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Indoor Plants Safe For Cats And Other Pets

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Plants safe for cats can feel as if they are few and far between. After all, your cat means the world to you and you don’t want anything harmful where they can access it. So finding the right concoction of plants for you is important. One thing that can affect which plants you choose is…




The eucalyptus plant is a wonderful plant to keep around. It has many healing properties and smells amazing. It is great for colds and other problems but it is also simply relaxing when used in your home.
So keep it away. If you want to find another plant to stand in for lavender then use one of the plants mentioned that are safe! Or, if you love lavender and lavender alone then try the essential oil trick because the oils can have benefits too!
Parlor palms are great plants that are safe for cats. They get their name from being a palm tree that is grown to be placed inside the house, the parlor for example. But it isn’t just a great houseplant, it’s a great plant for cats.
This may be disappointing to many plant lovers but the pothos plant, one of the most popular indoor plants, can be very dangerous to cats. The plant is a great air purifier but it is not great for cats.

Are Indoor Plants Safe For Cats?

The post Indoor Plants Safe For Cats And Other Pets appeared first on Homedit.
Finding plants that are safe for cats isn’t as important as finding plants that are toxic to cats. Because you can have as many safe plants in your house as you want but one toxic plant can ruin everything.

Should I Let My Cat Outdoors?

Prayer plants are popular, simple plants that can work fairly well in any environment. It gets its name from the fact that the leaves fold together at night and spread out of the daytime. So it says its nighttime prayers. 
How To Choose The Right Plant

Which Plants Can I Have With Cats?

In fact, if you have dogs or kids, it’s not a good idea to use this plant around them. Finding another solution, like an actual air purifier, is a better option for your cats in the end, who should be a priority. 
Cats love parlor palms and they are one plant that isn’t easy to kill. So you don’t have to worry too much about cats killing the parlor palms while playing with it. Good luck trying to get him to stop anyway. 

Are Spider Plants Safe For Cats?

No. Some plants can be beneficial to the entire family, including your cat. So don’t avoid plants. Just take your time and choose your plant carefully. Don’t worry about taking too long, you have plenty of time.
Both hyacinths and tulips belong to the Liliaceae family. Anything in this family can cause allergic reactions and poisoning in cats. This is even more poisonous than other poisonous plants for one reason.

Are Bromeliads Safe For Cats?

Does any other plant smell as good as lavender? It is gorgeous in color, offers many benefits, and is very aromatic. While it does have physical health benefits it is primarily useful for improving your mental health.
That’s why we’ve found out the best safe plants for cat along with a few plants to stay far away from if you want to keep your cats safe and happy. Let’s get started with general indoor plants that are safe for cats.

Are Orchids Safe For Cats? 

Spider plants can work as hallucinogenic for cats, so cats will naturally be attracted to them. Since they are, they will eat them more often and in turn, have the natural reaction that cats have to eating too much grass. 
Azaleas have a very high concentration of natural poison which is very harmful to cats. Even .1% of their body weight can wreak havoc on their entire system. So this is not a good plant to have if you have cats. 

Are Parlor Palms Safe For Cats?

Then, from that list, choose the ones that you like the look of. Then, after you make the second list, start choosing the ones you believe you can care for and that you have the right indoor climate to keep happy.
However, lavender and cats should not mix. The plant contains linalool and linalyl acetate which can both make your cat very sick. Since lavender is so alluring, it’s hard to keep cats from trying one.

Are Prayer Plants Safe For Cats? 

Snake plants are common hearty plants that are popular for indoor plants. They absorb cancer-causing pollutants and other toxins that cause allergic reactions. Yes, they are one of nature’s natural air purifiers! 
In short, though, snake plants are quite toxic to cats. They contain saponins which are natural chemicals the plant produces to protect it from insects, microbes, and fungi. The chemical can cause health problems in cats. 

Which Plants Are Harmful To Cats?

