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How Mirrored Closet Doors Can Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

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Mirrored closet doors are commonly used in a lot of homes for their practicality. They allow you to save space by becoming part of the furniture’s design. The key to a successful interior design is knowing how to pair the mirrors with the right location to make the most of a room’s natural light. Some…




Inspiration for a contemporary walk in closet remodel in Los Angeles
Large transitional womens carpeted and gray floor dressing room photo
Mirrored Closet Doors

The most popular closet door types

Having mirrored doors for the bedroom furniture can have advantages both in terms of practicality and style. They’ll reflect the natural light and add dimension to the room, making it feel more open, airy and spacious. It’s also useful to have large mirrors here so you can better assess your outfits in the morning, in case you don’t have a dressing room or a huge walk-in closet.

Bypass doors

This walk-in closet feels quite airy and spacious and it’s not all due to its size. It’s all thanks to the light color tones used throughout the design, the abundance of overhead lights as well as the large mirror panels which help to disperse the light to create the impression of a larger space. If you’d like more closet inspiration be sure to check out studio LA Closet Design.

Bifold doors

There’s no such thing as a bathroom that’s too large. It’s always good to try to maximize the space in your bathroom and to even try to create the illusion of space for a more harmonious décor. And since the mirror is a must-have, be smart and kill two birds with one stone. Mirrored cabinet doors are always an excellent option.

Pocket doors

Mid sized transitional gender neutral medium tone wood floor

Sliding barn doors

byRobert Canfield Photography

French doors

Elegant mirror wardrobe from bedroom

Pivot doors

These classic doors look really beautiful and add a chic and elegant vibe to the space around them. Speaking of which, they’re best suited for large areas since they do require a bit of clearance to open and they look quite imposing. They can be decorated with glass or mirrored panels for a grand effect.

Accordion doors

If your closet already has mirrored doors but you got bored with the way they look, there’s an easy fix for that. Update the doors with a nice trim detail. Basically you get to decorate them and to introduce a pattern into their design and it’s quite easy to do so. In the tutorial from thehoneycombhome you can learn how to install overlays in order to change the look of your mirrored closet doors without a lot of effort.

Walk-in closet layouts

Speaking of practical and space-efficient designs, pocket doors at the best at saving space because when you open them they basically disappear into the wall and take up zero space in the room. Of course, the biggest downside of this is that you need to have an opening made into the wall and that can be quite expensive and difficult if not impossible to do in some cases.




This type of lattice-inspired pattern is quite common for bedroom closets and goes really well with these mirrored doors. The pattern is simple but has a strong visual impact on the overall décor and ambiance of the room. Also, the color palette chosen here by Smith Firestone Associates goes really well with this style.

Island in the middle

by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien


In a large walk-in closet, there’s space not just for the storage units but also for an island which is typically placed at the center. Usually, there’s storage on opposite sides just like in a double-sided walk-in closet but instead of a narrow pathway in the middle there’s a bigger open space and an island.

Bedroom Mirrored Wardrobe Doors.

Mirrored wardrobe doors in the bedroom

Sliding mirrored doors for wardrobe teenage room
A bedroom with small windows could really use some big mirrors

A full wall of mirrors

Built in closet with decorative octagon mullions and mirrored inset doors

    An entire mirrored closet wall visually doubles the space in the bedroom

Mirror door panels framed by wood

Wood bedroom furniture
The mirrored doors should seamlessly fit into the whole design for a cohesive décor

Walk-in closet mirrors

Example of a large transitional gender neutral carpeted dressing room design

Modern wardrobe with mirrored doors
White is a perfect choice for closets with mirrored doors

Mirrors at the top and bottom for a cohesive look

Mirrored closet doors bedroom
Only parts of the closet doors can be mirrored for a harmonious ambiance

A decorative pattern to frame the mirrored doors

Bedroom closet doors geometric design
Use pattern and geometric design to add drama to your furniture

Mirrored closet doors are commonly used in a lot of homes for their practicality. They allow you to save space by becoming part of the furniture’s design.

