purpose or not. When it comes to loft bed, here are some of the ups and down of this specific product.

Instead, the space that’s underneath the elevated bed frame usually serves as room for adding more furniture or creating a working/studying space. Because this type of bed helps save up a lot of floor space, it is quite a common option in kids and teenager’s bedrooms, and the space underneath the bed is usually for a desk, some cabinets, a couch, or for clothing drawers.
Our next suggestion is a Twin loft bed made by Delta Children, a brand with experience in making some pretty neat beds for kids. This one is made from solid wood and measures 53.5” H x 41.5” W x 77.6” L, with 37 inches of clearance underneath the bed. It has a non-slip ladder which should be easy to climb if your child is at least 5 or 6 years of age. The guardrails run across the entire length of the bed, which is a pretty common feature in these kinds of beds. It doesn’t come with any extras, so you get to choose how you put the space underneath the bed to good use.
Made from solid and manufactured wood, this Twin loft bed is another great example of how you can save space in your kid’s room and still turn it into a stylish and efficient space. The structure measures 43” H x 43.25” W x 78.75” L and has a 26.75” clearance underneath the bed. It is compatible with mattresses of maximum 6” in thickness, but that’s pretty standard for most loft beds designed for a kid’s room. There is a built-in ladder that comes with the set, but also the slat kit and guardrails, which are pretty mandatory for your child’s safety.

Design Ideas Using Loft Beds

You can also opt for something a little more girly, like in this picture. It doubles as a playhouse and turns your kid’s bedroom into a fun fortress!
With a minimalist design and a beautiful black finish, this metal bed offers a convenient approach for those who want to save space in a kid’s room. It measures 71.7” H x 41.7” W x 79.9” L and has 58.3 inches of clearance underneath the frame. The metal bed frame comes with 12 slats included with your purchase, and it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. Aside from the actual frame, you also get the bedrails, the ladder, a desk, shelves, and a bookcase included inside the package. With everything put together, you will end up having a really nice study space underneath the bed frame, plus double access to the bed thanks to the two ladders that are located on the side and at the foot of the bed.
Generally speaking, a kid’s room should have everything from a study space to a recreational corner, but when you don’t have a lot of room to spare, how are you supposed to provide all that? Well, a loft bed could be the best solution to your problem, so let’s dig a little deeper and see how this product can save you time and energy.
Pro: Saves floor space. This is probably the biggest advantage of using a loft bed inside the room, the fact that the bed doesn’t actually occupy any floor space and all the room underneath it can be used for other purposes, including making a study corner or a recreational spot, or even to add extra storage cabinets or closets.
Products jackpot kids color loft beds windsor
Decorating a child’s room can often turn out to be more complicated than working on your adult bedroom. That’s because children’s rooms are smaller and every corner needs to be carefully thought of so that you can give your growing child everything they need to consider this room their safe haven.
A twin loft bed may be just what you need when your kid’s room is short on space and you want to maximize every bit of free room you can get. I know that some parents might be worried about the safety implications of a loft bed, but there are so many safety features that are now embedded in these products, it’s just a matter of proper assembly and not forcing the structure by sticking to the accepted weight limit.
Simoneau Loft Bed with Desk
Harlan Loft Bed
One problematic thing about loft beds is that children might have a difficult time getting into bed because of the usually narrow ladder they have to climb. Here you can see that not all loft beds come with narrow ladders positioned at 90-degree angles. In this image, you can see that the ladder is quite easy to climb, and it even comes with a sidebar that your kids can hang onto while going up or down.
If you have a smaller child, it’s perfectly normal to be worried about their safety when they’re sleeping “all the way up there”. If you want more peace of mind in knowing that your kid will be safe, consider the following safety tips:
We end our series of Twin loft bed reviews with another basic suggestion, but one that doesn’t fail to deliver if you’re not interested in all the extras. We’re talking about a structure that measures 72” H x 42” W x 80” L and has 57” of clearance underneath the bed, suitable for turning the space into whatever you kid’s room needs at a specific moment. The components are made from quality rubberwood, and the set is delivered with guardrails and a built-in ladder which is pretty safe to use. It has a weight capacity of 240 pounds, so it can support the weight of a teenager without you having to worry that the structure will collapse.
Schlemmer Twin Loft Bed
Whitbeck Twin Bed
Kids Twin Loft Bed Ideas

Loft Bed Safety Tips

Alicea Twin Loft Bed

  • It’s generally best if you don’t allow children under the age of 6 to get up into their loft bed without assistance or supervision, no matter how safe everything looks. After that age, their motor skills are developed enough to push the child to be safer and they will be able to be more careful and prevent these types of injuries on their own.
  • Never let a child sleep in a loft bed that doesn’t have a rail system that runs along the entire length of the bed. One can’t control their movements when they’re asleep, so in case the child rolls over all the way to the edge of the bed, these rails will prevent them from falling. Which brings us to another important safety tip:
  • Don’t choose a mattress that’s taller than the recommended thickness. The rails will only be efficient if the mattress is shorter, otherwise the child will easily roll off the side of the bed and get hurt when falling.
  • Pay close attention to the total supported weight of the loft bed and make sure that it is never exceeded. It’s probably ok if your kid is sitting on the bed with a small sibling or a friend, but having an adult and a child up there could cause you to exceed the total weight capacity and weaken the structure of the bed.

