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How To Build Convenient Storage For Toys – Toy Box Plans And Design Sdeas

Nobody likes clutter and toys are perhaps the biggest problems for families with kids. Having a proper and attractive storage option in place can really help. A toy box would be not only very practical and convenient but also a nice educational tool that can teach kids from early on how to be organized. Of…
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You might be wondering at this point…what about all the outdoor toys that kids have? They sure take up a bunch of space and usually get stored in the garage or out on the porch. Well, you can of course make an outdoor toy box for them. You can find detailed plans and instructions for one on lemonthistle. It’s made of wood and has a very simple design and it’s perfect for pool toys and other such things. 
Jackson toy box
Other alternatives to a regular toy box can sometimes prove to be more practical and convenient in some cases. For example, these toy bins which you can check on themerrythought take up very little space compared to a large storage chest. You could fit them in the corner of a room or you can make several of these modules for added storage if you want to. 
Wouldn’t it be cool to make a toy storage box that looks like a pirate’s treasure chest? The plans featured on chiefs-shop would be absolutely perfect for that. The chest has a rounded lid and it looks really cool even without any stain or paint on it. Once it’s built you can customize it however you want and add all sorts of details to it so it really looks special. This is actually a really cool project in general if you want a clever way to add more storage to a room.
It goes without saying that a toy box should be child-safe, easy and safe to use and that translates into details like the type of hinges or the closing mechanism that you use on it. A soft-closing lid would be a wonderful feature and not just necessarily for the kids but in general. You can find plans and a detailed tutorial on how to integrate something this into the design of your handmade toy box on instructables. 
If you’re looking for a toy storage chest that’s simple and easy to build, another great option is this design featured on instructables. We think the dimensions are just right and little details like the handle holes carved into the sides or the fact that the lid has curved edges make this toy box very convenient and kid-friendly. This tutorial explains how you can put it all together, how to cut all the pieces and so on and it’s then up to you to come up with a creative look for it. 
Speaking of cool and interesting ways to customize a wooden toy box, check out this lovely design that you can also find on instructables. It’s decorated with wooden letters and it also has a nice trim along the bottom. The lid stands out and contrasts with the rest of the box. Also, this looks like a nice little bench to sit on or that you can display a few things on. 
White toy box plans
Rustic wood chest toy box
This toy chest looks absolutely amazing. We love the rustic design and the decorative hardware, the color and everything else about it. It’s not much more difficult to design or to build than any of the other designs mentioned so far. In fact, it’s really simple and a great project idea for beginner DIYers. Once again, head over to instructables to check out the plans and all the other details about this project. 
Kreg Outdoor Toy Storage
Chest like toy box storage
Modern Wooden Toy Box with Lid
White toy box
The toy box doesn’t necessarily need to be a big chest with a lid on top. It can also take on a variety of other forms. For example, it could be a sort of rolling storage cart. It’s basically a box not much different than a drawer with casters on the bottom so it can be rolled around for added convenience. You can give it handles and add other attachments as well if you’d like you. What’s nice about this rolling storage cart is that it can be stored underneath the bed. 
Wild animal cage toy box
A toy box would be not only very practical and convenient but also a nice educational tool that can teach kids from early on how to be organized. Of course, it would have to look nice as well and there are plenty of plans and designs available that you can check out if you’re looking for some inspiration. 
There are also numerous alternatives to the traditional toy box, designs which can offer more flexibility and versatility. For example, this is a toy storage console which features two large storage bins. The bins have casters and can easily be removed and rolled around for added convenience when cleaning up the room. The console frame also has three open storage cubbies and a display shelf on top. Check out the plans for it on buildsomething. 
Farmhouse toy box
There’s also a really cool way to hide a toy box out in the open, right in the middle of your living room. The idea is to have a toy box that can double as a coffee table. It could look like this one which you can find on ana-white. It has a simple farmhouse-inspired design and it’s made of wood. You can stain or paint it or you can choose to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. Either way, this is a really convenient idea. 
Here’s a wooden toy box quite similar to the first one we mentioned today. It could fit nicely in the corner or a living room or at the foot of the bed or it could be an alternative to a little dresser in the nursery room. You can customize it with any color you want so it matches the rest of the room as well as with stencils or stickers. Check out the video tutorial by Angela Marie Made if you want to see how it’s built. 