Because the poison in these plants is very concentrated. So even the tiniest nibble can affect your cat. Large amounts will no doubt cause very serious problems. So it’s important to keep anything in this family away.
But that’s not the only reason to like this plant. If you don’t love the name then love it because of the magic it displays or because it is very safe to have around cats. Cats love the plant but it sure won’t hurt a cat. 

Can Cats Have Eucalyptus?

So you need to find plants that are specifically safe for cats, not just safe for humans or dogs. Look only for cat-friendly plants and you should be okay. You can even ask the nursery owner for help when buying plants!
Finding the plants that are safe for cats is easier said than done. Because some plants that are toxic to dogs or humans aren’t toxic to cats and vice versa. So it’s important to make sure that you get the right safe plants. 
Yes! Bromeliads are pretty and tough plants that are safe to keep around cats. They are easy to grow, needing little nutrients. Just a good window and some humidity. In general, they are great plants.

Are Azaleas Safe For Cats?

If you really love the benefits of eucalyptus plants then get a jar and poke some holes in it. Then add essential oil. You can soak something in essential oil or just get an oil burner with eucalyptus oil for fuel. 
After that, the choice is fairly easy as the list will probably be fairly short. So you can pick your favorite from your new short list or go for all of them. You can never have too many plants in your home, just like you can never have too many cats, right?

Are Snake Plants Safe For Cats?

Which Plants Are Harmful To Cats
Not only does it cause upset stomachs and diarrhea but it can also cause the tongue and throat to swell which can cause serious breathing problems in the right cat. So if you like snake plants but have cats, get a fake one. 
When there are so many plants to choose from it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. So the best thing to do is start prioritizing. The first thing to do is find out which plants are safe for cats.

Are Pothos Safe For Cats?

Plants safe for cats can feel as if they are few and far between. After all, your cat means the world to you and you don’t want anything harmful where they can access it. So finding the right concoction of plants for you is important.
Your cat may want to eat a piece that can ruin the plant itself but the cat won’t suffer from it. So get as many as you want because they are also fairly easy to keep alive indoors making them great indoor plants for cats. 

Is Lavender Safe For Cats?

A lot of people assume that because of the name “spider plants” that these plants are toxic to cats. The ASPCA says Spider Plants are non-toxic for both dogs and cats! But there is a little catch to this one.
One thing that can affect which plants you choose is the pets that you have. If you have cats, then it is extra important to not choose harmful plants that can result in your kitty getting sick, or worse. 
The question, “are indoor plants safe for cats?” is not an easy one to answer. That’s because some plants are safe for cats while others are not. After all, some plants are meant to be eaten while others are downright toxic. 

Are Tulips Safe For Cats?

Azaleas are beautiful plants that most flower-enthusiasts fall in love with. But there is a big problem with this flower that you just can’t ignore if you have pets in the house. Especially cats because they have low body weight. 
Orchids are one of the few flowers like it that are safe for cats. They come in many colors and are as pretty as can be. You don’t need to get fake orchids if you want to get an orchid because they are perfectly safe.

Can Cats Have Aloe?

Aloe has many benefits but you may want to forgo growing your own if you have cats. Aloe is highly toxic to cats and it can even attract them due to its strong smell. So keep it at a neighbor’s house or buy storebought. 

How To Choose The Right Plant

Another thing that makes bromeliads good for cat-owners is that they don’t need soil to grow. This may be unheard of but they can grow in wood, like a fallen log perhaps, and can thrive with this life. 
What Plants Are Safe For Cats?
When indoors, cats often get bored and tend to wander around and pilfer. But when you let your cat outdoors, there is a low chance it will find a harmful plant to play with. That said, try not to plant them.
Wild plants can be removed if you notice them. But it’s crucial that you don’t intentionally plant anything that is harmful to cats. Your scent alone may draw the cat in. Instead, plant beneficial plants.

Is It Better Not To Use Plants?

But when it comes to cats, keep your eucalyptus far away from them. The common symptoms of cats with eucalyptus poisoning are salivation, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and confusion. This is not a good plant for houses with cats. 
Are Indoor Plants Safe For Cats

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