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Improving your home curb appeal

How to Increase Mobile Home Curb Appeal

Erica Neumann



Creating mobile home curb appeal is a key part of the selling process. Here are a few tips to increase your property’s appeal. Start by planting colorful flowers. Consider installing an outdoor patio or deck. Consider installing insulated skirting. And, finally, paint the exterior of your home. This will not only increase your property value, but will also increase its curb appeal. Read on for more tips and tricks. After all, the more attractive your property is, the more likely potential buyers will be to buy it.

Planting colorful flowers

When planning your flower garden, consider how you want it to look from different angles. For example, if your mobile home is situated near a building, place the taller plants along the corners. This will soften the square edges of the structure and help the rest of the landscape blend in better. You can also choose flowers with foliage that remains attractive even after the flower blooms. Planting colorful flowers around your mobile home will improve the overall color story of your home.

You can also plant small flowering trees along the sidewalk, so that people can walk by it. Ensure that you plant them at least five feet away from the mobile home, to prevent them from being in the way of pedestrians. The two most common types of flowering trees are Dogwood and the Eastern Redbud. Both plants can tolerate full sun. While they don’t require much maintenance, they can add a beautiful accent to your home’s curb appeal.

Colorful flowers are an excellent way to increase curb appeal on a mobile home. Bold, bright hues create a big impact in small spaces. To make the most of this space, try planting a colorful garden between the sidewalk and street. Use native plants for this area. For a more modern appearance, try growing flowers in pots in front of the mobile home. You’ll be happy you did!

In addition to planting colorful flowers around your mobile home, you can also plant other plants in a vacant lot or at distressed plant sales. You can also ask for cuttings from trees, but make sure to research how to do it safely. Free seeds are abundant, so make sure you pocket them for future use. Make sure you landscape the perimeter of the property, so it looks cohesive and attractive. Place lanterns and plants at different heights to add some light to your yard.

Adding a patio or deck

Adding a patio or deck to your mobile home is a great way to add curb appeal, value, and a relaxing space for entertaining and relaxing. While you may have limited space, decks and patios can provide a great outdoor area, and they can be built by you or a contractor. Adding a patio or deck can add curb appeal to your mobile home while adding flexibility in hospitality. With the right design, a deck or patio can be a gorgeous and functional addition.

Adding a patio or deck to your mobile home can add value and function as an effective crime deterrent. When used properly, it can also serve as a transition between the outdoors and the home interior. If you do not want to install a full deck, you can still build a simple one with a pergola and a few potted plants. The final touch is a new roof, and you can install a patio cover to keep the weather out.

Adding a patio or deck to your mobile home can increase its curb appeal by several notches. You can add a deck or patio to your mobile home without disrupting the existing landscaping. It is best to check with your mobile home community about regulations before installing a deck or patio. If it is permitted, it will increase the value of your property. Besides increasing your home’s value, adding a deck or patio to your mobile home will also improve your resale value.

Mobile homes are often built on lean, long lots, and lack curb appeal. But there are ways to make your mobile home stand out among its neighbors. By using new doors and a flower box, you can add a unique architectural detail and outdoor living space. Then you can use your imagination to dress up your windows. You can add custom shutters, awnings, and flower boxes to make them more attractive.

The most obvious addition to your mobile home’s curb appeal is a patio or deck. These outdoor spaces are great for entertaining and relaxing. Adding a deck to your mobile home will improve its value and make it more inviting to buyers. This will make your home more appealing and increase its resale value, and the cost of the deck itself can be a substantial investment. So why not take advantage of the opportunity and add a patio or deck to your mobile home?

Adding insulated skirting

Adding insulated skirting to a mobile home can be an effective way to improve curb appeal and prevent moisture from penetrating your house. Many mobile home parks require skirting on their units, but most allow vinyl versions. Make sure to check with your community to determine what they allow, and then choose a product that matches. You can find inspiration from Pinterest, where many people share ideas for different skirting materials.

There are many ways to enhance the look of mobile homes. Faux stone skirting, for example, is a popular option. It can be installed yourself, but some brands may require a professional installer. Usually made of polyurethane, faux stone skirting comes in 46 1/4″ x 24″ panels that look like real stone. Faux panels are lightweight and easy to install. They look just like stone and are resistant to termites and insects.

Mobile home skirting provides extra insulation for your home. In addition to protecting your mobile home from the elements, it also prevents pipes from freezing. Adding insulated skirting to your mobile home can boost the overall value of your home. Some insurance companies offer discounts for mobile homes that include insulated skirting. Contact your Texas mobile home insurance agent for more information. Many mobile home communities require skirting around prefabricated structures, so you may have to do some DIY installation.

In addition to providing additional protection, skirting also adds curb appeal to a mobile home. Installing new skirting can provide a new layer of protection from the elements, while adding extra storage space. It is also easier to remove than to remove, and skirting is often the least expensive solution. But if you’re worried about the look of your mobile home, you should choose insulated skirting for your home to improve its value and curb appeal.

When ordering skirting, take the measurements of your mobile home. Measure the perimeter of your mobile home, including the porch, and add two inches to that measurement. Also, measure the length of the sides of your home, and the height between the ground and the bottom of your mobile home. Don’t forget to include porches and decks! Lastly, measure the distance between the ground and two inches above the bottom of your home, including any add-ons.

Painting the exterior

One of the easiest ways to give the exterior of a mobile home curb appeal is to paint it a warm, inviting color. Yellow is one of the friendliest colors to use on a mobile home, so muted yellow exterior paint is a great choice. A warm yellow exterior paint color is both visually stimulating and adds curb appeal. Avoid using too-bright yellow shades, as they may overpower the mobile home’s design. Instead, choose bright white or black trim for a more modern look.

While painting the exterior of a mobile home is not always an option, it can make a huge difference in the overall look of the home. A new coat of paint can boost the value of a mobile home by $217. Depending on the type of paint used, you could also consider changing the skirting pattern or adding brick elements to the home. These steps will give the home an individual appearance and will help the paint bond better.

To paint the exterior of a mobile home, you can use an acrylic paint that will adhere better to the siding and will not smudge. For most types of vinyl siding, you won’t need a primer. If your siding is porous or pitted, you may want to use a primer. A quality paint for a mobile home will increase its curb appeal, add value, and protect the siding from the elements.

Paints with low-VOCs should be used for the exterior. Try to select paints that are odorless and have a high-quality finish. Make sure to choose paints with a low-VOC rating, as high-VOCs can make people dizzy and nauseous. A fresh coat of paint will also give your manufactured home some character. If you are selling your manufactured home, consider the following tips to give it better curb appeal.

While the exterior of a mobile home is relatively unchanged, manufacturers have taken note of consumer feedback and improved the aesthetics of manufactured homes. While many manufactured homes look cookie-cutter, you can add eye-catching details with new doors, flower boxes, and raised panels. You can also add an awning made from solid, sturdy fabric, or classic aluminum. If you’re unsure, check online for some ideas and inspiration.

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