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How To Care For Succulents To Give Them Their Best Life

Learning how to care for succulents can take time. They may be easier to care for than other plants, but they still need care. Succulents are a type of plant that stores water in its leaves. Because of this, it needs to be watered less often. Cacti are a popular type of succulents but not…
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Most succulents survive best with bright, indirect light. This doesn’t mean they can’t survive in low light or direct sunlight it just means that this is the ideal condition for them when it comes to lighting.
The golden barrel cactus goes by many names and they all suit the glorious plant. It is easy to keep alive with the sun being the most important aspect of caring for it. Make sure it gets plenty of bright sunlight. 
Nope, you shouldn’t water the plant directly. Instead, you should water the soil. That’s how succulents absorb the water, through the soil, not through the surface. They are accustomed to dry climates that don’t get much rain. 

How To Care For Succulents 

There’s only one thing more important than getting the right plant for your climate. Getting the right plant for your personality. It sounds silly, but connecting with your plant is crucial. When you can do this, you can help it thrive. 
There are many types of cacti you can grow in your yard or in your home. One of the best and most exciting types of cactuses is the Christmas cactus. This pretty green plant with red buds is a wonderful plant.
These quick tips can get to the “root” of your gnawing questions about how to care for succulents. 
Learning how to care for succulents can take time. They may be easier to care for than other plants, but they still need care. Succulents are a type of plant that stores water in its leaves. Because of this, it needs to be watered less often.

How To Take Of Succulents 

In the winter, succulents can thrive or die quickly, depending on the particular succulent. In the winter, they tend to dry out and can die if they are piled with snow. Keep them clear and ensure they get water.
This very special plant grows with heart-shaped leaves. There is no other plant like it and this sweetheart hoya should be treasured. You can get a very small version of them or quite large plants that have flourished.

Getting Enough Light

The plant looks similar to aloe vera but has smooth leaves. Before you get an agave plant, learn how to harvest the agave without killing the plant so you can have endless agave from your agave plants.

The Rotations 

The temperature you need to keep your room good for your plant depends on the type of succulent you have. If you have a desert succulent then it is more hearty but if you have a tropical succulent you don’t want it to get below around 50-degrees. 

Watering For The Season

Choosing the right succulent for you is important. Anyone can grab a succulent from the nursery and take it home. You can put it in the window and water it every day. But this isn’t what you should do, really.

Don’t Water The Plant

The post How To Care For Succulents To Give Them Their Best Life appeared first on Homedit.

Proper Draining System

They grow fine indoors where the temperature is tepid or a little chillier. Because they are fairly easy to take care of, all you have to do differently is ensure that no one breaks the leaves admiring it.

Keep Bugs At Bay

The name aloe vera actually means bitter truth and that isn’t far from it. The plant is not tasty and shouldn’t be eaten but it can be used on burns and other afflictions and works as one of the best natural healers. 
You should keep your plant rotated for the best results. There are many ways to do this but most of the time, a regular interval is easiest. For example, rotating the plant 180-degrees followed by 90-degrees every day or two is a good starting place. 

Find the Right Temperature 

Other than that, they are easy to keep alive and take general plant care. If grown outside they take even less care if you grow them in the appropriate climate, which is true for almost all plants in the yard. 

Types Of Succulents 

Aloe vera is a common plant that stores more than water in its leaves. This plant stores a substance that has many healing properties. And yes, aloe vera can be used fresh and doesn’t need to be processed. 
Aloe vera succulent
Choosing The Richt Succulent 

Jade Plant

Yes, this amazing plant is considered a succulent plant. This plant is often called the lucky plant or money plant as it is believed it brings good fortune. Because it is a succulent plant, overwatering it can cause root rot. 
It’s a good idea to keep bugs away from plants. You can spray them with many different things to keep them away. Learning how to keep bugs away from plants or get rid of them without killing the plant is key. 

Aloe Vera

Of course, they need food, water, and light. But these tips will help you find the right mixture for your particular succulent. Make sure you ask the nursery for tips and write as much info down as possible. 
You may think of agave as a sweet honey substitute or the basis for all things tequila. But agave is a special plant that can be kept right inside your home to keep your other plants company and bring life to your home. 
This is one of the most popular types of succulents because they’re super easy to grow and seem to spread no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay. If you want a lot of cacti, they are a good choice.

