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Have You Considered Acrylic for Your Next Bar Stools?

If you are one of the bold homeowners that decided to add a bar into your interior design plans, we salute you. If you’re a homeowner with a tall kitchen counter, you’re in the right place as well. For all those of you interested in bar stools and acrylic stool models that are all the…
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If you’re looking for a bar stool set made from quality rattan which can be used both inside and outdoors, you’ll love the construction of the Dalessio.
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Slater 26 inch Counter Stool

Top Picks

Queener Bar Counter Stool
If you are one of the bold homeowners that decided to add a bar into your interior design plans, we salute you. If you’re a homeowner with a tall kitchen counter, you’re in the right place as well.
Acrylic stools are usually available in three main design types: full-back, partial-back, and backless options.
“I like the contemporary/modern feel of the design and the white/light wood colors add a nice touch to brighten up the space” (customer review)
“They are exactly what I was looking for. Modern yet functional and best part. No assembly!” (customer review)
If you’ve dreamed about having bar stools that support more weight than the average 250 pounds that most of them can withstand, take a look into the Jainil, a stool that can hold up to 350 pounds of weight.
Best with Faux Leather: Queener Bar & Counter Stool
There is so much to be said about the design of the Howland bar stool, a piece that speaks through uniqueness and adds flair wherever you choose to place it. It’s the kind of furniture piece that successfully combines multiple elements: a sturdy metal frame and a Sunbrella acrylic seat. It can support a total weight of 250 pounds and offers 360-degree swivel rotation. The stool measures 44.75” H x 22” W x 17” D overall, with a seat height of 30 inches.
When you’re out shopping for bar stools, it’s important to know about the four main existing types so that you may determine which one is the right option for you. These include:
Jainil Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool
Best Rattan Stool: Dalessio Outdoor Garden 30″ Patio Bar Stool
First choice of the day is this set of 2 stools made from rattan. Each chair measures 46” H x 19.3” W x 19.3” D and has a seat placed at 30 inches from the ground. It’s constructed with an inner frame made from steel, capable of supporting up to 280 pounds in weight. It’s a full back type of chair, so you should be able to sit comfortably without putting too much strain on your back.
Best Modern Design Option 2: Egor 26″ Counter Stool
Dalessio Outdoor Garden 30 inch Patio Bar Stool
This is another set of two bar stools that we absolutely fell in love with because they look amazing, they have sturdy construction, and can support up to 330 pounds in weight. They have a metal frame with a shiny and gorgeous chrome finish, seats made from acrylic plastic, and upholstery made from vinyl. These low back stools have an adjustable seat height (which can be set between 23.25 and 32 inches) and a swivel feature.
Bar height stools have a seat located at a 28 to 32-inch distance from the ground. They are the tallest chair category available on the market, and they are compatible with counters, bars, or table heights of about 41 to 42 inches. They are the kind of chairs that you usually see in bars, pubs, and restaurants, but they also work for homes where people have either really high kitchen counters, or even home-based bars.
Best Modern Design Option 1: Masam 26″ Bar Stool
Chairs that have a standard height usually measure between 16 and 23 inches. They are compatible with tables that are between 28 and 30 inches in height. These chairs are usually easier to stack and move around, but this also depends on what materials they’re made from and how light or heavy that material is. You can find regular height chairs in upholstered and non-upholstered options, and they are the best choice for traditional tables.
The Avril bar stool is the kind of product that you have to check out in order to understand where its beauty lies. It offers not only a sturdy construction, but also plenty of details that make it a very comfortable choice. The metal frame is long-lasting, the acrylic seats are reliable, and the foam padding is just comfortable. The seat can be adjusted at height varying from 26.75 inches to 34.25 inches.
The material used to make the frame also plays an important part in determining the stability and durability of the stool. Wood bar stools can be more expensive than you think, but that’s also because they can fit into a multitude of interior decor setups. You can choose wood stools that have cushioned upholstery for added conform. The best wood choices are acacia, eucalyptus, or teak, with all of these three options being insect-repellant. Metal bar stools are suitable in modern and industrial setups. They have sleeker silhouettes and are much more adequate for smaller spaces. Rattan and wicker stools are another option, one that people prefer because of their timeless look. They are also pretty lightweight, which makes them easy to move around when needed.

