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Live Edge Coffee Tables That Capture Nature’s Beauty In Their Designs

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Live edge or natural edge wood has become increasingly popular in the furniture industry lately. Some designers consider such furniture to be rustic but there’s more to it than that. A live edge dining table or coffee table, for instance, can look awesome no matter where you put it, whether it’s a contemporary living room,…




The definition of dry wood differs according to the region of the country in which you live. Dry is not the most accurate description, so people often refer to EMC when talking about wood moisture, which is short for Equilibrium Moisture Content. 
Even while live edge slabs provide a natural, rustic appearance to your woodworking project, they must still be finished. Sanding plus sealing the wood will assure the longevity of your creation.
WELLAND Natural Edge Side Table with Hairpin Legs

What Does Live Edge Mean?

Colorful living room interior design with live edge coffee table set
Modern Live Edge Coffee Table
Although this design is simpler and not as intricate as many of the others, the table does look very stylish. It’s made with two live edge slabs, one for the top and another at the bottom acting as a shelf, with a space of 11.25’’ in between them.
This one was made using a relatively circular slab cut horizontally out of a tree. The entire refining process products tons of sawdust so make sure you’re working in an area that you can clean easily once you’re done. The base of this table is made of wood but you can of course opt for something different if you prefer another design or material.
Live edge coffee table Etsy
Nevertheless, some manufacturers choose to fill in any knots to provide an even surface on the furniture, while maintaining the wood’s authentic appearance.

Where Did the Idea for Live Edge Furniture Come From?

Where Did the Idea for Live Edge Furniture Come From?
live edge coffee table with hairpin legs
live edge coffee table with hairpin legs
A Stand Out Piece 

Live Edge Coffee Table with Shelf

The irregularities of the wood in the case of a live-edge table are not only defining the edges but also the bottom surface of the slab. As you can see here, this is a live-edge coffee table that captures the form of the trunk exactly as it is.
Not all live-edge coffee tables have super intricate and highly detailed tops. It all has to do with the trunk the wood comes from. Its age, type and provenance matter so do your research before you start the search for materials.
Yes, you can. The first step in arranging your live edge coffee table is determining the size and shape that you desire.

Live Edge Side Table

Here’s another design displaying the wood and resin combination. This time the table has a round live-edge top and metal hairpin legs. The blue resin looks great in combination with the sofa. {found on etsy}.
The dimensions are 28’’L x 19’’W x 20.5’’ H on average, with slight variations in each case. You can add this beautiful accent piece to a variety of different spaces and use it in all sorts of beautiful ways to give your home a bit of extra charm and character.
Mid century live edge coffee table design

Perfect for Any Space

Since each live edge slab is unique and different from all the others, selecting one for your build is not easy especially if you have lots of options. Anyway, once you’ve made a decision you can start work on your new live edge table. Part of the process is to add a layer of epoxy to fill all the cracks and to reinforce the wood so it retains its integrity and beauty for longer.
You want your slabs to be at least three inches thick to prevent warping. For specific needs or projects, saw thicker slabs.
Alpine Live Edge Solid Wood Rectangle Coffee Table

Pine Live Edge Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

There are three components to work with in total: the tabletop and two smaller panels that form the base. The design and shape are very similar to a bench so you can also consider this design for other types of projects as well. Check out this Youtube tutorial to find out all the details.
live edge coffee table
When it comes to live-edge tables, the more natural the look the better. That being said, this coffee table is definitely amazing. It appears to be a longitudinal section of a tree trunk.


How do you clean a live edge coffee table?

NXN HOME Natural Edge Side Table

Does a live edge need to be sealed?

If you plan on building a table yourself from scratch there are lots of great online tutorial that you can follow. This video tutorial for example tells the story of how a giant slab of wood was turned into a live edge coffee table.

How thick should a live edge table be?

What Does Live Edge Mean?
Live Edge Slab Coffee Table

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