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Erica Neumann



In today’s design, house exteriors are about practicality and re-imagining how to use exterior spaces. Porches, patios, and landscaping are now carefully curated for conversation and leisure. In this case, a bungalow home gets a makeover by extending its porch for an inviting outdoor living area. Its front door and fencing are accentuated with simple geometric lines, and a corten steel planter completes the look.

Modern home with wood-tone exterior

If you’re looking for a modern home that blends wood and stone for an exciting appearance, consider a wood-tone exterior. Wood is smooth, while stone is rough, creating an exterior that works together to create a dynamic curb appeal. The look is reminiscent of many Cape Cod-style houses.

Wood-tone exterior houses can be a wonderful choice if you’d like to live surrounded by nature. These homes have a rustic appearance, but also offer a spacious interior. A large wood-tone home can feature a beautiful deck and a sprawling lawn area. It can even have a treehouse that’s surrounded by large, mature trees.

Modern wood siding is another popular choice, with many siding options available in complementary tones. This can add height to a home’s exterior, as well as textural interest. These two materials can make a home’s exterior stand out, even without being too overpowering. A home’s interior may also benefit from an abundance of natural light and ventilation. And if you like to entertain outdoors, consider a home with a view.

Wood-tone exteriors lend a warm appearance to a modern home. They contrast well with brick and stucco and can even be a beautiful addition to a suburban house. If you’re looking for a rustic modern home, you can use brown metal siding and wood accents.

Modern home with concrete exterior

A contemporary home with a concrete exterior is a good choice for a variety of reasons. Concrete is a durable material that doesn’t rust or become damaged when exposed to moisture. It is also inexpensive, which makes concrete a great option for a new home. There are several examples of contemporary homes with concrete exterior walls. The A-Z House by Park+Associates Architects is a contemporary house designed for a young family with a concrete exterior wall finish.

The front of this concrete house is an almost impenetrable force, while its sides are clad in wood. This provides a warm feeling to the smooth concrete, which is further enlivened by the warm light coming from the windows. The concrete beach house by Luciano Kruk is another example of a modern concrete exterior.

A modern home with a concrete exterior can be a stunning design that emphasizes the home’s modern style. The home features generous windows for natural light, and a stone retaining wall leads down to a garage that is illuminated. The backyard features a concrete slab patio framed with a wood and stone retaining wall. There is a fire pit in the center of the concrete slabs, and brown wicker furniture provides seating near the fire pit.

Another example of a modern home with concrete exterior is the Crescent Drive residence, which incorporates board-formed concrete into the design. This feature wall is both beautiful and functional, anchoring a floating walnut staircase. The exterior of this home also features concrete walls and flooring. This is a great choice for a modern home if you want to reduce energy costs.

For a modern home with a concrete exterior, consider a thin, tall design. This type of home is perfect for narrow lots. The siding is a mix of metal and fiber cement panels, with lots of glass. The roof has a steel frame, which eliminates visible support. The design may also include a wraparound second-floor porch. Some modern homes also have mechanical roof louvers.

The exterior of a modern home with concrete exterior can be simple, but it can be incredibly edgy. A concrete house can be an attractive addition to an urban setting. It may look plain on the surface, but its interiors can be warm and welcoming.

Modern home with yellow exterior

A muted yellow exterior is the perfect complement to a crisp white trim. The muted yellow tone will set off the crisp white trim and dark green shutters. Darker shades of yellow will soften the yellow color so that it does not appear too bright. A darker shade of white will also help set off the yellow exterior. A creamier white will look too similar.

Green is another color that works well with a yellow house. The color represents freshness and can enhance curb appeal. Mint green and olive green are both refreshing and have a cool, yet warm tone. For a more luxurious look, consider a hunter green door. It will add a hint of elegance to your house.

Another popular color for a yellow exterior is Carolina blue. This color works well with homes in coastal cities. It catches the sun’s rays and complements the home’s roof and windows. It can also be used on a farmhouse or a Spanish-style home. However, it should be used carefully.

While a yellow exterior is not a perfect match for every home, it can make any home look more spacious. Its brightness makes it seem like the house is wider than it actually is. Although yellow exterior paint is commonly associated with traditional style houses, it can be added to any design. Try blending it with other colors like burnt orange, deep red, or dark brown for more subtlety. Another option is using white trim around a dark yellow house.

While yellow has become a popular exterior color for 2020, it isn’t a great choice for every home. Before choosing a color for your exterior, make sure you check the neighborhood of your home. It’s important to consider your neighbor’s house color, as most HOAs don’t approve of a neighbor’s house with a similar color.

Modern home with white exterior

A white exterior with a black door adds visual interest to this angular home. In this case, it serves as an accent to the red brick steps leading up to the front door. Its covered porch also has a black swing to compliment the overall design. A white home with gray exterior and black paneled door is also a striking option. It features white walls, black framed windows, and a black paneled front door. A white home with a black door and window frames is a chic, modern cottage.

The exterior of a modern home with a white stucco siding and black windows is a perfect choice for a beach house. The white color does not fade with sun exposure and complements other colors. It also makes the house appear larger. Many modern homes also feature large black windows and a flat roof.

Another popular exterior color is gray. Like white, gray has been replacing white in many areas of our lives, and a light gray exterior looks great with white trim, sliding doors, and glass windows. This versatile color also goes well with all architectural styles and locations. However, darker charcoal gray shades are not recommended for regions with little sunlight and long winters.

The materials used on a modern home should be in harmony with the environment it is built in. While metal siding stands out as unique in modern design, the majority of residential homes use wood, brick, or stone for their exterior. A hillside home, for instance, uses a mixture of wood and metal siding, with a concrete lower level.

A modern farmhouse style is another popular choice. This style features large brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a flat roof. In addition, the flat roof allows for a rooftop deck. It has custom metal railings and a wood hand rail. This style of home is perfect for a small lot.

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