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Jazz Up Your Home With Different Kinds Of Chevron Patterns

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Over the past year or two, you might have read a lot about how the chevron pattern is now out of style and should disappear from your home in favor of other geometrics. Yes, chevron was overdone: It was everywhere and in huge quantities. So, while some may say it’s over, remember that the chevron…




Adding a pop of color with a chevron pattern is another technique for incorporating this bold graphic into your home. A serene contemporary living room is largely done in neutrals with yellow accents, the largest of which is the chevron rug. While it is bold, it repeats the gray tomes in the room along with the bright yellow and only the cushions on the sofa provide additional color. It helps anchor the space, define yellow as the accent and brighten what could have been an overly safe color scheme.
Using a chevron pattern on a statement piece of furniture is a great way to add this still-popular pattern to a space. When you do this, it should be the only element of chevron in the room to avoid overkill. This cabinet from HT&D is a great example because it’s a classic chevron in a gray-blue with a neutral pairing, which in this case is the wood of the cabinet and you can see the natural grain in the spaces.
Even funkier is this chair from Evan Crane, featuring a chevron basket weave style pattern that used with an unusual chair design. The metal back support sits atop oversized, runs wooden arms. The mix of finishes and materials makes for a very uncommon piece.
Bathroom with green vanity and chevron curtains
Cushions in a softer, pastel hue adorned with a textured chevron pattern are a continuation of the quiet sophistication of this chair and setting. It’s an understated way to add texture as well as this trendy pattern to your living room.

Flame Stitch Pattern

Canopy bed with chevron pattern


Large bedroom decor with chevron pattern for fireplace wall
Another great idea is freshening up an existing outdoor chair with a cushion done in a chevron pattern. This one from Smania pairs a bright frame with a more subdued chevron pattern, but a bold chevron would also work here. Tropical outdoor chevron furniture from bamboo 150x150
Moda Dora chevron chair design style 150x150
Chevron pattern wicker chair 150x150
Gem Boxes Setting With a Chevron rug 150x150
Lamborghini chevron chair design 150x150
Boffi chevron dining chairs 150x150
VG chevron chair design in yellow 150x150
Smania flame print chair 150x150

Pillows and Cushions

We mentioned pillows and cushions at the beginning as a great way to try out some chevron patterns in your home, but they are not the only way to add this motif in smaller doses. Occasional pieces and accessories can inject some pattern in the room, whether you choose to go bold or not. VG’s chevron tufted ottoman in a delicate pink is the perfect accent piece for a bedroom, sitting area, or large, luxurious walk in closet.

Chevron Patterns
The wide stripe and greater color contrast make the throw pillow stand out.

Chairs upholstered in chevron-patterned textiles are another way to incorporate this motif into your decor, often in a bigger, bolder way.  If you’re committed to a bold chevron pattern, a fresh way to enliven your dining room is to upholster your dining chairs in a colorful pattern. This dining set from Boffi has large, comfortable chairs that are clad in an irregular chevron pattern that has the feeling of an ikat fabric.

A bold chevron cushion would be at odds with the refined chair.
A bold chevron cushion would be at odds with the refined chair.

Large, crisp chevrons can be a focal point in a neutral hued setting as well. Here, two clean-lined armchairs are upholstered in a gold and brown pattern. They catch the eye without being overwhelming because of overstuffed cushions are limited to the seat and back, highlighted by the spare wood frame.

The pieces in this setting are from Selamat.
The pieces in this setting are from Selamat.


Yes, chevron was overdone: It was everywhere and in huge quantities. So, while some may say it’s over, remember that the chevron pattern has been around for ages and is not likely to go away completely.

A neutral chevron rug can be used in almost any decor style.
A neutral chevron rug can be used in almost any decor style.

This is traditionally called a bargello pattern or sometimes the Florentine stitch. Fashionistas will also recognize it as the iconic pattern in Missoni knit fabrics. A flame stitch is generally a series of long, vertical stitches creating a zig-zagging pattern that varies in height. Its popularity soared in the 17th Century and it has been a décor staple ever since.

