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Green Velvet Chair? Yes, Please! How To Choose An Accent Chair

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Aside from its unique feel, velvet has a very beautiful look. It catches the eye as soon as you walk into the room and combines a sense of luxury with a budget that doesn’t seem to be too over-the-top. In spite of its rich look, velvet can be quite a pretentious material, and today we…




Haleigh Wingback Chair
Pro: It looks luxurious. There is something about velvet that can turn even the most rustic chair into a luxury-looking piece of furniture, so if you want to give your interior design some of that opulence, velvet is certainly one way to do it.
Green Cleo Velvet Armchair

Velvet Pros & Cons

Grinnell Velvet Papasan Chair
Green Easterling Velvet Slipper Chair
Cleaning velvet upholstery can turn out to be a real challenge, but we’ve gathered expert tips that will teach you how to get it done right every time. Despite its gorgeousness, velvet isn’t always a material that’s easy to care for, so let’s talk about the common problems that could occur and how to solve them.
Another piece of furniture that you’re going to love when you’re looking for chic green velvet accent chairs is the Daulton. It is also available in 12 other color options, in case you like the design but green doesn’t really match your existing decor. Capable of supporting up to 250 pounds in weight, this chair is built in a wooden frame and has foam padding to make seating as comfortable as possible. It has a clam-like design and combines gorgeous green upholstery with golden legs, for a more glam look.
Green Daulton Velvet Side Chair

How to Clean Velvet Upholstery

When it comes to gorgeous accent chairs covered in green velvet, Clive is a real beauty. It comes with golden legs and nail head trim design matching the same golden shade, combining two colors that look astonishing. The frame is made from wood and can support up to 250 pounds in weight. It has an armless design and measures 31” H x 26” W x 29.5” D, making it a perfect match for glam rooms, but also for other places where you’d like to give your home a luxurious feel.

Problem: My velvet fabric has creases.

Solution: Whenever something ends up leaving nasty stains on your velvet upholstery, the first to do is try not to panic. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to check the manufacturer’s instruction, which should contain some pretty clear dos and don’ts of dealing with spills. In most cases, the first step towards cleaning your velvet upholstery will be using a clean cloth (preferably one that doesn’t leave lint behind) to soak up any excess liquid. This will make the cleaning process easier. Once that’s done, create a mixture of dishwasher liquid (two drops should suffice) and a cup of water. Mix it up to make some frothy bubbles. Dip a clean cloth into the suds and blot the stain until you’ve removed as much of the stain as possible. You can use a hairdryer (on the lowest heat setting) to dry up that portion of the upholstery, or open up all the windows to ventilate the room until it naturally dries out. If you have a really expensive velvet piece of furniture, consider turning to a furniture cleaning specialist in your area. They have all the equipment needed to remove stubborn stains (beware, it might cost you a pretty penny).

Problem: My velvet fabric’s color is fading.

Aside from its unique feel, velvet has a very beautiful look. It catches the eye as soon as you walk into the room and combines a sense of luxury with a budget that doesn’t seem to be too over-the-top.

Problem: My velvet upholstery is dirty.

Solution: When there’s a lot of compression for a longer period of time, velvet can end up with crease marks (similar to those you have on your face when you sleep in the same position the entire night). This problem can easily be solved with a handheld steamer (if you don’t have one, you can also use your iron’s steam setting). Once hot, move the steamer from one corner to the opposite direction of the pile. You always want to use the lowest heat setting and make sure that you don’t hold the steamer or the iron in a single spot for too long (pretty much the same thing you want to avoid when ironing your clothes).

Tips for Decorating with Green

Simone Velvet Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Con: It’s a pet hair magnet. If you own a pet, you can expect plenty of fur hair to end up stuck into the surface of velvet fabric. You might want to consider covering your velvet upholstery if you have any pets or just look at furniture pieces made with other materials.

  • Dark green is perfect for moody living rooms and bedrooms. It makes the room appear more elegant and classy, and works really well for accent walls behind beds or for grounding a really large room. You can choose something along the lines of a green velvet couch if you want to add a little vitality to the room.
  • Muted green is lighter in shade and makes the room appear brighter. It works perfectly for offices, but plenty of people choose it to paint bedroom walls as well. You can also find muted green in vintage landscapes, and could also be a viable choice if your home is decorated in mid-century modern style.
  • Warm greens are best used in decorating when you choose those with undertones of orange and yellow. It can bring more energy into the room, being perfect for guest rooms or powder rooms.

