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Looking for an Outdoor Grill Table? Here’s the Best Options to Consider!

We’d like to salute everyone who is passionate about outdoor cooking. Cooking it itself can be considered an art, and when you want to take things to the next level, you can invest in an outdoor grill that brings the flavor of your meals to the next levels. And since every respectable chef is also…
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Foldable Outdoor BBQ Portable Grilling Table With Windscreen Bag
Budget Buy: Cuisinart Grill Stand
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Top Picks

It is designed to serve as a camping table but works really well when placed next to the grill. It can be unfolded and ready to use in just a minute. It has a metal steel frame and is created using heat-resistant aluminum. The main table has a weight capacity of 44 pounds, and each of the two side tables can withstand up to 22 pounds in weight. The MDF board used in the construction is moisture-resistant. There is also a metal rack located underneath the top table, but also a bunch of side hooks for placing your grilling accessories.
We start off our series of short reviews with a steel table that comes with a beautiful silver finish and plenty of versatility due to its foldable construction. It measures 32” H x 57.5” W x 18” D overall and has a total weight of 17 pounds, being extremely portable when folded into its most compact size.
Best Quality: Harper Orchard Foldable Outdoor BBQ Table
Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand
While purchasing an outdoor grill table could be considered a matter of taste in design, some of the features play an important part in determining how smooth your cooking experience will be. If you’re not sure what to look for when you’re shopping for such a product, here are some of the features that you might be interested in:
If you are truly passionate about grilling outdoors, the GCI table is a beast that can help you a lot in your cooking quests. It is a product that comes with a lot of side shelves for you to place whatever food or cooking-ware you need to have nearby when preparing delicious outdoor meals. It measures 52 x 21 x 32 inches and combines a silver and a black finish, but also a design that makes it easy to unfold and fold the different storage shelves available. The countertop is made with heat-resistant aluminum and supports a total weight of 48 pounds, while the lower rack is limited to only 35 pounds of weight. There are four side tables that easily fold out when needed, with a weight capacity of 30 pounds each.
 Outdoor Grill Table
Most Versatile: EDCAMP Aluminum Grill Table
There are plenty of things that you can use your outdoor grill table for, so let’s take a look at some of the ideas we had in mind:
As you can imagine, there are plenty of design options and functions that one could find in an outdoor grill table, but there is one thing that’s undeniable: this is a product that helps you get everything organized while cooking outdoors, and those of your that use an outdoor grill often shouldn’t skimp on buying one of these.

Things to Consider An Outdoor Grill Table

Most Innovative: GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Grill Table

  • First and foremost, you need to determine whether you want a folding or a fixed table. Needless to say, each of these has its own ups and downs. For example, a foldable table can easily be collapsed and stored, thus saving you precious outdoor space, but a fixed table eliminates these steps and is known to provide a more stable cooking surface. You are bound to find a lot of folding tables that come with a split table top but, if you opt for a foldable table, consider buying one that also includes a storage and carrying bag.
  • Storage space is another important factor to take into consideration, especially if you’re preparing meals that require a lot of ingredients or if you’re cooking for multiple people. There are plenty of folding tables that come with just one tabletop and no additional shelves, but there are also models that have at least two side tables, and those are very convenient for each of you that requires that additional space. There are also plenty of tables that include a storage cabinet which is pretty useful for a lot of different things, especially for keeping food protected before and after cooking it.
  • The table top of the outdoor table also needs to be suitable for its intended use. For example, if you want to use the table to prepare meat and vegetables for cooking, flat tops made from stainless steel are the best choice because they are the easiest one to sterilize. Wooden surfaces can easily attract knife cuts and scratches, and that’s the perfect place for germs to hide and contaminant the food.
  • There is also the matter of what material your outdoor grill table should be made of, as different materials have different properties that are more or less useful to you. Those of you that want folding tables should consider going for ones made from aluminum, because they are durable and lightweight. However, nothing is more durable than stainless steel, which offers excellent strength and scratch-resistance. Regardless of the material chosen, it’s still a good idea to have a decent-sized cutting board to prepare the ingredients.
  • Some of you might be interested in the portability of the table, and that goes beyond choosing foldable products. Even those of you that want a fixed table can still opt for a portable model by choosing products equipped with caster wheels. You can easily roll the table from and back to its storage spot whenever you have to. If you opt for a folding table, wheels aren’t really needed, since collapsing the table makes it easier for you to transport it back and forth.
  • Hooks and hangers are also important on an outdoor grill table because they will help you keep all your cooking tools and utensils nearby. These hangers are actually an underrated feature but they can help create a cleaner and smoother cooking experience. You’ll see the difference between placing dirty tongs on the table and then throwing a rag on top to never find them again, and hanging them on the special designated hook and always knowing where they are.