How to Choose Bar Stools

If you want to add some modern flair to your kitchen island, the Masam bar stools are here to meet your demands.


Next in line, we have another gorgeous bar stool set, this time with two acrylic products that are bound to spark an interest thanks to their design and quality construction. Each of the two chairs can support a total weight of 250 pounds and offer a low back design for those that wish to get some support while sitting down. Every stool measures 33.7” H x 18.9” W x 18.7” D and the seat is located at 26 inches from the ground.


Egor 26inch Counter Stool


“This was a fantastic deal- you can’t find adjustable bar stools that swivel for this price.” (customer review)
Acrylic is a very common chair material because it has many underrated benefits worth taking into consideration. For those of you not sure about whether or not this purchase is worth it, we are going to share some facts about acrylic furniture, with a specific focus on chairs and bar stools, so here it goes:

Acrylic Need-to-Know Info

Masam 26 inch Bar Stool

  • Acrylic is often used to make all kinds of durable products and bar stools are no exceptions to that rule. For instance, unlike wood, which is prone to rot, moisture, mold growth, or other kinds of damage, acrylic stays strong in the face of such factors.
  • Acrylic bar stools are easy to clean regardless of the level or dirt we’re talking about. A simple surface cleaning of an acrylic bar stool requires a microfiber cloth so you can wipe dust off the surface. If you notice marks on the acrylic surface, you can use a damp cloth to wipe them. Tougher stains can be removed with baby wipes because you can rub the stains without scratching the materials. When you have to deal with tough stains, you can use a white spirit poured to dampen a piece of kitchen roll.
  • A very common mistake is confusing acrylic with plastic. However, plastic is a more general term while acrylic is a very specific type of plastic. Also known as polyacrylate, acrylic is made from petroleum-based plastics and natural gas derivatives.
  • If you have transparent acrylic bar stools, you need to know some extra information about how to clean them. First of all, avoid anything that contains ammonia because this causes transparent acrylic to turn cloudy and that’s a process you can’t reverse.

Modern kitchen bar stool island

Types of Bar Stools

Best Swivel: Amp Swivel Adjustable Height Bar & Counter Stool

  • Backless bar stools are one of the most common designs out there. They usually have a round shape and they are a good option for those of you looking to save up some space. The design allows you to push the stool and conceal it underneath the counter. However, they are not the most comfortable options on the market.
  • Bar stools with arms are better for those of you that plan to sit down for longer, but make sure that the height of these stools still allows you to hide them under the counter if you want to save up some space.
  • Swivel stools are pretty heavy, but the swiveling feature is something that a lot of people find convenient. Beware of choosing them in a household with children.
  • Upholstered stools are perfect for homes where the dining area is the kitchen counter. They are cushioned and more comfortable, but also add a touch of elegance to the room.

Acrylic bar stools

Bar Stool Height vs. Regular Chair Height

Bar stools are available in a variety of different heights, and the recommended height varies depending on the height of the counter/bar that the chair will be placed next to. Generally speaking, the seat of the stool should be about 12 inches shorter than the bar’s counter. If you choose stools that are higher than that, you will find it very difficult for your legs to fit comfortably underneath the bar’s counter. Anything shorter than 12 inches is going to provide difficulties in reaching the surface of the counter comfortably.
There are so many interesting design options when it comes to bar stools, you can literally achieve a lot of different interior decor setups when you know your stools. For those of you that have never bought such a product before, we’ve put together a list of features that need to be taken into consideration prior to shopping for such a product:
The post Have You Considered Acrylic for Your Next Bar Stools? appeared first on Homedit.

Best Acrylic Bar Stools

Dalessio Outdoor Garden 30″ Patio Bar Stool

When you’re purchasing a bar stool, be it acrylic or any other material, it’s really important to keep in mind that there is a proper height to look into, because there are drawbacks to sitting in chairs that are either too high or too short. Acrylic is a wonderful material choice because it’s resistant, not that expensive, and quite easy to care for, but you’re free to explore some other options, such as wood or metal.
Bar stools and big kitchen

Masam 26″ Bar Stool

Best for Outdoor Use: Howland Bar & Counter Swivel Indoor/Outdoor Stool
Bar stools are usually divided into three main categories if you consider the height as the primary feature of interest. Counter stools are usually the shortest, measuring between 24 and 26 inches in height. They work best if you have a counter in your home bar that is around 36 inches high. Classic bar stools are either regular or extra-tall.

