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Great Plans For The Backyard – DIY Grill Station Designs And Ideas

Having a nice little space where you can gather with some friends or family and spend some time outdoors around a grill is really cool, especially when the weather cooperates. And of course, what better place for that than your own backyard? If you don’t have a proper grill station in here already, now would…
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Another idea is to build your custom grill station around the frame of an old bbq. As it turns out, some have the perfect size and shape and just need a bit of refining in order to look better. The perfect example is this inspiring transformation project featured on girljustdiy. Based on that you can come up with a plan to build your own custom grill station using whatever is available to you.
DIY Modern Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Modern Builds
Since the general idea is to build something for the outdoor area, perhaps you’d like to embrace a rustic or farmhouse-inspired design. There are all sorts of different ways to do that and you can find a detailed tutorial complete with a shopping list and everything on thelowcountrylady. It shows you how this beautiful grill station was built. It has a solid wooden frame and a concrete top and it’s not as difficult to build as you might think. 
You might be thinking that having a proper setup out in the backyard for grilling is definitely nice but sometimes you just want a portable grill station so you can go camping and such. You can actually have both. Portability is a big part of this design shared by REAL CEDAR – DESIGN INSPIRATION & DIY PLANS. The base station is nice and simple, built out of wood and with convenient storage inside. Check out the video description for the plans. 
As we mentioned before, using the grill that you already have is a great idea and a nice way to save some money in the process of setting up your outdoor kitchen. It’s up to you to decide how big and complex you want your outdoor kitchen to be and we feel like this setup shared by Zero To Awesome is just about right. It gives you a big counter to work on and plenty of storage underneath. 
Outdoor kitchen build in 20 minutes Using my old Weber gas grill
Building a Grill Station with Concrete Countertops
If you prefer your grill station to be smaller and more lightweight so you can put it on the deck or the patio for example, perhaps a design like this one would do. This is a rolling outdoor island built your o wood. It has a storage shelf at the bottom that can hold things like a cooler and various supplies and there are hooks on the sides for all the grill-related utensils and so on. The top is not very big but it would be quite easy to have a grill built into it. Check out instructables for more details. 
Speaking of rolling outdoor kitchen islands, here’s another really cool one, this time a bit bigger and with more features. The centerpiece is the big bbq station but there’s also quite a bit of storage on the two shelves and also for some of the utensils right there where you need them. The countertop gives you space to prep everything and the whole design is actually really great. Check out the plans and tutorial for this island on pneumaticaddict. 
You can also find plans for another small grill station on creatingreallyawesomefunthings. This time the design has a bit of an industrial look and what sets this one apart is the fact that the bottom section is actually meant to serve as a cooler shelf. Of course, you can also use this compartment for general storage if you want to and you can also replace it with a simple shelf or two if you prefer that instead. 
Having a nice little space where you can gather with some friends or family and spend some time outdoors around a grill is really cool, especially when the weather cooperates. And of course, what better place for that than your own backyard?
You can also check out this video from Rogue Engineer which explains how this amazing-looking outdoor grill station. kitchen was planned, designed and built from scratch. It surely looks great and we love the materials and textures used here. They give it a professional look but also help it blend into a nice backyard or garden area. 
Big Green Egg Day
Pallet BBQ Station
Ladygaots kettle grill table
DIY Portable Outdoor Grill Station and Bar Combo
DIY Grill Station
DIY Grill Station
Speaking of outdoor kitchens, there are lots of different ways to take this sort of project to the next level. This design shared by Modern Builds is complete with a grill station, a built-in sink, lots of storage and also a bar. It’s a U-shaped kitchen and it takes up quite a bit of space. It is however entirely possible to build something like this yourself from scratch and you don’t have to be a veteran furniture-maker to do so. 
The post Great Plans For The Backyard – DIY Grill Station Designs And Ideas appeared first on Homedit.
This is a really nice little island that you can build around one of those outdoor grills that come with a metal tripod. The idea is basically to get rid of the tripod and to have the grill be a part of this station which has shelves for storage and also a tilt-out drawer that’s absolutely perfect for a built-in garbage bin. There’s also the added benefit of having a countertop to use as a work surface when prepping and grilling. You can find out more about this DIY grill station on ladygoats. 
