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How To Choose The Best Standing Desk for Your Work Space

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Most people prefer to study, read or write while standing or sitting on a high stool. With the right standing desk, you tend to achieve more or get more work done in less time compared to a sitting desk. A standing desk is a great way of exercising and burning fat, also it helps in…




The multi-purpose desk can be used by anyone at home or in the office.
Inbox Zero Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk
This desk is for commercial and official use.

How to choose the best standing desk

  • Look for a height-adjustable desk, which can allow you readjust to suit your needs, that is, when reading, writing, typing or more.
  • Check the height of the desk, so as to get the one the fits your height in order to stay healthy and avoid health challenge.
  • Consider the width and depth of the desk. The best depth of a desk should be from thirty depth and above so as to prevent the straining of the eyes.
  • Weight is one important factor to consider when buying a standing desk. You will want to get a heavier desk if you are using heavy computers and vice versa.
  • A desk that has a keyboard tray makes your desk looks spacious and neat and also providing enough workspace.

Advantages of a standing desk

  • It helps reduce backache which is mostly caused by sitting all day.
  • It reduces your chances of having heart-related problems in which seating is believed to have a major role in causing heart disease.
  • Lessens weight gain. Standing and working helps you burn calories and reduce your chances of getting fat or obese.
  • It is a great way of reducing blood sugar. When you stand and work, you burn out blood sugar by an average of 11.1% which is a great way of staying safe from diabetes.
  • It reduces boredom by keeping you bright and enhancing your mood.
  • It helps you achieve more work in a short time which means it makes you more efficient.
  • It increases your lifespan, posture and body strength.

Disadvantages of a standing desk

  • Your feet or legs tend to feel sore and it takes a longer period of time for your body to adjust.
  • A standing desk means no more privacy when it comes to lunch, or having a bad day.
  • It increases fatigue and keeps you looking stress when working for long hours.

What to look for in a standing desk

  • The size of the desk is very significant because it helps you know the type of desk to buy. You will not like to get a larger desk when you have limited space.
  • How strong are the desk and the materials its made of? How long is it made to last? This question can be answered by others’ reviews and product descriptions.
  • Choose a multi-tiers desk in order to have more space to keep your laptops, papers and other tools.
  • Chose a desk that can be easily assembled or comes already assembled in order to prevent damaging of the desk.

The Best Standing Desk Design Ideas

Invigo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This desk has two ergonomic handles that make carrying, lowering and adjusting effortlessly without hurting you’re lower effortlessly.

Fairfield Chair Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Wildermuth Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Experience the health privileges of a sit-stand desk which can help you burn fat (calories) and relieve you of back pain while you stand to read, work, study or enjoy the game time. The desk can be easily adjusted to a sitting position or standing position in a snap by using the gas spring-loaded lift.
The SHW Sit and Stand electric height desk is a healthy and balanced desk for reading, working and studying. Made with electric and telescopic height adjustable settings. The 48× 24 inches desk has a grommet that aids in keeping your desk clean and organized.

Infinity Height Adjustable Trapezoid Standing Desk Converter

It features a device slot, gas spring-loaded lift, storage tiers, a keyboard and mouse pad storage space, 6″ to 13″ adjustable settings and a sit-stand option.

Steelcase Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Who should purchase this?
For those of you looking to fill up an empty room corner, the Wildermuth adjustable desk is just the right companion. It is certainly a more cost-effective solution compared to certain desks that are made with solid and expensive roof varieties. This desk is made with manufactured wood standing on top of a metal base. These two materials together can support about 450 pounds in weight. It comes with a programmable memory controller and can be adjusted from 24 to 51 inches in height. 

Hassett Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Who can purchase this?
Who should purchase this?

Inbox Zero Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk

Steelcase Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Sabine Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Tangkula Standing Desk Computer Desk
This desk is made with strong and heavy-duty materials to last and constructed to provide a unique electric standing desk service.

