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Make a Decor Statement With These Comfortable Chairs

The most comfortable chair is the holy grail for most people. Of course, they want good looks, but comfort is key. An uncomfortable chair isn’t really a chair — it’s just something to display in your house. So what makes a chair comfortable? Well, we could take a look at some of these extremely cozy…
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The Doeloe Lounge Armchair
Papasan Indoor Lounge Chair Cushion
The Mosaiik Lounge Chair

A Very Versatile Piece of Furniture

The French charm and elegance of the Sveva lounge chair are intoxicating. Its design which was created by Giuseppe Viganò is inspired by a sea wave. It has slender, decorative and angled legs that taper. The seat is very soft and comfortable but it also features a lace canopy that gives it this very distinguished look. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
comfortable chairs
The material was developed by NASA and it’s used in space crafts. The Wing Lounge Chair was the first and only chair ever to be certified by the Space Foundation.

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Lounge Chair

  • Make sure it fits – A lounge chair is typically bigger than a regular chair so before you jump the gun and make a purchase make sure you have the space for it. You should also ensure that you have enough open space around the chair so you can easily move around.
  • Make sure it doesn’t look out of place – Given that lounge chairs are bigger than usual chairs and tend to have more prominent designs, they inevitably stand out. With that in mind, make sure your lounge chair doesn’t look out of place. Find a design that blends in with the rest of the room and the décor around it so it looks natural.
  • Pick a chair with a good seat – It’s important for the seat to feel right because lounge chairs have to be comfortable. There are a few details to keep in mind. For instance, in addition to seat height, keep an eye on the angle of the seat. When you sit down your feet should be perpendicular to the floor and the knees should form more or less a 90-degree angle.

This is Cradle and it’s a very beautiful and was designed by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter from Victoria University of Wellington.

More considerations

The overall design and shape of the Hamilton lounge chair and its matching ottoman are quite similar to some of the other iconic designs we’ve mentioned earlier. It has a swivel base and a mid-century aesthetic. What sets it apart from other similar pieces is the curved aluminum frame which gives it this almost industrial look. Genuine leather upholstery — not faux leather —  complements it, adding an elegant touch to its distinctive design.

  • Pick a chair with a good backrest – if you plan to use the chair for lounging, a low back wouldn’t really be a good idea. Get a lounge chair with a high back for extra support so you feel comfortable while relaxing in it. Chairs with low backs are better for conversation areas. Some brands even have adjustable lumbar support.
  • Consider body size — When choosing a lounge chair, you absolutely have to consider body frame. While an average-size person can use most lounge chairs, taller or larger people may need to skip short or narrow lounges. Similarly, very petite individuals might feel some lounges are overwhelming.
  • Arm rests or armless? – Not all lounge chairs have armrests. You can decide whether or not you want them based on how you plan to use the lounge chair. If it’s mainly for guests and occasional use, then armrests will just get in the way but if you’re using the chair to lounge and relax in on a regular basis then the armrests will definitely make it more comfortable.

Types of Lounge Chairs

These are the classic lounge chairs, the ones that are in a permanently reclined position and have no armrests. They also typically have a slight natural curve in the seat or an arched shape.
Noe is one of the most comfortable-looking furniture pieces you can find, featuring a fully-upholstered frame with a solid shape. The L-shaped does not have a perfectly clean and well-defined geometry, but more of a soft and casual look. It retains its shape and additional throw pillows add extra comfort. The fabric cover is removable and this is a perfect chair for lounging and reading.
Unlike a traditional chair or many lounge chairs, Lugo doesn’t have an exposed frame or legs. Instead, it has a solid base and is actually called a floor chair. It’s a comfortable and casual seat and it’s multifunctional. You can add it to spaces like the living room, bedroom, home theater or gaming room.

Traditional loungers

Lugo Armless Chaise Lounge
Cradle chair 1

The chaise lounge

Living room and Comfortable Lounge Chair with Ottoman
This is a sleeping bag chair. It’s actually a lounge chair with an integrated sleeping bag and it was designed by Les M.( Anais Morel and Celine Merhand). It’s a unique design that’s great for relaxing, watching TV or taking a nap after reading a book. The blanket or sleeping bag forms a cocoon that’s removable and machine-washable. It’s guaranteed that you’ll fall asleep in this one, especially after long hours at work!