Golden Barrel 

The amount of water that a succulent need depends on the season. They need more water in the hotter, dryer seasons and less water in the cooler more humid seasons. Yes, even if you have the plant indoors. 
Just remember not to use anything that kills plants on yours. Even if the plant is hearty, it can yellow a plant or turn it black if it can’t withstand the chemicals poured onto it. Pace yourself and get the right bug killer.


Not to mention, they never go to waste because you can boil, grill, or even make a dessert out of these tasty treats. Candy them and roast them or eat them with barbeque chicken for a great summertime snack. 
Now let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind about succulents. We will talk more about the different types of succulents later but for now, we are going to go over some general tips to help keep succulents alive. 
There are many different plants that are considered succulents. Many of them come from different plant families, but today we are going to talk about the specific plants rather than the families they come from. 

Sweetheart Hoya

These succulents are very diverse so you can find the one that works best for you. Some are good for desert homes, others for tropical homes, and some can even survive the harshest mountain winters. 
Before shopping for plants, make sure you know where to shop for plants. Getting healthy plants is very important just as getting a health-checked puppy is important. You want to give it the best chance you can. 
It is a good idea to get a plant that grows naturally in your climate. This gives the plant the best chance to not only survive but thrive. Then, if it outgrows its pot, it can survive for years outside in the yard. 


If you plant your succulent in a closed-bottom pot then they won’t be able to flourish. They can get rot and end up dying. So make sure that there is a good draining system that is taken care of regularly. 
Outdoor succulents take care of themselves in the right climate. They will get enough sunlight unless put in the shade. But what they may not get is enough water. So make sure you water them as directed.

Christmas Cactus 

If your succulent has flowers, it will need extra care. The flowers will only bloom if there is sufficient sunlight. So ensure they get at least six hours of sunlight each day and water as you normally would.
Cacti are a popular type of succulents but not all cacti are succulents nor all succulents cacti. They are two separate types of plants that are often interchanged because of how closely related they are. 
Agave succulent plant

Prickly Pear

Sweetheart Hoya
This is one of the world’s most popular cactuses inside the home and for desert landscapes. It can grow quite large and has a golden hue when it is mature. If you want a classic round cactus then this is a good bet.

How To Care For Succulents: Quick Tips

Christmas Cactus

How To Care For Succulents Indoors

Yucca plants can grow very large but can also be kept indoors. One of the most important parts of caring for a yucca plant is pruning it at the right time of year. Generally, this is usually in the springtime. 

How To Care For Succulents Outdoors

You can care for succulents indoors easier than outdoor succulents. The one thing you need to be careful with indoors is giving the succulents enough sun. Put them near a window as they will need direct sunlight for at least six hours a day.

How To Care For Succulents In Winter

If your succulent is dying, the first thing you need to do is find out why. Start by digging out the soil and cutting off any black or brown roots. If the greenery is yellow, you are overwatering. If it is brown, you are letting it dry out.

How To Care For Succulents In Hanging Pots

But aside from that, it is a great succulent plant that is very different from any other type of succulent. The leaves are tiny and attractive, making it a very popular indoor plant that never fails to make the list.

How To Care For Succulents That Are Dying

how to take care of succulents

How To Care For Succulents With Flowers

Of course, they need food, water, and sunlight. But every plant needs these things with the exception of the few plants that can live without them. But succulents need all three. It is the combo that needs to be specified. 

Choosing The Right Succulent To Care For

Every type of plant needs its own unique care. Just like every pet or every child has specific needs that need to be catered to, so does every plant. Succulents are no different. But in which ways do they need to be cared for differently? 
Types Of Succulents 
how to care for succulents
There are two important things to get right for a Christmas cactus. You need to get the right temperature and the right light. Since the sun controls both of these things outdoors, you can use that key indoors near a window. 
Hanging pots are a way to plant succulents in an adorable way. You only need to water the succulents if they are completely dry. Always keep something underneath the plant when watering it so that they don’t make a mess.

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