Dalton Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The desk is a great choice for official and home use and can be easily used by anyone who loves to transit from sitting to standing.
Stand Steady Standing Desk X Elite Standing Desk

Other Cool Standing Desk Design Ideas

VARIDESK – Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Best Standing Desk
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When it comes to the comfort of the user, nothing really beats a gaming desk. True gamers are usually willing to spend more money on quality products that ensure their comfort while gaming, which makes gaming stuff really reliable. The Inbox Zero desk is a cost-friendly alternative to the more expensive gaming desks, but one that still deserves a lot of praise. It comes with electricity-powered technology so that you can adjust the desk and memorize your favorite settings. It’s made with a quality steel frame, but can only support about 176 pounds in weight. 
Seville Classics OFFK65826 Airlift
Seville Classics OFFK65826 Airlift
Seville Classics OFFK65826 Airlift
Seville Classics OFFK65826 Airlift
Seville Classics OFFK65826 Airlift
If you are a lover or sit to stand desk then it is right for you. You can use it at home or in the office.

  • Spacious (28.1″ x 19.6″) beveled top
  • AIRLIFT pneumatic height adjustment and control settings.
  • Aluminum shaft with steel core
  • Two large 2.4-inch diameter casters
  • White laminate finish

If you are a lover or sit to stand desk then it is right for you. You can use it at home or in the office.

  • Already assembled
  • Durable steel core and legs
  • Modern and stylish design.

The desk features a sturdy and heavy-duty construction and dual telescopic motored lift system, beautiful and large working space and LED memory control system with for presets heights which can be easily switched from sitting to stand.

  • Not spacious to accommodate two computers.

If you want to stand behind your desk but you love it too much and don’t want to change it for an adjustable height model, you can always use a desk converter for your laptop, such as this one right here. It is a product that doesn’t require any assembly and it’s designed to act as a platform that can be raised or lowered and can hold your laptop while you work. It’s made from metal and can be adjusted with ease. And, the best part is, you can store it away almost anywhere, since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. 

  • Adjustable from 7 to 16 inches,
  • Desktop surface is 28 inches x 20 inches
  • Designed to fit most desks and cubicles.
  • The maximum load on X-Elite Pro is 20 lbs.

Best way to use a standing desk

  • Select a desk with standing and sitting options so as to avoid straining the leg muscle and over sitting.
  • Set your desk and computer to a minimal level that is, the desk should be around your elbow level and the computer should be at eye level with a 20-30cm distance from your eyes.
  • Anti-fatigue mats help in leasing soreness of the leg, backache, and exhaustion. Having one will make standing easy.
  • Use arm support on your desk to aid in relieving neck and shoulder pain.
  • Always switch your keyboard and mouse when you change a position ( standing or sitting).
  • Don’t forget to rest!

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

Benefits of a Standing Desk

VARIDESK – Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

  • Lower risk of obesity – A sedentary lifestyle is characterized by people not getting enough exercise in, and it’s kind of a package deal when you end up working in an office the entire time. Standing can actually go a long way in reducing the risk of obesity, even if you only burn a little over 170 calories per day just by standing. 
  • Lower blood sugar levels – After you eat, the sugar levels in your blood start to increase. The more they increase, the more dangerous it is for your health. According to one particular study conducted on office workers, standing for three minutes after lunch will actually reduce the blood sugar spike by 43 percent. 
  • Lower risk of heart disease – Throughout the decades, scientists have understood what standing implied in terms of heart health. A sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of heart disease up to 147 percent. 
  • Reduced back pain – It’s a well-known fact that people who have to sit down the entire day will eventually start to complain about back pain. Studies have shown that lower back pain can improve up to 32 percent when using a standing desk. 
  • Productivity boost – Studies have revealed that standing can improve a person’s overall mood and boosts energy levels. In turn, this leads to a boost in productivity, making you more alert and energetic. 

Standing Desk Height

Enjoy a different and stylish way of working from the founder and producer of the best quality sit and stand desk. This significant dual-layer desk is adjustable and has up to 11 height settings.

With the push of a button, you can adjust the height of the Infinity desk so that you can switch from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. This computer table is equipped with a keyboard lift, making the entire product more ergonomic compared to some of the other options we’ve looked at today. Made from metal, the desk has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and comes with an electric motor to make the proper adjustments. 

AIRLIFT S3 Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk provides you with all the benefits of staying healthy and active during work, study or game time. The advance desk promotes an active lifestyle and lessening weak and inactive attitude of sitting all day long.


Infinity Height Adjustable Trapezoid Standing Desk Converter

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