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Lounge Around in These Roomy Oversized Outdoor Patio Chairs

Shopping for oversized outdoor chairs should never be a chore, because we all love to own nice things and like to take pride in how we’ve decorated outdoor space. When you’re looking for an oversized outdoor chair, you need to consider the common principles that are applied to choosing just about any piece of outdoor…
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However, metal isn’t all about benefits, so you have to consider the cons as well. For example, it can be impossible to touch metal chairs that have been out in the sun for too long. Certain metals make furniture pieces that are difficult to move because of their weight. Other metals are more vulnerable to corrosion and rust.
Perfect for patio use, great if you plan to sit by the fire pit, and also great for those who want to comfortably sit with their bare feet in the grass. The Mitchem Adirondack chair is coming in strong at 35” H x 34.5” W x 34” D, offering plenty of space for comfortable quality time spent outside. It’s made from synthetic rattan and doesn’t require any assembly, which is one less thing for you to worry about. It comes with a cushion for the sitting area and a sturdy stainless steel frame. The cushion is attached to the chair using ties, which prevent shifting even as you move whilst in the chair.
Wellow Baytree Egg Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions

Top 3 Picks

Pallaton Recliner Patio Chair with Cushions
Made from acacia wood with a natural appeal, available with plenty of cushioning for long seated hours, and also shipped with an ottoman for the perfect lounging positions, the Norris patio chair truly seems to have it all.
The same elevated air humidity can lead to these three problems, especially since fungi and bacteria thrive in these conditions. If you opt for furniture made from organic materials (such as wood), know they are prone to mildew and mold, and these can lead to a number of respiratory problems and other health-related implications. While mold and mildew don’t necessarily damage the furniture, rot is a whole other story. Rot eventually leads to furniture decay.
Both the chair and the ottoman come with their own cushions with ties for better fastening. The cushions are detachable and their covers can be removed for easy cleaning. While this set is somewhat weather-resistant, you have to avoid extreme temperature exposure if you want to prolong its lifespan.
When it comes to interesting rattan chairs, this set of two chairs might just take home the medal. They don’t have a reclining feature, but they do stand out due to their swivel base. The rattan chairs sit upon a steel frame, a material which is also used to make the base. Each of the two chairs comes with its own cushions for the seating and backrest. Measuring 33” H x 30” W x 30” D per piece, every chair in the set can support up to 250 pounds in weight.
The most comfortable outdoor chairs are those that allow you to sit down for long without putting too much strain on any of your body parts. Usually, the most comfortable chairs have some sort of back and seat cushioning so that the padding can provide you with extra comfort, armrests so that you have a place to lay down your arms and, if possible, a curved back for additional lumbar support (however, outdoor chairs don’t really offer this feature).

What Outdoor Furniture Is Exposed To

Coconino Patio Chair with Cushion

Rain and moisture-resistance

Another comfortable large outdoor chair set made from synthetic rattan (which is always the most durable choice when compared to natural rattan) is called Edwards. Each chair in this set measures 34.45” H x 31.50” W x 32.48” D and can support up to 250 pounds in weight. You get two cushions per seat, providing you with a plush and comfortable surface for your back to lean against and your tushy to sit comfortably. The construction of these chairs is focused on weather resistance.

Rot, mildew, and mold-resistance

On deck large chair

However, they are also mode difficult to shape and tend to cost more compared to other options. Of course, different types of wood have different pros and cons. Teak is durable, weather-resistant, easy to care for, and can withstand decay and insects, but also more expensive. Shorea is also a strong and eco-friendly option, but it’s not that easy to find in online or offline stores. Eucalyptus is eco-friendly, cost-effective, rot-resistant, and durable, but it’s vulnerable to cracks if not treated with sealant.

Rust and corrosion

“I love it! It’s everything I wanted… so cute and comfortable. The assembly was easy, just follow the instructions.” (Customer review)

Warping and cracking

If you live in a rainy area, you have to make sure that your patio furniture pieces can handle rain without taking water damage. Pieces that aren’t water-resistant are going to need sheltering when it rains (whether you cover them up with a waterproof material or take them into the shed). Even if it doesn’t rain that often, you might live in a climate with a lot of air moisture, in which case the furniture should be water-resistant as well.