Gem Boxes Setting With a Chevron rug
The large chevrons pair well with the geometrics in the pillows.


Chevron pattern display

Boffi chevron dining chairs
This is definitely a commitment to the pattern and a bold choice.

This wicker and bamboo sofa has upholstered cushion done in a leafy-looking chevron pattern that is very fitting for the style of furniture. The orange color keeps it on trend without looking too jungly. Adding tropical printed cushions gives enough of a plant feel without going overboard.

The color, texture and shape come together in a glamorous dining set.
The color, texture and shape come together in a glamorous dining set.
VG chevron chair design in yellow
A crisp and defined chevron, whether in color or texture, is striking.

Lovers of a more neutral palette can incorporate pieces like these from Selamat that have a woven chevron design but are more conservative in nature. The tropical designs have an interesting shape and natural looking frames that are enhanced by the geometric use of the chevron on the seats and backs.

This is a more formal, sophisticated use of the chevron pattern.
This is a more formal, sophisticated use of the chevron pattern.

Marble is a wonderful material for the home, especially when it is used in a table like this one from Epoca. The black and white stone in the base is fashioned into a very wide chevron pattern that is a marvelous contrast to the metallic balls that sit atop the slab.

Smania flame print chair
A subtle sheen in the fabric adds to the luxe look of these chairs.

The chevron pattern in home decor does not have to be limited to upholstered pieces and accessories. Larger home furnishings can feature the motif in wood and painted finishes. This ultra-luxury custom humidor from Toncelli has spectacular wood grain throughout, but the interior of the main doors is done in a marvelous chevron design.

Lamborghini chevron chair design
This a great example of a bold chevron pattern that relies on texture for its appeal.

Highstye chevron tiles

Moda Dora chevron chair design style
The scale and style of the two chevron patterns is different but complementary.

The easiest way to incorporate the chevron pattern is with a cushion or pillow. Depending on how wide the pattern is or how much the colors contrast, it can be a bold accent or a subtle addition to a room. Jonathan Adler is a master with accessories and here he has injected a bit of boldness into an otherwise subdued blue and white color palette.

Evan crane chair designin chevron
The different type of chevron fits well with the mod chair style.

Textured chevron upholstery in a very rich velvet makes for an ultra-luxurious piece by Lamborghini. The tufted pattern is more pronounced with this kind of fabric and has a more formal air than a printed chevron. This is a very sophisticated sofa that could grace a living room or an executive office.

Chevron pattern wicker chair
Irregular chevron patterns tend to have a more casual vibe.

Outdoor Furniture

Chevron throws are also good for adding a pop of color. This bedroom setting by Urban Barn is jazzed up with pops of orange including the throw, which features a conservative chevron pattern, which could pair with a wide variety of bedding styles and patterns.

Moroso outdoor chevron chair style
This is definitely a modern piece, not for the faint of heart.

Galerie Kreo’s daybed also features tufted, not printed chevrons but has a totally different feel. The neutral color and extra large chevrons render the piece more modern and casual but no less elegant. It is another good example of how extra large chevrons have a more modern flair.

Tropical outdoor chevron furniture from bamboo
Chevrons in a neutral color are easy to mix with existing pieces.

Conversely, a chevron pattern in a brighter hue with crisp lines is more dramatic. The large single chevron is more modern than tighter patterns with more repetition. Jonathan Adler pairs this light and breezy blue chevron rug with a bold sofa and plenty of accessories that make for a lively and polished living room setting.

Smania chevron outdoor cushions
The light colors of the upholstery tone down the large, colorful frame.


A chevron pattern rug can be a great base for your room’s decor and again, it can be bold or understated. Here, Poltrona Frau uses an irregularly patterned chevron rug as an anchor for its leather chairs and sofa. The neutral color palette compliments the furnishings and allows them to take center stage because it does not compete with the shapes and materials.

Custom Toncelli Humidor Interior With a Chevron Pattern
Wood is a particularly nice material for chevrons when you can take advantage of the grain patterning.