The Best Kid’s Twin Loft Beds Available On The Market

1. Simoneau Loft Bed with Desk

The Dupuis Twin loft bed is another standard option for parents who want the freedom to decorate the space underneath the bed as they please, since the assembly kit only includes the components needed to put together the bed and the ladder. The 46.25” H x 41.5” W x 78.75” L structure has a total weight capacity of 250 pounds, while the width of the open space underneath the bed measures 78”, which should be more than enough to set up an intimate corner for your little one to play in. There are 13 slats included in the kit and the assembly process is pretty easy and straightforward.
Nickelsville Twin Loft Bed with Desk

2. Kalea Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk

Low loft playhouse pink white
Kalea Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk

3. Gladwin Junior Twin Loft Bed

Turning the space underneath the bed into a private play fort seems like a good idea and, if you don’t have the energy to put that together from scratch, there are plenty of options that allow you to purchase the entire thing, as you can see here.
The post Get Inspired with These Kids Twin Loft Bed Ideas appeared first on Homedit.

4. Twin Loft Bed

Modern loft bed design
Joplin Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Bookcase

5. Aime Loft Bed with Bookcase

The next suggestion is a bed that’s available in both a Twin and a Full-sized version, with the weight capacity of the Twin bed being 200 pounds. Now, what can you expect to get from this loft bed? Well, you first get a sturdy bed with a metal frame that’s clearly built to last. Then, you get the slat kit included, plus the built-in ladder. The guardrails are there too, but you also get a desk that’s attached to the structure so that you can turn the space underneath the bed into a study corner. The clearance underneath the bed measures 58.5 inches, so that should be enough space to move around while sitting down.
Dupuis Twin Low Loft Bed

6. Whitbeck Twin Bed

Con: Some kids may be afraid of heights. When it comes to a loft bed, the only way to actually get into bed is to climb a ladder. If your child is afraid of heights, it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get them to go up there or even feel safe being there. Thankfully, loft beds come with safety rails that run the entire length of the bed, so the risk of your child falling down and getting hurt are virtually non-existent.
You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to organizing your child’s room and working with that free space underneath the bed. If you’re not sure where to go from there, here are some ideas to help you get started.

7. Schlemmer Twin Loft Bed

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If you have a small child, they will absolutely love the Whitbeck bed because, while you have to take the stairs up, you can take the slide down, and no child has ever denied the opportunity of going down a slide. That does, however, require a little bit of clearance on the side of the bed so your child doesn’t bump into furniture when going down the slide. The structure measures 43” H x 41.5” W x 98.5” L and it’s made of steel with a white coat finish. The set is delivered with 22 slats and has a low loft configuration so that the space underneath the bed is best suited for a small playground for your little one.

8. Dupuis Twin Low Loft Bed

Harlan bed
This one appears to be great for girls but if you take away the bedding and accessories, it’s really a gender-neutral frame. It’s simply designed and constructed of metal, so it’ll last for years. Also, it’s perfect for small spaces due to it’s slim shape.

9. Nickelsville Twin Loft Bed with Desk

The Gladwin Junior loft bed is a little different compared to the other two. It has a tent that goes underneath the bed to create a private play space for your little one, similar to what an indoor fort would look like. The play area underneath the bed measures 42.5″ D x 79″ L x 28.5″ H, while the overall dimensions are 46” H x 44” W x 79” L. The ladder is inclined, which makes it easier to climb and it can be placed on the left or right side of the bed. The guardrails run along the entire length of the bed. The tent is made entirely from polyester fabric and can be removed and cleaned inside the washing machine, which is pretty convenient.
As your child turns into a teenager, play spaces aren’t that important anymore, and having a study place seems more appropriate. There are so many things that you can do with this space if you want to add a desk and give your child a quiet studying spot, with no distractions, you’re only limited by your imagination.

10. Alicea Twin Loft Bed

Pro: They are great for small bedrooms. It can be really tricky to properly furnish a bedroom when you have limited space to work with, but since a loft bed basically allows you to use all the space underneath it for something else, it’s a really wise investment when there isn’t enough room to move around.
Gladwin Junior Twin Loft Bed

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to turn the space underneath a loft bed into a study corner for your kid to focus in without any distractions, Nickelsville might be the right option for you. It measures 41.33” W x 80.17” L and it’s compatible with mattresses of up to 8” in height. It’s made from manufactured wood and has a total weight capacity of 200 pounds. Aside from the guardrails and the included ladder, the set also comes with a desk that’s placed on the side of the structure, underneath the bed, creating a cozy and intimate space where your prodigy can focus on studies, crafts, reading, or even just spending time on the internet.
Pro: they often include more than just the bed frame. You will find plenty of loft beds that come with a desk or some cabinets or some other things that can help you organize the space underneath it properly. That saves you the trouble of having to buy some of that extra furniture needed for the space underneath the bed, which is always a plus if you don’t like/don’t have time to do the extra shopping.

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