If you like minimalistic and cozy-looking furniture, the Welle 4 lounge chair might just very well be what you’re looking for. It was designed by Verner Panton for Verpan and started being manufactured in 1969 which truly makes this a timeless piece. It has a polyurethane foam core and fabric upholstery which you can get in a variety of different colors. Mix and match for a fun and unique décor.
Roberto Lazzeroni designed Lucylle inspired by classic furniture. The chair has an elegant and refined aesthetic, with simple and smooth lines, soft curves and carefully paired textures and materials.

Outdoor lounge chairs

Cleo Wood.
The manufacturing uses a molded-plywood technology that is a licensed trademark of Herman Miller. It has good lumbar support and is destined to become your favorite chair.

Wingback chairs

MR Lounge is another one of the wonderful furniture pieces designed by Miles van der Rohe and part of the MR Collection together with another piece we’ve looked at earlier. It has a supple and lightweight aesthetic thanks to the sinuous shape of the metal frame. It’s also very comfortable after a long day thanks to the soft upholstery and the ergonomic design.
So what makes a chair comfortable? Well, we could take a look at some of these extremely cozy chairs and learn what makes the best chair.
This is a type of lounge chair that’s quite long in order to allow the user to sit down and lounge without needing an ottoman. It’s a bit of a mix between a chair and a small sofa and it often has a single armrest and a partial back.

Most Comfortable Chairs You Can Find

Hai Lounge Chair + Ottoman by Luca Nichetto

What makes the Cleo Wood lounge chair stand out among this multitude of different designs and styles available right now is the unusual shape and the contrast between the exposed hardwood frame and the seat. Also, the backrest on its own is quite interesting and unusual. It wraps around and sides to create a very cozy shell and to offer additional support.
NOE Chaise longue By Verzelloni

Puffy Lounge Chair + Ottoman by Faye Toogood

The Boterina easy chair
So how do you choose the right chair to begin with? Well, there’s a variety of things to keep in mind. Above all, you want a high-quality chair.

Kumo Single-Seater + Armrests by Anderssen & Voll

It combines elements of the Japanese design with western influences and is functional and very comfortable. You can easily transform each futon into a guest bed or extra seating. Found on behance.
Choose from a range of upholstery options that includes cowhide with black leather headrest; an all-black leather chair; or natural canvas with a black, amber or chocolate headrest and footer. High-quality chairs like this one are not available in faux leather.

MR Lounge

The T-101 comfortable armchair
Lounge chair1


It was designed as part of a student project by Larry Parker and it has a really cool aesthetic with a plywood shell, a layer of foam and felted wool on top.
If the name doesn’t give it away, the shape of this chair definitely does: the inspiration for the Chips lounge chair was the humble potato chip.

Welle 4.

No matter whether you choose a true lounge chair or more of a chaise style of seating, the right model will make your life more comfortable. This type of chair is one of the best deals when it comes to comfort and style — as well as budget. The right one may cost a bit more but in the long run, you will have invested in a high-quality lounge that will last longer than other chairs.


This padded lounge chair was designed by Roche Bobois and has a beautiful and modern look but also inspires a timeless aesthetic. It has a smooth-flowing, curved shape closely matched by the upholstery which offers support and comfort in style. You can get this in Riviera leather, full-grain cowhide or with an aniline finish.
The unusual design of the Doeloe Lounge created by Abie Abdillah was made possible thanks to the unique properties of rattan, the main material used here.


This is the Husk armchair and it was designed by Milan-based Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. Urquiola made it with recycled plastic and a soft seat cushion to ensure that it’s incredibly cozy and comfortable. It’s also a versatile piece of furniture that can complement a classic sofa in the living room or be an accent chair in a bedroom’s décor.
The solid Canaletto walnut frame with the tapered legs, slowly arching armrests and subtle curves give the T-101 armchair a very sophisticated and stylish look while also keeping it simple.


Large Classic Bean Bag
The Chips Comfy Lounge Chair

Cleo Wood.