Chevron patterns can also play a bold role in a funkier style of decorating. This upholstered armchair is a bit quirky, with the more adventurous color combination and a geometric style of chevron pattern. The Moda Dora chair is definitely a statement. It’s also a good example of how to mix chevron patterns.  The cushion repeats a color in the same family as the bold aqua the in the chair pattern. However, it combines the aqua with a more muted contrast stripe that includes a bit of shine.

Epoca chevron coffee tables
Singly or in a pair like this, the tables are a modern chevron accent in the neutral room.
Epoca chevron pattern coffee table design
It’s lovely to look at the base through the glass tabletop.

Peache wall art and chevron colorful rug for living area

Colorful moroso coffee table with a chevron pattern
This funky style of chevron is modern.

Another easy, and cost-effective way to experiment with chevrons is with a blanket or throw. The wide chevron pattern, separated by thin white lines, is a bit tribal looking and blends well with other patterns in the same color family as demonstrated with the cushions.

Internum chevron nightstand design
The basic black and white blends well with the warm wood and black top.


A more eclectic and modern chevron motif is featured on this side table from Moroso. The different colors and random pattern, with an unmatched chevron concept, make for a delightful accent table. It’s a really different take on the standard chevron.

Evan Crane sofa with a chevron pattern
Traditional herringbone patterns would not work so well with this avant-garde construction.

Instead of eliminating it, homeowners and designers who like the pattern are using it in more subtle ways and more judiciously. A single chevron accent or one tasteful piece in this pattern is enough. Plus, if you really don’t want to use the basic chevron, there are a couple of similar options. Actually, these two alternatives are often confused with chevron.

Lamborghini Tufted chevron pattern sofa
Tufted chevrons in navy are ultra glamorous.

Of course, bold patterns aren’t the only choice for a chevron-patterned dining set. This elegant set from VG features a chevron-textured fabric in an opulent gold hue. Upholstered with a round back panel highlighted by the circular welt, the set commands attention.

Kreo day lounge with a chevron design
Using a small printed motif would be far more casual and less modern.

The post Jazz Up Your Home With Different Kinds Of Chevron Patterns appeared first on Homedit.

Chevron pattern sofa design
The lighter orange color contrasts well with the bright orange ottoman.


Chevrons even show up in geometric art pieces, perfect for modern spaces or if you’re not a fan of traditional paintings. This piece pairs the bold black and white pattern with a pink contrast section that goes well with the mixed front cabinet in a setting by Davina Nais. Wall art is a great way to add chevrons because you can easily move it to a different space if you want to switch up the look of the room.

VG chevron ottoman design
The pale pink makes this a very feminine piece.

Woven chevron textiles are a fabulous choice when mixing patterns because they provide color as well as texture. This selection from Echo shows a successfully blended collection of fabrics that includes a classic paisley and striped option along with the chevon in a burnt orange and finally the contemporary irregular dot pattern in a neutral dark beige. This set of textiles is why you should sample different prints together: Sometimes the most gorgeous combinations at first glance don’t seem like they will work together.

Upholstered Wing Bed in Blue
When you’re not sure about different patterns, keeping the colors basic can help you mix and match successfully.

If chevron is definitely a favorite, installing a tiled accent is an option, albeit a permanent one. A neutral or monochrome color scheme is the most versatile and pleasing option – and generally the best choice. This tiled fireplace is set in a totally neutral space, but if you want color in the room, it’s best to add it with accents, bedding or furniture and leave the tiling in the most flexible range of hues, like this one.

Urban Barn chevron throw design
Using orange is an unexpected pop with blue and aqua bedding.

Over the past year or two, you might have read a lot about how the chevron pattern is now out of style and should disappear from your home in favor of other geometrics.

Moda Dora inflatable chevron lamp design
The unusual lamp is a great accessory for an eclectic space.