Best Overall: Molly Outdoor Standing Basket Patio Chair
Best with Ottoman: Norris Patio Chair

Best Materials for Patio Chairs

Karan and Wicker Lane Oversized Patio Chair

#1: Wood

Norris Patio Chair with Cushion and Ottoman
 Large Outdoor Patio Chair

#2: Metal

Molly Outdoor Standing Basket Patio Chair with Cushions
If you opt for patio furniture made from metal, you need to consider their corrosion and rust vulnerability. Corrosion will slowly weaken the metal, leading to discoloration and rust. If you live by the coast, salty air will also accelerate the process, which is why people living in coastal regions tend to avoid outdoor metal furniture.
Mitchem Adirondack Patio Chair with Cushions

#3: Resin and plastic

Shopping for oversized outdoor chairs should never be a chore, because we all love to own nice things and like to take pride in how we’ve decorated outdoor space.
Coming in strong at 38” H x 34” W x 30” D, the Coconino chair is another rattan masterpiece that’s designed to withstand weather elements and provide you with comfortable seating thanks to the included seating cushion and the smaller one meant for lumbar support. This durable low-profile chair is excellent for outdoor use, and the low seat makes it comfortable to relax in even when you’re sitting in front of the fire pit. It comes with a sturdy metal frame and the cushion has ties for secure fastening.

Best Oversized Outdoor Chairs

Karan and Wicker Lane Oversized Patio Chair

The Philadelphia chair is a recliner that can support an impressive 352 pounds in weight, compared to the 250-pound average that we see in other models. It measures 31.5” H x 24.8” W x 47.6” D and is built using a sturdy steel frame, accompanied by a synthetic rattan construction. It comes with a cushion for the seat area which is filled with foam and has a washable cushion cover. The PE wicker construction makes this chair excellent for outdoor use, since it can withstand the weather’s elements.
For example, if you were to choose chairs made from synthetic wicker, you would get the visual appeal of natural wicker, but with the durability of this man-made material. Synthetic wicker is extremely weather-resistant, easy to clean (you mostly have to wipe with a clean cloth), and can be fully recycled. However, it is pretty light in weight, so if you live in a climate with strong wind, expect your synthetic resin chairs to be knocked over on a regular basis. Recycled plastic furniture is also easy to clean, and is weather and fade-resistant, but it poses the same problem due to its lightweight.

Brice Rocking Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions

Edwards Patio Chair with Cushions
Few things will ever be as comfortable as sitting on a large chair with an ottoman that allows you to stretch your legs and lounge in a comfortable position. We’d like to suggest the Norris, a large outdoor chair that’s made with a solid acacia frame and comes with an ottoman that makes outdoor sitting sessions more relaxing.

Norris Patio Chair with Cushion and Ottoman

Regardless of whether you’re choosing oversized or normal-sized patio furniture pieces, you need to consider the amount of wear and tear these products will be exposed to, especially since Mother Nature is ruthless and strikes swift and hard sometimes. A patio chair needs to be considerably more durable compared to an indoor piece, so let’s talk about the factors to keep in mind before purchasing small, medium, or large patio furniture:
Best Recliner: Pallaton Recliner Patio Chair
Weight limits should be considered strict on any furniture piece designed for sitting, whether it’s a bed, a bar stool, or a patio chair. Exceeding the weight limit causes premature chair damage and poses a risk of the chair collapsing and making you fall and hurt yourself.

Edwards Patio Chair with Cushions

Stainless steel, for example, is very rust-resistant, having excellent strength and durability. However, it tends to retain a lot of heat and can be rather expensive. Aluminum is lighter in weight (which means furniture pieces made from aluminum are easier to move around), and a less expensive option. Even though it’s strong, the hollow tube frames make it likelier for aluminum patio chairs to blow over in strong wind. Wrought iron is durable and strong, has a classic look, and can withstand harsh wind conditions fairly well. However, it’s prone to rust and can retain heat or cold with ease.
Some of the cheapest outdoor chairs are found on websites of third-party retailers, such as Wayfair, Amazon, or Overstock.

Mitchem Adirondack Patio Chair with Cushions

Another common option for making patio chairs is metal. It is a strong and durable material, and often used to construct the frames of different furniture pieces, even if the predominant material is something other than metal. In fact, you are more likely to find metal in combination with some other material rather than a chair made fully out of the metal. Since chairs made entirely out of the metal don’t usually have any hardware needs, they are less likely to break down due to wear and tear.
Warping is often a result of uneven drying of furniture pieces that have been penetrated by water. In time, this will distort the material and even loosen the screws and other fasteners used in the construction of these pieces. Cracking is a consequence of the material expanding and contracting mostly because of temperature modifications. Dry air is another cause for furniture cracking.