That means there are actually different types of lounge chairs. Here are some of the most common ones:
DOVE Chaise longue By Natuzzi


The chair was originally created in 1955 and was designed by the Chandigarh Collective. The frame is natural teak wood with a dark stain finish. It also has a woven seat and back made from rattan.
A lot of what makes a comfortable lounge chair is up to individual preference. As noted above, it needs to be supportive in the right ways and durable. Beyond that, what everyone finds to be comfortable will vary. The main thing is that it is your lounge chair, so the most comfortable chair for you is a solid choice.


MR Lounge.
Eames® Lounge and Ottoman


This is the Wing Lounge chair. It has a design borrowed from the classic wingback chair but it’s much more stylish. The upholstery is elastic memory foam so it takes the shape of your body and it remembers its characteristics. It’s like an amped-up club chair and is also the ideal reading chair.


Outdoor lounge chairs
A metal grid forms the shell of the distinctive lounge chair. It has 297 foam cubes covered with fabric in a varied color palette forming a geometric pattern. It’s a unique piece for use as an accent chair too.
Welle 4.


Nest chair
Red chair


You can recognize a wingback chair by the fact that it has a high back and folds on the sides which resemble wings. Even though it’s a lounge chair, it has an upright position in contrast to other types. The design protects the user from drafts of air but it also gives the chair a sophisticated and elegant look as well. With this type of chair, it’s important to consider seat height.

Latitude Run beanbag chair.

In addition, a lounge chair should have a high back for extra support so you feel comfortable For extra comfort, look for adjustable lumbar support. Finally, decide whether you want armrests or an armless style. If you’re using the chair on a regular basis, then the armrests will likely make it more comfortable.
In some ways, the design is reminiscent of a club chair. It has a solid beech frame, brushed stainless steel legs and molded cold foam seat and back with either wool or leather chair upholstery.


Some chairs manage to be comfortable while also impressing with their designs. This is the Stokke and it’s actually a multi-functional piece, unlike other chairs. You can recline it or use it as a rocking chair and that’s not even its most impressive feature. it’s a chair that seems to defy gravity thanks to its ingenious design.
The Rio R50 easy chair


The Deca Comfortable Lounge Chair
Its name means “a time that has passed.” The inspiration for the design itself is the Oplet.  People in Jakarta used this as a public transportation vehicle in the 1930s up until the ‘70s.

WING Lounge Chair.

Chaise Lounge Chair Lc4
Chairs that feature a sling-style should always be in leather and not faux leather for reasons of durability and strength. This is a most elegant chair and can feel a lot like a club chair in some ways.

LC4 Chaise Lounge.

This is the Zoe chair and it’s a beanbag chair. The fabric or soft leather upholstery is removable. It might not have a very sophisticated design but it’s definitely a very comfortable accent chair. It could look good in a bedroom or a living room with a casual home décor style. The Zoe is available in leather or fabric, but not faux leather.
Puffy Lounge Chair Ottoman
The lounge chair is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, even if it may not seem so. It’s one of the best deals in furniture because you can pretty much add a lounge chair to any room. It fits perfectly in the living room but it also feels at home in a home office, a bedroom or out on a patio, by the pool and so on.

Eames® Lounge and Ottoman

Denchev Chaise Lounge
A Very Versatile Piece of Furniture
The Kangaroo armchair is not your typical piece of furniture. It’s rather unusual in terms of design, a mix between a lounge chair and a cool accent piece with a sculptural aesthetic. It’s also not a modern creation.

Zoe chair

The Kangaroo comfortable low armchair
This looks more like a modern sculpture than a piece of furniture but don’t let that fool you. This is a really comfortable chaise lounge, which you cal also use for a regular seat thanks to the conveniently-placed backrest. Marcel Wanders designed the Dove lounger and, as the name suggests, the delicate silhouette of a dove inspired the design. You can adjust the backrest for two different sitting positions for an added comfort level. It’s a fabulous accent chair as well.


Kumo Single-Seater + Armrests by Anderssen & Voll
Types of Comfortable Chairs
Leather chair


They’re firm and sturdy and the chair itself is quite compact in spite of its bulky aesthetic.
The Fergie lounge chair by Colombini Casa has a simple and stylish design which makes it very versatile and allows it to fit beautifully in a variety of different settings both casual and more formal. It’s just the thing for a contemporary living room, blending a lightweight and slender sled base with a super comfortable seat. In fact, you can have it as a leather chair or one upholstered in fabric, faux leather or microfiber.