A full closet hidden behind mirrors

Bedroom with mirrored wardrobe doors
The huge mirrors not only add dimension to the room but also hide the actual closet

If you decide to update your existing closet doors with mirrors you have the freedom of choosing any size and shape you want for the actual panels. You can request custom designs from a local mirror/ glass company and even check out some of their other customization options while you’re at it. As far as the installation process goes, check out myrepurposedlife to find out all the necessary details before you get started.

Walk-in closet designs.

A cool effect created by mirrors that face each other

A cool effect created by mirrors that face each other
Although long, narrow and with a tiny window, this space is extremely bright

Pivot doors are a bit more peculiar and special. They’re not as popular as other door types but they have the advantage of making a strong impression when they open and close. They’re not particularly practical when it comes to closets and small spaces in general but if you like the aesthetic this could really out your design over the top.

Mirrored closet doors that save you space

Clear glass closet doors
Make the most of your walk-in closet with mirrored doors – chic and very practical

The post How Mirrored Closet Doors Can Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home appeared first on Homedit.

Mirrored doors complemented by a mirrored cabinet

Mirrored cabinet walk in closet
A mirrored cabinet in the center of the room will disperse the light evenly

Mirrors mixed with bright colors

Posh walk in closet with mirrored doors
Hide the clutter and maximize light and space at the same time

A gorgeous chandelier enhanced by all the mirrors

Mirrored closet doors
Mirrored doors are particularly useful in closets without windows

Whether you’re coming or going, you always feel the need to look in the mirror just to make sure everything looks ok. That being said, consider having mirrored doors for your hallway closets and cabinets. This way you take care of your storage needs and you can be sure you’ll always look perfect. Your guests will appreciate the feature too.

Mirrored doors that are both practical and decorative

White feminine walk in closet mirorred doors
Strategically place the mirrors where you think they can be most useful

Example of a trendy carpeted dressing room design in San Francisco

An unexpected use of mirrors

Walk in closet mirrored wall
Try a minimalist and clean approach for a modern design

byBarbara Feinstein

Bathroom décor.

Mirrors and bathrooms go hand in hand

Luxury bathroom featuring mirrored closet doors
A bathroom that’s already spacious can only get better with large mirrors

A great way to save space with a mirrored bathroom door

Bathroom mirrored pocket door
A mirrored pocket door is an excellent addition to a small bathroom

byRob Moroto

Hallway mirrors.

A double clever use of doors and mirrors

Entryway undestairs mirrored closet door
Make the mirrors look natural in the décor and try to save as much space as possible

North Reading Master Closet

Mirrored doors help large pieces blend in easily

Perfect ballance interior outdoor
Find the perfect balance of function and aesthetics when choosing the right place for the closets

byLouise Bushell Photography

Living room accent details.

A small living room enlarged by mirrors

Living room accent details
Hide the bookshelves and storage space behind mirrored doors with style

Laundry rooms in general don’t get a lot of natural light. They are usually small spaces, purely utilitarian. But there’s no rule against style. Use large mirrors to cover the storage areas and to give the room more dimension. Consider using bright colors such as white for the room for similar reasons.
byJ Allen Smith Design

Laundry room design.

Large mirrors are ideal for narrow spaces

White laundry room with mirrored closet doors
Mirrored sliding doors are not only practical but also very stylish

It’s not just dedicated walk-in closets that can benefit from mirrored doors but regular bedroom closets as well. In this case their role is more decorative so a design like this one makes perfect sense. Here the mirrors reflect and enhance the beauty of the chandelier and the elegant four-poster bed. It’s a design by studio Covenant Millwork.
Here we have a very elegant and classic walk-in closet and a very spacious one as well. It’s very welcoming and it has plenty of storage space inside the cabinets and behind the mirrored doors plus there’s also a stylish wooden dresser and more storage built into the bench. It’s also the little details like the ornate mirror on the wall, the chandelier and the table lamps that really help this space come to life. This is a design by The Refined Group.

