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Improving your home curb appeal

How to Increase the Curb Appeal of a Split Level Home

Erica Neumann



If your split-level home needs an extra dose of curb appeal, there are several ways you can improve its appearance. Consider landscaping, changing the color scheme, and adding shutters. Those steps will increase the curb appeal of your split-level home. And they will help sell your home faster. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Updating the exterior of a split-level home

There are several ways to update the exterior of a split-level home. You can choose to paint your split-level home in a color you like, or change the siding. You can also use color blocking to accent the multi-level design. If you want to make a larger change, you can use designer-picked color paint by Hardie. Hardie’s ColorPlus(r) technology allows you to choose a different color for each floor. You can also install modern light fixtures to give your split-level home a natural appeal.

Another way to update the exterior of a split-level home is to add more windows. Many split-level homes don’t have windows on all sides, and this makes the home feel dark and dated. Large windows will provide more natural light and create visual symmetry. To create additional windows, you can remove small windows to make room for larger replacement windows. You should also consider installing solar tubes or ceiling skylights to add natural light to your home.

In addition to adding windows, you can also update the siding. Split-level homes usually have horizontal siding, but you can change this with vertical siding, narrow-lap siding, or architectural panels. New landscaping can also help you update your split-level home’s exterior. You can also consider changing the color of your garage door.

You can also add a sunroom or deck on the back of your split-level home. These spaces can provide you with extra living space and are ideal additions. Split-level homes were originally designed by renowned architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright. While they’re simple and functional, they can be adorned with a variety of siding styles, which can change the appearance of your home dramatically.

Another way to update the exterior of a split-level home is to add a new front door. This will give your split-level home a new look and can also add some light. You can also change the location of the existing front door by moving it to the back or making it a window.

A split-level home with a modern farmhouse exterior will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. A new walkway mimicking the structure of the house will add an extra dimension to the curb appeal.

Planting tall trees

Split-level homes can look unbalanced from the street, so planting tall trees can help balance them out. You can also add cascading plants to soften the transition between levels. A porch can also increase the curb appeal of a split-level home. A well-planted porch will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Updating the exterior color scheme

If you’re thinking of updating the exterior color scheme of your split level home, you need to consider your neighborhood’s covenants. Some HOAs prohibit certain exterior color combinations, while others allow bold color choices. It is important to be respectful of other homeowners’ preferences, though.

Split level homes have a distinctive look, and the right color scheme can make a huge difference in how the home looks. Neutral tones like ivories, grays, and off whites are still popular today. If your split level home has siding, consider painting it in a lighter color.

Split level homes are often hard to notice from the exterior, but the right color scheme can help draw attention to your front door and encourage potential buyers to step inside. Adding a front porch and a covered walkway will add curb appeal to your split level home. Also, porch lighting will help create a welcoming atmosphere after dark.

If you’re thinking of updating the exterior color scheme of your split level home, choose a color scheme that compliments its architectural style. For instance, a bright red front door can make the home stand out from the crowd. Black shutters will add an extra contemporary touch. Lavender can also be a great color combination, but make sure you tone it down a bit with a gray pastel shade.

Split level homes tend to appear oddly tall from the street. To counterbalance this, plant a tall tree or plant cascading plants to soften the transitions between levels. A porch on the second level adds visual interest and functionality. Adding a balcony will also improve your split level curb appeal.

Adding shutters

Adding shutters to split level homes can increase the curb appeal of this type of home dramatically. Typically, these types of homes suffer from a dull exterior and distracting rooflines. Shutters can be used to add visual interest and color, matching the color of the garage doors and front door. Bold color schemes can also add visual interest.

Shutters can be used on both the front and the back of a split level home. Shutters that match the front and the garage door will provide a cohesive look that is sure to attract buyers. You can also customize shutters by using different materials and special hardware. You can even choose the style of the shutters, such as a cutout or unique hardware.

Another way to improve split level curb appeal is to add a porch. Traditionally, split level homes did not have a front porch, so a porch would be a nice touch. This would create a sheltered entry area for guests. You could also add porch lighting, which would make your home look welcoming after dark.

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