MR Adjustable Chaise Lounge.

The recliner is more or less an enhanced version of a classic armchair. The best recliner designs aim to be comfortable and flexible which also makes them more versatile. They have a built-in footrest that folds up and down and often you can adjust the backrest for added comfort as well. 
Lilo is an elegant and beautiful-looking chair with a modern design by Patricia Urquiola who found inspiration in the minimalism of Scandinavian designs as well as the chair of the modern 1950s era. It has solid and sculptural-looking base and a seat shell covered in molded flame-retardant polyurethane foam on a steel frame. The solid wood contrasts beautifully with the bright colors of the seat.

Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia.

The Hai lounge chair is super comfortable on its own and even more so when paired with the ottoman. Designed by Luca Nichetto, this set comes in 12 beautiful color options. Both the chair and the ottoman have a slender steel frame and foam and wool upholstery.
Wingback chairs

Nest chair.

Bean bag chair
WING Lounge Chair
Another name for this piece is the Wing Chair. It was initially designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1960 but it only entered production in 2006. The wings or armrests and backrest of the chair provide support for the back, neck and head while the seat allows the user to adopt a variety of positions.

Egg chair.

Sleeping bag chair.
Knoll now manufactures the chaise lounge and it has a logo and signature stamped on the inside of one leg.

Wing chair

If you want a comfortable lounge chair that looks casual, check out Puffy. You can get it with the matching ottoman, both designed by Faye Toogood. The unusual thing about them is the loose seat cushions. They casually fit on top of the frame, reminiscent of a throw blanket. This design also makes a great accent chair.
Sigrid Top Grain Leather Lounge Chair
It was designed by E-ggs as part of the Botera collection and it’s a very cozy-looking chair. It lacks any armrests and its seat and back resemble big and comfortable cushions.

Sleeping bag chair

The most comfortable chair is the holy grail for most people. Of course, they want good looks, but comfort is key. An uncomfortable chair isn’t really a chair — it’s just something to display in your house.
Eames lounge chairs are iconic not just for their design. Most importantly, this chair gained its fame for being among the most comfortable chairs around. It’s sleek and supportive in all the right places. In general, most designers and buyers will tell you it’s the perfect lounge chair.

The Deca Comfortable Lounge Chair

Featuring a very creative design, Annika Göransson, a Swedish design student based in Copenhagen, created the Mosaiik Lounge Chair.
Some wingback chair designs are very popular in living rooms and you might already be familiar with them. Others might come as a surprise but they all have in common the comfort that they offer to the user. It’s a solid choice for a comfortable lounge chair that can often resemble a club chair too.
What makes the Denchev lounge chair special besides its simple but beautiful design is the fact it can be folded and adjusted in five different positions. It gives the user lots of flexibility, making it the best recliner. Put it flat on the ground like a bed in case you want to take a nap or need an extra place for a guest to sleep. Moreover, it’s the best chair for being super comfy when you’re watching TV or reading a good book.

The Mosaiik Lounge Chair

These colorful and chic chairs are the result of a collaborative project with Danish furniture manufacturer Karup A/S. Each piece is a futon mattress with a simple design.
Husk Chair by Patricia Urquiola for BB Italia 4
As mentioned before, lounge chairs are versatile. You can use them in lots of different ways and in lots of different spaces and contexts.

The Chips Comfy Lounge Chair

The depth of the seat also matters. A shallow seat is good if you’re not very tall while deep seats are more comfortable for tall persons.
The tufted seat cushion and back cushion contrast with the wood and make the chair super comfortable while also giving it a casual feel.

The Doeloe Lounge Armchair

By itself, the Rio R50 looks super sleek and has a modern look with subtle industrial vibes thanks to the steel. You can however pair it with seat cushions for added comfort which allows you to easily customize its appearance.
When it comes to cozy chairs, chaise lounges, and so on, we should also consider bean bag chairs. They’re basically the very definition of a cozy and comfortable seat and there’s a lot more variety to them than you might think. This large classic bean bag chair from Latitude Run really lets you curl up and be cozy with a good book or just watching TV or chatting. It’s big, soft and the perfect accent chair for a family room or a home theater.
This is the LC4 Chaise Lounge. Designed in 1928,  another name for it was the “relaxing machine”. It is now being manufactured by Cassina and each piece is signed and numbered. It’s an iconic design that’s an ideal accent chair for literally any room.