The Best Outdoor Grill Tables

Foldable Outdoor BBQ Table Grilling Stand

We’d like to salute everyone who is passionate about outdoor cooking. Cooking it itself can be considered an art, and when you want to take things to the next level, you can invest in an outdoor grill that brings the flavor of your meals to the next levels.
Most Practical: Ovve Foldable Outdoor BBQ Portable Grilling Table
An excellent choice for those who want something small and compact, and also affordable.

Foldable Outdoor BBQ Portable Grilling Table With Windscreen Bag

The Ovve foldable grill table comes with everything you’d need: work surfaces, a place to set your grill, and even a mesh bag to cover your goods on the shelf below.
Let’s welcome yet another practical and foldable outdoor grill table that measures 30.5” H x 20” W x 54” D and has a total weight of a little underneath 17.5 pounds. It’s the perfect product for people with limited backyard space looking for a table that can be folded and stored away, but it can also be used when camping or tailgating. It’s made out of metal and can be folded and unfolded to serve your needs really fast. The table can serve as support for a countertop grill, offering a surface area of 30.5″ H x 54″ W x 20″ D. There are two drop leaves located on the sides of the grill, with each of them being able to support a total weight of 30 pounds.

Cuisinart Take Along Grill Stand

The post Looking for an Outdoor Grill Table? Here’s the Best Options to Consider! appeared first on Homedit.
Foldable Outdoor BBQ Table Grilling Stand

REDCAMP Folding Portable Grill Table for Camping

GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Outdoor Cook Station
And since every respectable chef is also known to invest in quality accessories, today we’ll be talking about outdoor grill tables: what they’re for, how to choose one, and what products are worth the money.

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Outdoor Cook Station

REDCAMP Folding Portable Grill Table for Camping
If you want lots of storage space, workspace, a compact design, portability, and budget friendly then this is the option for you.


What Is an Outdoor Grill Table?

The EDCAMP foldable aluminum table is great for any occasion and can be easily transported from place to place.

Regardless of the outdoor grill table that you want to buy, make sure that you set it up before you fire the grill. Clean it before and after each use, so your food never comes in contact with any contaminants. It’s always best if you use gloves when you fold and unfold the table, especially if it’s made from metal and has sharp edges that could result in injuries. Take good care of your table even when you’re not using it by storing it properly and cleaning it every once in a while.

An outdoor grill table is also referred to as a BBQ prep table. It’s usually a foldable table that’s good for placing your food and kitchen utensils, making sure that everything you need to see your grill recipes through is right there next to you. Having an outdoor grill table is essential because it helps avoid moving back and forth to get the supplies needed and thus leaving the grill unsupervised.

What Else Can I Use It For?

This particular outdoor grill table is basically like an upgraded version of the model we looked at earlier, but it is made and sold by a different manufacturer. It measures 44” H x 57.5” W x 18” D overall and has a few aces up its sleeve that we absolutely have to mention. It comes with multifunctional shelves and a layout that includes one large tabletop, two side tables, and a generous shelf rack underneath the main table. It is a foldable product made from aluminum and with a beautiful silver finish. The tabletop comes with a windscreen that allows you to cook in peace even on windy days. One of the side tables has a zippered bag underneath it, with two additional storage shelves.

  • If you’re into DIY projects that take place outdoors, this grill table is a solid option to help organize your projects and to help you keep all the materials you need nearby.
  • If you’re looking for a way to organize stuff in the garage, an outdoor grill table with foldable side tables is the perfect spot to place different kinds of boxes. Just make sure that you check the total weight capacity of the foldable leaves so that you don’t exceed it and damage the mechanisms.
  • An outdoor grill table can also be used as a regular table when you’re outside having a BBQ with your friends and are short on table room for everyone. The best grill tables for that are fixed ones, as they usually offer more tabletop space.
  • If you opt for a foldable outdoor grill table, you can also take it with you when camping, regardless of whether or not you’ll actually be BBQing while you’re there. It can serve as a nifty outdoor table for enjoying your coffee in the great outdoors.

Bottom Line

The REDCAMP foldable outdoor grill table is less versatile compared to the other products we’ve shown you today because it has a more basic and straightforward construction. It comes with a single tabletop area that folds right down the middle to create a portable table that’s slim enough to be stored just about anywhere when you’re not using it. You can choose between two different heights because it comes with adjustable legs. It is made from aluminum and a thick alloy frame. The security latch is there to make sure the table is always stable when unfolded, and the X-shape side support adds to that stability as well.
The perfect choice for those who want something slim, easy to store, and easy to keep clean.

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