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How To Build Garage Wood Shelves That Are Practical And User-Friendly

The post How To Build Garage Wood Shelves That Are Practical And User-Friendly appeared first on Homedit.
Garages are super convenient and not just because of the parking space but also because they give you some extra storage space for various tools, equipment and so on. Of course, all that space is useless without a proper storage system in place. That’s when garage shelves come into play. You can build simple garage…




These garage shelves that you can check out on ana-white are designed to be attached to the walls. This means you need to find a permanent spot for them so pick the area carefully. You can make these as long as you want and add the appropriate number of frame supports accordingly. The design is simple enough to be adjusted and customized based on one’s specific storage needs. 
If you plan to use your garage for more than just storage, it would be smart to take some time to come up with a custom design that suits your needs . This one from modernbuilds for example also includes a work table at the center, a sort of built-in workbench so you can work on various projects right there where all the tools and equipment are stored. There’s also plenty of space for big and small items on all the shelves. 
Diy garage shelves
It’s important to think about where exactly you want your garage shelves to be placed. If you want to save space and leave plenty of room for your car or for various large equipment and tools on the floor, the shelves can go up just below the ceiling. They won’t be very convenient but they’re perfect for storing things that you only very rarely use or off-season gear and so on. Check out this video by Crafted Workshop for more details. 
Not everyone has a ton of space in their garage so in case you need smaller shelves check out this great tutorial by Spencley Design Co. which explains all you need to know about the design and building process. This particular design is quite nice because it gives space for both small and big items. Of course, it can be modified as needed. 
High garage shelves
Floating shelves can also be a great addition to the garage. They can be installed wherever there’s free space on the walls and even high up where they’re not in the way. Make them out of wood or plywood and install as many as needed. Floating shelves can also be made in all sort of different sizes based on your storage needs. The tools required include only basic things like a drill, a screwdriver and a handsaw. You can find the plans on instructables. 
DIY Fast and Easy Built In Wall
The post How To Build Garage Wood Shelves That Are Practical And User-Friendly appeared first on Homedit.
Floating shelves
There’s no need to use fancy materials for garage shelves, not when the main goal is to make sure they’re durable and practical. OSB boards and even plywood can work and reclaimed wood is always a good option as well. A drill and a saw are needed but apart from that you shouldn’t need to invest in any other tools and equipment. With these supplies you can make sturdy garage shelves so you can organize all the items and clean up space. More details can be found on instructables. 
Garages are super convenient and not just because of the parking space but also because they give you some extra storage space for various tools, equipment and so on. Of course, all that space is useless without a proper storage system in place. That’s when garage shelves come into play. You can build simple garage shelves out of wood from scratch which would be a great beginner DIY project for the weekend. It doesn’t take much to make them and there’s plenty of tutorials and plans that you can follow. Let’s have a look at some right now. 
Wood Pallet Storage Shelving
wood garage shelves
If you want to be able to move the shelves in case you’re ever reorganizing or redecorating your garage, building a freestanding shelving unit would probably be the best option. You can find plans and details about such a project on instructables. The design is simple and there’s a lot of space in between these shelves so you can store large or tall items on them. Of course, that can be adjusted accordingly if you prefer a different setup. 
DIY 2x4 Shelving Unit virginia sweet pea
Here’s another great example of simple, multipurpose garage shelving that can be built out of wood. These shelves are attached to the walls and they’re very roomy, big enough to hold just about anything that needs to be stored here. They’re also quite tall, giving you plenty of room to organize all the items. Check out the tutorial from Ana White to learn how they can be built. 
Big and deep garage shelves are good because they can hold a lot of items but they don’t really make it easy to find and grab the items in the back for instance. You can however change that by making sliding shelves that are a lot more convenient and easy to use. You can find the plans and a detailed tutorial on how to build them on justmeasuringup. 
Modern wood garage shelves
A big garage shelving system could pretty much take care of all your storage needs. You could built a set of solid wooden shelves that cover an entire wall in your garage, just like the ones described in this tutorial from Jason Explains Things. The design is very simple and straight-forward, without any unnecessary dividers or details. This gives you more freedom and flexibility and allows you to store both big and small items. 
Simple garage shelves

Wood and plywood shelves

Freestanding shelving unit
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Garage Shelves
Overhead garage shelves are also a really great option, especially if you’re short on space. You can hang them from the ceiling and place them out of the way. They’re great for storing various items that you don’t use on a regular basis like some tools, seasonal equipment, camping gear and so on. You can add them above existing shelves or combine them with other types of storage. Check out instructables for more details about this project. 
Reclaim your GARAGE
Before you start cutting the wood and actually building anything, take some time to think about your actual storage needs. Based on what you want to store in here, you can built different types of garage storage systems. For example, you can make an organizer for garden tools, one for small things that you can keep in boxes on shelves, a portable storage caddy for things that are used outside and so on. Check out these popular organization systems to get a better idea of what’s possible. 
A small garage is not a dealbreaker. You can still store a lot of things in there and you just need to do so in a practical and space-efficient matter. The first and most important step would be to build some shelves. Keep them simple and make sure they’re sturdy enough to hold all the things you plan on putting on them. Considering that your storage needs might very well change in the future, it wouldn’t really help to make the storage system very specific. Big open shelves like the ones featured on makingthingsisawesome give you more freedom. 
High Garage Storage Shelves
Assuming you wouldn’t want your garage shelves to be expensive to make, a great idea that can save you some money is to use pallet wood. Get a few pallets and take them apart, then reuse the boards to built your garage shelves. You can even reuse sections of the pallets as shown on instructables and that would make the whole process easier and faster. 
As mentioned before, overhead storage is a really great option for garages because it gets things out of the way and leaves more space on the floor. If your garage has a high ceiling that’s basically inviting you to make high shelves like the ones featured on instructables. They can be attached to the walls and the ceiling and you can place them all the way in the back so they don’t interfere with anything else. 
Freestanding shelving units like this one are very practical and very versatile. You can build something like this for spaces like a pantry, a storage room and of course the garage. This 2×4 shelving unit featured on virginiasweetpea doesn’t take up a lot of floor space and gives you three big shelved to keep things on as well as space on top in case you need a bit of extra room for certain items. 
Overhead Garage Shelves
A multipurpose set of garage shelves would probably be a good option in most cases because you can use for all sorts of things. These ones are very solid which is great because it means you can store a lot of boxes on them as well as heavy tools and so on. These 2×4 shelves are also easy to put together and require minimal experience and basic tools to make. You can check out the video tutorial by Fix This Build That for more information. 

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