The Boterina easy chair

Of course, we can’t forget about the Egg Chair. It was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and it has a tilt mechanism that allows the user to lounge and relax. The high back also makes it extremely comfortable and a great reading chair. The curved lines are reminiscent of a wing chair. The Egg Chair is available in three types of fabric and several colors.
The chair was designed by Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell and is really versatile.
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The Lucylle easy chair

This is the type of lounge chair you can immediately fall in love with. It’s something that would fit beautifully in a cozy reading nook or the corner of a room as an accent chair. Also, you can put it in a bedroom, a living room or even outside on a porch or on a balcony. It has the potential for being very versatile thanks to its eclectic design and the fact that this cozy cushion comes in lots of different colors.
Here’s a rather different type of lounge chair. The Sigrid chair has this casual, laid-back sort of look from its exposed metal frame and suspended seat. It curves down and is reminiscent of folding chairs in many ways. At the same time, the leather chair has a refined and elegant feel and looks like an eclectic piece of furniture.
This is the MR adjustable chaise lounge and it was designed in 1927 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as part of an exhibit in Stuttgart, Germany. It has a cantilevered design featuring tubular steel elements and an ergonomic seat. This means you can spend long hours in this chair and be comfortable.

The Kangaroo comfortable armchair

This gives the Deca Lounge Chair a very cozy look. It also has a comfortable seat cushion and one for the back, which enhanced this even more.
Hai Lounge Chair + Ottoman by Luca Nichetto
A number of characteristics make a good lounge chair or reading chair. Assuming the style and size works in your space, the chair should have good head support as well as lumbar support. Any upholstery should be leather or durable fabric. And, if it’s your preference, armrests can make it more comfortable.

The Rio R50 easy chair

First, before buying a lounge chair, measure your space to make sure it will fit. You’ll also need to choose a style that looks right in your room.  When it comes to comfort, you’ll want to try before you buy because the seat has to feel right and be comfortable. This also means considering your body size when choosing a style. The depth of the seat also matters, so if you’re tall, a deep seat will be more comfortable.
The chaise lounge
Hamilton Swivel Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The T-101 comfortable armchair

The outdoor loungers are super popular, especially on poolside decks and beaches. They’re typically quite flexible and adjustable and some have built-in sunshades and attachments.
It looks extremely cozy and it allows you cuddle up inside for a nap. It’s a wonderful modern alternative for the rocking chair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do I choose a lounge chair?

This is the creation of Czech designer Lucie Koldová and its defining feature is the curved and oversized backrest made from manually bend wood and perforated fabric.
In general, a reading chair should have a tall back and a seat height of about 17 inches, good for most people. You want the seat to be tall enough so that you can sit with your legs bent comfortably, curl them up underneath you, or stretch them out straight in front of you. The back needs to be tall enough to support your head

What makes a good lounge chair?

The Kumo armchair is designed by Anderssen & Voll and has a distinctive look. Its back and armrests are puffed up. This gives the chair some nice rounded shapes and a cute appearance. You can get it in four stylish colors and it’s perfect as an accent chair too.

What is the most comfortable lounge chair?

Traditional loungers

Are Eames chairs comfortable?

This is a popular and iconic design that you’re probably already familiar with. It’s the Eames Lounge Chair and Herman Miller makes it. It was first produced in 1956 and it remains one of the most beautiful and modern chair ever designed.

How tall should a reading chair be?

The Lucylle easy chair


The Stones lounge chair looks very casual but not without also being stylish. It was designed by Fulvio Bulfoni and it’s very versatile in the sense that it can either be used as a standalone accent chair and very comfortable piece of furniture but also in pairs and groups. Several can be placed side by side to create larger seating arrangements. This is the type of flexibility that’s very appreciated in a contemporary home.
The frame is thermo-treated solid ash wood and the upholstery can be a fabric choice, leather or faux leather.

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