The style you choose for your outdoor grill station should match that of the house or at least the backyard area. This industrial-looking design shared by HomeMadeModern is meant to complement a container house, with plans to add more modules to it and to create a bigger outdoor kitchen area. It makes use of materials such as steel and concrete which are rugged and cold but it also has wooden shelves for a bit of warmth and contrast. 
If you have a perfect spot picked for it, your grill station can be fixed and incorporated into a sort of outdoor kitchen area such as this one. This has a nice pergola roof, a built-in sink, storage and of course a big bbq area in the middle of it all. Building something like this requires a bit more planning compared to a grill cart. You need to lay the foundation and build everything out of sturdy materials like concrete blocks. This design from instructables has a two-layer countertop so check out the plans if you want to make something similar. 
Amazing DIY Outdoor Kitchen with Grill and Sink
Chances are that you already have a grill. If so, this project can be built around it. You can incorporate the grill into a small table, sort of like a small island or station and you can put wheels on it so you can move it around like a cart. You can build everything yourself out of wood and you can include a storage shelf at the bottom and hangers and hooks on the sides for all the grill-related utensils and accessories. This tutorial on instructables tells you all about it. 
If you don’t have a proper grill station in here already, now would be a good time to start building one. This can be your next home improvement project, something that you can do in a weekend and immediately enjoy afterwards. Let’s check out some DIY grill station ideas to get you started. 
Isn’t this grill cart just absolutely perfect? It’s not too big or too small, it’s convenient and easy to move around thanks to the casters, it has storage space for pretty much everything you need when you’re using it and it also looks beautiful. We really love the combination of colors and the simplicity of the design. What’s also amazing is that you can build this yourself from scratch. Start with the frame and before you know it the station starts to take shape. You can find the plans and instructions for it on katrinablair. 
DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station
Patio Cooler and Grill Cart Combo
Another idea is to get a pre-made grill station and to give it a makeover, personalize it a bit and make it look better. This one for instance didn’t always look this stylish. It started as just an empty wooden frame with a grill in the middle. The frame was covered up with metal sheets and then everything was covered with stone veneer using adhesive. It turned out and it looks really cozy and inviting. Check out the full project on unexpectedelegance for more details. 
Patio Cart Complete
DIY Outdoor Kitchen
DIY Outdoor Kitchen Built in Grill Station
Build a Backyard Barbecue
Not wanting to spend a lot of money when building the grill station is understandable and luckily there’s actually a super easy way to make this a cost-efficient DIY project. The solution is super simple and it involves using wood pallets. They’re a great and super cheap resource. you can repurpose the pallets and cut them into sections or take them apart and reuse the boards to build a cool grill station like this one for instance. Check it out on warrennash. 
Diy outdoor island building
As you can imagine, starting from this simple DIY grill station idea you can basically go all out and come up with all sorts of plans and designs for something even bigger, like an entire outdoor kitchen for example. The grill station can become a part of it and you can take this opportunity to build a whole lot more around it. This video tutorial by BriGuy503 shows you what building a kitchen in your backyard looks like and explains what a project like this one takes. 
There are certain details and features that can be added to a DIY grill station to basically make it look more complete and to help it stand out a bit. One idea would for example be to build a wooden pergola above the station. It’s quite easy to do and this video tutorial by Mr. Build It shows you exactly how it’s all planned and done from start to finish. Here you can also get an idea of how build a nice-looking stone-clad station around your grill. 
A fixed grill station has its advantages too. For starters, you can make it super solid and sturdy by building it out of bricks or cement blocks. It doesn’t need to be lightweight or slender since you’re not moving anywhere and you can treat it basically like a sort of outdoor kitchen island. This actually make the project and the design super simple. Check out ourfifthhouse to better understand what the plan is in this case. 
The grill and the little island don’t necessarily have to be fused together. You can keep them separate if you want. With that in mind, if you already have a freestanding grill that you like, here’s a rolling cart station that you can build to accompany it. You can build it out of wood and metal pipes and fittings which gives it an industrial sort of look quite fitting for it. As you can see, the one featured on decorandthedog has a few built-in accessories like a towel rack and two storage boxes on the sides for things like utensils, spices and so on. 

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