Wellow Baytree Egg Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions

Let’s get something straight from the beginning: it is very difficult to establish which material is the very best option for patio chairs because each of these options comes with its advantages and drawbacks, and the term “best” is always a subjective thing. Let’s try to make an impartial analysis of the materials that are used to make patio chairs and, as you look over their characteristics, you might be able to determine which option is the most suitable for your future patio chairs.
As you can see, there are plenty of different options to choose from, especially since manufacturers have made it easy for people with just about every budget to find outdoor furniture they can actually buy. With outdoor chairs, it’s really important to consider how much resistance the material has based on the local weather climate. Keep in mind that you don’t want a chair that falls apart or rusts after the first rain, so make sure that you fully understand the pros and cons of each material choice available on the market.

Coconino Patio Chair with Cushion

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Those of you that live in regions with harsh summers are going to have to consider the damage that furniture pieces can take due to UV rays. Extreme temperature fluctuations are also known to cause outdoor furniture damage. Heat, for example, can also make outdoor furniture get really hot, which makes it difficult to touch it or sit down on it (imagine trying to seat on a metal chair that’s been out in the sun for a full 6 hours).

Philadelphia Recliner Patio Chair with Cushions

The Pallaton is another gorgeous recliner chair that comes with a beautiful design and plenty of cushioning for those who want a very comfortable seating experience. There are multiple cushion colors to choose from, including a discreet beige and a fierce red. The chair measures 7.8” H x 22.6” W x 25.2” D and, thanks to its powder-coated steel frame, can support up to 300 pounds in weight. Due to the reclining features, you get to enjoy multiple angles so that you can easily find your position and perhaps enjoy a good book or just watch the children play outside.
Wood has been used to make furniture since forever, and plenty of people love it for its natural and timeless look, but also due to the fact that it’s easy to carve and can make for some very interesting pieces. As far as outdoor furniture is concerned, you want to opt for hardwood whenever possible because they are much more resistant to water damage.

Pallaton Recliner Patio Chair with Cushions

Outdoor chairs are also called patio chairs, lawn chairs, or are given different names based on their primary material or based on how you’re meant to use them. If they rotate, they are called swivel chairs, if they’re designed to be used by the pool, they’re called poolside chairs, etc.
Synthetic materials are often frowned upon because they are used to make relatively cheap products, so people just assume that every synthetic chair is of poor quality. However, these chairs are extremely weather-resistant compared to some of the natural materials, which require treatments to resist weather’s elements.

Molly Outdoor Standing Basket Patio Chair with Cushions

When you’re looking for an oversized outdoor chair, you need to consider the common principles that are applied to choosing just about any piece of outdoor furniture, keeping in mind the properties of the different materials that are used in this industry. That being said, let’s take a look at what it means to find good outdoor furniture, and then focus on some pretty amazing chairs.
If you want an oversize rattan outdoor chair, this one is bound to tend to your need. It is made from synthetic rattan, which makes it more durable compared to the natural alternative which isn’t exactly weather-proof. It has a timeless appeal to it and certainly serves as a good piece for those who love the classic look of outdoor furniture. There are two size options to choose from, but also four different colors at your disposal, including white and espresso. The chair can support up to 250 pounds in weight.


What is the most comfortable outdoor chair?

Philadelphia Recliner Patio Chair with Cushions

Where can I buy cheap outdoor chairs?

To end this series of mini-reviews in style, we wanted to show you another one of our favorite large outdoor chairs. Even just by looking at it, you can tell this chair is the very definition of coziness. Made out of faux rattan, the chair measures 56.75” H x 36.5” W x 32.5” D and can support up to 300 pounds in weight. Also known as a “basket” chair, the Molly offers great comfort and plenty of relaxation. The upper cover shields you from the sun, making it possible for you to place it literally anywhere in the yard. The cushions are filled with polyurethane foam and you get to choose the color between three available options.

What are outdoor chairs called?

Brice Rocking Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions

How strict are weight limits on patio chairs?

We were super fascinated with the cozy design of the Wellow chair that we just had to add it to this list. Reminiscent of the famous bubble chair, the Wellow measures 58.07” H x 40.16” W x 34.06” D and is designed with a 360-degree swivel seat that’s bound to bring enjoyment and practicality to your backyard. It comes with a powder-coated steel frame for added durability, but also a synthetic rattan construction for more weather resistance. It comes with four cushions, as two small ones are added to provide padding on the sides.

In Conclusion

The Pallaton oversized outdoor chair is constructed with solid metal and integrates cushioning for a comfortable seating experience, but also offers multiple resting angles, much to the delight of the people who bought it.
The post Lounge Around in These Roomy Oversized Outdoor Patio Chairs appeared first on Homedit.

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