Slater 26″ Counter Stool

Acrylic bar stools have gained a lot of popularity over the past years, and transparent acrylic chairs are a really sought-after type of bar stool. Acrylic is a material that excels in durability by default, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Another benefit lies in the fact that you can find acrylic transparent bar stools in a lot of different shapes and design.
Outdoor Stool

Egor 26″ Counter Stool

Knightsbridge 26 inch Counter Stool
Avril Swivel Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Howland Bar & Counter Swivel Indoor/Outdoor Stool

On the more elegant side of things, we have the Queener bar stool, a masterpiece that combines different types of elements for an interesting construction. The chair is designed with a metal frame with powder coating for extra-resistance, and acrylic seat, and faux leather upholstery, making it a simple choice in terms of visuals, but a very elegant one nevertheless. This bar stool measures 38” H x 20.5” W x 22” D, has a heat height of 26.5 inches, and supports a total weight of 250 pounds.
For all those of you interested in bar stools and acrylic stool models that are all the hype right now, we have a very interesting buyer’s guide and product suggestions list that are bound to keep you hooked. Are you ready?

Queener Bar & Counter Stool

First, you have to consider the design of the stool, and you have four different options to choose from. All of these four types are listed in a section below, one that we’ve dedicated specifically to types of bar stools currently available on the market.
Next up, we have another modern bar stool with a unique design that definitely ups your interior decoration game. It’s a set of two stools made from acrylic, with a very interesting intertwined backrest, and capable of supporting up to 300 pounds per chair. Each stool measures 38” H x 20” W x 20” D, with a seat height of 26 inches. Thanks to its sturdy construction but also to the fact that acrylic is easy to clean, this chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Amp Swivel Adjustable Height Bar & Counter Stool

Best for Bars: Avril Swivel Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool
Coming in strong at 30.7” H x 15.4” W x 15.4” D, we have yet another acrylic set of two bar stools which are perfect for adding personality to whatever room they’re placed in. The low-back design is beautiful through simplicity, and every stool is designed with a metal and solid wood frame. Each chair has a weight capacity of 220 pounds, with a 26-inch seat height.

Knightsbridge 26″ Counter Stool

The Slater bar stools are a gorgeous example of transparent acrylic chairs that could match a multitude of room decors. Each of the two chairs measures 42” H x 16.5” W x 18” D, with a seat height of 26 inches. One stool can support a total weight of 250 pounds, and has a weight of 11 pounds, which makes it pretty easy to move around as needed.
Best Transparent Acrylic Stool: Slater 26″ Counter Stool

Jainil Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Available in a set of four identical chairs, this is one acrylic option that you’re bound to fall in love with. With a really sturdy metal frame and a quality acrylic seating area, each one of these stools can support up to 350 pounds in weight, which is nothing short of impressive. The stools sport a hydraulic lift so that you can adjust the seat height between 22.25 inches all the way up to 31 inches.
Highest Weight Capacity: Jainil Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Avril Swivel Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Every feature of the Avril bar stool makes it a perfect addition for a bar/pub/restaurant: from the adjustable height and swivel design, to the comfortable foam padding included in the seat and backrest.
When you’re looking to add a drop of uniqueness to your kitchen/bar setup, this transparent acrylic chair is just the right thing to buy.


What are the benefits of acrylic transparent bar stools?

Amp Swivel Adjustable Height Bar Counter Stool

What’s the recommended height for bar stools?

To add more comfort to the acrylic seat, the Queener bar stool is elegantly covered in quality faux leather.

What are the different designs of acrylic bar stools?

Best Modern Design Option 3: Knightsbridge 26″ Counter Stool

Bottom Line

Thanks to the acrylic weather-resistant seat and the rust and corrosion-resistant metal frame, the Howland bar stool is the ideal product for those looking to set up an outdoor bar.
In the following paragraphs, we are going to talk about the differences in height between regular chairs and bar stools, as well as scenarios where each of them would fit best.

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