DIY Wooden Toy Bins
Nobody likes clutter and toys are perhaps the biggest problems for families with kids. Having a proper and attractive storage option in place can really help.
Beutiful wood toy box
This wooden toy box is fairly small in size but offers generous storage inside. It also has a simple and attractive design which can easily fit into a variety of interiors. It’s reminiscent of Nordic furniture and it’s quite easy to build as well. It could even look lovely out on a patio or a porch and it can double as a small bench. Of course, it doesn’t have to be used exclusively for storing toys. You can also use it for extra pillows, blankets and various other things as well. Check out Shara Woodshop Diaries for a tutorial. 
You can save some money and build a cool-looking toy box by using pallet wood. Get some pallets, take them apart and reuse the boards. This suits this particular design from instructables quite well. The pallet wood is perfect for a rustic look and they have all sorts of different finishes which you can mix and match. That way you toy box will be unique and will have tons of character. 
How To Build Convenient Storage For Toys - Toy Box Plans
DIY Wooden Crate Toy Box
Pallet wood toy box
Simple storage box
How about a rustic-industrial toy box that has casters on the bottom and doesn’t have a lid? It could be very convenient and practical and you can also attach handles on the sides so you or the kids can easily move it around it. Also, you could make something like this for general storage as well. You could keep such a crate in the bedroom and fill it with extra cozy blankets and pillows or you can store in it things like towels, clothes and so on. For more details head over to addicted2diy. 
DIY Vintage Crate
Build a Toy Box or Toy Chest for Kids
This is a sort of hybrid between a toy box and a bookcase. It has generous storage bins built into it but also shelves that you can store and organize various things on, like books, toys, collectibles and so on. You can find the plans for it on buildsomething in case you want to build something similar. You can make it bigger, add more compartments or shelves to it and paint it in any color you like best. 
Something simple like a wooden toy box with a lid can be a nice idea if you’re looking for an easy way to add convenient storage to a space without it standing out too much. This design is great in that sense and it’s also simple enough for even a beginner to successfully use it. Check out the plans and make any adjustment or changes if needed so that this stylish toy box can complement your existing interior decor. 
Bookcase with toy storage
Remember the pirate chest we mentioned earlier? Here’s a pretty similar one. This treasure chest however also features a really useful accessory. Its interior is divided into two sections. There’s an open storage area at the bottom for big toys and various other things and a tray which goes on top. The tray had dividers which is great for storing and organizing small toys like lego pieces, collectibles, figurines and so on. Check out the tutorial for this treasure chest on tidbits-cami. 
Here’s also a beautiful and simple plywood toy box, this time for indoor use. It has decorative hardware on the corners and a cute chalkboard label on the front. It also features small casters on the bottom for added mobility. There’s no lid included in the plans from thekimsixfix but you could potentially add one if you wanted to and design in the same style and using the same materials. The label is a nice little detail which you can customize in many different ways.
This toy storage box is designed to look like a little cage so that when plush animals are stored inside they look like they’re in a tiny zoo. It’s also nice because it lets you see the contents of the box and even take some out between the bars. This is of course something that you can build yourself from scratch and you can find the list of required materials, tools and the plans and all the details on instructables. 
The design of the toy box doesn’t need to be complicated because even something very simple can be customized in lots and lots of different ways. Just look at this tutorial shared by How To Fix It Workshop for instance. The black and white combo is super simple but timeless and very stylish as well. It shows that sometimes less is more and there’s no need to complicate the plans more than necessary.
TOY Storage console
Custom toy box for Christmas
If you can find ready-made crates that have the right size and shape, you might not even need to build a toy box from scratch. You could however add a few things to the crate to make it better, like casters for example. You could also attach handles if it doesn’t already have them built into the design. You could of course use wood stain or paint to decorate and personalize the crate and you could have as many as you want. Check out this cool idea on anightowlblog. 
DIY Rolling Storage Cart
The post How To Build Convenient Storage For Toys – Toy Box Plans And Design Sdeas appeared first on Homedit.

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