This armchair from Lamborghini is positively luxurious. The velvet fabric in a very regular and tight chevron texture help create a chair that looks comfortable and cozy. The choice of golden color and plushness of the upholstery come together in a chair that is neutral but oh-so-far from boring.  Just like the company’s cars, the chairs are extra special.

Davina Nais Chevron Artwork
It definitely dominates the space.

Chevron tile is a big commitment to the motif but it can be a bold look for a bathroom or a kitchen, either as a full tile job or just an accent wall. These from Highstyle include a black and white contrasting chevron combo that we would love to see in a retro bathroom.

Quadrate chevron porcelain accessories vases
Sticking to the same color palette with different patterns is sophisticated.


Pots, vases and other small accessories are often available in a chevron pattern and these are easily mixed and matched with other patterns, as shown in the display of flower pots. Let your imagination be your guide as you mix different accessories, some with chevrons and some without, to achieve the look you want.
The herringbone pattern often looks a bit like a chevron because it involves rectangles placed in a vee-shaped arrangement. This pattern is often used for tiles and wood planks and is named so because it somewhat resembles the bones of a fish. According to King & Allen Tailoring, it actually dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used for roadways, or ancient Egypt, where the pattern is found in jewelry.
These armchairs from Smania inject a little more color into the pattern with subtle bluish grays. These chairs are ample but not slouchy, making them suitable for a formal space. The chevron pattern is large, but the multiple lines within each section of color help tone down the crispness of the pattern.
Evan Crane also used his funky chevron pattern to upholster this unusual sofa. Supported by a pie of a real steel I beam, the mix of materials and unique construction come together in a sofa that is perfect for adding an eclectic vibe to a room. The clash of colors contributes to the singular style of the piece.
HTD zig zag credenza chevron
At the funky end, you can even get a modern lamp done in a chevron pattern. This lamp is very different because it comes packed flat and inflates, shade and all, ready to plug in and turn on. The chevron pattern is eclectic and does not join up in a continuous line as most such patterns do.
A cheerful, colorful bathroom uses a number of prints but the dominant one is the flame design on the drapes. The printed fabric mimics a flame stitch and is a very stylish choice to tie in the green vanity. Unlike the typical chevron pattern you might find that only uses two colors and is a streamlined graphic, a flame stitch incorporates a number of hues and is ideal for unifying a space.

A little dose of chevron can be very eye-catching when used in a different way. This “two tone” nightstand from Internum features one-half of the front done in a black and white chevron pattern. It’s a modest amount of pattern on a small piece and is just enough to be interesting, different and sophisticated.

A tropical or jungle room can also sport some chevrons in the right style. This wicker armchair is padded with cushions that are covered in a chevron fabric that has a leafy feeling. Irregular stripes are more of a scribble design that has a decidedly casual feel and works well with the relaxed furnishings. While this fabric is in a muted blue, this would work equally well with bolder earth tones, such as a jungle green.
A patio or deck is a natural for chevron-patterned pieces thanks to the weaving that makes up many outdoor chairs and lounges. Moroso’s Shadowy chair fits the bill in more than one way.  It’s an obvious statement chair thanks to its unique throne-like design that curls overhead. The bold blue and green woven chevron pattern is colorful, adding brightness to any outdoor seating area.
The pieces in this setting are from Selamat.
This is just a small array of ways that you can use a chevron pattern in your home. It’s a classic motif that never really goes out of style — it’s just the specific renderings of chevrons that go in and out of fashion. Regardless, find one that works for your space and use it as much as you like.
Chevron Patterns
A tighter chevron pattern with slightly irregular lines in an earthy orange is a subtle but still colorful option.  Using the pattern on a cushion and repeating it on the planter contributes continuity to the decor. Choosing neutral colors for the other patterns in the, such as in the rug, also help make for a serene feeling.
A flame stitch can also be found in more limited color palettes as in this master bedroom. The canopy and bench cushion are done in a blue and white combination that incorporates a neutral gray as well. The pattern and the colors are excellent in a traditional blue and white décor scheme and perfectly complement the painted tile pattern on the walls.
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