Best Green Velvet Chair

Clive Velvet Side Chair

In spite of its rich look, velvet can be quite a pretentious material, and today we are going to learn more about velvet upholstery before we take a look at some of the best green velvet chairs currently available on the market.
The post Green Velvet Chair? Yes, Please! How To Choose An Accent Chair appeared first on Homedit.

Cleo Velvet Armchair

Pro: It’s durable. When cared for properly, velvet upholstery can maintain its vivid color for long years to come. You might want to check our section below on cleaning and caring for velvet furniture.
Don’t you just love accent chairs with a design that’s different from the regular armchair you see in most people’s homes? This is one of those models, one that can bring a certain flair of modernism to your interior decor. Measuring 31.5” H x 28” W x 25” D and capable of supporting up to 250 pounds in weight, this chair definitely has a luxurious appeal, with its green velvet upholstery and X-frame golden legs. The gap in the backrest makes the chair breathable, which isn’t exactly one of velvet’s qualities, so it’s definitely a feature one might benefit from.

Daulton Velvet Side Chair

There are plenty of reasons why green will always be a color to consider in the world of interior decorating. Making everything look like it’s coming to life and bringing an outdoor sense right in the comfort of your own home, green is a color that can’t be neglected, whether we’re talking wall paint, vases, or velvet chairs. With so many different models to choose from, it will ultimately come down to a matter of personal taste. Just make sure you have the patience to browse plenty of different models, as each one seems to be more beautiful than the last.
Every fabric that you choose for your home furniture upholstery is going to bring forth a series of advantages and drawbacks, so let’s take a look at what velvet has to say at this chapter.

Easterling Velvet Slipper Chair

green velvet chair
To create the perfect corner for enjoying a cup of coffee with your significant other or a friend, or if you simply want to have symmetry when it comes to your green velvet accent chairs, the Cleo is a set of two identical chairs that are bound to draw the attention of anyone walking into the room. They are built upon a wooden frame made from solid and manufactured wood, being capable of supporting up to 250 pounds in weight each. The velvet upholstery concealed comfortable high-density foam provide you with proper cushioning as you enjoy your new armchairs.

Grinnell Velvet Papasan Chair

Coming in strong at 33” H x 22.5” W x 27.25” D, the Easterling is yet another chair covered in the softest and most smooth green velvet out there. It has a retro-inspired design, with a curved backrest and no armrests, allowing you to move freely without any restrictions and without the seat feeling too narrow. It is built on a frame made from solid and manufactured wood and can support a total weight of 300 pounds. The backrest has a button-tufted design and the padding is made from 90 percent foam and 10 percent cotton.
Green Clive Velvet Side Chair

Haleigh Wingback Chair

Green is the color of nature coming back to life, and it is a beautiful choice for decorating rooms where you want to bring some of that outdoor vibe inside the house. Feng Shui attributes the color green to the wood element, bringing calm and renewal, as it is often a sign of new beginning. Green can be cool and warm, depending on the shade chosen, but plenty of people choose cooler shades for their homes.
If you’re ready to invest in a green velvet chair that offers the perfect spot for reading or watching TV, then you need a set that delivers a matching ottoman, just like the Simone does. This set is made from solid rubberwood, making sure that you’ve spent your money wisely on products that are built to last. Measuring 40.8” H x 26.2” W x 20.5” D, this chair can support up to 250 pounds in weight and combines dark brown legs with a lustrous shade of green that’s perfect for mid-century modern rooms.

Simone Velvet Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The undertone and shade that you choose for your green paint and decoration is going to change the feel of a room quite a lot:
Con: It easily fades in sunlight. One of the biggest problems with velvet as a fabric is that it isn’t fade-resistant if you leave it in direct sunlight for too long. That means that you want to place your velvet furniture pieces away from windows and put them in corners where the sun doesn’t shine its rays upon them for very long during the day.

In Conclusion

Ready to serve you with its 30.3” H x 25.1” W x 26.7” D dimensions, the Haleigh chair brings a serious vibe that combines a darker shade of green with black briarwood legs. Serving both functional and decorative purposes, this green velvet chair supports up to 250 pounds in weight and comes with a padded seat for those who value comfort above other aspects. Note that there is a hidden chair compartment for storing the legs during shipment.
Solution: It’s pretty simple: fabrics that are exposed to light ona regular basis are likely to start fading, and velvet is a fabric that’s particularly sensitive to light. You should try to avoid leaving velvet fabric and furniture covered in velvet upholstery in the light as much as possible to prevent that from happening.

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