DIY closet door project ideas:

byDouglas Hill
Another very good option is the sliding barn door which doesn’t require you to make any modification to the walls in order to install it. It’s a great fit for all types of spaces and even for large closets. It’s also quite versatile even though it inevitably has a certain rustic vibe but this can actually work in your favor if you’re installing it in a space like the bedroom.
Although mirrors are not a must-have in the case of the living room, who would say not to something that can make the room feel more bright and spacious? I’m sure both you and your guests will appreciate the way mirrored doors can enhance the overall beauty of this room and make it look more inviting and comfortable.
The key to a successful interior design is knowing how to pair the mirrors with the right location to make the most of a room’s natural light. Some areas accommodate mirrored doors better than others. Learn how to use this to your advantage.
byBowman Group Photography
A large walk-in closet can look even bigger and more spacious if you include mirrors in its design. Also, mirrored closet doors are very useful and practical in such a space. Make sure you light up the space properly if you want to make the most of it. Check out this design by studio InSite Builders & Remodeling for inspiration.
If you want to save a bit of money, accordion doors are definitely the way to do. They’re inexpensive compared to the other door types and they’re a really good fit for closets. They’re made of multiple slender panels that fold together like an accordion when you open the door. They’re also very lightweight and easy to operate.
Inspiration for a timeless dressing room remodel in Phoenix
This is a layout best-suited for small to medium-sized walk-in closets. In this case storage units are placed on opposite walls, on the left and right side as you enter the closet. There’s a clear space in between so you can move around and access these storage units but not much space for anything else.
byBlink Photography
This is one of the most common types of doors for closets and the reason has to do with a combination of factors. Bypass closet doors are very space-efficient which makes them a great fit for any space, whether it’s big or small. They also look very clean and simple which makes them even more appealing. Of course, they can be customized to match pretty much any style, yet another reason to like them.
This layout is also suited for medium and large walk-in closets and it’s a style that maximizes storage. In this case storage units are placed on three sides of the closet and when you open you’re basically surrounded by shelves and drawers.
Sliding doors can also be updated using decorative mirrors and this actually be a really great idea for a walk-in closet or a small space. You can even include some beautiful framed for the mirror panels. Pick a style that suits the rest of the space. If you enjoy this elegant ornate aesthetic, check out the full tutorial for this project shared by yoduvh Essentials. It guides you through all the steps and gives you some useful tips along the way.
In case you’re wondering, mirrored closet doors also suit minimalistic and modern interiors. This is a lovely example by studio Built-Rite Closets. Something like this could fit nicely in a modern entryway and the design can be adapted for both big and small spaces.
The main concern when designing and decorating a walk-in closet is incorporating as much storage space as possible. This can often make the space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Use mirrored doors for the closets and cabinets to let light become a part of the whole space and to create a pleasant and airy atmosphere. Also, mirrors are very practical in this particular space.
This is the most common layout for walk-in closets and the one you’re probably most familiar with. In a single-sided walk-in closet all the storage is placed on the opposite wall of the entrance and there’s a little bit of open space in between for easy access. It’s the most common layout for small closet spaces.
The type of door you choose for your closet also has to do with the size and the layout of this space. Walk-in closets can be designed in a few different ways and generally they feature one of these four layout types:
If you’re going for a more sophisticated or retro aesthetic, consider antiqued mirror instead of regular ones. This of course would mean you’re using the mirrors as decorative elements rather than functional ones. Check out this design by studio Randy Heller Pure and Simple Interior Design if you’d like like inspiration.
When dealing with limited space, sliding doors are a great option. If you’re worried that a slender sliding door would not look great, here’s a beautiful design which proves you wrong. The mirror fits really well here since the door is the perfect surface to put it on. This is a dressing room design by Born Imagery 
byEma Peter Photography
Mid sized classic master dark wood floor bedroom design in Los Angeles
As you know, there’s more than one type of closet and that’s partially due to the multitude of door styles that you can choose from. Here’s some of the most popular ones:
You can easily identify bifold closet doors by the fact that they’re made of two panels each. These panels are hinged in the middle so they fold together when you open the doors. They’re really versatile and they’re appreciated for their casual and practical design, especially when it comes to small spaces.
How about an entire wall of mirrors? That can sure look quite dramatic and could fit a space like this one. This is a dressing room design by Mark English Architects and in this case the large mirrors make up for the lack of natural sunlight.
A lot of the designs and ideas showcased here can be quite easily turned into DIY projects. For instance, check out this really cool remodel featured on remodelaholic which transforms existing closet doors into some really stylish ones updated with mirrors. The whole project takes a couple of days to complete and there’s lots of different ways in which you can customize the design if you want to.

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