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House Siding Colors: Trendy Choices for Every Style

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Siding colors play a big part in the overall curb appeal of a home. It’s a first impression that can offer a welcoming feel before even stepping foot in the home. They can act as a bold statement piece or a timeless color that meshes with a plethora of styles. That said, the siding color…




Taking a shortcut in the painting process by skipping out on primer is a huge mistake. A good primer helps with more than just adhesion, it can contain properties that help in resisting mildew and stains. Likewise, some primers can aid in protecting against harsh UV rays, thus helping your color to stay true to its original hue longer.
Neutrals continue to maintain their favor, offering plenty of opportunities for personalization among numerous color tones. Likewise, grays and blues keep their popularity as solid options for a welcoming and mellow vibe.
Varieties of whites and certain muted hues can make a house look bigger when used on the exterior. This can be credited to the light reflectance value being so high, meaning lighter colors reflect more. While white colors would do the trick, that’s not a hue for everyone. If you’re looking for something else, try light-toned grays or muted blues and green.

What’s The Most Popular Siding Color?

What’s The Most Popular Siding Color?

An uncommon choice but one that’s been on the rise, all-black exteriors are a unique twist on the modern home. A look that can’t go unnoticed, black is the trendy selection that gives the home’s exterior a dramatic feel.
A color with rich warmth, brown hues are a safe option with limitless potential. Reminiscent of earthy elements, it’s a color that’s sure to be a seamless fit no matter the neighborhood or design.

What Color Is Best When It Comes To Resale Value?

Gray siding
Liberty Hill Construction

In general, lighter colors tend to hold their hue longer than darker ones. For instance, you won’t notice as much fading (though it may still be occurring) on a siding that’s closer to the white side of the spectrum like off-whites and creams. Likewise, darker colors like reds fade faster, so that’s something to consider.
The post House Siding Colors: Trendy Choices for Every Style appeared first on Homedit.

Does Siding Material Affect The Color Options?

Dark siding color
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Regardless of your personal style, there’s plenty of siding colors for every need. From primary whites to deep blues, looks from restrained to vibrant are easy to achieve. No matter if your focus is on resale value or staying on trend, popular colors abound. Whether a new build or a remodel, don’t let such an integral design element go by the wayside.
The go-to exterior color today, white gives the home’s exterior a fresh, clean-cut finish. A neutral hue with a soft look, it pairs well with dark trims and accents, creating a sharp and welcomed contrast.

Popular House Siding Colors

If you have a general idea of color in mind, you can bank on finding a pre-set color to fit your style. On the other hand, if you had your heart set on a specific paint color, a material like wood is a great choice as it’s easy to paint and the color options are endless.


White house siding
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Some might argue that the classics like yellow and red are just as popular as they once were. Even so, the majority would agree that brighter hues have been ushered out to make way for more clean and restrained colors like that of the list below.


Off-White house siding
Sterling Ridge Custom Home Builder

Dark colors, black in particular, are becoming more popular as of late but many homeowners are weighing the cost. Black will without doubt fade faster but that’s not the main concern. The main concern is heat retention. Dark colors soak up the sun’s rays which can cause your home to feel hotter, thus affecting your energy bill. This isn’t to say you can’t use colors like black on your siding, but you should be mindful of heat retention in regions with hotter climates.


Green house siding
CRG Companies

The siding material selected will affect color options. Even so, the good news is there’s no shortage of colors even when the siding hues are pre-set. For instance, most vinyl and metal sidings are manufactured in several different shades from neutrals to greens.


Blue house siding
HRD Homes Custom Home Builder

Siding colors play a big part in the overall curb appeal of a home. It’s a first impression that can offer a welcoming feel before even stepping foot in the home.


Brown house siding
Falcone Hybner Design, Inc.

Neutrals are without a doubt the best choice when considering resale value. These hues are able to pair with several personal aesthetics and never lose their style. When it comes to specifics, whites and grays have been on the rise, making for a fresh finish.


Gray house siding
Casabella Interiors

From moody darks to muted lights, gray has a lot to offer the exterior of a home. A classic neutral color, gray presents a blank slate that’s easy to shape into a homeowners personal style.


Black house siding
The Farmhouse Pages

That will depend on which type of siding you’ve selected. Surfaces like aluminum and vinyl will need painting every five years. Wood can be painted every three to seven years. Stucco hinges on your level of direct sunlight. If it’s high exposure it’ll be around the five year mark, if it’s average you can get away with six years.

Popular Paints for Siding

With distinct undertones that can lean yellow or gray depending on your taste, green has a versatility that comes as a surprise to most. Color on the rise that’s inspired by nature itself, it blends in well with its surroundings.

  • Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Basil by Sherwin Williams
  • Alabaster by Benjamin Moore
  • Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams
  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  • Naval by Sherwin Williams

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are there colors that fade less?

As of late, white appears to be the top choice for siding across the board. This can be attributed to the popularized modern farmhouse movement. While white has stolen the show for years now, there’s a few other colors that came before it.

Are dark house siding colors like black a bad choice?

House Siding Colors

How often does siding need to be painted?

All the benefits of white with an added touch of warmth, off-white is a creamy color that avoids the harshness a pure white can sometimes fall into. Off-white plays well with natural elements like wood and brick, allowing for personal touches that can’t go overlooked.

Will applying a primer help maintain my color?

They can act as a bold statement piece or a timeless color that meshes with a plethora of styles. That said, the siding color of your home deserves some consideration.

Do certain house siding colors make a home look bigger?

Whether a bold navy color or a more dusty shade, a home can go from blending into standing out with the addition of a blue hue. As welcoming as it is eye-catching, blue can create interesting contrast when used alongside elements like wood or stone.

Siding Color: Conclusion

Likewise, brown and tan hues are a classic choice that creates a versatile color palette to build on. Whichever hue is used, neutrals offer a blank slate for adding personal touches that go beyond one owner.
Here’s a handful of actual paint colors that are fan favorite choices for siding:

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